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Excerpts from “The Echo”, Commencement –June 12, 1925

Vol. XX, No. 4

Gouverneur High School


The Echo – Published quarterly by the students of Gouverneur High School.  Member of the Eastern Interscholastic Publications Association


Editorial Staff:

Editor-in-Chief – Art Canfield, ‘25

Assistant Editor-in-Chief – Helen Henderson, ‘27

Literary Editors – M. Herring, ’25; Ed. Case, ’25; M. Perrin, ’25; Z. Haverstock, ‘25’; D. McLean, ’27

Athletic Editors – Ann Finegan, ’25; Helen Dygert, ’25

Local Editors – H. Jepson, ’25; W. Magee, ’27; D. Harvey, ’27; M. Chisholm, ‘27

Alumni Editors – Rhoda Skinner, ’24; Helen Smith, ‘25

Exchange Editors – Marjorie Lane, ’25; Dorothy Drury, ‘27

Art Editor – Dean H. Elliott, ‘25

Business Staff:

Business Manager – Lloyd Robinson, ‘26

Assistants – Donald Homer, ’26; Gordon Turnbull, ’25; Carl Boyle, ’26

Faculty Advisor – Miss Alice O’Connor, English



Senior Category:

Art Canfield  “Art” Amphictyon – Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Assistant Business Manager Echo 2, Business Manager Echo 3, Editor-in-chief Echo 4, Manager Basket Ball 4, Manager Track 4 (resigned), Secretary of Amphictyon 4 (resigned), Radio Club, Lyceum Club 4, French Club 3-4, Tennis Association 3, Track 2-3, Boys’ Glee Club 2-3-4, G.H.S. Band 2, Business Manager Senior Play 4, President Class 4.  “His only fault is that he has no fault”


Edward Case “Ed” Amphictyon – Basket Ball 2-3-4, Manager Basketball 3, Vice President Class 4, Chaplain Amphictyon, 1st Prize Dean Oratorical Contest 4, Senior Play, Echo Staff 1-2-3-4.  “Give me liberty, or give me death.”


Robert Aldrich “Bob” Amphictyon – President Class 1-3, Treasurer Class 2-4, Senior Play, Baseball 3, Radio Club.  “His time is forever, everywhere his place.”


Richard Caswell “Rich” Amphictyon – Secretary Class 3.  “If he is not in love with some woman, there is no believing in old signs.”


Chelson Sayer Chels” – Athenian – President of Athenians 3-4, Secretary Athenian 2, President of Sophomores and Juniors, Senior Play, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4-5, Baseball 4, Athletic council 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4.  “No sun, no moon, no morn, no noon; No dawn, no dusk no proper time of day – to sleep”


Dean Elliott “Ham” Athenian – Echo Staff 2-4, Chaplain Athenians 3, Glee Club 3-4, G.H.S. Band 2, Senior Play, Dramatic Club, Dramatic Club Play 4, French Club 3-4, Tennis Association 3, Operetta 3-4, Cheer Leader 3, Physical Training Exhibition 2, Secretary Radio Club, Dean Oratorical 4. “Ye Gods! Annihilate but space and time, And make two lovers happy.”


Gordon Turnbull GordAmphictyon – President Radio Club, 2nd Prize Dean Oratorical Contest, Senior Play, Treasurer Dramatic Club 4.  “Nature’s sweet Restorer, Balmy Sleep.”


Bessie Stone “Bess” – Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “That laughed the world aside, and bit it pass.”


Vernon Homer “Vern” – Winner D.A.R. Essay Contest 4.  “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.”


Keith Lynde Athenian – Manager Football 3.  “But still his tongue ran on the less, Of weight it bore with greater ease”


Orvis Baldwin Orv” – Glee Club 3, Track 1-2-3.  “How changed from what he was”


Emery Laidlaw “John” Amphictyon – Football 2-3-4, Dean Oratorical Contest 4, Treasurer Amphictyon 4.  “Alas, Alas, My kingdom for a lass”


Charles Jones “Charlie” – Property Manager Senior Play.  “Charlie no longer tills the soil, But breaks up happy homes”


Donald King “Don” Athenian – Football 2-3-4 “For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever”


Marjorie Lane “Marge” – Came from Ogdensburg 2, Physical Training Exhibition 2, Echo Staff 4, Senior Play, Operetta 3-4, Concert 4, Basket Ball 3, Dramatic Club 4, French Club 3-4, Senior Category.  “To hold us ‘twere the mirror up to nature”.


Madeline Mallott Mago” Minerva – French Club 3-4, Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “Happy am I, from care I’m free, Why aren’t they all contented like me?”


Margaret Herring “Peggy” Delta – Vice President Deltas 3, President Deltas 4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Associate Editor Echo 3, French Club 3, Aldrich Prize 2, D.A.R. prize 4, Valedictorian of Class.  “Oh! Thou fairer than the evening sky, Clad in the beauty of a thousand starts.”


Zelda Haverstock “Silver” Delta – Echo Staff 2-3-4, Secretary of Deltas 3, French Club 3-4, Physical Training Exhibition 2, Basketball 2-3-4, Delta Play 3, Glee Club 3-4, Operetta 3, Dramatic Club Play 4, Senior Play, Class Poem 4, Concert 4.  “When you do dance, I wish you a wave of the sea, That you might ever do nothing but that.”


Helon BakerHono” Delta – Delta Treasurer 3, Delta Secretary 4, Glee Club 1-2, Echo Staff 2-3, Second Prize Dean Oratorical Contest 4.  “I am all the daughter of my father’s house.  And all the brothers too.”


Ann Finegan “Ann” Minerva – Cheer Leader 1-2-3-4, Secretary of Athletic Council 3, Minerva Treasurer 3, Minerva President 4, Echo Staff 2-3-4, Basket Ball Manager 4, Senior Category 4, Physical Training Exhibition 2, President Class 2, Secretary Class 4.  “’Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved a tall man”


Paul Graves “Puck” Athenian – Track 2-3-4.  “Too late I stayed, forgive the crime—Unheeded flew the hours.”


Dorothy Hammond “Dotty” Minerva – Entered from Morrisville High School 2, Athletic Play 2.  “Dot always has her say – and says it.”


Audrey Hodge “Kiddo” – First half of the year at Liberty High School.  “She is not so meek as she looks.”


Helen Jepson Jeppy” Minerva – Physical Training Exhibition 2, Minerva Chaplain 2, Dramatic Club Play 4, First Prize Dean Oratorical Contest 4, Senior Play 4, Echo Staff 4, French Club 3-4, Tennis Association 3.  “She ever went and smiled her way.  A favorite with all.”


Alice Kane “Kane” Minerva – Basket Ball 1-2-3-4, Captain Basket Ball 3-4, Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “Put on your old gray bonnet, with the blue ribbons on it; And hitch old Dobbin to the Studebaker.”


Mayvis LaVack “May” – Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “A gentle maiden she, Full calm and mannerly.”


Susan Murray “Sue” Minerva – Vice President Minerva 4, French Club 3-4, Dramatic Club Play 4, Operetta 4, Physical Training Exhibition 2, Assistant Manager Basket Ball 4, Tennis Association 3, Vice President Dramatic Club 4.   “She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, And pleasant too to think on.”


Allison Ormiston Minerva – Echo Staff 1-2-3, Song Leader 3-4, Athletic Play 2-4, Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “For aught that I could ever read, could ever hear by tale or history, the course of true love never did run smooth.”


Douglass Overacker “Dug” Athenian – “Oh Douglas! Oh! Douglas! Tender and True.”


Lyla Taggart “Duck” Delta – Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “Speech is silver; silence is golden.”


Marion Young Minerva – Athletic Play 2, Glee Club 2, First Prize Dean Oratorical Contest 3, Secretary Dramatic Club 4, Dramatic Club Play 4, Senior Play 4, Manager Girls’ Basket Ball 4, Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “The tongue tames no man, It is an unruly evil.”


Mildred Perrin “Mops” Minerva – Treasurer of Minervas 4, Echo Staff 3-4, Senior Play, Dramatic Club 4, French Club 3.  “I want what I want when I want it.”


Helen Smith Smitty” Minerva – French Club 2-3, Dramatic Club 4, Dramatic Club Play 4, Operetta 1-2-3-4, Physical Training Exhibition 2, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2, Class Play 3-4, Dean Oratorical Contest 4, Echo Staff 3-4.  “My business is song, song, song.  I chirp, twill, twitter”.


Helen Dygert “Dig” Minerva – Basket Ball 1-2-3-4, Basket Ball Manger 3, Captain Basket Ball 4, Senior Play, Operetta 2-4, Physical Training Exhibition 2, Echo Staff 3-4, President Tennis Association 4.  “I have no other reason but a woman’s reason, I think him so, because I think him so.”


Lauretta Leonard WettaMinverva – Physical Training Exhibition 2.  “Oh!  Charlie my boy!”


Murray Raven – “Men of few words are the best.”


James Gallagher “Jimmy” – “All things come to him who will but wait.”


Ariel Richardson “Top” Minerva – Glee Club 1, French Club 3, Dramatic Club 4.  “Silence gives consent.”


Randolph Ryder “Randy” – “He wears the rose of youth upon him.”


Ivan Love – “The man that blushes is not quite a brute.”


Harry Corbin “Bun” Amphictyon – Basket Ball 3-4, Vice President Amphictyons 4, Baseball 3, Senior Play.  “Prepare for all things.”


Amy Covell “Charlie” Delta – Physical Training Exhibition 2, Basketball 2-3-4, Delta Chaplain 4.  “Let us live, while we live.”


Elizabeth Sayer “Sister” Delta – Echo Staff 1-2, Glee Club 2-3, Song Leader 3-4, Operetta 3-4, Dean Oratorical Contest 4, Dramatic Club 4, French Club 3-4, Tennis Association 3, Delta Play 3, Senior Play, Class Will 4, Concert 4.  “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety.”


Florence Cook “Cookie” Minerva – Echo Staff 3, School Pianist 3-4, Senior Play, Basketball 2-3-4, Orchestra 3, Dramatic Club 4, Dean Oratorical Contest 4, D.A.R. Essay Prize 3, Tennis Association 3.  “To beguile many, and be beguiled by one.”


Carl Brown “Brownie” – Operetta, Member of H.S. Band.  “I was never less alone than when by myself.”


Helen Dailey “Tiny” – Physical Training Exhibition 2, Senior Category 4.  “All god things do not come from above, Some come done up in small packages.”


Eunice Baldwin Eunie” Delta – Secretary Deltas 3, Vice President Deltas 4.  “This fair maid with all her pills, Will cure all your various ills.”


Leah Lowry “Lee” – “Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.”


Doris Puffer Dorde” – “My care is for the future.”


Ida Ruderman “Rudy” – “Play and the world plays with you, Work and you work alone.”


Adelaide Harvey Yadie” Minerva – French Club 3, Operetta 2-3-4, Echo Staff 2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Dramatic Club Play 4.  “He’s so near and yet so far.”



The Charm School

Monday Evening, June 1, The Senior Play, “The Charm School”, was presented at the Gralyn theatre.  The cast of characters was as follows:


Austin BevansDean Elliott

An Automobile salesman with ideas


David McKenzie – Robert Aldrich

A law student considers impractical, though


George Boyd – Chelson Sayer

An expert accountant, is willing to co-operate and so are


Jim Simpkins – Edward Case

Tim Simpkins – Harry Corbin

Who toil not and have never seriously considered spinning.


Homer Johns – Gordon Turnbull

Is the guardian of


Elsie BenedottiZelda Haverstock

The president of the Senior Class at a school presided over by


Miss Hayes – Helen Smith

Who is loved and feared by all who know here, including the secretary


Miss Curtis – Helen Jepson

Who is always trying to think well of the Senior Class consisting of


Sally Boyd – Marion Young

Who is Georgia’s sister and


Murial DaughtyMarjorie Lane

Ethel SpelvinFlorence Cook

Alix Mercier – Elizabeth Sayer

Lillian Stafford – Mildred Perrin

Madge Kent – Helen Dygert

The girls were very charming as they were but the new owner of the school endeavored to make them more so with striking results.  We wondered if Sally Boyd could ever definitely decide which of the twins she liked best.  We know we couldn’t.


The play, from the standpoint of the audience, was a “howling” success.



Track Category

Name – Nickname – Ambition

Lloyd Robinson, Captain – “Robby” – To go over to Potsdam

Allen Jenkins – “Al” – “Dig”

Darcy Goodnough – “Bucky Goodnow” – To run the 220

Chelson Sayer – “Chels” – To be liked by Elsie

Bryan Carr – “Bud” – To be a lady’s man

John Bell – “Johnnie” – To ask “Steve”

Archie Murray – “Arch” – To be able to tell the twins apart

Harvey Sheldon – “L.D.” – To be able to keep up with his father’s horses

Mark Hayden – “Tuffy” – To be high up in the air

Kenneth Smith – “Twinie” – To own a car

Michael Wall – “Mike” – To beat Keener

Douglas Fredenburg – “Doug” – To be big, good-looking and intelligent

Donald Homer – “Don” – TO be an actor

Hubert Melrose, Manager – “Mel” – To train the younger crowd



Amphictyon Banquet

The Amphictyon Literary society held its annual banquest and election of officers Monday night, June 8 at the McGuire restaurant in Clinton Street.  Lloyd Robinson, president of the organization, presided.


During the election of officers, Mr. Robinson was re-elected as president for the coming school year. Others named were as follows: Donald Homer, vice president; Bryan Carr, secretary;  Darcy Goodnough, treasurer; Lawrence Babcock, chaplain; Nelson Winters, third member of the executive committee.


After the completion of the banquet a number of impromptu speeches were made by the newly elected officers.  Professor Roy D. Gibbs of the High School faculty and Ivan Van Namee also spoke briefly.


Minerva Literary Society

The last Minerva meeting was held the latter part of March at which the election of officers occurred as follows:

President – Dorothy McLean, ’27; Vice President – Marion Chisholm, ’27; Treasurer – Margaret McGuire, ’27; Secretary – Harriet Brown, ’27; Chaplain – Martha Brown, ’28.

After which an interesting program followed.

Chaplain’s exercises – Harriet Brown

Roll Call – What I expect to do next year

How I have enjoyed Minerva – Susan Murray

Farewell Speech – President Ann Finnegan

Solo (Vocal) – Dorothy McLean

Critic’s Report – Miss Carpenter

Very important business meeting followed.  It was decided to have the Delta-Minerva picnic at Sylvia Lake on June 13, which is usually greatly enjoyed by both societies.


Delta Literary Society

The last Delta meeting was held Tuesday evening, June 2, at which election of new officers occurred.

President – Ruth Fife, ’26. re-elected; Vice President – Francis Moore, ’26; Secretary – Marion Randall, ’27; Treasurer – Eleanor Anderson, ’27; Chaplain – Helen Skinner, ’28; Reporter – Marion Gates, ’29.

After which a very interesting program followed:

Chaplain’s Exercise – Amy Covell

Roll Call – My Favorite Delta and Her Characteristics

Senior Poem – Evelyn Holt

Senior Will – Helen Henderson

Senior Prophecy – Naomi Moore

Piano Solo – Margaret Herring

Senior Category – Alice O’Hara

Advice to JuniorsHelen Baker

Critic’s Report – Miss Fife

Business Meeting.

Afterward eats, which were a surprise to the majority, were served and greatly enjoyed.  The following evening of June 3, the Athenians and Deltas had a joint meeting with both societies taking part in the program, after which eats and dancing were enjoyed.


Delta-Athenian Joint Meeting, Wednesday June 2, 1925

Chaplain’s Exercise – George Bush

Roll Call – “ A Modern Superstition”

“Do You Believe in Superstition” – Elizabeth Sayer

Comb Chorus – Deltas

Play – Belle Latham, Evelyn Hold, Eleanor Anderson, Kenneth Smith, Paul Smith, James Ormiston

Piano Solo – Claude Hyde

“Knocks” – Zelda Haverstock

Debate – “Resolved, That Girls are a Greater Nuisance in Study Halls than Boys.” Affirmative, Athenians; Negative, Deltas.

Songs – Chelson Sayer, Paul Graves, Dean Elliott, Donald Blackburn