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Vital Records Index,

(Last Names: X-Z)
transcribed from paper by Ellie Flint,

formatted for internet by Anne M. Cady


During 1847-1849, an attempt was made to record birth, death, and marriage records for the townships within St. Lawrence county.  The files below contain some of these records which have been transcribed for the internet.  As I get access to more of these records, I will continue to put them online.  The files are listed first by township, but I have also generated an index sorted by last name that can be used as well.


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Names starting with the letters X-Z:

Yale, Clarisa 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Yale, John 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Yearna, Careis 1847, Massena, Births
Yearna, Enos 1847, Massena, Births
Yearna, Philena 1847, Massena, Births
Yerden, Adelia 1848, Hammond, Deaths
Yorden, Adeline 1848, Hammond, Births
Yorden, Albert 1848, Hammond, Births
Yorden, Albert 1849, Hammond, Births
Yorden, John 1849, Hammond, Births
Yorden, Loisa 1848, Hammond, Births
Yorden, Loisa 1849, Hammond, Births
Young, Albert 1849, Fine, Birth
Young, Altha Jane 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Young, Aurilla 1849, Fine, Birth
Young, Charlotte A. 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Young, Chester 1849, Fine, Birth
Young, Clarence W. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Young, Clarrissa 1848, Hammond, Births
Young, Helen C. 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Young, Marinda 1849, Massena, Marriages
Young, Mary 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Young, Olive 1848, Hammond, Births
Young, Oliver 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Young, Samuel 1848, Hammond, Births
Young, Simon 1849, Fine, Marriage
Young, Unknown 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Young,Nancy dau of W. 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Zerou, Ellia 1915, Massena, Marriages
Zoller, Barbary 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Zoller, Catherine 1847, Hammond, Births
Zoller, Ellen 1847, Hammond, Births
Zoller, Francis H. 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Zoller, James 1847, Hammond, Births
Zoller, John Alven 1849, Macomb, Births
Zoller, Josiah 1847, Hammond, Births
Zoller, Mr. 1847, Hammond, Births
Zoller, Sally 1847, Hammond, Births