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Vital Records Index,

(Last Names: W)
transcribed from paper by Ellie Flint,

formatted for internet by Anne M. Cady


During 1847-1849, an attempt was made to record birth, death, and marriage records for the townships within St. Lawrence county.  The files below contain some of these records which have been transcribed for the internet.  As I get access to more of these records, I will continue to put them online.  The files are listed first by township, but I have also generated an index sorted by last name that can be used as well.


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Names starting with the letter W:

Waggoner, Caty 1847, Macomb, Births
Waggoner, Jacob 1847, Canton, Marriage
Waggoner, Laura 1847, Macomb, Births
Waggoner, Truman 1847, Macomb, Births
Wagner, James K. 1847, Pierrepont, Marriages
Wainwright, Mathew 1848, DePeyster, Marriages
Wait, Almeda Maria 1849, Canton, birth
Wait, Benjamin N. 1849, Canton, birth
Wait, Beriah 1849, Fowler, Birth
Wait, Eliza 1848, Stockholm, Births
Wait, Eliza Ann 1848, Rossie, Births
Wait, Elizabeth 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Wait, Elizabeth B. 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Wait, Ellen 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Wait, Gilbert 1848, Rossie, Births
Wait, Hiram 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Wait, Isadore 1847, Hammond, Births
Wait, Julia 1847, Hammond, Births
Wait, Julia 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wait, Julia Ann 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Wait, Laura 1848, Rossie, Deaths
Wait, Marion G. 1848, Rossie, Births
Wait, Mary 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Wait, Mary 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Wait, Mary A. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Wait, Mary J. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Wait, Minerva 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Wait, Nancy 1849, Canton, birth
Wait, Samuel C (Dr.) 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Wait, Samuel C. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Wait, Sarah Electa 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Wait, Sidney B. 1847, Hammond, Births
Wait, unnamed 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wait, W. Z. 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Wait, W. Z. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Wait, Willet 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Wait, William C. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wakefield, Sharlott 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Wakeford, Adelina 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Waldo, Barbara E. 1849, Hammond, Births
Waldo, Delana 1849, Fowler, Birth
Waldo, Gersham H. 1849, Hammond, Births
Waldo, Orange G. 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Waldo, Orange G. 1849, Hammond, Births
Waldo, Shubel 1849, Fowler, Birth
Waldo, Susan 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Walker, Abigal 1848, DePeyster, Marriages
Walker, Ann 1847, DeKalb, Marriages
Walker, Catharine 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Walker, Christopher 1847, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Christopher 1849, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Cyntha 1848, DePeyster, Births
Walker, David 1847, Fowler, Birth
Walker, David S. 1848, DePeyster, Births
Walker, Delila 1847, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Delila 1849, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Diana 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Walker, Eliza 1847, Fowler, Birth
Walker, Eliza 1848, Fowler, Birth
Walker, Harriet 1848, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Horatio 1848, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Laura Savilla (?) 1848, DePeyster, Births
Walker, Lowis 1848, Canton, Death
Walker, Lydia 1848, Fowler, Birth
Walker, Mary 1848, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Mary 1848, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Mary M. 1849, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Ruth 1848, DeKalb, Births
Walker, Sylvenus 1848, Fowler, Birth
Walker, Syvenas H. 1847, Fowler, Birth
Walker, Thomas 1848, DeKalb, Births
Walker, William F. 1847, DeKalb, Births
Wall, Catherine 1847, Rossie, Births
Wall, Catherine 1847, Rossie, Births
Wall, Clarinda Mariah 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wall, Edward 1847, Rossie, Births
Wall, Edward 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wall, Mariah 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wall, Michael 1847, Rossie, Deaths
Wallace, Amelia 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Wallace, Betsey 1847, Canton, Birth
Wallace, Edgar G. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wallace, Edwin 1847, Canton, Birth
Wallace, Elmina 1847, Canton, Birth
Wallace, Emma Elizabeth 1847, Canton, Birth
Wallace, Francis 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Wallace, George S. 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Wallace, Judson 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Wallace, Lyman 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Wallace, Marion 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Wallace, Mary 1847, Hopkinton, Marriages
Wallace, MathewCarlton 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wallace, Orson 1847, Canton, Birth
Wallace, Prudy 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Wallace, Samuel 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Wallace, Sarah 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wallace, Sarah 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wallace, Solomon 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wallace, Solomon 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wallington, Sally 1847, Pierrepont, Marriages
Walrath, Harriet 1849, DePeyster, Births
Walrath, Mary 1850, DePeyster, Births
Walrath, Adeline 1848, Macomb, Births
Walrath, Andrew 1848, Macomb, Births
Walrath, Catherine 1850, DePeyster, Marriages
Walrath, Charles 1849, DePeyster, Births
Walrath, Daniel 1850, DePeyster, Births
Walrath, Jacob 186x, DePeyster, Marriages
Walrath, Mary 1850, DePeyster, Births
Walrath, Sarah 1848, Macomb, Births
Walrath, William 1849, DePeyster, Births
Walrooth, Josiah 1848, DePeyster, Births
Walrooth, Orpha 1848, DePeyster, Births
Walrooth, Unknown 1848, DePeyster, Births
Walroth, Adolphus 1848, Macomb, Births
Walroth, Adolphus 1848, Macomb, Births
Walroth, Irena 1848, Macomb, Births
Walroth, William Henry 1848, Macomb, Deaths
Walsh, Catherine 1849, Canton, birth
Walsh, Richard 1849, Canton, birth
Walsh, William 1849, Canton, birth
Walton, Orrin 1847, Pierrepont, Marriages
Walts, Charles 1847, Fine, Birth
Walts, Eliza 1847, Fine, Birth
Walts, Louisa 1847, Fine, Birth
Walts, Louisa 1847, Fine, Death
Ward, Henry Assorted DePeyster Marriages
Ward, John 1847, Macomb, Births
Ward, John 1848, Macomb, Births
Ward, Johnathan 1847, Massena, Deaths
Ward, Levi 1848, Macomb, Births
Ward, Mary Ann 1847, Macomb, Births
Ward, Mary Ann 1848, Macomb, Births
Ward, Nathan 1847, Macomb, Births
Ward, Robert H. 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Ward, William 1848, Macomb, Deaths
Ward, William 1863-64, Macomb, Selected Deaths
Warden, Nelson 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Wardwell, David 1850, Russell, Births
Wardwell, Levi F. 1850, Russell, Births
Wardwell, Sarah 1850, Russell, Births
Ware, Fanny 1848, Fowler, Birth
Ware, Hannah 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Ware, Jabez 1848, Fowler, Birth
Warner, E. P. 1849, Canton, marriage
Warner, George 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Warner, Larned 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Warner, Mary 1849, Canton, death
Warren, Dea. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Warren, Dorothy 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Warren, Female 1849, Russell, Deaths
Warren, Isaac 1849, Russell, Deaths
Warriner, John S. 1848, Russell, Deaths
Washburn, Anna 186x, DePeyster, Marriages
Washburn, Catherine 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Catherine 1851, DePeyster, Births
Washburn, Charles R. 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Gates 1848, DePeyster, Births
Washburn, Harriet 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Ira 1848, DePeyster, Births
Washburn, Laura 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Washburn, Louise Isadore 1851, DePeyster, Births
Washburn, Malancy 1848, DePeyster, Births
Washburn, Minerva A. 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Mrs. Angeline 186x, DePeyster, Marriages
Washburn, Nehamiah Jr. 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Nehemiah 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Percy 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Perry S. 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Russell 1851, DePeyster, Births
Washburn, Sarah M. 1847, Macomb, Births
Washburn, Simon 1850, DePeyster, Marriages
Washburne, Hiram 1848, Stockholm, Births
Washburne, Lorinda 1848, Stockholm, Births
Washburne, Orrin 1848, Stockholm, Births
Waterbury, Jessamin Various Massena Births
Waterbury, Jessie Various Massena Births
Waterbury, Jessie Various Massena Births
Watherston, Betsey 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Wathop, Thomas 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Watson, Alice 1849, Massena, Births
Watson, David 1849, Massena, Births
Watson, David A. 1847, Massena, Births
Watson, Elizabeth 1847, Macomb, Births
Watson, Emily 1849, Massena, Births
Watson, Jane 1847, Macomb, Births
Watson, Jane 1847, Macomb, Births
Watson, Jane 1849, Macomb, Marriages
Watson, John 1848, Edwards, Births
Watson, John F. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Watson, Kelsey D. 1847, Macomb, Births
Watson, Lydia 1847, Massena, Births
Watson, Lydia 1849, Massena, Births
Watson, Major 1847, Macomb, Births
Watson, Margaret M. 1848, Edwards, Births
Watson, Maria 1847, Macomb, Births
Watson, Martha 1849, Macomb, Marriages
Watson, Mary 186x, DePeyster, Marriages
Watson, Mary 1848, Edwards, Births
Watson, Susan 1849, Massena, Births
Watson, Wallace 1847, Massena, Births
Watson, William 1849, Massena, Births
Waymouth, Amy Hanah 1848, DeKalb, Births
Waymouth, Enoch 1848, DeKalb, Births
Waymouth, Mary 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wead, Delazon D. 1848, Canton, Marriage
Weatherup, Alexander 1847, DeKalb, Deaths
Weatherup, Mary 1847, DeKalb, Deaths
Weaver, Antoine 1849, Hammond, Births
Weaver, Mary 1849, Hammond, Births
Weaver, Unknown 1849, Hammond, Births
Webb, ? 1847, Edwards, Births
Webb, Benjamin 1848, Canton, Birth
Webb, Henry 1847, Edwards, Births
Webb, Lydia 1847, Edwards, Births
Webb, Mary 1848, Canton, Birth
Webb, Sally Jane 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Webster, Abagail 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Webster, Addaline 1848, Stockholm, Births
Webster, Almina 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Webster, Alvah P. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Webster, Cora Assorted DePeyster Marriages
Webster, Lewis 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Webster, Unknown 1848, Stockholm, Births
Weed, Eliza 1847, Hammond, Births
Weed, Margaret 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Weed, Mary (Illegitimate) 1847, Hammond, Births
Welch, AbbyA. C. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Welch, Bernard G. 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Catherine 1847, Fine, Birth
Welch, Edward 1848, Hammond, Births
Welch, Florrilla 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Welch, Frances L. 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Franklin 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, George 1848, Hammond, Births
Welch, Harriet 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, James 1847, Fine, Birth
Welch, James C. 1849, Hammond, Births
Welch, Johnson 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Welch, Lucietin 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Lucrecia M. 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Lucy 1847, Fine, Birth
Welch, Lucy Maria 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Welch, Martha Jane 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Martin 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Mary 1847, Hammond, Births
Welch, Mary 1847, Potsdam, Births
Welch, Mary 1849, Hammond, Births
Welch, Mary 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Welch, Mary Ann 1848, Hammond, Births
Welch, Mary Ann 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Welch, Michael N. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Welch, Richard 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Welch, Robert 1849, Hammond, Births
Welch, Robert 1847, Hammond, Births
Welch, Robert Smith 1847, Hammond, Births
Welch, Sanford M. 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Welch, Thomas B. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Welch, Thomas B. 1847, Hermon, Marriages
Welch, Thomas Nauthy 1847, Potsdam, Births
Welch, Vera L. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Welch, Wilfred L. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Welch, William 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Welch, Williard 1848, Pierrepont, Deaths
Weller, Charles 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Weller, Clarissa L. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Weller, Clarrissa 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Weller, David 1848, Canton, Birth
Weller, David 1849, Canton, birth
Weller, David H. 1849, Canton, death
Weller, Lois 1848, Canton, Birth
Weller, Louis 1849, Canton, birth
Weller, Susan 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Wells, Abram 1850, Russell, Deaths
Wells, Almeda 1847, Canton, Birth
Wells, Azuba 1848, Canton, Birth
Wells, George 1847, Canton, Birth
Wells, James 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Wells, John Freeman 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wells, Laura 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Wells, Laurel 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wells, Lester 1847, Canton, Birth
Wells, Lydia 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Wells, Margaret 1848, Canton, Marriage
Wells, Marvin 1848, Canton, Birth
Wells, Minerva 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wescott, Michael 1847, Hammond, Marriages
Wescott, Warren 1847, Hammond, Marriages
Wesgate, Andrew 1850, Russell, Marriages
West, Alzina 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
West, Harriet E. 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
West, James 1849, Macomb, Births
West, Mary Jane 1849, Macomb, Births
West, Peggy H. 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Western, Abigal 1849, DeKalb, Births
Western, Freeman 1848, Stockholm, Births
Western, George 1848, Stockholm, Births
Western, Maria 1848, Stockholm, Births
Western, Seymore L. 1849, DeKalb, Births
Western, Seymour 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Weston, Mary 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Weston, William Francis 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Weston, William O. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Westover, Ann P. 1850, DePeyster, Marriages
Westwood, Barbra E. 1848, Hammond, Births
Westwood, Dorcas 1848, Hammond, Births
Westwood, Edward 1848, Hammond, Births
Wetherill, Truman O. 1849, Russell, Births
Weymouth, Enoch 1847, DeKalb, Marriages
Weymouth, Hannah 1847, DeKalb, Deaths
Whalen, Eleanor 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Whalen, Jane A. 1847, Macomb, Marriages
Wheeler, Adaline E. 1849, Massena, Births
Wheeler, Albert 1848, Potsdam, Births
Wheeler, Benjamin D. 1849, Massena, Births
Wheeler, Charles 1847, Canton, Birth
Wheeler, Charles F. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Wheeler, Daniel 1849, Massena, Births
Wheeler, David 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Wheeler, David 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Wheeler, Eugene 1847, Canton, Birth
Wheeler, Eugene 1849, Canton, death
Wheeler, George W. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Wheeler, Harlow 1848, Potsdam, Births
Wheeler, Lucinda, M. Various Massena Deaths
Wheeler, Lucy 1848, Potsdam, Births
Wheeler, Mercy 1847, Canton, Birth
Wheeler, Orson O. 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Wheeler, Willie J. Various Massena Deaths
Wheelock, Charles E. 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Wheelock, Emmaroy 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Wheelock, Emmaroy 1849, Pierrepont, Births
Wheelock, John 1849, Pierrepont, Births
Wheelock, Mary 1849, Pierrepont, Births
Wheelock, Royal T. 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Wheelock, Susanah 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Whelan, Edward 1915, Massena, Deaths
Whipple, Jane 1849, Canton, birth
Whipple, Mathew A. 1849, Canton, birth
Whitaker, Alanson 1849, Stockholm, Births
Whitaker, Julia 1849, Stockholm, Births
Whitaker, Truda 1849, Stockholm, Births
White, Albert 1849, Edwards, Births
White, Albert 1850, Russell, Births
White, Alexander 1849, Massena, Births
White, Alfred 1848, Potsdam, Births
White, Caroline 1848, DeKalb, Births
White, Clarisa 1848, Potsdam, Births
White, Cyrus 1848, DeKalb, Births
White, David 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
White, Eliza 1849, Massena, Births
White, Emeline 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
White, Esther 1848, Rossie, Marriages
White, G. E. R. 1915, Massena, Marriages
White, Harriet 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
White, Hellen 1850, Russell, Births
White, Henry H. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
White, Jay Mortimer 1848, Potsdam, Births
White, Julia 1849, Massena, Births
White, Louis Dick 1849, Hopkinton, Births
White, Lucelia 1848, Hopkinton, Births
White, Lucelia 1849, Hopkinton, Births
White, Mariam 1847, Edwards, Deaths
White, Mary Louisa 1848, DeKalb, Births
White, Melvina Caroline 1849, Edwards, Births
White, Nelson 1847, Hopkinton, Marriages
White, Nelson 1848, Hopkinton, Births
White, Nelson 1849, Hopkinton, Births
White, Olive B. 1847, Canton, Marriage
White, Polly 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
White, Seth 1847, Massena, Deaths
White, Sophronia 1850, Russell, Births
White, unknown 1849, Edwards, Births
White, William 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Whitehead, Margaret 1849, Edwards, Marriages
Whitehouse, Charles S. 1848, DeKalb, Births
Whitehouse, Elizabeth 1848, DeKalb, Births
Whitehouse, Mary Jane 1848, DeKalb, Births
Whitfield, Martha 1847, Pierrepont, Deaths
Whitford, Adaline 1847, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Alexander 1847, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Alexander 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Whitford, Alexander 1849, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Angeline 1847, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Angeline 1849, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Anna 1849, Edwards, Deaths
Whitford, Charles 1847, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Cornelia 1847, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Eliza 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Whitford, Jacob 1847, Massena, Marriages
Whitford, Jacob 1848, Massena, Births
Whitford, James 1847, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Oliver 1849, Edwards, Births
Whitford, Sophia 1848, Massena, Births
Whitford, William 1848, Massena, Births
Whiting, George W. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Whiting, Margaret 1849, Potsdam, Births
Whitmarsh, Emiline A. 1849, Russell, Births
Whitmarsh, Erastus 1849, Russell, Births
Whitmarsh, Erastus F. 1848, Russell, Marriages
Whitmarsh, Sophia 1849, Russell, Births
Whitney, Agnes 1848, Canton, Death
Whitney, Cornelia 1847, Canton, Birth
Whitney, Cornelia 1849, Canton, birth
Whitney, Cynthia 1849, Canton, birth
Whitney, Daniel 1848, Canton, Birth
Whitney, Daniel Almond 1848, Macomb, Births
Whitney, Don Carlos 1849, Canton, birth
Whitney, Eliza 1847, Hammond, Births
Whitney, Esther 1848, Canton, Birth
Whitney, Eunice 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Whitney, Isaac 1849, Canton, birth
Whitney, Jane 1848, Fowler, Birth
Whitney, Jane 1849, Fowler, Death
Whitney, John 1847, Macomb, Marriages
Whitney, John 1848, Fowler, Birth
Whitney, John 1848, Macomb, Births
Whitney, Lorett S. 1848, Lawrence, Deaths
Whitney, Mary 1849, Canton, birth
Whitney, Mary 1849, Canton, death
Whitney, Mary Ann 1848, Macomb, Births
Whitney, Nathan 1848, Canton, Birth
Whitney, Olive 1848, Fowler, Birth
Whitney, Olive 1849, Fowler, Death
Whitney, Ransom (?) B. 1847, Hammond, Births
Whitney, Samuel 1847, Hammond, Births
Whitney, William P. 1849, Canton, birth
Whitney, William Zelotus 1847, Canton, Birth
Whitney, Zelotus 1847, Canton, Birth
Whitney, Zelotus 1849, Canton, birth
Wickwire, Merton 1915, Massena, Marriages
Widrick, Elizabeth 1848, DePeyster, Births
Widrick, George L. 1848, DePeyster, Births
Widrick, Unknown 1848, DePeyster, Births
Wight, Abner 1848, Fowler, Birth
Wight, Clarisa 1848, Fowler, Birth
Wight, Hannibal 1849, Edwards, Births
Wight, Nathan 1849, Edwards, Births
Wight, Roselle 1848, Fowler, Birth
Wight, Silvia 1849, Edwards, Births
Wilber, Amelia 1847, Hammond, Births
Wilber, Elizabeth 1848, Lawrence, Deaths
Wilber, George 1847, Hammond, Births
Wilber, Orisa 1847, Hammond, Births
Wilcox, Adelia A. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wilcox, Angeline and infant son 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Wilcox, Carasa S. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wilcox, Charity 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Wilcox, Delia A. 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Wilcox, John F. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Wilcox, Martha 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Wilcox, Moses Guy 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Wilcox, William H. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wilder, A. J. 1848, Edwards, Births
Wilder, Adoniram J. 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Wilder, Brutus 1850, Russell, Births
Wilder, Emaline 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Wilder, Frank 1850, Russell, Births
Wilder, Lucy J. 1850, Russell, Births
Wilder, Matailda 1848, Edwards, Births
Wilder, unknown 1848, Edwards, Births
Wiley, Charles 1847, Edwards, Births
Wiley, Charles 1849, Edwards, Births
Wiley, David 1849, Edwards, Births
Wiley, Laura 1848, Hammond, Deaths
Wiley, Laura Ann 1847, Edwards, Births
Wiley, Laura Ann 1849, Edwards, Births
Wiley, Laurretta & Luzetta 1847, Edwards, Births
Wiley, Permelia 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Wileys, James 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Wileys, Lydia Ann 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Wilkins, Lillian Elizabeth 1915, Massena, Deaths
Wilkinson, Alvin 1849, Edwards, Births
Wilkinson, James 1849, Edwards, Births
Wilkinson, Maria 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Wilkinson, Mary 1849, Edwards, Births
Wilkinson, Nancy 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Wilkinson, Oscar A. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Wilkinson, Wiliam 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Wilkinson, William 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Willard, George 1849, Rossie, Marriages
willard, Juliett 1849, Fowler, Birth
Willard, Martin 1847, Fowler, Birth
Willard, Martin 1849, Fowler, Death
Willard, Mary Ann 1847, Fowler, Birth
willard, Mary Ann 1849, Fowler, Birth
willard, Ranford 1849, Fowler, Birth
Willard, Ransford 1847, Fowler, Birth
Willcox, Charles 1848, Canton, Birth
Willcox, June 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Willcox, Naimo 1848, Canton, Birth
Willes, Abner 1849, Potsdam, Births
Willes, Pamelia 1849, Potsdam, Births
Willes, Reuben 1849, Potsdam, Births
Williams, Amanda 1849, Canton, birth
Williams, Annette 1849, Russell, Births
Williams, Annette 1849, Russell, Births
Williams, Arminda 1847, Massena, Births
Williams, Caroline 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Williams, Catharine 1847, Massena, Births
Williams, Cyrena Amelia (twin) 1849, Russell, Births
Williams, Eleanor R. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Williams, Eliza Ann 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Williams, Hassabush 1848, Potsdam, Births
Williams, Henry 1849, Macomb, Births
Williams, John L. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Williams, Joseph 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Williams, Leslie A. 1849, Canton, birth
Williams, Marion C. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Williams, Martena Angelia (twin) 1849, Russell, Births
Williams, Thomas 1849, Macomb, Births
Williams, Walter 1849, Russell, Births
Williams, Walter 1849, Russell, Births
Williams, William T. 1849, Canton, birth
Williams, Williams 1847, Massena, Births
Williamson, Caroline 1847, Pierrepont, Deaths
Williamson, Eliza 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Williamson, Isabelle 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Williamson, Jane 1847, Hammond, Births
Williamson, John 1849, Hammond, Deaths
Williamson, Ransom n 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Williamson, Thomas 1847, Hammond, Births
Williamson, William 1847, Hammond, Births
Willis, Abigail 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Willis, George 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Willson, Alexander 1849, Hammond, Births
Willson, Alma 1848, DePeyster, Births
Willson, Ann 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Willson, Ann 1849, Macomb, Births
Willson, Anna 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Willson, Barberry 1849, Macomb, Births
Willson, Deston 1849, Hammond, Births
Willson, Ellen 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Willson, Ellen 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Willson, Ellen C. 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Willson, Frederick Depeyster 1848, DePeyster, Births
Willson, Frederick G. 1848, DePeyster, Births
Willson, Harry M. 1849, Macomb, Births
Willson, Huldah 1849, Hammond, Births
Willson, Jannet 1849, Hammond, Births
Willson, John 1849, Hammond, Births
Willson, John 1849, Macomb, Births
Willson, John 1848, Russell, Births
Willson, Jonathan 1848, Canton, Birth
Willson, Louisa Jane 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Willson, Lucy 1848, Canton, Birth
Willson, Mary A. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Willson, Mary Ann 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Willson, Polly 1848, Russell, Births
Willson, Samantha A. 1848, Canton, Birth
Willson, Sarah 1849, Massena, Deaths
Willson, Sarah A. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Willson, Sirus H. 1848, Russell, Births
Willson, Unknown 1849, Macomb, Births
Willson, William 1849, Hammond, Births
Willson, William P. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Willson, William P. 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Wilson, A. M. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wilson, Adelbert M. 1849, DePeyster, Births
Wilson, Ambrose 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Amelia 1847, Fowler, Birth
Wilson, Angeline 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Ann E. 1849, Rossie, Births
Wilson, Aurilla 1849, DePeyster, Births
Wilson, Barbara 1847, Macomb, Births
Wilson, Caroline 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wilson, Charlotte E. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Clary Ann 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Edith 1848, Macomb, Deaths
Wilson, Elizabeth 1848, Macomb, Deaths
Wilson, Emma Eliza 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wilson, Erastus 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wilson, George 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Hannah 1847, Hammond, Births
Wilson, Hannah 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Huldah 1847, Hammond, Births
Wilson, ira 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Wilson, James 1849, Stockholm, Births
Wilson, Jenne 186x, DePeyster, Marriages
Wilson, John 1847, Macomb, Births
Wilson, John 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Wilson, John D. 1848, DePeyster, Marriages
Wilson, John M. 1849, Macomb, Births
Wilson, John P. 1849, Russell, Deaths
Wilson, Julia Ann 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Julia R. 1847, Gouverneur, Marriages
Wilson, Leander 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Lewis L. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Lucretia 1849, Rossie, Births
Wilson, Lydia Ann 1847, Fowler, Birth
Wilson, Mary 1847, Macomb, Births
Wilson, Mary Ann 1848, DeKalb, Births
Wilson, Mary Ann 1850, Russell, Marriages
Wilson, Myron 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wilson, Nahum 1849, DePeyster, Births
Wilson, Nathan 1849, Stockholm, Births
Wilson, Oren 1847, Fowler, Birth
Wilson, Pluma 1849, Stockholm, Births
Wilson, Sarah 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Wilson, Sophia 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Wilson, Turzia 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, unnamed 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Valorus 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wilson, Velorus 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Wilson, William 1847, Hammond, Births
Wilson, William 1849, Rossie, Births
Winchell, Debora 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Winchell, Morris S. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Winchell, Morris S. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wing, Candus 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Wing, David 1849, Russell, Births
Wing, Unknown 1849, Russell, Births
Winne, Aaron 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Winslow, Aurelius 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Winslow, Aurelius 1848, Pierrepont, Deaths
Winslow, Edward 1850, Russell, Marriages
Winslow, Eliza S 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Winslow, George 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Winslow, George S. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Winslow, H. Jeanette 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Winslow, Ingraham 1849, Edwards, Marriages
Winslow, Katharine 1848, Edwards, Births
Winslow, Margaret 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Winslow, Melvin 1848, Edwards, Births
Winslow, Orville E. 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Winslow, unknown 1848, Edwards, Births
Winters, Maria S. 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Winthrop, Eliza 1849, DeKalb, Births
Winthrop, Thomas 1849, DeKalb, Births
Wire, Carlton 1849, Stockholm, Deaths
Wire, Carlton 1847, Stockholm, Marriages
Wires, Catharine 1848, Potsdam, Births
Wires, Harriet 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wires, Ira 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Wires, Jarid 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Wires, Jarval C. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wires, Mary 1848, Potsdam, Births
Wires, Proxa C. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wires, Richard 1848, Potsdam, Births
Wirn, Matilda B. 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Wise, Charles Davalson 1848, Macomb, Births
Wise, Diana 1847, Rossie, Births
Wise, John 1847, Rossie, Births
Wise, Mary R. 1847, Rossie, Births
Wise, Polly 1848, Macomb, Births
Wise, Vanranseler 1848, Macomb, Births
Witherall, Abigail 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Witherall, Eugenia E. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Witherall, Steven R. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Witherbee, Harriet 1848, Canton, Birth
Witherbee, Luther B. 1848, Canton, Birth
Witherell, Job 1850, DePeyster, Deaths
Witherell, Rachel 1849, Canton, marriage
Witherill, Bradford 1849, Russell, Births
Witherill, Clarissa 1847, Hopkinton, Marriages
Witherill, Clarrissa 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Witherill, Sophronia 1849, Russell, Births
Withrop, Alexander 1849, DeKalb, Births
Witters, Heman 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Witters, Sarah M. 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Wolcott, Elvira 1848, Stockholm, Births
Wolcott, Charles J. 1848, Russell, Deaths
Wolcott, Eliza 1848, Stockholm, Births
Wolcott, Liester 1850, Russell, Births
Wolcott, Muriam E. 1850, Russell, Births
Wolcott, Oliver 1848, Stockholm, Births
Wolcott, Sylvester Jr. 1850, Russell, Births
Wood, Abagail C. 1849, Hopkinton, Deaths
Wood, Amanda 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wood, Angelina M. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wood, Charles 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Wood, Charlotte E. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wood, Clarissa 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wood, Clarissa 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wood, Clarissa 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wood, David 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Wood, David 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Wood, Elizabeth T. 1849, Canton, birth
Wood, Hiram S. 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Wood, Isabel Amy 1850, Russell, Marriages
Wood, Jane 1849, Canton, birth
Wood, Jenny 1849, Massena, Births
Wood, Joseph 1849, Massena, Births
Wood, Lewis Alberto 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Wood, Mandana 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Wood, Mary 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wood, Mary A. 1848, Gouverneur, Death
Wood, Mrs. 1849, Canton, death
Wood, Oscar H. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wood, Palmer O. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wood, Philinda 1849, Massena, Births
Wood, Phineas 1849, Canton, birth
Wood, Samuel 1847, Potsdam, Births
Wood, Samuel 1849, Potsdam, Births
Wood, unknown 1847, Potsdam, Births
Woodard, Henry 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Woodard, James 1848, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, James D. 1847, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Laura Jane 1847, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Louisa 1848, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Luman 1848, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Malinda 1847, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Malinda 1848, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Mary A. 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Woodard, Mary E. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Miron 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Woodard, Rhodian 1848, Stockholm, Births
Woodard, Robin 1847, Hammond, Births
Woodard, Samuel 1847, Hammond, Births
Woodard, William (?) 1847, Hammond, Births
Woodbridge, George 1848, Canton, Birth
Woodbridge, Hepsabeth 1848, Canton, Birth
Woodbridge, Orin B. 1848, Canton, Birth
Woodcock, Adaline 1847, Fowler, Death
Woodcock, Asa 1847, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Catharine 1848, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Daniel 1849, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, George W. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Isaac 1848, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Josiah P. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Mary 1847, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Mary 1847, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Mary 1847, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Mary 1849, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Philip 1847, Fowler, Birth
Woodcock, Sarah 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Woodcock, Sarah 1847, Fowler, Birth
Woodford, Alonzo 1849, Canton, birth
Woodford, Mary 1849, Canton, birth
Woodley, Alfred F. 1848, Canton, Birth
Woodley, James 1848, Canton, Birth
Woodley, James 1847, Canton, Birth
Woodley, Lorenda 1848, Canton, Birth
Woodley, Lucinda 1847, Canton, Birth
Woodley, Lucinda 1847, Canton, Birth
Woodley, Lucy 1848, Canton, Death
Woodro, Rebecca 1847, Hermon, Marriages
Woodrow, Samuel 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Woodruff, Alanzo E. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Woodruff, Chauncey 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Woodruff, Edgar S. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Woodruff, Elon A. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Woodruff, hariet C. 1849, Massena, Deaths
Woodruff, Harriet A. 1847, Massena, Births
Woodruff, Hiram (Rev) 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Woodruff, Juna 1847, Massena, Births
Woodruff, Junia 1849, Massena, Births
Woodruff, Nelson 1849, Massena, Births
Woodruff, Nelson 1847, Massena, Births
Woodruff, Pamelia 1847, Potsdam, Births
Woodruff, Permelia E. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Woodruff, Sarah Jane 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Woodruff, Truman A. 1849, Massena, Births
Woodruff, William E. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Woodruff, William E. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Woodruff, William G. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Woodruss, Pamelia 1849, Potsdam, Births
Woods, Charles 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Woods, David 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Woodsworth, Elizabeth 1848, Macomb, Deaths
Woodward, Abigal 1849, Rossie, Deaths
Woodward, Diana 1849, Rossie, Marriages
Woodworth, Elizabeth 1848, Macomb, Births
Woodworth, Horatio 1848, Macomb, Births
Woodworth, Horice 1848, Macomb, Births
Woolworth, Alonzo 1848, Canton, Marriage
Woolworth, Edson 1848, Canton, Marriage
Wooster, Lydia E. 1848, Hammond, Deaths
Wooster, Lyman 1849, Hammond, Births
Wooster, Lyman 1849, Hammond, Births
Wooster, Lyman A. 1849, Hammond, Deaths
Wooster, Pamelia 1849, Hammond, Births
Worden, John 1848, Potsdam, Births
Worden, Mary 1848, Potsdam, Births
Worden, Orrin 1848, Potsdam, Births
Works, Angeline P. 1849, Macomb, Births
Works, Joesph T. 1847, Macomb, Births
Works, Joseph P. 1849, Macomb, Births
Works, Susan 1847, Macomb, Births
Works, Susan 1849, Macomb, Births
Works, Susan 1849, Macomb, Deaths
Works, Warren 1847, Macomb, Births
Worster, John C. 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Wort, Frederick 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Worth, Dan 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Worth, Jonathan 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Worth, Sally 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Wright, Abigail 1849, Stockholm, Births
Wright, Alpheus 1847, Canton, Marriage
Wright, Amanda 1847, Canton, Birth
Wright, Amandy 1848, Canton, Birth
Wright, Caleb 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Wright, Catharine 1847, Canton, Birth
Wright, Catharine A. 1848, Hammond, Births
Wright, Elisha 1849, Stockholm, Births
Wright, Elizabeth 1847, Canton, Birth
Wright, Emily 1847, Canton, Death
Wright, Frances Esther 1847, Canton, Birth
Wright, Hannah 1847, Hammond, Births
Wright, Jaret L. 1849, Canton, marriage
Wright, Jenet 1848, Hammond, Births
Wright, John 1848, Canton, Birth
Wright, John H. 1847, Canton, Birth
Wright, Jonathan 1847, Hammond, Births
Wright, Jonathan 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Wright, Josiah 1848, Hammond, Births
Wright, Mary 1848, Hammond, Births
Wright, Mary 1848, Hammond, Births
Wright, Mary J. 1849, Hammond, Deaths
Wright, Mary P. 1848, Canton, Birth
Wright, Mary Shepherd 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Wright, Norman 1849, Stockholm, Births
Wright, Samuel 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Wright, Sarah 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Wright, Sarah 1847, Brasher, Deaths
Wright, Silas 1847, Canton, Death
Wright, Warren W. 1848, Pierrepont, Deaths
Wright, William 1847, Hammond, Births
Wright, William 1847, Canton, Birth
Wright, William H. 1848, Hammond, Births
Wyomir, Salinda 1847, Fowler, Death