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Vital Records Index,

(Last Names: I-K)
transcribed from paper by Ellie Flint,

formatted for internet by Anne M. Cady


During 1847-1849, an attempt was made to record birth, death, and marriage records for the townships within St. Lawrence county.  The files below contain some of these records which have been transcribed for the internet.  As I get access to more of these records, I will continue to put them online.  The files are listed first by township, but I have also generated an index sorted by last name that can be used as well.


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Names starting with the letters I-K:

Ide, Abbee 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Ide, George C. 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Ide, Jesse 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Ide, John 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Ide, Orpha 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Ingalls, Lydia M. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Ingalls, Mary 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Ingalls, Willard 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Ingerson, Almira wife of David J. 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Ingerson, Arissa 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Ingham, Lovina 1847, Macomb, Marriages
Ingraham, ? 1847, DeKalb, Births
Ingraham, Lucy Ann 1847, DeKalb, Births
Ingraham, Silas D. 1847, DeKalb, Births
Ingram, Lucy Ann 1849, DeKalb, Births
Ingram, Silas 1849, DeKalb, Births
Ingram, Silas 1849, DeKalb, Births
Ireland, William 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Irish, A. R. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Irish, Adaliza 1848, Potsdam, Births
Irish, Charles 1847, Russell, Births
Irish, Charles 1848, Potsdam, Births
Irish, Charles 1849, Russell, Births
Irish, Cintha 1849, Russell, Births
Irish, Hannah 1848, Potsdam, Births
Irish, Jesse 1849, Russell, Births
Irish, John Van Buren 1848, Potsdam, Births
Irish, Margarette 1849, Russell, Births
Irish, Martha T. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Irish, Nathan 1849, Russell, Births
Irish, Percy 1849, Russell, Births
Irish, William H. 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Irish, Zophia 1847, Russell, Births
Irwin, Steward 1849, Canton, marriage
Isham, Cashius 1849, Potsdam, Births
Isham, Charles H. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Isham, Martha P. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Isham, Nancy L. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Isham, Nathan S. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Isham, Sally 1849, Potsdam, Births
Ising, Infant son 1915, Massena, Deaths
Ising, William (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Ivers, Phebe 1847, Hermon, Births
Ivers, Thomas 1847, Hermon, Births
Ivers, Unknown 1847, Hermon, Births
Ives, Anson 1847, Edwards, Births
Ives, Anson 1848, Edwards, Births
Ives, Horace 1847, Edwards, Births
Ives, Horrace 1847, Edwards, Deaths
Ives, Jenett 1848, Edwards, Births
Ives, Jennet 1847, Edwards, Births
Ives, Melissa Emelina 1848, Edwards, Births
Ives, Sarah 1850, Russell, Marriages
Jackson, Cornelia 1847, Canton, Birth
Jackson, infant son of R. C. 1847, Canton, Death
Jackson, Justus 1847, Canton, Marriage
jackson, Mary jane 1847, Rossie, Births
Jackson, Rollin C. 1847, Canton, Birth
Jackson, Sarah M. 1847, Rossie, Births
Jackson, Timothy L. 1847, Rossie, Births
Jackson, William 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Jandrau, James 1915, Massena, Deaths
Janes, Harris 1849, Canton, death
Jaquis, Edward W. 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Jaquish, Ady 1848, Hopkinton, Deaths
Jarvis, Albert A. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Jarvis, Hannah 1848, Potsdam, Births
Jarvis, Harriet 1849, Russell, Marriages
Jarvis, Sumner L. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Jeffers, Carlo 1849, Canton, birth
Jeffers, Cynthia L. 1849, Canton, birth
Jeffers, Joseph 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Jeffers, Margarett 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Jeffers, Mark 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Jeffers, Sarah 1849, Canton, birth
Jemerson, Andrew 1847, Canton, Birth
Jemerson, Anna 1847, Canton, Birth
Jemerson, George E. 1849, Canton, birth
Jemerson, George E. 1849, Canton, birth
Jenkins, Jonathan 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Jenkins, Jotham 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Jenkins, Obadiah 1847, Fowler, Death
Jenkins, Oscar F. 1849, Lawrence, Deaths
Jenkins, Ruth Ann 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Jenkins, Sara 1915, Massena, Marriages
Jenne, Alice L. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Jenne, Amelia 1849, Fowler, Birth
Jenne, Asahel 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Jenne, James H. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Jenne, Joseph H. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Jenne, Mary 1849, Fowler, Birth
Jenne, Priscilla 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Jenne, Thompkins 1849, Fowler, Birth
Jenne, Unknown 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Jenner, Caroline E. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jenner, Isaac 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jenner, Mary 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jero, Benjamin 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jero, Joseph 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jero, Susan 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jerril, Niles 1849, Macomb, Marriages
Jesmore, Ann 1847, Massena, Deaths
Jesmore, Betsey 1848, Massena, Births
Jesmore, Charles 1848, Massena, Births
Jesmore, Cliffor 1847, Massena, Births
Jesmore, Hazel A. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Jesmore, Irene 1915, Massena, Marriages
Jesmore, John 1847, Massena, Births
Jesmore, Lewy 1848, Massena, Births
Jesmore, Milla 1847, Canton, Birth
Jesmore, Peter 1847, Canton, Birth
Jesmore, Sophra 1847, Massena, Marriages
Jesmore, Victoria 1847, Massena, Births
Jewell, Benjamin 1850, Russell, Births
Jewell, Clarrissa 1850, Russell, Births
Jewell, Emily 1850, Russell, Deaths
Jewell, Jane 1850, Russell, Births
Jewett, Jacob 1847, Canton, Birth
Jewett, Jacob 1848, Canton, Birth
Jewett, Martha 1847, Canton, Birth
Jewett, Martha 1848, Canton, Birth
Jewett, Mary E. 1847, Canton, Birth
Jewett, Mary E. 1847, Canton, Death
Jewett, Sarah E. 1848, Canton, Birth
Jinkins, Ann 1848, DeKalb, Births
Jinkins, David 1848, DeKalb, Births
Jinkins, Jane 1848, DeKalb, Births
Jock, Philemon Paul (Female?) 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Johnson, Abel 1848, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Abel P. 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Aben Charles 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Alpha H. 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Johnson, Anna Maria 1847, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Annie E. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Johnson, Asahel 1847, Massena, Births
Johnson, Azel 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Benjamin F. 1848, Canton, Death
Johnson, Blanche 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Caroline M. 1849, Rossie, Births
Johnson, Charles 1847, Edwards, Deaths
Johnson, Charles 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Charles M. 1848, Canton, Birth
Johnson, Charles V. 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Clarisa 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Daniel 1848, Canton, Death
Johnson, Deborah 1848, DeKalb, Births
Johnson, Dexter 1848, Canton, Birth
Johnson, Dexter D. 1849, Rossie, Births
Johnson, Diana C. 1847, Massena, Births
Johnson, Dorinda 1848, Massena, Deaths
Johnson, Ebenezer S. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Johnson, Ebenzer S. 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Johnson, Edwin 1847, Canton, Marriage
Johnson, Elain A. 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Eliza 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Johnson, Elizabeth 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Johnson, Elizann 1847, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Emily L. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Eunice 1848, DeKalb, Births
Johnson, Fanny 1849, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, George 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Grant 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Johnson, Hamson 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Johnson, Hannah 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Hannah M. 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Hannah M. 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Johnson, Harrison 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Hiram 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, infant dau 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Johnson, Ira Allen 1847, Massena, Births
Johnson, Isaac 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Johnson, James 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Johnson, John 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, John 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Johnson, John 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Johnson, John Brayton 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Johnson, Jonathan 1850, Russell, Marriages
Johnson, Julia 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Lucy 1848, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Lucy 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Lucy 1849, Canton, death
Johnson, Lucy 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Mabel Gertrude 1915, Massena, Marriages
Johnson, Maria 1848, Canton, Birth
Johnson, Mary 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Johnson, Mary 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Mary 1847, Canton, Death
Johnson, Mary M. 1848, Canton, Birth
Johnson, Mary M. 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Johnson, Olive 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Phebe J. 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Johnson, Philemon C. 1849, Rossie, Births
Johnson, Philettee 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Johnson, Polly 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Rebeca 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Robert 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnson, Russell 1848, DeKalb, Births
Johnson, Ruth Ann 1848, Fowler, Birth
Johnson, Sally 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Johnson, Sally 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Johnson, Samuel 1849, Massena, Marriages
Johnson, Sarah E. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Silas W. 1849, Lawrence, Deaths
Johnson, Silas Wright 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Stephen 1849, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Sumner 1848, Fowler, Birth
Johnson, Susan 1848, Canton, Birth
Johnson, Thomas 1847, Macomb, Marriages
Johnson, Thomas 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, Thomas L. 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Johnson, Timothy 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, unnamed 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, unnamed 1848, Potsdam, Births
Johnson, Warren 1847, Edwards, Births
Johnson, William 1849, Macomb, Births
Johnson, William H. 1848, Edwards, Births
Johnson, William H. 1848, Edwards, Deaths
Johnson, William II 1863-64, Macomb, Selected Deaths
Johnson, William W. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Johnson, William W. 1849, Edwards, Births
Johnston, Adam 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Johnston, John 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Joice, Alexander 1848, Potsdam, Births
Joice, Alexander 1849, Potsdam, Births
Joice, Charlote 1848, Potsdam, Births
Joice, Henry 1849, Potsdam, Births
Joice, Margaret 1848, Potsdam, Births
Joice, Margaret 1849, Potsdam, Births
Joiley, Phebe 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Jones, Abigail 1847, Canton, Death
Jones, Alonzo 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Jones, Alvira 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Jones, Asa 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jones, Betsy 1849, Stockholm, Births
Jones, Clinton W. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Jones, Cordelia 1847, Massena, Births
Jones, David 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Jones, David 1848, Rossie, Births
Jones, Edwin 1849, Canton, birth
Jones, Eliza Jane 1849, Edwards, Births
Jones, Emily E. 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Jones, Hannah Jane 1848, Rossie, Births
Jones, Harriet 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jones, John 1849, Stockholm, Births
Jones, L. N. H. 1848, Edwards, Births
Jones, Levi N.H. 1849, Edwards, Births
Jones, Lorinda 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jones, Louis 1849, Canton, birth
Jones, Lovisa 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Jones, Lucinda 1849, Stockholm, Births
Jones, Maria 1847, Potsdam, Births
Jones, Mary Frances 1847, Edwards, Births
Jones, Milo 1847, Potsdam, Births
Jones, Orsimon 1847, Edwards, Births
Jones, Perney 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Jones, Reuben 1847, Edwards, Births
Jones, Sally 1848, Rossie, Births
Jones, Salome 1849, Canton, birth
Jones, Sarah 1849, Edwards, Births
Jones, Sarah 1849, Edwards, Deaths
Jones, Sarah 1848, Edwards, Births
Jones, Sarah Jane 1848, Edwards, Births
Jones, Stephen 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Jones, Sterling 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Jones, Theodore 1847, Massena, Births
Jones, William 1847, Massena, Deaths
Jones, William H. 1847, Massena, Births
Jones, Zuba ( female) 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Jonson, Adline 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, John 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Marthy 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Mary Ann 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Mary Ann 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Rebeca 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Robert 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Thomas 1848, Macomb, Births
Jonson, Walace J. 1848, Macomb, Births
Jordan, Sally Ann 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Jordon, Bridget 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jordon, James 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Jordon, James 1849, Potsdam, Births
Jordon, John 1849, Potsdam, Births
Joshua, Mary 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Joslin, Samuel 1849, Massena, Deaths
Jours, Ann Abigal 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Jours, Ellen 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Jours, Horatio 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Jours, Thomas 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Joy, Albert 1848, Massena, Births
Joy, Angeline 1848, Massena, Births
Joy, Charles 1847, Massena, Births
Joy, Frances 1849, Massena, Deaths
Joy, Frances J. 1848, Massena, Births
Joy, Malinda 1847, Massena, Births
Joy, Silas 1847, Massena, Births
Judd, Almira 1848, Massena, Marriages
Judd, Aurelia 1847, Massena, Births
Judd, Daniel 1848, Canton, Birth
Judd, Fanny 1848, Massena, Deaths
Judd, Gideon 1847, Massena, Births
Judd, Harvey 1847, Massena, Births
Judd, Hepsy 1848, Canton, Birth
Judd, Malinda Isabelle 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Judd, Maranda P. 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Judd, Mariha J. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Judd, Mary 1848, Massena, Births
Judd, Mary A. 1848, Massena, Births
Judd, Norman 1848, Massena, Births
Judd, William W. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Judd, William W. 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Jutka, Mary 1915, Massena, Marriages
Kanam, Eliza 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Karaba, Mali 1915, Massena, Marriages
Kasankie, John 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Kasankie, Ormelia 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Kasankie, Thomas 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Kastner, John C. 1848, Hammond, Births
Kastner, Mary L. 1848, Hammond, Births
Kastner, Sarah 1848, Hammond, Births
Kearney, James F. 1848, Gouverneur, Death
Kearny, Bridget 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kearny, Michael 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Keeler, Albert 1847, Hammond, Births
Keeler, Caroline 1847, Hammond, Births
Keeler, Ebenezer 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Keeler, John 1849, Rossie, Deaths
Keeler, Nelson 1847, Hammond, Births
Keenam, Mary 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Keenan, Adeline 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Kegar, Barbara E. Various Massena Births
Keith, Amos 1847, Rossie, Births
Keith, Amos 1849, Rossie, Deaths
Keith, Jane 1847, Rossie, Births
Keith, Silas 1847, Rossie, Births
Kellam, Samuel 1849, Stockholm, Deaths
Kellerson, Clarrisa 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kellerson, James 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kellerson, Lyman 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kelley, Catharine 1847, Massena, Deaths
Kelley, Charles 1915, Massena, Marriages
Kelley, James 1848, Massena, Births
Kelley, Laura 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kelley, Margaret 1848, Massena, Births
Kelley, Mary 1848, Massena, Births
Kelley, Moses K. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kelliher, Manena (female) 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Kellison, George (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kellison, Infant daughter 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kellison, Nancy 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Kellner, John C. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Kellogg, Chester 1848, Massena, Births
Kellogg, David 1848, Massena, Deaths
Kellogg, Fayett A. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Kellogg, Franklin 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kellogg, Franklin 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Kellogg, Lorett 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kellogg, Lucinda M. 1848, Massena, Births
Kellogg, Mary H. 1848, Massena, Births
Kellogg, Pamilia 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kellogg, Permilla 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Kellogg, Ruth E. 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Kellorr, Loret ( Kellogg?) 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Kelly, Addi 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Kelly, Betsey 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Kelly, James 1863-64, Macomb, Selected Deaths
Kelly, Lydia Ann 1863-64, Macomb, Selected Deaths
Kelly, Marheret 1863-64, Macomb, Selected Deaths
Kelsey, ? 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kelsey, Catherine 1848, Stockholm, Births
Kelsey, Franklin Addba 1849, Russell, Births
Kelsey, Hariet 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Kelsey, James 1848, Stockholm, Births
Kelsey, Jane 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kelsey, Jane S. 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Kelsey, Lois L. D. 1847, Russell, Births
Kelsey, Peralia 1849, Russell, Births
Kelsey, Samuel 1847, Russell, Births
Kelsey, Samuel 1849, Russell, Births
Kelsey, Sarah Olive 1848, Stockholm, Births
Kelsey, Wilson 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kenady, Edward A. 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Kench, Charles W. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Kench, Mary 1848, Potsdam, Births
Kench, Walker 1848, Potsdam, Births
Kendall, Edmund H. 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Kendall, Edmund H. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kendall, Louisa Belinda 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kendall, Louisa M. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kendall, Mariah 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Kendall, Milo 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Kendell, John B. 1848, Massena, Marriages
Kendrew, Charles 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kendrew, Mary 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kendrew, Mary 1849, DeKalb, Births
Kendrew, Samuel 1849, DeKalb, Births
Kendrew, Thomas 1847, DeKalb, Births
Kendrew, Thomas 1849, DeKalb, Births
Kendrew, Thomas 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Kendrick, Castendana C. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Castendana C. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Castledana 1848, Hopkinton, Deaths
Kendrick, David 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, David 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Dyar D 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Fanny E. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Lovina 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Mary M. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kendrick, Mary M. 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Kendrick, Olive 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Kenedy, Lucy Ann 1847, Fowler, Death
Kenison, Adaline 1849, Macomb, Births
Kenison, Mehitable 1848, Stockholm, Births
Kenison, Nathaniel 1849, Macomb, Births
Kenison, Nelson 1848, Stockholm, Births
Kenison, Sara 1849, Macomb, Births
Kenison, Wilmon 1848, Stockholm, Births
Kennedy, Ann 1849, DePeyster, Births
Kennedy, Jacob P. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Kennedy, James W. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Kennedy, John 1849, DePeyster, Births
Kennedy, Mary 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Kennedy, Maryann 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Kennedy, Michael 1849, DePeyster, Births
Kennel, Joseph 1849, Canton, birth
Kennel, Polly 1849, Canton, birth
Kennel, Stillborn 1849, Canton, birth
Kennison, Nathaniel 1847, Macomb, Births
Kennison, Oren 1847, Macomb, Births
Kennison, Sarah 1847, Macomb, Births
Kent, Ann 1849, Stockholm, Births
Kent, Calvin N. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Kent, Derins E. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Kent, Emma A. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Kent, Jane A. 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Kent, John 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Kent, Monson F. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Kent, Moses 1849, Hopkinton, Deaths
Kent, Roxanna 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Kent, William 1849, Stockholm, Births
Kent, William J. B. 1849, Stockholm, Births
Kentfield, Calista 1847, Fowler, Death
Kentfield, George Clinton 1849, Fowler, Birth
Kentfield, George Eugene 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kentfield, Harrison 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kentfield, Phoebe 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kenyen, Ann Eliza 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kenyen, John H. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kenyen, Lucy 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kenyon, John H. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kenyon, Lucy 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kenyon, Martha 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Kenyon, Wallace 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Kenyon, Wallace E. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kerkey, Lewis 1847, Massena, Births
Kerkey, Margaret 1847, Massena, Births
Kerkey, Sopha 1847, Massena, Births
Kerr, Elizabeth 1848, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Emily J. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Jane 1847, Edwards, Births
Kerr, Jane 1848, Canton, Birth
Kerr, Jennet 1847, Edwards, Births
Kerr, John 1847, Edwards, Births
Kerr, John 1848, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, John 1849, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Lovina 1847, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Margaret 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Kerr, Mary 1847, Canton, Birth
Kerr, Mary 1848, Canton, Birth
Kerr, Sally 1849, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Samuel 1848, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Samuel 1849, Potsdam, Births
Kerr, Samuel 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Kerr, Samuel C. 1847, Canton, Birth
Kerr, Samuel C. 1848, Canton, Birth
Kerr, Sarah 1847, Canton, Birth
Kerr, Sarah E. 1848, Edwards, Births
Kerr, Sharlott 1848, Edwards, Births
Kerr, William 1847, Potsdam, Births
Kerry, Walker 1848, Edwards, Births
Keyes, Cantivus Merit 1848, DeKalb, Births
Keyes, Dency Elvira 1848, DeKalb, Births
Keyes, Everett 1848, DeKalb, Births
Keyes, Jane Adaline 1848, DeKalb, Births
Keyes, Laura Rosalia 1848, DeKalb, Births
Keyes, Robert Assorted DePeyster Marriages
Keyes, Royal P. 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Keyes, Samuel 1848, DeKalb, Births
Keyes, Susan 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Kezer, Nathaniel 1847, Massena, Deaths
Kilburn, JOhn 1847, Canton, Death
Killbride, Margaret 1847, Massena, Births
Killbride, Michiel 1847, Massena, Births
Killbride, Michiel 1847, Massena, Births
Killbridge, Daniel 1849, Massena, Births
Killbridge, Michael 1849, Massena, Births
Killbridge,Margaret 1849, Massena, Births
Kimball, Caroline 1849, Massena, Births
Kimball, Edward 1849, Massena, Births
Kimball, Frances 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Kimball, George 1849, Massena, Births
Kind, Mary 1848, Canton, Death
Kindall, Sally 1847, Hermon, Marriages
Kinel, Narcisses 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Kiney, Daniel 1847, Massena, Deaths
King, Elias 1848, DePeyster, Births
King, Finley Al 1849, Canton, marriage
King, Joseph 1849, Massena, Deaths
King, Lucretia 1847, Fowler, Birth
King, Lucy 1848, DePeyster, Births
King, Malissa 1847, Fowler, Birth
King, Mary M. 1849, Canton, marriage
King, Mary M. 1849, Massena, Deaths
King, Peter 1847, Fowler, Birth
King, Ruby A. 1848, DePeyster, Births
Kingsbury, Austin M. 1848, Lawrence, Deaths
Kingsbury, Charlotte 1848, Lawrence, Deaths
Kingsbury, Morris 1847, Stockholm, Marriages
Kingsbury, Sidney W. 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Kingston, Phebe 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Kinne, Daniel 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Kinne, Harritt 1848, DeKalb, Births
Kinne, Lovica 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kinne, Orren 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kinne, Orville 1848, DeKalb, Births
Kinne, Sopha 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Kinne, Stephen 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Kinney, Jane 1851, DePeyster, Births
Kinney, Alice Matilda 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kinney, Benjamin 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kinney, Catherine 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kinney, Emma Jane 1851, DePeyster, Births
Kinney, Frances 1849, Massena, Deaths
Kinney, John 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kinney, John 1851, DePeyster, Births
Kinney, Michael 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kinney, Peter 1847, Canton, Death
Kinney, Selina 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Kinney, Sophrona 1849, Massena, Deaths
Kinney, Violet M. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Kinnie, Barnabus B. 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Kinnie, Catherine 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Kinsella, Bridget 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Kinsella, John H. 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kinsella, Maria 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Kinsman, John M. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Kinsman, Nancy 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Kirk, Oliver 1849, Stockholm, Births
Kirk, Sally 1849, Stockholm, Births
Kirk, Vernal Herrington 1849, Stockholm, Births
Kirkey, Christian 1848, Massena, Deaths
Kirkey, Julius (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kirkey, Thomas J. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Kirley, Michael 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kitts, Alexander 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kitts, Amanda 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kitts, Archibold 1848, Fowler, Birth
Kitts, Frances 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Kitts, John 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Kitts, John 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kitts, Lydia Elizabeth 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kitts, Mary 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Kitts, Mary 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Kitts, Sarah 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Klock, Peter 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Knap, Laura 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Knap, Mary A. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Knap, Williard 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Knapp, 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Knapp, Adam 1848, Massena, Births
Knapp, Alvey 1848, Fine, Birth
Knapp, Chester 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Knapp, Electa 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Knapp, Eliza A. 1848, Massena, Births
Knapp, Emma 1848, Massena, Births
Knapp, George 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Knapp, Harley 1848, Fine, Birth
Knapp, Mary Knapp 1848, Pierrepont, Births
Knapp, Oliver 1848, Massena, Births
Knapp, Sally 1848, Fine, Birth
Knapp, Sarah 1848, Massena, Births
Knapp, Unknown 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Knapp, William 1848, Massena, Births
Knight, Martha J. - twin 1847, Macomb, Deaths
Knight, Martha Jane - twin 1847, Macomb, Births
Knight, Martin - twin 1847, Macomb, Deaths
Knight, Martin James - twin 1847, Macomb, Births
Knight, Philena 1847, Macomb, Births
Knight, Philena 1847, Macomb, Births
Knight, Philena 1849, DePeyster, Births
Knight, Samuel 1847, Macomb, Births
Knight, Samuel 1847, Macomb, Births
Knight, Samuel 1849, DePeyster, Births
Knight, Sarah Rozella 1849, DePeyster, Births
Knights, Edgar 1847, Canton, Death
Knights, Henry 1847, Canton, Death
Knout, William 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Knowles, Charles R. 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Knowles, Harriet Florence 1849, Potsdam, Births
Knowles, Henry L. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Knowles, Henry L. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Knowles, Jane 1849, Potsdam, Births
Knowles, Miranda 1849, Potsdam, Births
Knowles, William L. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Knowls, Charles R. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Knowls, Miranda 1847, Potsdam, Births
Knowls, William L. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Knowlton, Caroline 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Knowlton, Elen 1847, Edwards, Births
Knowlton, Henry 1847, Edwards, Deaths
Knowlton, Leveret 1847, Edwards, Births
Knowlton, Martha 1847, Edwards, Births
Knox, Elvira 1850, Russell, Marriages
Knox, Harry Winfield 1847, Canton, Birth
Knox, Harvey 1847, Canton, Birth
Knox, John 1847, Canton, Death
Knox, Laura R. 1847, Russell, Births
Knox, Lucinda 1847, Canton, Birth
Knox, William N. 1847, Russell, Births
Knox, William N. 1848, Russell, Deaths
Kocsis, Infant son 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kocsis, Joseph (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kottelick, Andrew (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Kottelick, Infant son 1915, Massena, Deaths