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Vital Records Index,

(Last Names: G)
transcribed from paper by Ellie Flint,

formatted for internet by Anne M. Cady


During 1847-1849, an attempt was made to record birth, death, and marriage records for the townships within St. Lawrence county.  The files below contain some of these records which have been transcribed for the internet.  As I get access to more of these records, I will continue to put them online.  The files are listed first by township, but I have also generated an index sorted by last name that can be used as well.


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Names starting with the letter G:

Gaddis, Mrs. 1847, Edwards, Deaths
Gafney, Thomas 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Gage, Benjamin E. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gage, Elizabeth E. 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Gage, Elvira 1848, Canton, Birth
Gage, George C. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gage, Hellen 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gage, Oscar A. 1848, Canton, Birth
Gaige, Elvira 1847, Canton, Birth
Gaige, Lent 1847, Canton, Birth
Gaige, Oscar A. 1847, Canton, Birth
Gaines, Floyd J. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Galaghar, Susanna 1847, Brasher, Deaths
Galaraeau, Mary 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Galaway, Margaret 1848, Massena, Births
Galaway, Mary 1848, Massena, Births
Galaway, William 1848, Massena, Births
Gale, Calvin 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Gale, Francis 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gale, Henry 1849, Canton, birth
Gale, Joseph 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gale, Lucy 1849, Canton, birth
Gale, Lucy A. 1849, Canton, birth
Gale, Mary 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gale, Mary J. 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Galegher, Ellen 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Galegher, Ellen 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Gallan, James 1849, Massena, Births
Gallan, Mary 1849, Massena, Births
Gallan, Patrick 1849, Massena, Births
Galno, Mary 1847, Massena, Births
Galno, Mary 1847, Massena, Births
Galno, Mary 1848, Massena, Deaths
Galno, Solomon 1847, Massena, Births
Gamble, Robert 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Gang, Steve 1915, Massena, Marriages
Gardner, Ann 1848, Hammond, Births
Gardner, Avery 1849, Fowler, Birth
Gardner, Daniel 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Gardner, Eland (Elon) 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Gardner, Elon, son of David 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Gardner, Emeroy 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gardner, Ezekiel 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gardner, Fidelia E. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Gardner, George V. 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Gardner, George W. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Gardner, Henry 1849, Hammond, Deaths
Gardner, Herbert L. 1848, Hammond, Births
Gardner, Leonard 1848, Hammond, Births
Gardner, Lisy Ann 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Gardner, Lucy 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Gardner, Mary 1849, Fowler, Birth
Gardner, Nelson 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Gardner, Orphy 1848, Fowler, Birth
Gardner, Palmer J. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Gardner, Phily Jane 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Gardner, Reuben 1848, Fowler, Birth
Gardner, Reuben 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Gardner, Sarah 1849, Fowler, Birth
Gardner, Sarah 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Gardner, Sibell 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Gardner, William 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Gardner, William R. 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Garfield, Martha 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Garfield, Philo P. 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Garland, Hannah L. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Garland, Josiah Edward 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Garland, Sarah J. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Garland, Sarah Jane 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Garland, Thomas 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Garland,Thomas H. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Garrison, Bela R. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Garrison, Elias 1848, Fowler, Birth
Garrison, Emanuel 1848, Fowler, Death
Garrison, Pamlia 1848, Fowler, Birth
Garrow, Anna M. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Garvin, Philena 1848, Massena, Deaths
Garvin, William S. P. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Gary, Catharine 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Catharine 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Chauncey 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Emma P. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Lucinda 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Lucius 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Lucius G. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Lucius G. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gary, Rhoda M. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gary, unknown 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gates, Abigail 1849, Rossie, Births
Gates, Angeline 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Gates, Caroline 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Gates, Cevilla 1849, Edwards, Births
Gates, Charles E. 1849, Rossie, Births
Gates, Eliza 1849, Edwards, Births
Gates, Elizabeth 1848, Hammond, Births
Gates, Elizabeth 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Gates, Elizabeth 1849, Rossie, Births
Gates, Florence E. 1849, Rossie, Births
Gates, Francis P. 1847, Canton, Marriage
Gates, George 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Gates, George 1848, Hammond, Births
Gates, George H. 1848, Hammond, Births
Gates, Hanna 1847, Edwards, Births
Gates, Henry 1849, Rossie, Births
Gates, Isaac 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Gates, Joshua H. 1847, Canton, Marriage
Gates, Josiah 1849, Edwards, Births
Gates, Josiah 1847, Edwards, Births
Gates, Josiah C. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gates, Josiah Jr. 1847, Edwards, Births
Gates, Mary 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gates, Matilda 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Gates, Nehemiah 1847, Edwards, Births
Gates, Nelson 1847, Edwards, Births
Gates, Orra Civilla 1847, Edwards, Births
Gates, unknown 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gates, William 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Gates, Zacheus 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Gates, Zacheus 1849, Rossie, Births
Gauderon, Mary Susan 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Gay, Samanth 1849, Canton, marriage
Gayer, George 1849, Stockholm, Deaths
Geboo, Maria 1847, Canton, Birth
Geboo, Ovil 1847, Canton, Birth
Geboo, Peter 1847, Canton, Birth
Getty, Andrew 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Getty, Isabella 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Gherring, Elizabeth 1847, Canton, Marriage
Gibaud, Chrisina 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Gibbins, Jane J. 1848, Russell, Births
Gibbins, Luran 1848, Russell, Births
Gibbins, William G. 1848, Russell, Births
Gibbons, Clarrissa 1849, Russell, Births
Gibbons, Orle 1849, Russell, Births
Gibbons, Unknown 1849, Russell, Births
Gibbs, Arvilia 1849, Russell, Marriages
Gibson, Elizabeth 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Gibson, Ellen 1848, Canton, Birth
Gibson, James P. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gibson, John 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Gibson, Marion 1848, Canton, Death
Gibson, Mary Ann 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Gibson, Philo F. 1848, Canton, Birth
Gibson, Philo P. 1848, Canton, Birth
Gibson, William 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Giffin, Albert H. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Giffin, Clarisa 1849, Potsdam, Births
Giffin, Eliza 1847, Hammond, Births
Giffin, George N. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Giffin, Heman 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Giffin, Heman 1849, Potsdam, Births
Giffin, Hiram 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Giffin, Lucina 1849, Potsdam, Births
Giffin, Paul 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Giffin, Volney 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gilbert, Alfred W. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gilbert, Candice E. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gilbert, Harriet Amelia 1847, Rossie, Births
Gilbert, Jane E. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gilbert, Lyman 1849, DePeyster, Marriages
Gilbert, Mary 1847, Rossie, Births
Gilbert, Percy 1848, Hopkinton, Deaths
Gilbert, Samuel W. 1847, Rossie, Births
Gilbreath, Thomas 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Gilchrist, Hannah 1848, Hammond, Births
Gilchrist, Lizette M. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Gilchrist, Robert 1848, Hammond, Births
Gilchrist, Samuel 1848, Hammond, Births
Giles, Albina 1915, Massena, Deaths
Gill, Ann G. 1847, Rossie, Births
Gill, Charles Hannable 1847, Rossie, Births
Gill, Frances Emogene 1849, Rossie, Births
Gill, Franklin 1847, Canton, Birth
Gill, Giles S. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gill, Jane 1849, Canton, marriage
Gill, Jane J. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gill, Mary Amelia 1847, Canton, Birth
Gill, Mehitable 1847, Canton, Birth
Gill, Mrs. Giles 1847, Canton, Death
Gill, Nathan 1849, Rossie, Births
Gill, Nathaniel L. 1847, Rossie, Births
Gillan, Catharine 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Lucy 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Lucy 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Lucy 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Lucy A. - twin 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Mary A. - twin 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Michael 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Michael 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Gillan, Mikiel 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Gillett, Albert 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gillett, Maria M. 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Gillett, Melissa 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gillett, Permilla 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Gillett, unnamed 1849, Potsdam, Births
Gillman, Almira 1847, Massena, Births
Gillman, Sephrona A. 1847, Massena, Births
Gillman, Sumner 1847, Massena, Births
Gillmore, James 1849, Russell, Births
Gillmore, Lydia 1849, Russell, Births
Gillmore, Unknown 1849, Russell, Births
Gilman, Eliza 1849, Massena, Births
Gilman, J? 1849, Massena, Births
Gilman, Josiah C. 1849, Massena, Births
Gilmon, Sarah A. 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Gilmore, Abigail 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gilmore, Ann 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gilmore, Ardelia 1847, Hermon, Births
Gilmore, Darius 1847, Hermon, Births
Gilmore, Isaac 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gilmore, Samuel L. 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Gilmore, Sumner 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gilmore, Thomas 1847, Hermon, Deaths
Gilmore, William D. 1847, Hermon, Births
Gipson, Teresa 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Glasby, Cornelius 1849, Edwards, Births
Glasby, Easton 1849, Edwards, Births
Glasby, Lydia 1849, Edwards, Births
Glaspie, Angeline 1848, Edwards, Births
Glaspie, Cornelia 1847, Edwards, Births
Glaspie, Lydia 1847, Edwards, Births
Glaspie, Nicholas 1847, Edwards, Births
Glaspie, Sylvanus 1848, Edwards, Births
Glaspie, unknown 1848, Edwards, Births
Glaspin, Clark 1848, Edwards, Marriages
Glazier, Caroline R. 1847, Fowler, Birth
Glazier, Matilda 1849, Fowler, Death
Glazier, Mehitable C. 1847, Fowler, Birth
Glazier, Olive 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Glazier, Ward 1847, Fowler, Birth
Gleason, James 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Glesaon, Philip 1849, Hammond, Births
Gleson, David 1849, Hammond, Births
Gleson, Mary 1849, Hammond, Births
Glinds, Hellen 1848, Potsdam, Births
Glinds, Jonathan 1848, Potsdam, Births
Glinds, William C. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Glynn, James 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Godany, L. F. 1848, Fowler, Death
Godard, Louisa 1848, DeKalb, Deaths
Golaher, Mary 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Golaher, Mrs. 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Goldie, Ellen 1848, Potsdam, Births
Goldie, Ellen 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Goldie, George 1848, Potsdam, Births
Goldie, Isabella 1848, Potsdam, Births
Goldie, John 1848, Potsdam, Births
Goldie, Margaret 1848, Potsdam, Births
Goldie, William 1848, Potsdam, Births
Goldworthy, Norman H. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Gollinger, Almeda 1849, Canton, birth
Gollinger, Cathrine 1849, Canton, birth
Gollinger, Henry 1849, Canton, birth
Gonyo, Andrew 1847, Massena, Marriages
Goodale, Charles D. 1848, Canton, Death
Goodale, Charles Draton 1848, Canton, Birth
Goodale, Eunice 1848, Canton, Birth
Goodale, George 1848, Canton, Birth
Goodell, Joel, Jun 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Goodell, Rebecca 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Goodell, Sarah Malinda 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Goodenough, Abba 1848, Russell, Deaths
Goodenough, Asa H. 1849, Rossie, Marriages
Goodenough, Edson C. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Goodenough, Edson E. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Goodenough, Harvey 1849, Russell, Births
Goodenough, Loisa 1849, Fowler, Birth
Goodenough, Maryette 1849, Russell, Births
Goodenough, Pamelia 1849, Rossie, Deaths
Goodenough, Wright 1850, Russell, Deaths
Goodenough, Wright 1849, Russell, Births
Goodman, Elizabeth 1848, Canton, Birth
Goodman, Thomas 1848, Canton, Birth
Goodnoe, Abigail K. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnoe, Augusta 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnoe, Eason 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnoe, Judson H. 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Goodnoe, Mary M. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnoe, Nathaniel 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnough, Austin (Dr.) 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Goodnough, Susanah M. 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Goodnough, Wright 1848, Russell, Marriages
Goodnow, Caroline 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnow, Cenath 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Goodnow, David 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Goodrich, Almira A. 1847, Edwards, Deaths
Goodrich, Ann 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Goodrich, Curtis Mills 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Goodrich, John 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Goodrich, John 1848, Russell, Births
Goodrich, Josephine A. 1848, Russell, Births
Goodrich, Lydie M. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Goodrich, Mary 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Goodrich, Minerva 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Goodrich, Mircy C. 1848, Russell, Births
Goodrich, Whitfield M. 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Goodrich, Whitfield M. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Goodridge, Betsey R. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Goodridge, Horace 1847, Massena, Births
Goodridge, Horace 1849, Massena, Births
Goodridge, Horace 1849, Massena, Births
Goodridge, Lavona 1849, Massena, Births
Goodridge, Livona 1847, Massena, Births
Goodridge, Olive E. 1847, Massena, Births
Goodspeed, Eosmond E. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Goodspeed, Georgia A. 1849, Massena, Deaths
Goodspeed, Lillian 1915, Massena, Marriages
Goolden, Edwin A. 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Goolden, Farnam 1847, Potsdam, Births
Goolden, Mary Jane 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Goolden, Olivia 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gorden, Betsey 1847, Hammond, Births
Gorden, Elsy 1849, Hammond, Births
Gorden, Obed 1847, Hammond, Births
Gorden, Stephen 1847, Hammond, Births
Gorden, Unknown 1849, Hammond, Births
Gorden, William 1849, Hammond, Births
Gordon, Lucy 1848, Russell, Births
Gordon, Almeda 1850, Russell, Marriages
Gordon, Griffin 1848, Russell, Births
Gordon, Lucy 1848, Russell, Births
Gordon, Orilla 1849, Fowler, Birth
Gordon, S. C. 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Gordon, Squire 1849, Fowler, Birth
Gorrie, Peter D. 1847, Canton, Marriage
Gotey, Francis 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Gotham, Amoret 1849, Russell, Births
Gotham, Angelina 1849, Russell, Births
Gotham, Charles 1849, Russell, Births
Gotham, Salina 1847, Hermon, Marriages
Goulden, Farnum 1849, Potsdam, Births
Goulden, Farnum Newell 1849, Potsdam, Births
Goulden, Olivia 1849, Potsdam, Births
Goulding, Harriet 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Goulding, Newell 1847, Potsdam, Births
Gowan, Elizabeth 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Gowlin, John 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Graham, Pamelia Ann 1847, DeKalb, Births
Graham, Rose 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Graham, Sarah 1847, DeKalb, Births
Graham, Sarah 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Graham, William 1847, DeKalb, Births
Grandey, Sidney 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Grandy, Almira 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Grandy, Fidelia 1848, Stockholm, Births
Grandy, John 1848, Stockholm, Births
Grandy, John 1848, Stockholm, Births
Grandy, John 1849, Russell, Marriages
Grandy, Levi 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Grandy, Lewis 1849, Stockholm, Births
Grandy, Lyda 1848, Hopkinton, Marriages
Grandy, Marietta 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Grandy, Mria 1849, Stockholm, Births
Grandy, William C. 1849, Stockholm, Births
Grant, Caroline 1848, Canton, Birth
Grant, Charles 1848, Canton, Birth
Grant, Helen I. 1915, Massena, Deaths
Grant, Willard 1848, Canton, Birth
Graves, Rosana S. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Graves, Catherine 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Graves, George E. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Graves, George E. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Graves, James 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Graves, John 1848, Hammond, Births
Graves, John T. 1848, Hammond, Births
Graves, Mariett 1848, Hammond, Births
Graves, Olive Ann 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Graves, Orville 1849, Fowler, Birth
Graves, Ruben D. 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Graves, Sarah 1849, Fowler, Birth
Gray, Edmond 1849, DeKalb, Births
Gray, Edson 1849, Canton, birth
Gray, Isabel 1847, Stockholm, Deaths
Gray, James H. 1847, Hopkinton, Marriages
Gray, Lucinda 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Gray, Lucy 1849, Canton, birth
Gray, Mary 1849, DeKalb, Births
Gray, William 1849, DeKalb, Births
Gray, William 1849, DeKalb, Deaths
Gray, William N. 1849, Canton, birth
Gray, William N. 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Grealy, Alfred A. 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Green, Abigain 1849, Fowler, Death
Green, Adameal 1849, Fowler, Birth
Green, Albert 1848, Fowler, Birth
Green, Almira 1848, Russell, Births
Green, Alvira 1849, Macomb, Births
Green, David 1848, Russell, Births
Green, Diantha 1848, Fowler, Birth
Green, Ebenezer 1849, Fowler, Birth
Green, Flerrence R. 1848, Russell, Births
Green, Gardner 1848, Hopkinton, Deaths
Green, Jane 1847, Canton, Marriage
Green, John 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Green, Laforace 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Green, Lorain 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Green, Louis 1848, Edwards, Deaths
Green, Margaret L. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Green, Mary 1849, Macomb, Births
Green, Mary L. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Green, Minerva 1848, Fowler, Birth
Green, Myron 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Green, Nathan 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Green, Nelson 1849, Macomb, Births
Green, Orange 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Green, Perez 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Green, Rachel R. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Green, Rollin, C. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Green, Rufus 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Green, Uretta 1849, Fowler, Marriage
Green, Varnum 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Green, Varnum 1848, Fowler, Birth
Greenbush, Levi (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Greenbush, Lillian 1915, Massena, Deaths
Greene, G. 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Greeves, Isable 1849, Russell, Births
Greeves, Mary 1849, Russell, Births
Greeves, Robert 1849, Russell, Deaths
Greeves, Robert 1849, Russell, Births
Greggs, Catherine 1915, Massena, Deaths
Grenen, Owen 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Grieves, Martha 1847, Fine, Birth
Grieves, Martha 1848, Fine, Birth
Grieves, Mary Louise 1847, Fine, Birth
Grieves, Nancy Jane 1848, Fine, Birth
Grieves, Thomas 1847, Fine, Birth
Grieves, Thomas 1848, Fine, Birth
Griffen, Patrick 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Griffin, Albert 1847, Hammond, Births
Griffin, Almira 1849, Russell, Births
Griffin, Betsey 1847, Fine, Birth
Griffin, Betty 1849, Fine, Birth
Griffin, Dr. Wolcott 1848, Gouverneur, Death
Griffin, Elmira 1850, Russell, Deaths
Griffin, Frank (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Griffin, Frank (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Griffin, Infant twin son 1915, Massena, Deaths
Griffin, Infant twin son 1915, Massena, Deaths
Griffin, John 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Griffin, John P. 1849, Fine, Birth
Griffin, Julia An 1847, Fine, Birth
Griffin, Margaret 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Griffin, Mary 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Griffin, Michael 1847, Fine, Birth
Griffin, Michael 1849, Fine, Birth
Griffin, Peter 1850, Russell, Marriages
Griffin, Rancellus 1849, Russell, Births
Griffin, Rancellus 1849, Russell, Deaths
Griffin, Smith 1847, Hammond, Births
Griffin, William 1849, Russell, Births
Griffiths, Betsey 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Griffiths, Elizabeth E. 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Griffiths, John Wallis 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Griffiths, William 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Griggs, Guy 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Griggs, Orson Cornelius 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Griggs, Rebecca 1849, Hopkinton, Births
Grigwire, Francis 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Grimshaw, Hannah 1850, Russell, Births
Grimshaw, Levi 1850, Russell, Births
Grimshaw, Phebe Elizabeth 1850, Russell, Births
Grinell, Jonathan 1849, Lawrence, Deaths
Griswood, A. 1848, Canton, Birth
Griswood, Cynthia E. 1848, Canton, Birth
Griswood, M. 1848, Canton, Birth
Griswould, Lewis 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Gross, Alice M. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Guiles, Betsey 1849, Edwards, Marriages
Guiles, Charles 1915, Massena, Marriages
Guiles, Jane 1849, Edwards, Births
Guiles, John J. 1849, Edwards, Births
Guiles, John J. 1849, Edwards, Births
Guilmore, Mary 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Gurley, Esther 1847, Canton, Marriage
Gurley, Shubael R. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Guyett, Charles 1848, Canton, Birth
Guyett, Mary 1848, Canton, Birth
Guyett, Wallace 1848, Canton, Birth
Guynn, Peter 1847, Canton, Death