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Vital Records Index,

(Last Names: Ba-Be)
transcribed from paper by Ellie Flint,

formatted for internet by Anne M. Cady


During 1847-1849, an attempt was made to record birth, death, and marriage records for the townships within St. Lawrence county.  The files below contain some of these records which have been transcribed for the internet.  As I get access to more of these records, I will continue to put them online.  The files are listed first by township, but I have also generated an index sorted by last name that can be used as well.


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Names starting with the letters Ba-Be:

Babbit, Alden 1847, Hermon, Births
Babbit, Betsy 1847, Hermon, Births
Babbit, Orland 1847, Hermon, Births
Babcock, Adaline N. 1850, DePeyster, Births
Babcock, Asa 1850, DePeyster, Births
Babcock, Benjamin 1849, Rossie, Marriages
Babcock, Celestia Mary 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Babcock, Celina 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Babcock, Edward 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Babcock, Elmy dau of Ed 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Babcock, Jacob 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Babcock, John 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Babcock, Julia 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Babcock, Louise 1850, DePeyster, Births
Babcock, Lucy 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Babcock, Oliver 1848, Stockholm, Births
Babcock, Perin 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Babcock, Rachel 1849, Rossie, Marriages
Babcock, Unknown 1848, Stockholm, Births
Bacchus, Aurilla 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bacchus, Julia 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bacchus, Julia 1848, Fowler, Birth
Bacchus, Peter 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bacchus, Peter 1848, Fowler, Birth
Bacchus, Phebe P. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Baccus, Ida 1915, Massena, Marriages
Bachelder, Andrus 1847, Hermon, Births
Bachelder, Benjamin 1847, Potsdam, Births
Bachelder, Benjamin F. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bachelder, Edward 1847, Potsdam, Births
Bachelder, George R. 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Bachelder, Georgia Anna 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bachelder, Mary 1847, Potsdam, Births
Bachelder, Mary 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bachelder, Mary 1847, Hermon, Births
Bachelder, Rupe P. 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Bachelder, Unknown 1847, Hermon, Births
Bacheller, Achsah 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Achsah 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Ann Maria 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Elona E. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Lovinna 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Perry 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Sanford P. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Sanford P. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Bacheller, Sarah H. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bachus, Foster 1848, Russell, Births
Backhouse, John 1848, DeKalb, Births
Backhouse, Margaret 1848, DeKalb, Births
Backhouse, Sarah 1848, DeKalb, Births
Backus, Amelia Didanny 1849, Fowler, Birth
Backus, Ann 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Backus, Armina 1849, Russell, Births
Backus, Charles 1849, Russell, Births
Backus, Elizabeth 1847, DeKalb, Births
Backus, Ellen Morrilla 1849, Russell, Births
Backus, Erastus 1848, Russell, Births
Backus, George P. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Backus, John 1847, DeKalb, Births
Backus, Mary 1849, Fowler, Birth
Backus, Sarah Elizabeth 1847, DeKalb, Births
Backus, Sophronia 1848, Russell, Births
Bacon, Albert 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bacon, Eliza 1847, Macomb, Births
Bacon, Holt 1847, Macomb, Births
Bacon, Jane 1847, Macomb, Births
Bacon, Julia M. 1847, Rossie, Marriages
Bacon, Martha 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bacon, Martha 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Bacon, Parke 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Badon, Alfred T. 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Bagly, Mary 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Bailey, Adeline A. 1847, Rossie, Births
Bailey, Ann 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Bailey, Bela 1847, Canton, Marriage
Bailey, Bela 1848, Canton, Birth
Bailey, Bela 1849, Canton, birth
Bailey, Belinda 1848, Canton, Birth
Bailey, Benjamin 1848, Canton, Death
Bailey, Benjamin 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Bailey, Betsey 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bailey, Betsey J. 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Bailey, Clapp 1848, Canton, Birth
Bailey, David 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Bailey, Dora E. Various Massena Births
Bailey, Edward P. 1849, Canton, death
Bailey, Elizabeth 1848, Canton, Birth
Bailey, Ervin 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bailey, Florina W. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bailey, George 1848, Canton, Birth
Bailey, George 1848, Canton, Death
Bailey, Hannah E. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bailey, Harriet R. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bailey, Jennie F. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Bailey, John 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Bailey, John 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Bailey, Judson 1849, Fowler, Death
Bailey, Julius 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Bailey, Louisa 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Bailey, Lucy 1849, Canton, birth
Bailey, Margaret 1847, Rossie, Births
Bailey, Matilda P. 1849, Canton, marriage
Bailey, Moses 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Bailey, Polly Ann 1847, Canton, Death
Bailey, Sarah Ann 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Bailey, Seymour 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bailey, Sophronia 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Bailey, William 1847, Rossie, Births
Baily, Areal K. 1849, Massena, Births
Baily, Charlot A. 1849, Massena, Deaths
Baily, Charlott A. 1849, Massena, Births
Baily, Cornelia 1849, Massena, Births
Baity (Beattie), Samuel 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Baken, Alfred 1849, Rossie, Births
Baken, Fredrick A. 1849, Rossie, Births
Baken, Fredrick A. 1849, Rossie, Deaths
Baken, Jane 1849, Rossie, Births
Baken, Jerusha 1848, Rossie, Deaths
Baker, A. 1848, Canton, Death
Baker, Anthonette 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Baker, Chloe 1848, Canton, Birth
Baker, Clarry M. 1848, Canton, Marriage
Baker, Diana 1849, Canton, marriage
Baker, Elijah 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Baker, Emery 1848, Canton, Birth
Baker, George 1849, Canton, marriage
Baker, Hiram 1849, Canton, birth
Baker, Horace 1848, Canton, Birth
Baker, James 1849, Canton, birth
Baker, Orin William 1847, Fowler, Birth
Baker, Sarah 1849, Canton, birth
Baker, Simon 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Baker, Simon D. 1847, Fowler, Birth
Baker, Simon D. 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Baker, Sophia 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Baker, Sophie 1847, Fowler, Birth
Baker, Sophronia 1849, Canton, birth
Baker, Timothy 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Baker, Wesley E. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Balch, Alvira 1848, Massena, Births
Balch, Frederic 1848, Massena, Births
Balch, Frederic P. 1848, Massena, Births
Balcom, Mary 1849, Fowler, Birth
Balcom, Orin 1849, Fowler, Birth
Balcom, Sylvenus 1849, Fowler, Birth
Baldridge, Clara Amelia 1848, Canton, Birth
Baldridge, Daniel 1848, Canton, Birth
Baldridge, Mary E. 1848, Canton, Death
Baldridge, Sarah 1848, Canton, Birth
Baldridge, William 1847, Canton, Death
Baldwin, David William 1847, Rossie, Births
Baldwin, David William 1849, Rossie, Births
Baldwin, Henry Lyman 1849, Rossie, Births
Baldwin, Jemimah 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Baldwin, Laura A. 1847, Rossie, Births
Baldwin, Laura A. 1849, Rossie, Births
Baldwin, William Henry 1847, Rossie, Deaths
Baldwin, WilliamHenry 1847, Rossie, Births
Baley, Aaron 1848, Hammond, Births
Baley, Elizabeth H. 1849, Hammond, Deaths
Baley, James P. 1848, Massena, Births
Baley, Lucretia 1848, Hammond, Births
Baley, Lucretia J. 1848, Hammond, Births
Baley, Lucy M. 1848, Massena, Births
Baley, Tryphena 1848, Massena, Births
Ballantyne, Nettie 1915, Massena, Marriages
Banaford, John 1849, Edwards, Deaths
Bancroft, Abel Jr. 1847, Edwards, Births
Bancroft, Ann 1847, Edwards, Births
Bancroft, Caroline 1847, Edwards, Births
Bancroft, John 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Bancroft, John Berton 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bancroft, Jonas 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bancroft, Jonas 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Bancroft, Lura 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bancroft, Lurenda 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Bancroft, Marilla 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bancroft, Sally 1848, Fowler, Birth
Bancroft, Sally Mahala 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bancroft, Samuel W 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Bancroft, Seneca 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Bancroft, Warren 1848, Fowler, Birth
Bane, William 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Bangle, Alfred - twin 1849, Massena, Births
Bangle, Alma 1849, Massena, Births
Bangle, John 1849, Massena, Births
Bangle, John 1849, Massena, Births
Bangle, Mariah 1849, Massena, Births
Bangle, Mariah 1849, Massena, Births
Bangle, William 1848, Massena, Marriages
Banister, Abigail 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Banister, Collista 1848, Edwards, Marriages
Banister, Elizabeth E. 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Banister, Sally 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Banniester, Burk 1848, Canton, Death
Bannister, Burk 1849, Canton, birth
Bannister, Mary 1849, Canton, birth
Bantimo, Adeline 1849, Potsdam, Births
Barber, Aaron 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Barber, Abagil 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Adelia 1848, Canton, Marriage
Barber, Alice D. 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Alson 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Alson 1849, Canton, marriage
Barber, Angeline 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Eliza 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Eunice 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, George 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, George E. 1848, Lawrence, Deaths
Barber, Gideon 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Gideon 1847, Pierrepont, Marriages
Barber, Henry 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Herbert 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Horace 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, James 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Barber, Jane 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Jane Alma 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Josiah 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Luman 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Margaret S. 1848, Canton, Marriage
Barber, Mary Adelaide 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Milsent 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Nancy 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Phiney 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Polly 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, Reuben A. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Barber, Sophrona 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Sylvester 1848, Canton, Birth
Barber, Wilber 1849, Canton, birth
Barber, William 1849, Canton, birth
Barclay, Eliza 1848, Potsdam, Births
Barclay, John 1848, Potsdam, Births
Barclay, Victoria 1848, Potsdam, Births
Barclay, William 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Bardick, Charles W. (Dr.) 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Bareford, George S. 1847, Edwards, Births
Bareford, John 1847, Edwards, Births
Bareford, Minerva 1847, Edwards, Births
Barker, A 1849, Rossie, Births
Barker, Angeline P. 1849, Canton, birth
Barker, Asahel 1848, Fowler, Birth
Barker, Asel 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Barker, Belinda B. 1849, Rossie, Births
Barker, Benjamin F. 1849, Rossie, Births
Barker, D. D. 1848, Canton, Marriage
Barker, Eley 1849, Canton, birth
Barker, Erasmus D. 1849, Canton, birth
Barker, Fidelia 1847, Canton, Death
Barker, Frances 1849, Rossie, Births
Barker, George E. 1848, Rossie, Births
Barker, H. T. 1848, Canton, Marriage
Barker, James W. 1847, Rossie, Deaths
Barker, Leonard 1847, Rossie, Births
Barker, Leonard 1848, Rossie, Births
Barker, Margaret 1847, Rossie, Births
Barker, Mariah 1848, Fowler, Birth
Barker, Nancy 1848, Macomb, Births
Barker, Nancy 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barker, Phoebe 1847, Rossie, Births
Barker, Phoebe 1848, Rossie, Births
Barker, Robert 1848, Macomb, Births
Barker, Robert 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barker, Sylvanus 1849, Rossie, Births
Barker, Sylvanus 1849, Rossie, Marriages
Barker, Sylvester 1848, Macomb, Births
Barker, Sylvester 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barker, William 1847, Canton, Death
Barker, Zachariah 1848, Fowler, Birth
Barkes, Caroline 1849, Fowler, Death
Barley, Polly Ann 1847, Canton, Death
Barley, William Assorted DePeyster Marriages
Barlow, Edwin 1849, Russell, Births
Barlow, Elizabeth 1848, Rossie, Births
Barlow, Jane 1849, Russell, Births
Barlow, Lorenzo Mansfield 1849, Russell, Births
Barlow, Maria 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barlow, Mary 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barlow, Stephen 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barlow, Thomas 1848, Rossie, Births
Barlow, Thomas Jr. 1848, Rossie, Births
Barnard, Anna 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barnard, Clarence E. 1849, Lawrence, Deaths
Barnard, Rocelenda 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barnard, Samuel 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barnes, Almira 1848, DeKalb, Births
Barnes, Almira Lovica 1848, DeKalb, Births
Barnes, Amanda 1847, Canton, Birth
Barnes, Amanda 1847, Canton, Death
Barnes, Amelia R. 1848, Edwards, Births
Barnes, Amos 1848, DeKalb, Births
Barnes, Annette 1847, Canton, Death
Barnes, Belinda 1848, Fowler, Birth
Barnes, Betsey 1848, Canton, Birth
Barnes, Caroline 1848, Fowler, Birth
Barnes, Catherine 1849, Russell, Marriages
Barnes, Celia 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barnes, Edward 1847, Canton, Birth
Barnes, Elison 1848, Edwards, Births
Barnes, Erwin S. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barnes, Franklin 1848, Fowler, Birth
Barnes, George E. 1849, Canton, birth
Barnes, Horace 1848, Edwards, Births
Barnes, Horace H. 1848, Canton, Birth
Barnes, Julius F. 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Barnes, Leslie W. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Barnes, Lucretia 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barnes, Lucy L. 1849, Canton, birth
Barnes, Merriman 1847, Canton, Birth
Barnes, Philander 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Barnes, Polly Delila 1849, Russell, Marriages
Barnes, Truman 1849, Canton, birth
Barnett, Sally 1848, Rossie, Marriages
Barney, Bradford L. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barney, Catherin 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barney, Milton 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Barnhart, Esther 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Barnhart, John 1847, Macomb, Births
Barnhart, Mary 1847, Macomb, Births
Barnhart, Unknown 1847, Macomb, Births
Barnum, (?) Unknown 1849, DePeyster, Births
Barnum, Anna 1849, DePeyster, Births
Barnum, O. (Ossian) 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Barnum, Ossiah L. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Barnum, Ossian 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Barnum, Samuel 1849, DePeyster, Births
Barnum, Tabitha 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Barnum, Tabitha 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Barr, Hiram 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Barret, Harvey 1849, Russell, Marriages
Barrett, Charles E. 1848, Canton, Birth
Barrett, Charlotte 1848, Canton, Birth
Barrett, Eunice 1849, Canton, birth
Barrett, Freelove J. 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Barrett, Lyman 1849, Canton, birth
Barrett, Philmelia 1849, Canton, birth
Barrows, Mariah 1848, Canton, Death
Barry, George 1849, Macomb, Births
Barry, John 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Barry, Lucy 1849, Macomb, Births
Barry, Mary 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Barry, Mary Ann 1849, Macomb, Births
Barry, William 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Barter, Albert 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barter, Mahala 1848, DePeyster, Births
Barter, Wallace 1848, DePeyster, Births
Bartholomew, Alfred 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bartholomew, Hannah 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bartholomew, Loren 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bartlett, Anar 1848, Fine, Birth
Bartlett, Anna 1848, Fine, Birth
Bartlett, Benoni 1850, Russell, Marriages
Bartlett, Daniel 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Bartlett, John H. 1849, DeKalb, Births
Bartlett, Joseph 1848, Fine, Marriage
Bartlett, Laura Ann 1849, DeKalb, Births
Bartlett, Lovett 1848, Fine, Birth
Bartlett, Mary Madona 1849, DeKalb, Births
Bartlett, Nehemiah 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Bartlett, Phoebe 1850, Russell, Deaths
Bartlette, Charlotte 1847, Fine, Death
Barton, Angeline 1847, Stockholm, Births
Barton, James 1847, Stockholm, Births
Barton, James Reuben 1847, Stockholm, Births
Barton, Mary 1849, Canton, marriage
Barzill, Henry 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Bascomb, Ann S. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bascomb, Fann F. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bascomb, William F. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Basha, John 1849, Massena, Births
Basha, Mariah 1849, Massena, Births
Basha, Unknown 1849, Massena, Births
Bashaw, William 1915, Massena, Deaths
Bashea, John 1847, Massena, Births
Bashea, Julia 1847, Massena, Births
Bashea, Julia 1847, Massena, Births
Bassett, Rufus 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Bates, Anna 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Bates, Charles 1849, Potsdam, Deaths
Bates, Daniel 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Bates, Elizabeth 1848, DePeyster, Deaths
Bates, John 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Bates, John 1849, DePeyster, Marriages
Bates, Laura Jane 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bates, Lydia 1847, Potsdam, Marriages
Bates, Mary 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Bates, Mary 1849, Potsdam, Births
Bates, Thomas 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Bates, Thomas 1849, Potsdam, Births
Batle, James 1847, Hammond, Deaths
Batts, Anthony 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Batts, Anthony 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Batts, Catherine 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Batts, Catherine 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Batts, Edward 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Batts, Henry 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Bauer, Stephen 1915, Massena, Deaths
Bauker, Eliza Annette 1847, Canton, Birth
Bauker, Julius 1847, Canton, Birth
Bauker, Olive 1847, Canton, Birth
Baum, Samuel 1915, Massena, Marriages
Baxter, Mary 1848, Canton, Marriage
Baxter, Osmond 1847, Canton, Marriage
Baxter, Samuel 186x, DePeyster, Marriages
Bayley, Dora E. Various Massena Births
Bayley, Jabez B. 1848, Massena, Marriages
Bayley, Lucretia 1847, Massena, Marriages
Bayley, Mary 1848, Massena, Deaths
Beach, Alice S. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Beach, Azel 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Beach, Calvin 1847, Edwards, Births
Beach, Calvin 1848, Edwards, Births
Beach, Carlisle 1849, DeKalb, Deaths
Beach, Caroline 1847, DeKalb, Births
Beach, Caroline 1848, DeKalb, Births
Beach, Celest Arvilla 1848, DeKalb, Births
Beach, Elisha W. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Beach, Elisha W. 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Beach, Eliza 1847, DeKalb, Births
Beach, Gardner Cox 1848, Pierrepont, Deaths
Beach, Hiram 1847, DeKalb, Births
Beach, Hiram 1848, DeKalb, Births
Beach, Ira B. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Beach, James Oliver 1848, Stockholm, Births
Beach, Lucinda 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Beach, Lucinda B. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Beach, Lydia Malinda 1847, Edwards, Births
Beach, Polly 1847, Edwards, Births
Beach, Polly 1848, Edwards, Births
Beach, unknown 1848, Edwards, Births
Beach,Fanny M. 1848, Stockholm, Births
Beaks, Martial 1849, Massena, Deaths
Beals, Celetia 1849, Massena, Births
Beals, Martial 1849, Massena, Births
Beals, Mary 1849, Massena, Births
Bean, Caroline 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Bean, James 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Bean, John S. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Bean, Michael 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bean, Polly 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bean, Sarah 1848, Potsdam, Births
Beardslee, Francis M. 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Beardslee, Julia 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Beardslee, William Henry 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Beardsley, Julia 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Beardsley, Charry 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Beardsley, Francis 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Beardsley, Francis M. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Beardsley, N N. female infant 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Bebee, Amanda M. 1847, Massena, Births
Bebee, John D. 1847, Massena, Births
Bebee, John D. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Bebee, Melville O. 1847, Massena, Births
Becannon, David 1849, Hammond, Births
Becannon, Elizabeth 1849, Hammond, Births
Becannon, Elizabeth 1849, Hammond, Births
Beebe, William P. 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Beech, Alfred 1849, Hammond, Births
Beech, Mellisa 1849, Hammond, Births
Beech, Thomas 1849, Hammond, Births
Beecher, Carlton 1849, Hopkinton, Marriages
Beedle, John 1849, Fowler, Birth
Beedle, Mary 1849, Fowler, Birth
Beedle, Nelson 1849, Fowler, Birth
Beemus, Abel 1848, Fine, Birth
Beemus, Eliza 1848, Fine, Birth
Beemus, John 1848, Fine, Death
Beemus, Philinda 1848, Fine, Birth
Belden, Betsey 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Belden, Julia Helen 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Belden, Nelson 1847, Pierrepont, Marriages
Belden, Ransom 1847, Pierrepont, Births
Belden, Samuel 1849, Pierrepont, Deaths
Belding, Clrmanda 1848, Canton, Marriage
Belding, Eliza 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Belding, Nelson 1847, Canton, Marriage
Belknap, James A. 1847, Massena, Births
Belknap, John 1847, Massena, Births
Belknap, Mary A. 1847, Massena, Births
Bell, Ann E. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Bell, Annett 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bell, David 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bell, David 1849, Fowler, Birth
Bell, Edith 1849, Fowler, Birth
Bell, Lucy 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bell, Lucy 1849, Fowler, Birth
Bell, Susan 1847, Macomb, Marriages
Bellare, "Hoodall" 1848, Massena, Births
Bellau, Mary 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Beman, female infant 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Benham, Abigal 1848, Russell, Births
Benham, Marus 1848, Russell, Births
Benham, Peter 1848, Russell, Births
Bennet, Ernest J. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Bennet, George M. 1849, Massena, Marriages
Bennett, Fanny 1847, Canton, Death
Bennett, Fred (Mr & Mrs) 1915, Massena, Deaths
Bennett, George 1847, Canton, Birth
Bennett, Gloriann 1847, Canton, Birth
Bennett, Hannah 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bennett, Hannah 1847, Fowler, Birth
Bennett, Harmon 1847, Canton, Birth
Bennett, Infant son 1915, Massena, Deaths
Bennett, James 1848, Canton, Death
Bennett, John 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bennett, Margaret 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bennett, Margarett 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bennett, Nancy 1847, Canton, Birth
Bennett, Samuel 1847, Fowler, Birth
Benson, Cornelia 1849, Massena, Births
Benson, Cornelia 1849, Massena, Births
Benson, Eunice E. Various Massena Births
Benson, Philey - twin 1849, Massena, Births
Benson, Samuel 1849, Massena, Births
Benson, Samuel 1849, Massena, Births
Benson, Silas - twin 1849, Massena, Births
Bent, Eliza 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Bentley, John E. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Bentley, Margaret 1847, Edwards, Marriages
Benton, Benjamin 1848, Stockholm, Births
Benton, Ellihew 1848, Stockholm, Marriages
Benton, Franklin T. 1848, Canton, Marriage
Benton, John 1848, Stockholm, Births
Benton, Joseph 1849, Canton, marriage
Benton, Mary 1848, Stockholm, Births
Benton, Sarah 1849, Canton, marriage
Berch, Minerva 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Bercume, Joseph 1848, Massena, Births
Bercume, Mary 1848, Massena, Births
Bercume, Mary A. 1848, Massena, Births
Bero, Eliza 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Bero, George 1849, Massena, Births
Bero, John 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Bero, Louisa P. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Bero, Mary 1849, Massena, Births
Bero, Oliver 1849, Massena, Births
Berry, E. 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Besa, Alford 1849, Potsdam, Births
Besa, Amanda 1849, Potsdam, Births
Besa, Anna M. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Besau, Henry 1847, Macomb, Births
Besau, Jane 1847, Macomb, Births
Besau, Sophronia 1847, Macomb, Births
Bessey, Alfred 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bessey, Anson 1848, Massena, Births
Bessey, Emaline 1848, Massena, Births
Bessey, George 1848, Massena, Births
Bessey, Henry A. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Bessey, Henry A. 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Bessey, Waitsill 1848, Potsdam, Births
Best, Jane 1849, Hammond, Births
Best, Jannet 1849, Hammond, Births
Best, Thomas 1849, Hammond, Births
Best, Thomas 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Bett, Aseneth 1848, Macomb, Births
Bett, Barbara 1848, Macomb, Births
Bett, Thomas W. 1848, Macomb, Births
Bettimer, Elizabeth 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Betts, Martha 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Betts, Rufus 1849, Potsdam, Marriages
Beuel, Ellen 1849, Brasher, Deaths
Bezak, Gyargy 1915, Massena, Marriages