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Vital Records Index,

(Last Names: A)
transcribed from paper by Ellie Flint,

formatted for internet by Anne M. Cady


During 1847-1849, an attempt was made to record birth, death, and marriage records for the townships within St. Lawrence county.  The files below contain some of these records which have been transcribed for the internet.  As I get access to more of these records, I will continue to put them online.  The files are listed first by township, but I have also generated an index sorted by last name that can be used as well.


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Names starting with the letter A:

Abbot, Delia A. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Abbot, Delia Ann 1849, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, Betsey 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Abbott, Betsey E. 1847, Hopkinton, Deaths
Abbott, E. W. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Abbott, E. W. Jr. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Abbott, Emery W. 1847, Fowler, Birth
Abbott, Emma R. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, Gilmon P. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, Gilmore 1847, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, H. S. 1849, Fowler, Birth
Abbott, Hannah 1847, Fowler, Birth
Abbott, Isaac D. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, John B. 1848, Hopkinton, Deaths
Abbott, John M. 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Abbott, Julia E. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, Martha M. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, Reuben P. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Abbott, Robert 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Abbott, Solon M. 1849, Potsdam, Births
Abbott, Vasco P. 1847, Fowler, Birth
Abernathy, Levi P 1848, Potsdam, Births
Abernathy, Lowis G. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Abernathy, William Wallace 1848, Potsdam, Births
Ackerman, Rhoda 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Ackerman, Austin P. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Ackerman, George Eugene 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Acorn, Lewis Assorted DePeyster Marriages
Acres, Edwin 1847, DeKalb, Deaths
Adams, ? 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Adams, Amanda 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Adams, Amanda 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Adams, Arvilla 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Adams, Charles 1847, Canton, Birth
Adams, Charles 1847, Fowler, Marriage
Adams, Charles 1848, Fowler, Birth
Adams, Clarissa 1849, Gouverneur, Deaths
Adams, Daniel P. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Adams, Elizabeth 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Adams, George C. 1847, Hammond, Marriages
Adams, Hannah 1847, Canton, Birth
Adams, infant son of Morgan 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Adams, Lydia 1847, Fine, Marriage
Adams, Mary 1848, Fowler, Birth
Adams, Mary Ann 1847, Pierrepont, Deaths
Adams, Monroe 1849, Pierrepont, Deaths
Adams, Morgan 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Adams, Morgan 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Adams, Nathaniel 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Adkins, Abner 1848, Macomb, Births
Adkins, Elisha 1849, Macomb, Births
Adkins, Elisha Jr. 1849, Macomb, Births
Adkins, Elizabeth 1848, Macomb, Births
Adkins, Elizabeth 1849, Macomb, Births
Adkins, Rufey 1863-64, Macomb, Selected Deaths
Adkins, Sarah 1848, Macomb, Births
Adsit, Emils 1848, Potsdam, Births
Adsit, Henry 1848, Potsdam, Births
Adsit, twins not named 1848, Potsdam, Births
Agan, Thomas 1847, Brasher, Deaths
Agar, Catharine 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Ainsworth, Alanson D. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Ainsworth, Alanson D. 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Ainsworth, Elizabeth 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Ainsworth, John S. 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Ainsworth, Mary 1847, Hopkinton, Births
Ainsworth, Mary 1848, Hopkinton, Births
Ainsworth, Reuben 1848, Hopkinton, Deaths
Ainsworth, Riley R. 1848, Hopkinton, Marriages
Aitkins, daughter of Wallace 1848, Gouverneur, Death
Akin, Jane 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Akin, John 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Akin, John James 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Akin, Samuel 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Akin, William 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Alden, Azuba 1847, Massena, Births
Alden, Azuba M. 1847, Massena, Births
Alden, William S. 1847, Massena, Births
Aldous, Francis 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Aldous, Hannah 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Aldous, Lydia E. dau of W. 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Aldous, Lydia Elizabeth 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Aldous, Martha 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Aldous, Mary Ann 1850, Gouverneur, Marriages
Aldous, Sophia 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Aldous, wife of Stephen 1848, Gouverneur, Death
Aldous, William 1849, Gouverneur, Births
Aldous, William 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Aldrich, Abner 1847, Canton, Birth
Aldrich, Abner 1847, Canton, Death
Aldrich, Betsy 1848, Canton, Birth
Aldrich, Caleb 1849, Russell, Births
Aldrich, Cordelia 1848, Canton, Birth
Aldrich, Cordelia 1849, Canton, birth
Aldrich, Erastus 1850, Russell, Births
Aldrich, Frances L. 1849, Russell, Births
Aldrich, Horace 1848, Canton, Birth
Aldrich, Horace 1849, Canton, birth
Aldrich, Horace 1849, Canton, birth
Aldrich, Lavina 1849, Russell, Births
Aldrich, Loretta 1847, Canton, Birth
Aldrich, Melissa 1850, Russell, Births
Aldrich, Sally 1848, Canton, Death
Aldrich, Unknown 1850, Russell, Births
Aldrich, Willard 1847, Canton, Birth
Aldrich, William J. 1849, Canton, death
Alexander, Beverly Andrews(?) 1848, DeKalb, Births
Alexander, Clovisa 1848, DeKalb, Births
Alexander, Elizaann 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Alexander, Emery 1848, DeKalb, Births
Aley, Adaline 1849, Canton, death
Alford, Marilla 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Allard, Mary 1849, Edwards, Births
Allard, Mary 1849, Edwards, Births
Allen, Mary 1848, Russell, Births
Allen, Agenus 1848, Hammond, Births
Allen, Albert Warren 1847, Canton, Birth
Allen, Almira 1850, Russell, Births
Allen, Alvira 1849, Edwards, Marriages
Allen, Amanda 1850, Russell, Births
Allen, Ann 1847, Russell, Marriages
Allen, Benjamin F. 1848, Edwards, Births
Allen, Candace 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, Caroline Eliza 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Allen, Catharine 1847, Massena, Births
Allen, Charles A. 1848, Russell, Births
Allen, Charles H. 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, Charles W. 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, Chauncey A. 1850, Russell, Births
Allen, Clarissa 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Allen, David 1848, Russell, Births
Allen, David 1850, Russell, Births
Allen, Edmund+C1638 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Allen, Edwin 1850, DePeyster, Births
Allen, Edwin P. 1848, DePeyster, Marriages
Allen, Edwin R. 1850, DePeyster, Births
Allen, Ellery 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Allen, Eunice 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, George 1847, Canton, Birth
Allen, Harriet 1850, Russell, Marriages
Allen, Harriet Jane 1849, Canton, birth
Allen, Horace J. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Allen, Hugh 1847, Stockholm, Births
Allen, Janet 1848, Hammond, Births
Allen, Janet 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Allen, John 1847, Massena, Births
Allen, June M. 1850, DePeyster, Births
Allen, Margaret 1848, Edwards, Births
Allen, Mariette 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Allen, Martin 1848, Russell, Marriages
Allen, Martin 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, Mary 1847, Canton, Birth
Allen, Mary 1849, Canton, birth
Allen, Mary 1850, Russell, Births
Allen, Myrtle M. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Allen, Nira Rae 1915, Massena, Marriages
Allen, Olive 1847, Stockholm, Births
Allen, Oliver 1847, Stockholm, Births
Allen, Oscar S. 1848, Edwards, Births
Allen, Phebe 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Allen, Phebe 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, Philinda Jane 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, Rachel 1850, Russell, Marriages
Allen, Reuben 1847, Canton, Birth
Allen, Reubin 1849, Canton, birth
Allen, Richard 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Allen, Robert 1848, Hammond, Births
Allen, Rodger 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Allen, Rodger 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Allen, Sarah 1847, Massena, Births
Allen, Theressa 1847, Canton, Birth
Allen, Theressa Sylva 1847, Canton, Birth
Allen, Warren 1850, Russell, Births
Allen, William 1849, Russell, Births
Allen, William T. 1849, Russell, Births
Almon, Thomas 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Althouse, Delsina 1847, Edwards, Births
Althouse, Eliza Ann 1847, Edwards, Births
Althouse, Peter 1847, Edwards, Births
Ames, Abigail 1847, Canton, Death
Ames, Clarinda 1848, DeKalb, Births
Ames, Dr. Alvin 1849, Canton, marriage
Ames, Emeline 1849, Canton, birth
Ames, Emma E. 1849, Canton, birth
Ames, Ezra 1847, Canton, Birth
Ames, Harison 1849, Canton, birth
Ames, Harrison 1849, DeKalb, Marriages
Ames, Henry R. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Ames, Louis 1849, Canton, death
Ames, Maria 1847, Canton, Birth
Ames, Mildred L. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Ames, Miranda E. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Ames, Nancy 1847, Potsdam, Births
Ames, Oliver Sherman 1848, DeKalb, Births
Ames, Parker 1847, Potsdam, Births
Ames, Permelia 1848, Potsdam, Births
Ames, Polly 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Ames, Reubin 1849, Canton, death
Ames, Rosina 1848, Fowler, Marriage
Ames, Susan E. 1849, Canton, death
Ames, Thurman 1848, DeKalb, Births
Ames, unknown 1847, Potsdam, Births
Ames. Maria 1848, DePeyster, Marriages
Amiden, Ives 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Amiden, Lucia 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Amiden, Stephen A. 1848, Gouverneur, Births
Amo, Elizabeth 1848, Potsdam, Births
Amo, Francis 1848, Potsdam, Births
Amo, Francis Jr. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Amo, Fred J. 1915, Massena, Marriages
Amo, Henry 1848, Massena, Births
Amo, Laraw 1848, Massena, Births
Amo, Luraw 1848, Massena, Deaths
Amo, Rosina 1848, Potsdam, Births
Amo, Sophia 1848, Massena, Births
Amoto, Joseph 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Anderson, Avery A. 1848, Massena, Marriages
Anderson, Charles E. 1849, Pierrepont, Births
Anderson, Charlotte 1849, Pierrepont, Births
Anderson, Diana 1849, Canton, birth
Anderson, Eliza 1849, Canton, marriage
Anderson, Eunice 1847, Canton, Marriage
Anderson, Eunice 1847, Pierrepont, Marriages
Anderson, George H. 1849, Canton, birth
Anderson, Horace 1849, Pierrepont, Births
Anderson, Isaac 1848, DeKalb, Marriages
Anderson, John M. 1849, Canton, birth
Anderson, Polly 1849, Canton, death
Andress, William 1848, Massena, Deaths
Andrew, Eager 1847, Stockholm, Births
Andrew, Elisha 1847, Stockholm, Births
Andrew, Mary 1847, Stockholm, Births
Andrews, A. H. 1848, Massena, Births
Andrews, Catharine 1848, Massena, Births
Andrews, Harriet 1847, Russell, Births
Andrews, John 1847, Russell, Births
Andrews, Mary 1848, Massena, Births
Andrews, Ralph 1915, Massena, Deaths
Andrews, Susan 1847, Massena, Marriages
Andrus, Clarinda 1847, Hopkinton, Marriages
Ansted, Abram 1848, Potsdam, Births
Ansted, Edwin W. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Ansted, Nathan A. 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Ansted, Sabina 1848, Potsdam, Births
Anthony, Angelina 1849, Massena, Births
Anthony, Elizabeth 1849, Massena, Births
Anthony, Jacob 1849, Massena, Births
Antoine, John 1915, Massena, Deaths
Apple, Abram 1847, Macomb, Births
Apple, Abram 1847, Rossie, Births
Apple, Celinda 1847, Macomb, Births
Apple, Celinda 1847, Rossie, Births
Apple, John 1847, Rossie, Births
Apple, Silvenus 1847, Macomb, Births
Archibald, Edward S. 1848, Hammond, Marriages
Archibald, Edward T. 1849, Hammond, Births
Archibald, Jane M. 1849, Hammond, Births
Archibald, Unknown 1849, Hammond, Births
Ardonhazy, Stella 1915, Massena, Marriages
Arel, Joseph Theophilus 1836-1841 Marriage Records - St. Patrick's Church, Hogansburg
Armen, Lot 1849, Canton, marriage
Armstrong, Agness 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Armstrong, Archibald 1849, Hammond, Marriages
Armstrong, Eliza 1848, Fowler, Birth
Armstrong, infant daughter of Rev. J. 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Armstrong, Jane J. 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Armstrong, Leonora 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Armstrong, Rev. John W. 1847, Gouverneur, Birth
Armstrong, Stephen 1848, Fowler, Birth
Armstrong, Thomas J. 1847, Lisbon, Deaths
Armstrong, wife of J. W. 1847, Gouverneur, Death
Arnold, Ann 1848, Edwards, Marriages
Arnold, Ebenezer, Jr. 1847, Brasher, Deaths
Arnold, Eliza Jane 1848, Lisbon, Deaths
Arnold, Jane 1848, Canton, Birth
Arnold, Stephen D. 1848, Canton, Birth
Arnold, Thomas F. 1849, Lisbon, Deaths
Arquit, Catherine 1848, Brasher, Deaths
Arquit, Crista 1847, Brasher, Deaths
Arquit, Mary 1847, Brasher, Deaths
Arsenue, Charles 1849, Macomb, Births
Arthers, Charles 1847, Russell, Marriages
Ashley, Ann S. 1850, Russell, Marriages
Ashton, Rosette 1848, Pierrepont, Deaths
Ashworth, Dinah 1849, Macomb, Deaths
Ashworth, Thomas 1849, Macomb, Deaths
Asinen, Mary 1849, Macomb, Births
Asinen, Peter 1849, Macomb, Births
Atwood, Charlotte 1847, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Charlotte 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Franklin 1849, Massena, Marriages
Atwood, Frelando 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Henry 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Atwood, Henry W. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Joel 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Julia Ann 1848, Potsdam, Deaths
Atwood, Juliann 1847, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, L.D. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Lorenzo J. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Loyal 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Lucy 1847, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Lucy J. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Lydia 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Ormada E. 1848, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, Phebee 1847, Lawrence, Deaths
Atwood, William 1847, Potsdam, Births
Atwood, William 1847, Potsdam, Deaths
Atwood, William 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Adah Geraldine 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, Albert D. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Austin, Aquilla 1849, Hammond, Births
Austin, Caroline 1848, Fowler, Birth
Austin, Charles 1847, Hammond, Births
Austin, Charles 1849, Hammond, Births
Austin, David J. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, David R. 1847, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Diantha 1847, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Ebenezer 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, Edwin Norton 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Austin, Eliza 1848, Fowler, Birth
Austin, Ellen 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Franklin 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, George M. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, Harriet 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Harvey 1847, Gouverneur, Marriage
Austin, Hellen 1849, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Hiram 1849, Stockholm, Marriages
Austin, James H. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Austin, John W. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, John W. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Austin, Lucina 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, Lucinda 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Lucinda 1849, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Lucinda M. 1850, Gouverneur, Births
Austin, Lydia 1848, Gouverneur, Marriages
Austin, Martha 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, Melissa 1848, Potsdam, Marriages
Austin, Melissa 1849, Gouverneur, Marriages
Austin, Nancy C. 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Austin, Norman 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, not named 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Oliver 1848, Potsdam, Births
Austin, Pamila Ann 1849, Hammond, Births
Austin, Parmelia 1847, Hammond, Births
Austin, Rufus 1847, Potsdam, Births
Austin, S. A. 1848, Fowler, Birth
Austin, Susannah 1847, Hammond, Births
Austin,Norman 1849, Potsdam, Births
Axtell, Martha J. 1848, Pierrepont, Marriages
Ayers, Edgar 1847, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Horrace 1848, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Horrace 1847, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Loisa 1847, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Louisa 1847, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Lovena 1848, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Lucinda 1847, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Lucinda 1848, Stockholm, Deaths
Ayers, Samuel M. 1847, Stockholm, Births
Ayers, Unknown 1848, Stockholm, Births
Ayon, Oen 1849, Canton, death
Ayres, Eli 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Ayres, Sarah 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Ayres, William 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths
Ayres, William Eli 1848, Gouverneur, Birth
Ayres, William son of Eli A. 1850, Gouverneur, Deaths