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Northern Tribune - Wednesday, January 1, 1908



  • Miss Lela Mills, who is teaching in Port Jervis, is home for the holidays.
  • Miss Janet Burns, of New York is visiting in town.
  • Miss Maud Wilson entertained a few of her friends on Monday evening.
  • Miss Ada Allen is home for the holiday vacation.
  • Mrs. Bridget Gallagher is able to be about after her recent illness.
  • Miss Cooke of Hanover, M.J. is a guest at the home of Rev. D. A. Ferguson
  • Mrs. Andrew Mills is on the sick list.
  • Dr. Frank Smith, wife and son, and Dr. Egbert Smith and wife of Rome, have returned to their homes after spending the holidays in town with friends.
  • Mrs. Norman I. Young is still confined to bed and not much improved.



Two men found in an Almost Perishing Condition in the Long Swamp by Well Known Rossie Farmer

Ex-highway Commissioner Michael Mullin of this town, while on his way home from Gouverneur one evening last week was the means of rescuing two men, who probably might have died for exposure before morning.  Mr. Mullin was driving through the “long swamp,” a mile from Oxbow towards this village, when he discovered something black appearing ahead in the roadway, which at the same time attracted the attention of his horse, causing the animal to shy and stop in the roadway.

Mr. Mullin’s thought naturally flew back to the long ago, when hold-up men infested this dismal stretch of highway, and exciting experiences were numerous from the old toll-gate to the sharp turn in the highway near the O’Brien school house, where the dense cedars on either side made a capital hiding place for highway men.  After drawing closer to the dark object, Mr. Mullin discovered two men crawling on their hands and knees, in the snow and he saw at once that they were intoxicated, and in an almost helpless condition, and would soon have become helpless.

The men explained that their horse had ran away and the cutter was broken beyond repair, and that they were attempting to get home the best they could.  They were taken by Mr. Mullin to a farm house a half mile distant, where they were given shelter for the remainder of the night.