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Gouverneur Tribune Press - Wednesday, May 5, 1937


Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Washburn Wed Fifty Years, Celebrate

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Washburn, life long residents of the town of Macomb, observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary Monday, Apr il 26th, 1937.  During the day many of their friends and neighbors called at their home in Pierce’s Corners to pay their respects to the couple.  In the evening 129 friends and relatives gathered at the Community Hall to help celebrate.  Among the guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Newton of Ogdensburg, sister and brother-in-law of Mrs. Washburn, who were the attendants of Mr. and Mrs. Washburn at their wedding fifty years ago.  The hall was decorated with gold and white crepe paper.  After a luncheon of sandwiches, salads, doughnuts, coffee and cake, two beautiful wedding cakes were presented.  Mrs. Fred Horton made one and Mrs. William Kolb the other.  These were cut by the bridesmaid, Mrs. Newton.  After all had been served, a short program was given under the direction of Mrs. Ida Chase as follows:  H. D. Tann of Hammond rendered two harmonica selections; a reading by Mrs. William Kolb, another harmonica selection by Mr. Tann; song, “Silver Threads Among the Gold”, by Mrs. Robert Hutton; a talk on Fifty Years of Wedded Life by Mr. Washburn; a short address by Rev. R. A. Stevens.  At the close of the program Rev. P. D. Mang gave a short talk and in behalf of the community presented Mr. and Mrs. Washburn with a nice upholstered chair.  They received many cards of congratulation and other gifts, among which was a bouquet of yellow roses and a sum of money.


Sylvester J. Washburn and Sarah E. Brown were married at Lisbon, N.Y., on April 26, 1887 by Rev. B. G. Sanford, pastor of the Methodist Church.  Mrs. Washburn is 74 years old and Mr. Washburn is 77.  Both are held in high esteem in the community and have reputations as industrious and thrifty people, interested in the work of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which both are life-long residents.  They are parents of seven children and twenty-three grandchildren, all of whom are living.  Five of their children were present.  Guests during the day and evening were: Mr. and Mrs. Alton Washburn of Laceyville, Paville, PA., Mr. and Mrs. Clark Washburn and three children of Black River; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Washburn and seven children, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Youngs and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mullen and daughters Marjorie and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, Mr. and Mrs. William Kolb, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hurley and daughter Leona, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dane, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horton, Ala and Milton Horton, Murray Horton, Mr. and Mrs. William Narrow, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William Neil, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bresee, Carl Bogardus, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Stevenson, Elmer Fishbeck, Joseph McOmber, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Downing, Mrs. Anna Sterling, Mrs. Anna Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Evans, William Stanton, Emma Finley, Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Stevens and son Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutton, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mayhew and daughter, Everett and Esther Stiles, Rev. and Mrs. P. D. Mang and daughters Adela and Olive, Mrs. Cynthia Downing, Ahlene Downing, Mrs. Ida Chase, Florence McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hosmer, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Drummond and son Douglas, Mabel Downing and son Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Downing and daughter Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Raven and three children, George Peck, Ira Smith, Alden Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. John Sipher, all of Macomb; Mr. and Mrs. John Huntley of Gouverneur; Robert Bates of Copenhagen; H. D. Tann of Hammond; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wilson, Mrs. May Wilson and daughters, Carrie, Joyce, and Mildred of DePeyster; Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Newton, Mrs. Leonard Jamieson of Ogdensburg; Mr. and Mrs. George Venton of North Gouverneur; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Becker and daughter Irene of Fowler; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rourke, Venton Rourke, Mrs. Luella Rourke of Madrid; and Clinton Harvey of Hailesboro.


Fine –

·        Oakley Given of Bigelow was a supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Dowling Tuesday.

·        Mrs. Thomas Willis spent Friday afternoon at Oswegatchie calling at the homes of Harry Forney and family and Mr. and Mrs. Max Wothington.

·        Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Borrom spent Wednesday night on a fishing trip to Chippewa Bay and on Sunday at Trout Lake.

·        Mr. and Mrs. Homer Titus were Sunday guests of his sister, Mrs. Harold Cronk and family at West Carthage.

·        Marion Salmon has an infection in her hand, which is very painful.

·        Henry Golden of Wampsville, D. E. Spencer of Oneida, and M. H. Budden of Syracuse spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Willis and enjoyed trout fishing. 

·        Mrs. Alice Hosmer, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Watson, has been ill the past few days.  She was taken to VanDuzee hospital in Gouverneur and is recovering.

·        Mr. and Mrs. Leon Andrews of Edwards were calling on Mrs. Otis Baxter, Sunday.

·        Rev. V. O. Boyle of Trinity Episcopal church of Gouverneur held service in the Episcopal Church here at 9 a.m. Sunday and will hold services here at the same time each Sunday during the summer months.  His sister, Mrs. Dorothy Boyle Pettit and little son Stanleyof Port Colburne Ont. Came with him.  Mr. and Mrs. J. N. McLeod and Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Randall of Edwards also attended the services.


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