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Gouverneur Free Press - Wednesday, December 8, 1926


DePeyster, Dec 7, 1926

DePeyster Man Fractures Leg While at Work

Clinton Maxim Injured While Drawing Timber and Is Now in Hospital

Clinton Maxim while drawing timber for Thomas Smithers had the misfortune to break his ankle Tuesday.  Much sympathy is extended as he was the tenant on the Smithers farm at the time of the fire where he has been for several years.  He has a family of seven and when the cows were burned his only means to support his family was to work out by the day.  He was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon.


DePeyster, Dec 7, 1926

Birth of Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Everett McIlwee of Hannawa Falls is announced

Announcements have been received of the birth of a six and one-half pound daughter Tuesday, November 9, to Mr. and Mrs. Everett McIlwee, of Hannawa Falls, NY at the Potsdam Hospital, named Mary J.  Mrs. McIlwee was formerly Miss Grace Walker of this town.


DePeyster, Dec 7, 1926


Rossie, Dec 7, 1926

Rossie Woman hurt in Auto Crash Expires

Miss Nellie Mullin Expires in Syracuse

Car was Driven by George Ives of Gouverneur and Overturned on Curve

Miss Nellie Mullin who was taken from her home here last Thursday on her way to a sanitarium in Syracuse, died Friday morning.  Miss Mullin has been an invalid all her life and had been cared for by her sister, Grace Mullin, who died a month ago.

After the death of the sister it was decided to take her to a sanitarium in Syracuse. 

Mrs. Kelley, a sister, and William Mullin, a brother, with the invalid left in a car driven by George Ives of Gouverneur about 10 o’clock, and at a place called Death Curve, near Colosse, they had an accident in which the car overturned which resulted in her death the next morning.

She is survived by one sister and four brothers, Mrs. F. J. Kelley of Syracuse, William Mullin of Gouverneur and Daniel, Leo and James Mullin of Rossie.

The funeral was held Monday morning in Syracuse.  The body was placed in a vault until spring and will be brought to Rossie for burial.


Rossie, Dec 7, 1926


Macomb, Dec 7, 1926

Macomb Man Badly Hurt in Feed Mill

Charles Raven Receives Crushed Chest in Accident at Watertown

X-ray Reveals Also Serious Injury to Stomach

Charles Raven, a resident of this place the most of his life but who moved to Watertown a year ago, was recently hurt in the feed mill.  He was working and two weeks ago he fell in the grain chute injuring his chest badly and pushing his stomach out of place.  They took an X-ray of him and found his chest split apart and pushed down out of place and also his stomach.  He underwent an operation in the Mercy Hospital at Watertown Saturday.  The reports we receive are that he is real ill but is believed in no danger.


Macomb, Dec 7, 1926