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The following lists transcriptions of various Diaries and Letters available on this site



1863-1868 Diaries of Edwin J. Clark of Norfolk – E. J. Clark was a soldier in the civil war.  In addition to describing his activities during the war, he was also in Washington DC when Lincoln was shot, and after the war went to California for two years before returning to New York where he died in 1868.  These diary transcriptions were supplied to me by Leon Burnap. NEW – MAY 2004

Diary of Alice Holmes, 1876 - Folwer/Edwards Area

Diary/Journal of Alvin Smith 1890-1893 - Hermon/Gouverneur/Waddington/DeKalb
Alvin Smith was born in 1865 in New York and was the son of Thomas and Martha Smith (both born in England). In 1880 they were listed in Hermon, NY. This diary covers the time period from January 1890 through June 1893, a period where Alvin was demonstrating himself to be a very enterprising individual, accumulating money through the buying and reselling of items (sometimes within a day). In the early years of the diary he hired himself out for the summer, but in the last years, he was married and instead hiring help of his own. Alvin kept a detailed record of every purchase he made and every cent he received, all of which are recorded in the journal. The changes in his purchasing that occur after his marriage in December 1891 are fun to see. In 1900, Alvin and his wife Adelna were in DeKalb where he was listed as a landlord. In 1920, they are again in DeKalb, this time running a dairy farm and with two sons, Burnett and Stanley. An index is included at the front listing the many individuals mentioned throughout the transcription.

1912 Diary of Howard J. Guyette of Canton. Covers January 1, 1912-May 7, 1912.
Includes weather, sports scores, fire reports, accident reports, show reviews, etc

1897-1929 Series of letters, mainly addressed to Iva Dodds of Gouverneur/Pope's Mills, Dick Marsaw, or Lena Marsaw Gordon of South Hammond

1849 Letter to Harvey D. Smith, Esq. of Gouverneur from R. R. Hinman, researcher of the Smith Family Tree regarding the ancestry of Harvey D. Smith back to the 1600's. Harvey Douglass Smith (1789-1864) was the son of Nathaniel and Sarah Douglass Smith


1841/1842 Letters from Silvester Stevens of Hermon to his sister and brother in law relating the hard times his family is facing in the town of Hermon ** NEW – APRIL 4, 2003

Diary of Unknown Mansfield Resident, 1890

Wolcott/Lyons (WAYNE County) / Owasco (CAYUGA County) / Phelps (ONTARIO County) - 1895
Heartbreaking diary of unknown 36-37 year old Woman

1873 Diary of Harriet Sipperley (mother of Fannie)
1878 Diary of Fannie Sipperley (daughter of Harriet - age 12)

1816-1872 Religious Journal of Nancy Mathews Hicks, Salina NY

Two diaries by Inez Courtney. 1878 - Inez is a school girl who gets her certificate and becomes a teacher near Upper Lisle and 'the Point' in Broome County. In 1883 she seems to live in the town of Enfield in Tompkins County. Her mother dies there in October of that year.
1878 Diary of Inez Courtney, Very smart young lady in Broome County, NY
1883 Diary of Inez Courtney, A little sadder as her life seems quite limited. Still teaching part of year, but now in Tompkins County

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