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Below is a transcription of a diary written in 1890 by a resident of Mansfield, PA. Detailed entries were made from January 1 through April 24. The identity of the writer is not know. However, the writer was born on March 27, 1842 (according to entry on March 27, 1890 indicating the writer's 48th birthday). With the help of Joyce Tice, the current assumption is that the author is female, and likely the mother of Harry F. Mack, husband of Emma Gibbs. It also appears that Harry (known as H. F. in the diary) worked at the livery and made deliveries to the train depot. Emma Gibbs as well as the author's Mother both lived up around Osceola (based on a trip described in the diary). The writer appears to have lived between the rail road and the river. The completion of a bridge over the river is mentioned in the first entry. Many entries also talk about wood being dropped off by Mr. Lent and 'cars being loaded', so they may have lived near a train station. The diary describes much about the daily life of the time, with much of their time being centered around church and church meetings.

Any assistance that can be made in identifying any of the people in this diary would be appreciated.

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Wed. Jan 1, 1890

Wind blowing quite hard from the South this morning and quite cold. Looks as though it was going to be quite a nice day. Commenced raining just after dinner. Not very good wheeling but a good deal better than it has been. The Groton Bridge Co has the new bridge nearly completed. Very dull at present but I am in hopes of its getting better soon. Went to watch meeting last evening. Wrote to Ella and Elery today and to J. K. Johnson. Went to church last evening. The stores close for at 8 oclock for (illegible). Will close until the first of April.

Thurs, Jan 2, 1890

I have started in more determined than ever that with the Lordís help I will serve him better this year than last or ever before. It is nice this forenoon, but this afternoon rains a little. Mrs. Cleveland called here this afternoon. Emma, Mrs. Matteson and I went over to Depot for the trains so Mack would go to meeting with us. We went on. He came back to the house and caught up with us pretty near the church. Elder Kepple preached. Had a splendid meeting. We walked down with Mr. Kepple. His wife was waiting for him at the gate.

Fri, Jan 3, 1890

Very nice day. I went up and called on Miss Barns & Mrs. Mathews. Saw Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Fling, Mrs. Humphry, Mrs. Bixby. Met Mrs. Allen. She showed me through the building some. I went to Mr. Ellotís store and got some samples of goods. When I went up to Mr. Mathews room found her in bed sick. Mrs. Smith over here this afternoon. Went meeting tonight with Mrs. Matteson. Came home with Mack. Emma did not go. Had a good meeting. John Vanoston, Fent Allen went forward for prayers.

Sat, Jan 4, 1890

Elder Woodward last night asked all Christians to raise their harts to God in prayer for the unconverted of this town and all to do that. Just the normal bell rang for noon today. I did not here it for the children making noise but I could see the clock. Mack went out of church last night and went after Mr. Parmer to go up front for he had said that if Vanoston went he would but he backed out. Harry went to covenant meeting to Baptist church today. Mr. Parmer has said he would go forward tomorrow evening.

Sun, Jan 5, 1890

Nice day. My son & I went to Church. Emma did not have a dress so she could not go this morning. Had a good meeting. Mrs. Gillet wanted me to go in Bible class but I went to meeting for the first time in Mansfield. Mack went with me. Jennie & Eva were here this afternoon. Emma & I went to church by the girls they went with us. Mack went up to Parmerís & went to church with him. He, Parmer, went forward tonight. Had union meeting tonight in the Methodist Church. Mrs. Welch was to meeting tonight. Gill did not talk. Rains tonight when meeting was out but not very hard when we left.

Mon, Jan 6, 1890

We had a grand meeting last nig. Elder Cooper preached in the M. E.C. The rest of this weeks meetings will be held at Baptist house. Mr. Bixby and Mrs. Smithís son went forward They were in likeor, but Thank the Lord he has taken it out of them. Mrs. Matteson was in here. Is nearly sick. Mrs. Welch was to church. Gill did not get up & talk. Elder Kepple closed meeting at nine oclock and went to Gct (?) R. Post. Cooper carried on meeting the rest of evening.

Tues, Jan 7, 1890

We called on Mrs. Odell. Mrs. Kepple called here. Mrs. Moody & Mrs. Avery came here while she was here. Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Kepple went away together. I went with Mrs. Avery as far as her home then called on Mrs. Matteson. Found her in bed, but better. Mr. Palmer said he would give up. He was discouraged. He left the front of the house. Mr. Adamís wife went home with him & Mr. Berman & wife and held prayer with him. I prayed aloud in my family for the first time in my life and feel better. Have done my duty. Cloudy this afternoon.

Wed, Jan 8, 1890

Emma went home from church alone last night. She said after we got home that she was going to be Baptised. Think been to the Lord and ask what she should do about it. The day is windy and spits snow. H. F. Mack & wife were baptised. They took hold of hands and walked in kneeled down and was poured together. Mr. Kepple & son called to see how they were this evening. Mr. Horton called with coat. Said there was two ladys and one man emursed. Gill Welch & wife was to meeting. He talked. They stayed as long as we. Mr. Palmer has receiver light. Said he was coming again.

Thurs, Jan 9, 1890

Cold. Sun shines out some and cloudy. Mrs. Matteson gone up town. She will get yeast cake for us. Harry Coveny is better today. He is drawing coal (?) for Mr. Horton this afternoon. It is the first he has worked since Tuesday. He had this cold. I helped Mack hunt passage in the bible of confession for the benefit of Mrs. Welch. Mrs. Matteson & I went to church, Emma did not go. Had a Glorious meeting tonight. Dic Longbothom & Bill Wilson and many others come seeking the Lord. Emma had gone to bed when we got home. We had family prayer and went to bed. Could not go to sleep. The glory of God filled our harts.

Fri, Jan 10, 1890

We got home 20 minutes past 10 but we did not until sometime after twelve go to sleep for we were visited by the Lord. We felt his presence. The whole house seemed to be filled with his Glory. We could only see it by faith but we could feel it and knew the Lord was with us. Today it has rained and been lowry. We went to church. Carried an umberla but did not rain when we came home. There was a good meeting. Mrs. Welch, Frank Longbothom & Wally Phelps and wife and many others came seeking the Lord. Many I did not know. The text the Prodigal Son by Mr. Woodard. Parmers felt the best he has at all.

Sat, Jan 11, 1890

Its damp and rainy. Emma has moped and is working button holes in her waist. Mack & Coveny are drawing old iron and putting it in a car today. Mrs. Matteson is coming over here again she said and bring some pickles. Mrs. Matteson over here again. She didnít go to the Normal yesterday nor today to work for her folks are sick. There was prayer meeting tonight but I didnít go. Mack went and has not got back yet. Its 15 minutes to eleven. Emma lays on the bed asleep and its plain enough to tell what I am doing. While Peter yet spake the words. The holy Gost fell on all them which heard the words.

Sun, Jan 12, 1890

Mack did not get home until after 12 oclock after prayer meeting. Mr. & Mrs. Kepple, Mr. Knervel, Fint Allen & Mack went down to John Ingals and had prayer for him. He had got discouraged. He is alright today. It is wet and lowry. We went to church this morning and to bible. Also to meeting, had a good one. Many went seeking the savior of those I heard who they were: Will Ide, Will Cosly, Emery Stone & wife Ella, Brooks Pedgee girl one had gone before and other that did not hear who they were. Mr. Bailey and wife rose for prayer. Mack went down to Ingol this morning before church. Girl up to Normal tonight Mr. Kepple said.

Mon, Jan 13, 1890

Raining this morning. It has stopped now. Half past nine and Emma is rinceing up her cloths. They done a two weeks washing today. I have just heard at the dinner table that Tom Juge was sick in bed. Am very sorry for if he was to die I should feel that I had not done my duty. Oh that I had gone to him in the store last Friday night. He was to meeting but there was such a crowd I thought I could not get to him. Since Emma hung up her cloths the wind has raised and is blowing quite hard. But for the wind it is nice out now. Sun shines & not cold. Very windy. Some damage done by wind such as blowing down chimneys.

Tues, Jan 14, 1890

Emma ironed a part of the cloths and basted up a waist. We called on Mr. Gillet and T. D. Elliot family. Found Mr. Elliot & Walter both sick with Grippe. It is a beautiful day, the air a little cold towards night. There was some went forward Sunday night, Edith Stackís sister & Father and many others that I did not know. There was no preaching last night. Christians and evor cocity (?) met at baptist church. The boys went, we did not. Prayer meeting around to different houses in town. We did not go. Went to meeting tonight. Mr. Cooper sick. Could not be there. Had a good time & come back seeking the Lord.

Wed, Jan 15, 1890

Rained and some sleet in the night. This morning still raining, bad lowry day all day. Very damp tonight so we do not go to church for I have a cold. Mack all ways goes. Mrs. Matteson, Emma & I went to Mr. Cleveland, also to Mr. Kinneys today. Mrs. Kinney said she was about sick yesterday but today she was some better. Said Mr. Kinney was nearly sick too. The boys have gone to Church. Tonight is raining. We did not go to meeting tonight. Mack and some others went to Palmers with Guss Cass and had prayer meeting after church was out.

Thurs, Jan 16, 1890

Raining. The boys put the Kubber coat on Marge when they went out to work this morning. They did not take Joe out of the barn for he has not been well for a week. Mack come home sick this afternoon. He went to bed, did not go to train night nor to meeting. Harry Coveny went to meeting. Came here and stayed all night. Mr. Gillet Carcon went forward tonight. Mr. Tom Bailey and wife went forward last night. Emma & I had formal family prayer alone to tonight. This afternoon wind blew hard. Term turned cold freezing tonight.

Fri, Jan 17, 1890

Last night froze very hard but it is warm and quite pleasant today. I was nearly sick this morning. Harry Covany did not get onto the street very early this morning. Went to church this evening, had a very good meeting. Elder Kepple preached about Narrow is the door and strait is the way that leadith to everlasting life. Mr. & Mrs. McFarin went forward this evening.

Sat, Jan 18, 1890

This has been a beautiful day and it is getting quite a bit smoother in the road than what it was. We called on Mrs. Taylor. Went to Mr. Clarks, got some bird seed. Called at the girls. Eva had the Grippe, was sick in bed. We came home. Went over to Mr. Odell to prayer meeting, came back. Had mustard plasters on me for I have asthma. Canít breath very good. Have coughed all the afternoon. Coughed seems tight. Hurts my head when I cough.

Sun, Jan 19, 1890

Cloudy and damp. Mack & Mike went to church this morning before he went up for Doc Elliot for me. He came. Said I had the Grippe. He said Gusta Cleveland had Grippe and he was afraid of Phennamonia. Mack went to church alone tonight.

Mon, Jan 20, 1890

Raining this morning. Harry Coveny came up here quite late. Said he was not going to stay very long. He was going away. He went to the barn. Mack went out there and he finely said he would and go away. They came to house, looked over account and talked. He said he would like to stay here but there was no use, he could not. He cryed and seemed to feel so bad. He went away and left his clothes here. Emma washed alone today. Got all through little after 10.

Tues, Jan 21, 1890

Mr. Odell sick, taken Saturday night. Minnie Odell sick all Sunday night. They had the Doc for her Monday morning. She had the Gripe pretty bad, is quite sick yet. Harry came back. Was going to the mines. Started and was intersepted and sent back here to see if Mack would take him back, but he did not ask. He went down home and came back feeling so bad just before Emma & Harry went to church. They tried to get him to go with them but he stayed with me. Wind blows dreadfully and is cold tonight.

Wed, Jan 22, 1890

Coldest morning we have had yet. Beautiful sunshiny day but very cold. The sick around here is all better this morning. I got out of medicine. The doc came and left me some. Harry left today on the noon train. He has gone for good this time. Mrs. Kinney called here. Mrs. Parlmer and the children came while she was here. Mr. Parlmer came down when he got done work. He and family were here to tea. Emma went with them to Church. Mr. Parlmer read his letter from his niece to us at tea table.

Thurs, Jan 23, 1890

Very cold yet. Spit snow last night and some today. Mrs. Mathews and Julia was here and spent the afternoon. We tried to get them to stay to tea. They thought they could not. Would come some other time. Emma has gone to bed. Mack has gone to meeting. He had deliver something after train before he could go. This third evening in success he has had to get the horse out after train to deliver something.

Fri, Jan 24, 1890

Pretty cold this morning. Mack has all he can do today. This afternoon he has Mr. Husted to help him.

Sat, Jan 25, 1890

This forenoon Mr. Husted worked here. Left at noon. Mack was not going to have him this afternoon for he had got through his hurry. Had not much to do. Mr. Husted got a dispatch that his sister was dead. L*an was over here until dark. I went up and seen Tom Juge. Wind was quite piercing. 14 yrd bleached muslin paper of soda to Clark Rose & Juge.

Sun, Jan 26, 1890

Turned warmer last night. Is not very cold today. I went to meeting this morning and to bible class. Came home, was pretty tired. * went to bible class with me. There was 13 baptised this morning. Eva Waters, Edith Stacks, Willie Phelps & wife, Fred Bailey, Fent Allen. Mr. Kepple went over to John Bixby and baptised him. Mack went to class meeting, to *oyal Legion, to Clarence Allen, to Prayer meeting. We all went to church last evening. Tom Juge promised me he would pray.

Mon, Jan 27, 1890

Rained last night when meeting was out. Was warm all night. Rained this morning some. Has turned cold, is snowing a little now. Mrs. Mattison has been up to the office and got Emma a letter from home. May said in her letter that her mother pained her thimble finger and the nail would come off. I am feeling tired and worn out. Its damp bad weather. Mack & Emma went up to the M. E. C. I did not dare go. Stayed at home.

Tues, Jan 28, 1890

This has been a beautiful day. Wind quite cold but sun shiney nearly all day. Emma has washed today alone. I went up to see Tom Juge today. Had quite a talk with him. I was not feeling very good. Tired, worn out feeling again this morning but feel better since I went up town. Mack & Emma gone to church tonight. Didnít feel able to go. Am going to have on hot water and Mustard plaster. Tom Juge gone to Wellsboro at 2 oclock today. His sister Rose is very sick.

Wed, Jan 29, 1890

Sun shiney this morning but has clouded up. Now is damp and bad. I felt pretty well until I had a coughing spell. Had an attack of Pleurisy just before dinner. Mack went up had the doc come down. Mrs. Mann called here while Dr. Elliot was here. Mrs. Kinney called here this afternoon. Mack, Emma went to meeting tonight. I went to bed. Rains hard since they went to meeting.

Thurs, Jan 30, 1890

Bad damp day and been all day. I went to get up and I began to cough and pain in my side took me so I had stop and keep still. Did not get up to sit up any until after 3 oíclock. Since I got up this time have had no pain in my side. Eat my breakfast in bed. Was up to supper. The doc was here again this evening after Mack & Emma went to meeting. There was entertainment to Opera house of home talcant (?) tonight. Mrs. Matteson was in here when doc come in to see me.

Fri, Jan 31, 1890

Damp cloudy day and rained some. Got up better this morning. Had to take it cool in getting up. Was sick and vomited some phlegm but felt better after. The doc was here to see me this morning. Jennie & Eva was here thir. Mr. Moore was here, wanted Mack to get drill machine off the Boro ground and pile it up somewhere. Mrs. Matteson came to go to meeting. She went on with Eva to change her dress. Jennie stayed and went with Mack and Emma. Alva rose for prayer. Emma come home alone. Mack went to Welch for prayer meeting.

Sat, Feb 1, 1890

Mack didnít up in time to get to the depot until after the train had stopped. He did not see Mr. Moore and he lost the baggage to go to the Baptist church because he was not up in time. I finished one garment today and started another. I wanted to go to the concert to the Baptist Church. The Till Family, the Rock band tonight but I could not go. None of us went.

Sun, Feb 2, 1890

A raw wind this morning. I went to church this morning. Hitched up the horse and took us. I couldnít of walked up there. We went to Sunday school then went with Mrs. Kepple down to class meeting. Found Mack there a head of us. Mack went up to church at three oíclock, then up to Bill Willson to prayer meeting then home and seen to things. M & E went to meeting tonight. Did not dare go, it being in the night and damp, almost rain.

Mon, Feb 3, 1890

Rained some in the night, was warm and damp this morning. Finished another garment. Have been crocheting some trimming today. Mrs. Matteson & Harry have stood out on the corner a long time then come over here. Mrs. Matteson was teasing Harry to go to Christian endevor cecioty but she failed and went home. She came back and went to prayer meeting to John Ingals with M & E. Mack was appointed to lead the there meeting tonight.

Tues, Feb 4, 1890

(no entry)

Wed, Feb 5, 1890

Nice sun shiney day but a raw wind. Emma & I went up to girls. Found Mrs. Matteson up there fixing her dress. We went on up to post office. Saw Chester Presho and Job Wetmore in there. Was getting colder when we came down. The girls said that Mrs. Blakesly was feeling so bad that she had got to pay for her girls schooling to Normal. M. & E. went up to church for donation. I wrote letter to Frank asking him to see Maria. Will send it in the morning.

Thur, Feb 6, 1890

Froze up last night, sun shines today but does not thaw. Mr. & Mrs. Kepple called here this afternoon. Doc Vedder went past here while they were here. He had been over to see Mrs. Avery. She is sick today. We went over to see Mrs. Avery. We sent the letter to Frank, also one in it to Maria.

Fri, Feb 7, 1890

Quite cold this morning. I went over to call on Mrs. Avery. Found her better. Called in Mrs. Odell when I came home. Snowed some while I was to Avery and Odells ground was white with snow when I come home. Meeting tonight. Mack did not go. He was pretty near sick and went to bed early.

Sat, Feb 8, 1890

Rained in the night quite hard. Raining this morning had turned to snow. The union meetings closed last night. They are going up to prayer meeting. Mack goes with them after train up New Town road. They have gone. Emma & I are here alone. It is quit slipping so cutters are running (?). I have not been to see Mrs. Avery today. It has been snowy and bad. I did not dare go out.

Sun, Feb 9, 1890

Mack gone to church this morning. Emma and I did not go. Mack tended Sabbath school and the Epworth league and evening meeting. Emma & I went over to see how Mrs. Avery was. Went from 3 to 4. Found her sitting up in bed. Jennie and her mother were there with little Wey. Mr. Avery and Will were out riding. Went up to Mr. Pratts. Cold raw wind today. Mr. Kepple gone out to prevelidge for any to come forward. Two men and one woman went.

Mon, Feb 10, 1890

Very nice over head. Sleighs run some today. Some go with wagon. I called on Mrs. Avery. Found her sitting up. She was alone. I stayed with two hours. Mr. Kepple appointed prayer meeting here tonight. Emma stayed here to fix and I got rested. They none come but Mrs. Matteson and Mrs. Odell to prayer meeting. Emma mother come on evening train. Brought chicken for Emma to cook.

Tues, Feb 11, 1890

Very nice day. Emma washed and cooked chicken pie or her mother made it. We were going out today. Agent came, wanted me to be agent for a medical works. He was here three time. He wanted me to pay him four dollars to begin with. I thought have anything to do with him or the book either. Has been a beautiful day. Only the wind has blowed hard today. Mack traded away Joe today for a coat with Mr. Lent of Lamb Creek.

Wed, Feb 12, 1890

A beautiful day. We went up Town. I saw Doc Vedder for the first time since he came back to speak to him. I went out, got some olive yar. Got to Mr. Elliots. 1 Ĺ Yd of white flannel Ė 36cts, 1 Ĺ Yd of red flannel Ė 30 cts. Got to Clark Rose Juge 5 yds of bl. Muslin Ė 8 cts/yd, 3 Ĺ yds of garnet (?) muslin Ė 12 Ĺ, 2 Ĺ yds of striped good Ė 12 Ĺ yd, 1 spool cotton, 1 yd of linen Ė 50 cts. In afternoon E. mother & I went down to river, seen new bridge. Hooks have dance to Opera House tonight. Mrs. Tailor came got some cream.

Thur, Feb 13, 1890

Another beautiful day. Snow not much in road some in fields. Emma and her mother went up town, got soup bone. Had soup for dinner. Leon came in here and had soup. Doc Morrisís barn burned last night and three horses in it. Nothing was saved. Barn was locked up they said. They could not find nothing to open it with and could not get in to save them. Mack has been drawing iron to put in a car. He had a fellow helping him do it. I cut a pattern.

Fri, Feb 14, 1890

Raining this morning. Mack sheard Morgan feet. Leon came over and brought in some wood for E. Foggy this afternoon. Emma Ma finished up a garment. Gusta came over pail water. Said their water was black and the river was up. Mr. Cleveland came after our umberelia for the children to go to school this noon. Said his wife had theirs and he didnít like to keep them out of school. It was after school that Gusta was here. Emma Ma packed her sachel to go home in morning.

Sat, Feb 15, 1890

Dark lowry day it is going to be. Sun did shine out a little but has gone under now and is dark as ever. Mrs. Gibbs went home this morning. Emma cried a little when she went. H. F. got a letter from commission that they thought best not to discharge Elrey. He told us of it last night. There was a sociable to Prespterian church last night. Was some prary meeting. This afternoon is sunshiny, but the wind blows hard. H. F. gone with hard wood since 414 gone down. Man put barrel cobbs on his wagon. H. F. goes to Ripleys sale after he gets off work.

Sun, Feb 16, 1890

We all went to church this morning. It is quietly meeting. There was 9 baptised. Tom Bailey and wife, Emery Stone & wife, High Forkker (?), and I donít know who the rest were. Had communion. Did not have Sabbath school. We got home half past one. H. F. and E. went and took a ride with the colt. It has been a nice day. Mrs. Matteson called and so did Cleveland. Mrs. went today up to see her neice. She has baby. H. F. wanted to get to class meeting but didnít get ready till it was half out. Burt Finley made up his mind to go to hear preaching. Elder Shermanís presiding.

Mon, Feb 17, 1890

It is like a spring morning. H. F. is moving somebody this forenoon. Mr. Benton is helping him and was here to dinner. He piled wood here Saturday then went up at night. Is helping bring down ice chest and milk shake mc that H. F. bid off. Also, lemon squeezer. I went out to this tree & broke off a limb & the buds are all swelled out seems to me as much as they are in April & the boys said so too when they were looking at it dinner time. Mrs. Presho came up. We went with her to Mr. Averys. She had a book. Mrs. Kepple, Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Clark called here. They had been up to Bill Willson.

Tues, Feb 18, 1890

It nice morning. Rained in the night. Emma washed today. Washed H. F. pants. Ironed and mended them. He has been alone today as usual. I have been crocheting on Chretia tidy. Mr. & Mrs. Cacple attended prayer meeting to Mr. Whitings last night and both ask for prayers. They said they had a powerful prayer meeting. Mansfield is invited to Mainsburg tonight. There is a lecture to Normal this evening on brence (?). H. F. got Mr. Benton to go to train for him tonight and went to Mainsburg with G. N. Welch and others. He did not get back until 1 oíclock. It has been a beautiful day.

Wed, Feb 19, 1890

And still the Lord has spared our lives. We are feeling quite well. Colder this morning. It spits snow a little. I was looking at black berrys bushes yesterday. Found buds on the Ĺ an inch long and the ends of the buds green. Much more warm weather and they will burst out. Banquet to Normal tonight. Minsters invited Eld Cooper and T. D. Elliot. Went to Wellboro to quarterly meeting. Mack went to Mainsburg tonight to meeting.

Thurs, Feb 20, 1890

Quite cold today. Mrs. Matteson came over & brought some crochet patterns that she borrowed of Miss Jennie Johnson. She said we might use it tomorrow and next day. H. F. not feeling well. Mr. Benton went up Town with horse and delivered his express and he went to bed.

Fri, Feb 21, 1890

Quite cold today. We have been crocheting patterns. Mr. Benton worked for him today. Mack got a letter from Charlie Price. He wrote about a boy to work. Mack sent for Harry Coveny. He came and said he would let him know between that and Monday so H. F. could answer Charlie letter. Emma backed berry & custard pie this forenoon.

Sat, Feb 22, 1890

Emma has moped and ironed today. We have been picking out trimming. Warmed up some.

Sun, Feb 23, 1890

Not very cold this morning. We went to church this morning. Stayed to Sabbath school or rather went down stairs to it. I walked to meeting. H. F. went to Epworth league at three oíclock. Mr. Parlmer came home with him. Emma was lieing down. We went to meeting road. They had converts roll call. The house was full. Had to bring chairs up from down stairs. When we came home Mr. & Mrs. Kepple came down road as far as there house.

Mon, Feb 24, 1890

Raining this forenoon. Mr. Cleveland came for H. F. to do some writing for him. Prayer meeting to Mr. Parlmerís tonight. Mrs. Matteson was over here. Did not take her patterns home. Jennie & Eva down here a calling. They eat supper here. Then it was so late that she said she could not go Christian endevor so we got them to stay here the evening. H. F. went to prayer meeting. It foggy some this afternoon.

Tues, Feb 25, 1890

Emma washed. H. F. helped her some for she had a big washing. Raining hard today. It was very foggy last night. H. F. carried his collige books up for Mr. Willson to see. H. F. is working the coalt drawing flour from a car. It is foggy this afternoon. Mrs. Palmer was down here after us to come up to her house tomorrow. Mansfield people invited up to Blossburg to meeting tonight but rains so they wonít have a very good time riding up.

Wed, Feb 26, 1890

Itís a beautiful day. Emma baked some. We went up to Mr. Parlmers to tea, then came down to prayer meeting. Had a good one. Stayed to teachers meeting. Was eleven oclock when we got home. I went out and took the clothes off the line and H. F. brought them in. Emma rinsed them and hung up this forenoon. We talk of going away tomorrow. It has been like spring. Warm and sunshiny like May.

Thurs, Feb 27, 1890

We started E. * for Osceola on the 7.30 train. Took the freight at Lawrenceville. Got to Edd Gibbs 10 oclock. Stayed there to dinner. Edd & wife went with us up to Mr. Gibbs. Found them well. Stayed there all night. May gave me a money purse. She had it all ready to send to me when we got there. Eddís coalt had got out. He got it put back where it belonged. We had some sap to drink. Been very nice day, only little windy but looks as though it would rain.

Fri, Feb 28, 1890

Rains this morning. We start at eleven oclock for Frank Abbots. Rains a little after we get started. Mr. and May Gibbs go with me. The put the horses in the barn and let them rest a little. I find Maria very bad but much better than I expected. She had to whisper and had to get my head down to hear what she said. She was very much pleased to see me. They said she was ever so much better than she had been. Did not rain much while we were coming but is a damp lowry day.

Sat, Mar 1, 1890

Colder this morning. Maria is still better. It spits snow and wind blows. Mercy mopes all over excepting Maria bedroom. Dellís wife and Carry go up to Harts. Carrie takes her dress up to finish on Mrs. Harts machine. Dell was going to Osceola but Maria told him he need not go for she was so much better she could eat anything. She talks out loud now quite a little. Dell and wife went over to her folks tonight. Her father was here soon after I got here. He told her that her sister was sick. She had been over here two weeks.

Sun, Mar 2, 1890

Still cold this morning. I could not stay in the room with Maria much yesterday. It was so cold I had to wear cercle and overshoes nearly all day. Maria has her clothes on and is up this morning. She talks loud and her voice seems quite strong. She donít pretend to whisper anymore. She gave me her picture with Martic Gibbs and some peas for myself and mother. She told Carrie to get the thing for me. I brought Cretia Tidy with me. She wanted me too. Carrie got it for me. Frank take me to mothers. Very cold & windy.

Cold twelve oclock when we went to bed last night. Mother and Frank were surprised when Frank Abbot drove up there with me. He said he was just going to write to me and I had saved him the trouble. Very cold and windy but not so much so up on the hill where I have just come from. I found mother much better than I expected. Frank horse Peter donít seem to be lame any. Estalla Ledue was down here after I got here. His horses are all better.

Mon, Mar 3, 1890

Frank took me up to Mr. Gibbs. We started about eleven oclock. Got there about noon. Emma changing her clothes to come home. Found that H. F. came over Saturday night. Stayed until this morning then went home. Eddy took the coat down home with him last night. This morning H. F. takes him from there on home. Mr. Gibbs and Mary come with us to Elkland Depot. We had to wait an hour for train. We saw Wes in Lawrenceville. Said his folks were well. We bought some chips and crackers to eat. Not quite so cold.

Tues, Mar 4, 1890

Mr. Blaksley was on train last night. Mack got here at 7, we at 8. Found the plats all froze when we got here last night. We are all feeling lame and sore. Its snowing this afternoon.

Wed, Mar 5, 1890

Cold, snowing some. Emma moped yesterday. Today she is ironing. Mrs. Doc Moody wanted E. and J. to go to prayer meeting yesterday. Fent Allen wanted we should come to his house to prayer meeting last night, but it was snowing and bad. It has thawed some today but now it is colder. H. F. gone to prayer meeting. Snowing.

Thurs, Mar 6, 1890

Snow quite deep and still a snowing. Mrton Wheeler drawing *. He had 2 car load shipped in here yesterday from Lake country. Mrs. Odell sick. Dr. Vedder went there yesterday and today. H. F. came in just before noon. Said Charlie Price was in town. He has gone with some other to Mainsburg to a Grangers meeting. There is 10 inches of snow out here on the ice box. I started to go over to Mr. Odell but could not there without getting all drabled up with snow. Mrs. Matteson waded over here through the snow with crochet work for some one to show her how. I spilled carcine oil on her dress trying to make a fire.

Fri, Mar 7, 1890

Mr. Rinevault came down here to make out my papers before we had our breakfast. He said it was only two degrees above zero this morning. That is the coldest weather we have had this winter. Sunday it was 14 above at Harris Valley so Wes told me in depot to Lawrenceville the other day. Doc Vedder was in to see Mrs. Odell again this morning. I went over to Odell. Found her up but she was feeling perty bad pain in her side. Mr. Odell had let a cake of ice fall on his toe, Minn had a sore throat. Thaws some today. Taken the snow off.

Sat, Mar 8, 1890

Very cold this morning. 10 degrees below zero. I called over to Mr. Odell, see how she was getting along. The little boy got hurt while I was there. Loyd & Opps horse got hurt today. Caught its foot between the plank and track at Rail Road crossing. H. F. had Dandy harnessed up tonight. Drove him up Town to see how it would seem. Emma is making the mate to the pillow case that I made last week. Mrs. Matteson was over here tonight and told us about two girls came near setting the Lady's building a fire a boiling some cloths in a pail over the lamp. One was Elliot Gibb (?) girl.

Sun, Mar 9, 1890

Thaws today. H. F. goes to church and sabboth school along. I have a lame back and side. My back was taken lame yesterday. H. F. baithed this morning before going to meeting. I read his lesson over to him and he learned it. Froze last night but thaws today. Sun shines all day. Itís a beautiful day, not a cloud to be seen. H. F. went to Ephworth League and also to prayer meeting. We stayed home all day. It is freezing again tonight. I have on mustard when I go to bed.

Mon, Mar 10, 1890

People are getting ice today. Mr. Potter had H. F. ice tongs Saturday. His girl brought them home today. He sent word for them. He wanted to use them. H. F. got one load of ice and fix a place for it. Then they quit sawing for the ice got so rotton. I went down to Bentons to get him to come up help Mack but he was not there. He was helping Broze (?) & Briggs. He worked for them Saturday night till 10 oclock getting ice. They finished up this morning. Looks like rain. Some are getting at dark but it is all slush. Guess it will not keep good. Am better today.

Tues, Mar 11, 1890

Rained last night is raining this morning and has all the forenoon. Emma has washed this forenoon. Mack put them through the first water for her. She hung colored ones in house, rest are in tub. Mack has been drawing bags from depot. Now has gone with load of hard wood. Mack hurt his ancle jumping off the wood out here just before 4.14 went down. He sprained it I think. It is pretty lame and sore tonight. I sent a letter to Maria today. Mack took it to train.

Wed, Mar 12, 1890

Lowry all day. Emma has not hung up her clothes yet. I have been sewing on a skirt today and read some. It is bad damp and so I shall not go to prayer meeting tonight. Mack has gone to prayer meeting tonight. He feels pretty well now. He was nearly discourage this morning and I went by myself and prayed for him and I believed the Lord answered my prayer. He had four agents today. I prayed the Lord to keep him and give him grace to withstand temptations so he might not get angry and go back from serving the Lord but continue on.

Thurs, Mar 13, 1890

Bad day. First looks as though it would rain then as though it would clear off. We had early breakfast and dinner before noon train. I finished up skirt today. Mack ancle is better this morning, pretty sore yet. Mrs. Matteson took our shears up yesterday afternoon and got them sharpened. We went over to Mr. Robbins yesterday after the 4.14 went down. It has rained nearly all day and is fearful muddy. Will Avery and wife have been gone all week. Went away last Sunday on visit to Wellsboro and round to see their relatives.

Fri, Mar 14, 1890

Raining this morning. Mr. Cleveland went to Elmira today. Mrs. Kepple went away on morning train. Mr. Odell picked up the yard here some this morning. Mr. Avery put a mans wagon under our shed. Have big time to Boro school today. Mrs. Cleveland gone. Mrs. Kinney came over here, brought her work. A Mrs. Ellis came after her, she had to go home. Miss Watters came down here right after the 4.14 went down and stayed until 6 oclock. Tried to get her to stay to tea. Mack washed Morgans legs tonight. Made it pretty late getting to bed. I made a night dress this forenoon. Just at night the sun shines out.

Sat, Mar 15, 1890

Snowed just a little last night to make the ground white this morning. Has cleared away and is going to be a nice day. Emma is hanging up her clothes. She sent Leon up town after corn starch and sugar. I signed my draft this morning and let H. F. use it to use pay where he was owing. I was up at night, bowels running off. Emma got her clothes dry and that is all before it began to storm again. Gusta came over and invited us over to eat warm sugar. Went after train. Mrs. Matteson was over here so we could not go before. Will Stone moved to Corning today. Goods went on freight. His family went on 4.14. Hattie was down to see them off. Freezing tonight.

Sun, Mar 16, 1890

The ground is white with snow this morning. Sun shines out a little and then it snows some. Mack went to church this morning but had to hurry some to get there in time it was so late when he got up. He went to sabbath school. Did not go to Ephworth league. Wrote a little in his book and then went to sleep. Harry Tayler came after milk. I got Mack up but Tayler said he would take morning milk if he could have it. Mack done work and went to meeting. May Tayler came after milk for Mrs. Goldmire. I was up again last night. Today was regular March day with good deal of wind.

Mon, Mar 17, 1890

Sun shines out this morning but its cold and froze up. Mack is drawing Mr. Horton's coke. It came down on freight Saturday afternoon and he drew one load or part of one. It was so fearful muddy. Emma is fixing to mend her dress. I was up again in the night two or three times. H. F. went to Doc Elliot and got some medicine for me and I took one pill. Thought I would not have to take any more but I have had to take another dose tonight and it makes me so sick. Mack has been drawing coke for me. Horton broke his wagon tire. Mr. Parker drawed him a load of hay. Steve French came here to help unload hay.

Tues, Mar 18, 1890

Emma was heel (?) today and got her clothes dry. It is all thawing up again. Mack has finished drawing Mr. Horton coke. He had to use Magger to do it. Steve helped him. Mack went over, built fence tonight around Mrs. Morcie (?) field where he had oats last year. Steve brought his dog here tonight. He went up to the farm tonight before supper. Mrs. Matteson came over. Brought Emma some trimming to put on her night dress. Edwin brought in the eggs. Leon went up town, got crackers and yeast cake. Steve done chores, all but milking cow. She would not let him.

Wed, Mar 19, 1890

Snowing this morning. We have got number inches snow at dinner time. Steve went away this morning. Left his dog here and his thing. It has stopped snowing and now it is thawing. The water runs off from the eaves. Emma has cryed two hours and I don't know what ails her unless its something that I have done but I am sure that I don't know what it is. I pieced one block this afternoon. Mrs. Kinney came over here after thread to make her slippers. She had on her rubber boots for she had to wade in the snow to get here.

Thurs, Mar 20, 1890

It is thawing today. The snow will soon be gone. I ironed quite a few clothes this forenoon and pieced a number of blocks. Emma has a lame hip. Has been lame ever since Sunday. She put mustard on it when she went to bed. Mrs. Matteson brought her shoes over here for Emma to try on. Wind in south west today. Steve said he had roast goose up to Mr. Balls to dinner. It was wild goose. Mr. Bull shot it up in his field the other day.

Fri, Mar 21, 1890

Emma finished ironing today. I have been piecing as usual. It is a lovely day and like spring. Steve went home on the freight this afternoon. We went down to Mr. Kinney after the 4.14 went down. Emma sent a letter to Mac and I sent to Frank. Leon took them to office last night. Steve left his dog here for Mack. He said he could have him. Mack found a Normal girls pocket book. Wind in the south west today. Kitty is sick today. Mack went to lodge. The Odd Fellows elected officers.

Sat, Mar 22, 1890

It was raining when I woke up this morning. It has rained all day and part of the time it has rained hard. Womman came for him to draw half a cord of wood. I have 11 blocks pieced. Emma finished sewing the trimming on her night dress and the buttons on too. Mr. Allen and Mr. Lawrence went Lamb Creek to meeting tonight. George Newell half cord of hard wood.

Sun, Mar 23, 1890

Not very cold this morning. H. F. and I went to church this morning and to Sabbath school. I went alone. Mack came after. H. F. went to Epworth league. Came back. We head Sunday school lesson. Mr. Cleveland came. Mack didn't get ready to go to meeting tonight. Went to bed quite early. His ankle is quite lame yet.

Mon, Mar 24, 1890

It is a very nice day. Emma washed this fore noon. We made leggons for Morgue out of cloth. Mack got oil cloth tonight for leggons for horse. Got clothes dry and brought them in the house. Mr. Sterctvent (?) moved the other side the river in Mr. Moricis house today. We can see their light tonight. Jennie & Eva came down here tonight a little while. They told us about Miss Stewart being dead. Mack told us after train that she was going to buryed tomorrow and they wanted orphans for bearers.

Tues, Mar 25, 1890

Warm this morning. I am not feeling very good this morning. Sick at my stomach. Had bowel complaint yesterday. Feel better since breakfast. Eat my dinner nearly one oclock and went to funral before the rest got ready for dinner. Miss Watters and I went Miss Stewart funral held at Episcopal Church. They had two lamps a burning up over the alter. It was two oclock in afternoon. Mr. Catlin, J. E. Mattews, Dewit Burnum, Tom Juge, Art Brown, Chest Presho were the barers. All orphans of soldiers but Tom. Rains hard as they go to semetry.

Wed, Mar 26, 1890

Sun shone out nice this morning but has been storming since. Spit snow a little. Mr. Odell picking up here shingles and trash sliking up. Mack told him to trim out the berry bushes and pile the dead brush. He went and cut down dead, live and all and piled them before we saw what he was at or we would stopped him for we had made great reckon on the berrys this summer. Mrs. Matteson came over here, got her shoes. H. F. went up and had some leggon made for his horse. We commence buying butter. He brought some home with him. Has been a bad day.

Thurs, Mar 27, 1890

This is my 48 birthday. Am feeling pretty well and itís a beautiful day. H. F. put the old leggon on the horse this morning for awhile then he got the new ones and put on. Emma cleaned part of pantry today. Mrs. Wood came here for him to take some thing of her daughter up. Prayer meeting to Mr. Cleveland tonight. He came here and got 10 chairs. I intended to go but am so tired I can't. The coalt tore round and got in where the cows sheep were and drove them out. Emma had to go to barn after cow and I had to fill the tank so to have warm water to clean mud off horse.

Fri, Mar 28, 1890

Snowed last night. Ground white with snow this morning. Mr. Cleveland said about 30 to prayer meeting last night. He said one of his horses was so lame this morning he didn't know what ailed it. Mack gone to move Mr. Rinevault up to Opria block. Emma found machine oil yesterday in pantry. Let Odell have basket of potatoes yesterday to pay him for picking up. H. F. made out check for Cleveland to go to Fairbanks Scale Co. H. F. came in early, put out his horse and fixed barn. Moved straw. I helped him about moving grain. Cloudy all day. Sun come out a few minutes just at night.

Sat, Mar 29, 1890

Snowed again last night. Cold, froze some this forenoon. Wind blows hard. Mack brought down agent trunks this morning for train and took away a load of wood. * then put horse in barn and stood until freight. Wheeled down butter by hand rather than to take horse out in mud. He was as near discouraged as a man could be this noon. Emma and I prayed for ourselves and him after he had gone. Sun shines out * spells. Very changeable.

Sun, Mar 30, 1890

Snowed again last night. The ground is white this morning. H. F. and I went to church and Sabbath school this morning. We walked down with Mrs. Dr. Moody as far as her house. Mr. Kepple talks on baptism in the church polars (?). At two oclock Mack goes to the Epworth league all so to evening meeting. They have roll call tonight. I wanted to go but thought it would be too much for me to walk up there twice in one day. Very changeable. Some times snow, some times sun shine.

Mon, Mar 31, 1890

Sun shines some and cloudy some. Mud drying up fast. It was froze a little this morning. I got all ready to go up town and Mrs. Mattews came down. Brought his work. Stayed until 6 oclock. I finished tucking skirt. Morge didn't ware leggon today. Mack did not get in to eat supper until nearly nine. He was fixing barn or box he put over wash water when he got chores done. Dandy got out of yard and Mag got out of barn this forenoon. Mag pulled staple that has halter fasten.

Tues, Apr 1, 1890

Itís a nice day, air cold. Emma has washed. Mack put them through the first time. Leon and I helped put them through the last time. Mr. Lent began drawing slab wood here this morning. That is the first time I have seen Joe since Mack let him go. I went up carried Jennie shall home, found Mrs. Matteson there with Edna coat for them to fit. Said she could do nothing with it. Went up, called in kitchen to Hotel then went Mrs. Matthews room. Didn't find her afirst but went back with her. I got some shirts of her. Mr. Matthews came while there. H. F. had two agents. Agents up. A Mo* , Fent Allen. Been beautiful day.

Wed, Apr 2, 1890

Emma has ironed. I helped a little. Been nice today this forenoon. Froze last night, has not all thawed up yet. Lent drawed 4 loads of wood here yesterday, two in wood riggon, two in wagon box. H. F. got notice from insurance co, also letter from Frank last night. He is going to stay to home and farm it this summer. Mack got them both last night. Has been very nice day. The air a little cold. Mrs. Matteson over here and said Mrs. Avery was sick with Rheumitism. Been sick all day. Mack didn't go to prayer meeting tonight. Did not get in eat supper until nearly nine oclock.

Thurs, Apr 3, 1890

Very nice today. Benton here piling wood. Lent drawed two more loads of wood. Emma and I went over the river and called on Mrs. Sterdvent. Met Mrs. Moody on the bridge when we were coming home and saw some sap by the road side. One tree run as fast as it could. We stopped to see Mrs. Avery when we came back. Emma and Lean got dirt tonight, also seeds. I layed down and rested awhile then I went up to Welchs and got some white yarn. It has been a beautiful day. We started to knit but needles too fine.

Fri, Apr. 4, 1890

Rains this morning, is very mudy today. Yesterday it way dry up mud fast the wind and sun. Benton out here piling wood this morning. Has stopped raining and looks as though it might clear away. I got a letter from my stating that she was still living but ere long she would be at rest and that it was probable the last letter I would get from her. She seemed in her letter to be resined and willing to go. It is raining hard. Mrs. Odell came over to get a gossmer for Minnie to wear up to church to sociable. It is raining hard.

Sat, Apr. 5, 1890

Some cloudy now but looks as though it might clear away. We got up very late this morning. Mrs. Odell brought out milk over before we were up. I went over to Cleveland, borrowed some knitting needles and then set up some work. I went over to see Mrs. Avery this afternoon. Found her better. She has sit up quite a little. She had her hair banged yesterday. Been very nice today, only a cold air. The wind has dried up the mud quite a bit. Mack got a letter from Elery. He is in hospital with abscess.

Sun, Apr 6, 1890

Mack and I went to church this morning. We were late for Dandy got out. He had to get him in. I went on alone but waited for H. F. in church hall. We stayed to class meeting. Gill Welch acted as class leader for the first time. We came home and while eating dinner, Mrs. Kepple called to see how we were. She thought we were some of us sick because she didnít happen to see us. She stay here until 4 oclock then had to meeting for she had children meeting at that time. H. F. gave her a chunk of maple sugar to eat. Beautiful day.

Mon, Apr 7, 1890

Lowry today. Lent brought load of wood. We have been knitting. Emma made bread. I went over to Avery. Borrowed flour. Found Mrs. Avery better today. Yesterday she was worse. Rhumatism went to stomach. The Doc was there to see her twice. When I went after Mike last night ask Mrs. Odell to come over. Emma wanted see her. She said she would be she didn't come until it was late, at least she has not come.

Tues, Apr 8, 1890

Has been rainy today so Emma couldn't hang up her clothes when she got them washed. Mrs. Odell was over. E. ask her about washing. She said she would see Minnie and let her know. When I went after milk tonight she told me that Minnie said she would. Mrs. Matteson was here and I showed her what we were knitting. Rains yet. We have a rainy day. I sewed on dress. H. F. commenced fixing up shanty. We have very hard thunder shower this evening. Rains hard as it can pour down.

Wed, Apr 9, 1890

Well, its cloudy yet today and rains some. Minnie Odell came here. Began work. She washed comfortable and pieces of carpet. Did dare wash bed quilts in rain. H. F. fixed floor in shanty this morning. The girls have concluded to hang up clothes and are rinsing them. Cleveland's horse is loose and is running. Gusta is out there and now Mack has gone to help Asa catch him. Clevelands, Harry Talor and Odells all have to come here after water. Their wells are roily after the hard show last night. The girls riped up old pants. Wind blowing tonight.

Thurs, Apr 10, 1890

Wind blew terrible last night. Blew down bed tick and carpet. I had to go out fetch in what clothes Minnie left out and fix carpet and comfortable on the line. Well they have riped rags and washed them & two bed quilts and Minnie has scrubbed out the shanty. Looks very nice out there. I have began making trimming narrow. The sun has been out nearly all day. The girl got all the clothes and carpet dry and in the house. Mack Mrs. Odell sick with rheumatism had the Doc today. Mr. Odell went over after May this morning.

Fri, Apr 11, 1890

Minnie has cleaned both bedrooms and got the carpets down. Put them down herself. Got one bed stead up, the other she cant put up without Mack to help her, so her and I are going to hear Chaplin lecture on missions. Came back down to Jennies and Evas. Went with Eva down to Elder Kepple to get her a ticket of Miss Curtis. Then went to lecture evening. Chaplin McCabe lectured on the bright side of Liby prison, his experience. He said we had all heard the bad side before this and it had all been true. Been a very nice day.

Sat, Apr 12, 1890

It has a beautiful. The mud has dried up. Mr. Avery had plowed his garden today. Mack took Mogue off up town. Minnie swept up stairs, moped and cleaned kitchen. Mack moved stone out in shanty with Harry Taylor help. Minnie take down one end of carpet. Mrs. Kinney called here this evening. Emma ironed this. Mr. Saterlee and Mr. Decker with three teams moved the old building off Mr. Clevelands back onto mart Kings where if floated from in June flood. Mr. Odell and Mr. Cleveland helped them move it.

Sun, Apr. 13, 1890

Beautiful day, warm and pleasant. I went church. Minnie walked up to the Doc office with me. Mack came. He wasnít ready when I went and then he had nose bleed and had to stop to hotel to wash. We went Sabbath school. Ward Bailey other baby burried today. Mr. Kepple officiation. Mrs. Gifford also buried today. Funeral to Baptist church. Mrs. Matteson went up to Bailey's to be gone two or three days. Lena and May Talor went to woods. Got flour and brought Emma some. Mr. Kepple preached missionary sermon this morning. Mrs. Barnes was to M. E. C. this morning.

Mon, Apr 14, 1890

Minnie washed this morning then put down oil clothes and matting. They finished washing carpet rags and washed the last spread. Mrs. Cleveland went up and had her teeth out. Took gass and made her sick. I went town and got some butter and cod-fish. I went down to see Mrs. Cleveland. Their daughter & children there. Went home on night train. H. F. been moving Frank Clarks things into a car. Hooks have a reception for Frank Clark and Tom Farer. One goes to Hornellsville to fire on coal train, the other goes to Colorado for health. Has turned cold and wind blows.

Tues, Apr 15, 1890

Quite cool today. Changed stoves. Put coal stove up stairs. Minnie cleaning front room. H. F. got stove down. Had to take pipe up and have it cut off. Man came up stairs where we were. I went over to Odell while he was getting pipe. Doc came and them Mrs. Cleveland. Bails of hay got on fire from the train. Gusta came over said her mother had got to go up town get trimming for her dress. H. F. finished rolling meadow this morning. Took windows out and washed them. Mrs. Mathews came down. Lola stayed to supper. We gave her piece of sugar.

Wed, Apr 16, 1890

Minnie put carpet down all but one end. Mr. Odell helping H. F. today. I went over to Clevelands. Gusta dug a place for me to sow garden seed. Minnie and Gusta dug dandyline. Emma and I looked them over, had them cook for supper. Mrs. Presho came up here. Emma and were over to Cleveland when she came. She would not stay to supper because she had the door locked and Chester couldn't get in when he got home from school. Itís a very nice day.

Thurs, Apr 17, 1890

Nice day. H. F. got up this morning. Put down end of carpet and fixed oil cloth under stove. Minnie tacked down oil cloth and straightened up room.

Fri, Apr 18, 1890

Quite cool, froze a little. Minnie ironed to. Emma wrote a letter to May and I wrote one to Frank. Minnie carried them to office and got some camphor and some onion & radish seed. I sowed letice & radish seed this morning. Lent drew another load of wood this morning. A little boy to Mr. Cleveland brought me 4 cans. Leon Matteson brought me a lot of cans in Mr. Backers cart. Getting colder. Will freeze quite hard tonight. Some girls, three of them, came inquiring about shall (?).

Sat, Apr 19, 1890

Very cold. Froze water pail over in shanty. Minnie got breakfast. We had dandyline greens for dinner. Mrs. Presho sent them to us by Chester when he went to school. Mrs. Matthews was down here this afternoon an hour or so. She had been to Harry Taylors. I set out 6 of our tomato plants. I went over to Clevelands, got 6 plants, and set out in cans tonight. Minnie Odell went home for good tonight. Is not coming again. Has warmed up some today.

Sun, Apr 20, 1890

I didn't go to church today. Had to stay to home to do work for we are alone. H. F. did not go this morning. Didn't get ready. He went to meeting evening. He went up to Mr. Woods to get a girl. Mrs. Woods said she would come and try it. See if she could do work. Froze some last night, quite cool today.

Mon, Apr 21, 1890

I got up and got breakfast. Quite nice, little cool. Mrs. Mathews down here a few minutes before dinner. Told Mrs. Medca was sick. We went up stairs after dinner and emtied things out of box onto floor and packed trunk. We have done the work today. It is getting very warm.

Tues, Apr 22, 1890

Emma baked cake and lemon pies. We have done the work today. The livery horse got fright over to the depot and ran away. Went past here and around the square and back across the railroad track where one fell down and hurt itself. It has been very warm today.

Wed, Apr 23, 1890

Just as we got the morning work done, Mrs. Wood came. She scrubbed out the shanty this forenoon. After dinner she knit. Has been very nice today. Good many fires around. We went up stairs and picked up things.

Thurs, Apr 24, 1890

Mrs. Wood washed today. It rained so she could not hang up clothes.

Fri, Apr 25, 1890

Mrs Ö. (no more writing in diary after this single word entry)

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