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Death Records of Notre Dame Church Ogdensburg NY
1859 1915
Provided by Jim Bertrand
Transcribed by Anne Cady
Last Names S-Z
Last Name First Name Date Other Info Witnesses
ST. AMOUR no name 31 Dec 1894 Child of Lec  
ST. ANDRE Julie 12 Sep 1870 Age 1 day Joseph St. Andre and Antoine Lebouef
ST. ANDRE Julie 18 Jun 1863 Age 1 mo  
ST. ANDRE no name 1 Feb 1897 Child of Charles  
ST. ANDRE Margret 2 Oct 1899 Born 1874, wife of John Livingston, buried NDC  
ST. ANDRE George 4 Mar 1877 Son of Henry  
ST. ANDRE Charles 15 Apr 1894 Husband of Brigette Ryan Joseph and Henry St. Andre
ST. ANDRE no name 1 Jun 1894 Child of John  
ST. ANDRE no name 16 Aug 1895 Child of Alphonse  
ST. ANDRE Joseph 5 Aug 1885 Husband of Marie Galarneau Joseph Gravel and Cleophas Thibault
ST. ANDRE Angeline 23 Dec 1890 Wife of Peter Douillet  
ST. ANDRE Julie 17 Feb 1907 Wife of George Pilon  
ST. ANDRE no name 27 Nov 1904 Child of William  
ST. ANDRE Marie (Handle) 26 Jan 1915 Wife of David Scott  
ST. ANDRE no name 12 Dec 1913 Child of Henry  
ST. ANDREWS Charles 1869-1897 Buried NDC  
ST. DENIS Denis 6 May 1877 Husband of Marie Scott David Scott and George St. Denis
ST. DENIS Marie Armelie 5 Dec 1876 Wife of Charles Goerge St. Denis and Archille Larocque
ST. DENYS Marie Genevieve 29 Jul 1859 Daug of Froucet and Becky Scott  
ST. DENYS Aurelie 17 Sep 1859 Daug of Denys St. Denis and Artherine Longuiel  
ST. DENYS Rose 29 Jul 1863 Wife of Octave Lebeau Pierre Lebeau
ST. DENYS Caroline 30 Jul 1873 George St. Denis and Antoine Lebeouef  
ST. DENYS no name 18 Jan 1892 Child of John  
ST. DENYS Eveline 7 May 1882 Wife of William Comeau Joseph St. Denis and Peter Galarneau
ST. DENYS Anna 25 Jun 1882 Daug of Joseph  
ST. DENYS Victoria 17 Oct 1908 Wife of Louis Dandarand  
ST. DENYS Margret 18 Jun 1883 Daug of Joseph  
ST. DENYS Anna 5 Aug 1902 Wife of George LaLonde Joseph and Alfred St. Denis
ST. DENYS Virgina 30 Jul 1903 Wife of J. Bte Cyr  
ST. DENYS George 14 Sep 1903 Husband of Emelie Gagnon (deceased)  
ST. DENYS Marie Louise 12 May 1905 Wife of Joseph Menard  
ST. DENYS George 9 Dec 1905 Husband of Matilda Boyer J. Bte Farand and Charles St. Denis
ST. DENYS Marie 17 Sep 1911 Wife of Andre Larocque  
ST. DENYS Francis 12 Dec 1911    
ST. GEORGE Julie 17 Oct 1899 Wife of J. Bte. Jerome (deceased)  
ST. GERMAIN Francis 27 Dec 1901 Husband of Elmire Lesperance  
ST. GERMAIN Helen 12 Sep 1871 Daug of Francis and Edmire Lesperance  
ST. GERMAIN George 14 Sep 1897 Died 11 1897, son of Louis, buried NDC, age 23  
ST. GERMAIN no name 7 Apr 1900 Child of Francis  
ST. GERMAIN Louis 22 Dec 1900 Husband of Margrete Guilmette Charles and William St. Germain
ST. GERMAIN Joseph 11 Jul 1864 Son of Louis St. Germain and Margret Guilmeth, Infant Alexis and Pierre Gulmeth
ST. GERMAIN George 21 Apr 1874 Son of Lewis J. H. Vallie and Francis St. Germain
ST. GERMAIN no name 10 Feb 1893 Child of Alfred  
ST. GERMAIN Charles 13 May 1891 Son of Francis  
ST. GERMAIN no name 2 Apr 1881 Child of Francis  
ST. GERMAIN Amelia 11 Feb 1908 Wife of Alfred Richard  
ST. GERMAIN no name 26 May 1909 Child of Francis  
ST. JEAN no name 29 Jun 1896 Child of George  
ST. JEAN no name 25 Nov 1896 Child of Eusebe  
ST. JEAN no name 27 Mar 1883 Child of Eusebe  
ST. MARIE Adolph 21 Dec 1896 Husband of Catherine Massia Henry Hebert and Joseph Massia
ST. MARIE no name 31 May 1887 Child of Adolph  
ST. MAURICE Arthemise 12 Apr 1866 Age 38, wife of Joseph Paquin  
ST. ONGE George 24 Nov 1865 Age 22 mo, son of Baptiste and Sophie Rollin  
ST. ONGE Sophie 19 Feb 1876 Daug of Henry Favila Lacombe
ST. ONGE Catherine (Lebouef) 10 Dec 1867 Wife of Antoine Augustin Rose Francis Denis
ST. ONGE Francis 9 Oct 1861 Son of J. Bte and Sophie Rollin, age 4 mo Henry Rollin and Pierre St. Onge
ST. ONGE Aimie 3 May 1863 Daug of J. Bte and Sophie Rollin; died 1 May, age 6 mo Pierre Lepine
ST. ONGE Josephine 19 Jul 1863 Daug of Michaeal and Emilie Galarneau John St. Onge and Pierre Galarneau
ST. ONGE Emelie 20 Jul 1861 Daug of Michaeal and Emilie Galarneau John St. Onge and Pierre Galarneau
ST. ONGE Philomine 28 Sep 1863 Daug of Antoine and Catherine Lebouef Pierre Seguin Laderoute and Joseph Larocque
ST. ONGE Joseph 11 Jul 1864 Infant son of Louis and Margurite Guilmette Alex and Pierre Guilemette
ST. ONGE no name 6 Aug 1897 Child of Edward  
ST. ONGE Peter 12 Apr 1875 Husband of Philomine Lanorie Sylva Benard and Charles Marceau
ST. ONGE J. Bte 13 Jan 1890 Husband of Sophie Rollin Alphonse Remi and Eusebe Dault
ST. ONGE Antoine 5 Sep 1891 Husband of deceased Ludovicas Depuis  
ST. ONGE no name 16 Aug 1878 Child of Charles  
ST. ONGE no name 25 Sep 1878 Child of Edward  
ST. ONGE Edward 14 Dec 1912    
ST. PIERRE Angeline 30 Aug 1862 Wife of Etinne Method, daug of Francis St. Pierre and Angeline Berian  
ST. VINCENT Gedeon 18 Apr 1872 Son of Gedeon and Philomine Daigneault Felix Gagne and Joseph Gagnon
ST. VINCENT Matilda 3 May 1874 Daug of Gedeon and Philomine Daigneault Gedeon Vincent and Joseph Graveline
SABOURIN Victoria 16 Feb 1875 Daug of Joseph and Virgina Lajoie Bernard and Joseph Lepage
SABOURIN no name 18 Jul 1892 Child of Rudolph  
SABOURIN no name 4 Feb 1896 Child of Dana  
SABOURIN no name 13 Mar 1887 Child of Andre  
SABOURIN Hormidais 13 May 1889 Son of A. Sabourin  
SABOURIN no name 7 Dec 1890 Child of Charles  
SABOURIN no name 11 Apr 1881 Child of Amedea  
SABOURIN no name 28 Apr 1902 Child of Joseph  
SABOURIN no name 8 Jul 1906 Child of Joseph  
SABOURIN Edward 11 Jun 1915 Son of Joseph  
SABOURIN Marie 2 May 1911 Wife of Esdras Brisson  
SABOURIN no name 22 Jun 1902 Child of Joseph  
SANCHEREAU Laura 4 May 1896 Wife of Micheal Dubreuil Eugene Martin Dubreuil
SANSCARTIER Julie 17 Jun 1910 Wife of George Roi  
SAUVAGE Julien 6 Feb 1884 Husband of Marie Murphy Isaac Paquin
SAUVE John 16 Oct 1877 Son of Arthur and Victoria Brassard Arthur Sauve and Felix Brassard
SAUVE Marie Agnes 20 Aug 1876 Daug of Xavier  
SAUVE Marie Anna 12 Jul 1872 Daug of Benjamin and Christine Sabourin J. Bte. Lariviere and Antoine Labouef
SAUVE no name 11 Aug 1897 Child of Joseph  
SAUVE Joseph 2 Jul 1900 Died 30 Jun 1900, born 16 May 1860; husband of Hermine Fournier, buried NDC Antoine Montreuil and Henry Sauve
SAUVE no name 6 Aug 1900 Child of Xavier  
SAUVE Henry 14 Apr 1875 Son of Joseph Obinani Sauve and Emelia Porrier Sylvas Benard and Alexander Marceau
SAUVE Joanne 6 Feb 1874 Daug of Benjamin and Christine Sabourin Peter and David LaVallie
SAUVE Wilfred Augustin 12 Apr 1874 Son of Joseph and Adeline Robillard Joseph Porrier and Peter Dessert
SAUVE William J. 19 Feb 1895 Born 1865, husband of Maria Leclair, buried NDC John Williams and John Brassard
SAUVE J. Bte 23 Nov 1896 Husband of Elisabeth Dicaire Francis and J. Bte Sauve
SAUVE no name 13 Mar 1884 Child of J. Bte.  
SAUVE no name 7 May 1885 Child of Xavier  
SAUVE no name 28 Apr 1887 Child of Alfred  
SAUVE Henry 29 Apr 1887 Son of Arthur Felix Brassard and William Sauve
SAUVE Francis X. 26 Jul 1882 Husband of Caroline Desjardins Paul Poirrier and Peter Beauve
SAUVE no name 5 Apr 1907 Child of Adolphie  
SAUVE Adelaide 15 Apr 1878 Wife of J. Bte Montreuil Joseph and Francis Montreuil
SAUVE no name 16 Sep 1883 Child of Francis  
SAUVE no name 4 Jan 1884 Child of Francis  
SAUVE Alfred 25 Jun 1902 Husband of Josephine Beaulieu Alexander Beaulieu and Josephine Poirier
SAUVE Emeri 29 Apr 1903 Husband of Adeline Legault Joseph Bellefeuville and Joseph Bergeron
SAUVE Marceline 1 Mar 1904 Wife of Micheal Lemay  
SAUVE Napoleon 4 May 1904 Son of Jacob  
SAUVE no name 22 Feb 1905 Child of Alfred  
SAUVE Emelie (Denis) 3 Nov 1905 Wife of Eugene Sauve  
SAUVE Wilfred 24 Dec 1905 Son of Alfred  
SAUVE Eugene 27 Apr 1906 Husband of Emelie Denis (deceased)  
SAUVE Justin 10 Jun 1906 Son of Alfred  
SAUVE no name 22 Jan 1907 Child of Henry  
SAUVE Albertine 3 Apr 1913 Wife of Henry Gascon  
SAUVE Amedee 17 Aug 1916 NDC  
SAUVE Marie 29 Mar 1910 Wife of Antoine Montreuil  
SAUVE Caroline (Desjardins) 23 Jul 1901 Wife of Xavier  
SAUVE Elisabeth 13 Mar 1902 Wife of J. Bte Francis and B. Bte Sauve
SCOTT Emelia Marie 25 Nov 1873 Wife of Francis St. Denis Denis St. Denis and Joseph Gagnon
SCOTT no name 23 Nov 1886 Child of Dandis  
SCOTT Emelie 28 Mar 1890 Wife of (deceased) Patrick Flemming Xavier and Patrick Flemming
SCOTT no name 4 Oct 1880 Child of David  
SCOTT no name 5 Nov 1878 Child of William  
SECOURS Elmire 16 Jul 1859 Daug of Pascal and Marcellin Secours; wife of Joseph Secours  
SEGUIN George 22 Jul 1870 Son of Alexander and Philomine Lavigne George Lavigne and Napoleon Deault
SEGUIN Elmira 23 Oct 1916 Maurice Deault  
SEGUIN Edward 9 Oct 1877 Son of J. Bte Joseph Legault
SEGUIN J. Bte 20 Sep 1876 Son of J. Bte and Matilda Legault Henry Legault and J. Bte Seguin
SEGUIN Virginia (Rochelleau) 17 Apr 1872 Wife of Peter Douillet Edward Lapointe and Joseph Seguin
SEGUIN Josephte (Binette) 14 Jun 1872 Wife of J. Bte Alex Binette and Augustin Petri
SEGUIN no name 7 Jan 1897 Child of Joseph  
SEGUIN Albina 12 Jan 1892 Wife of Theodore Beriault Thomas and J. Bte. Seguin
SEGUIN no name 10 Feb 1892 Child of Alexander  
SEGUIN no name 5 Jun 1892 Child of Thomas  
SEGUIN no name 14 Aug 1892 Child of Joseph  
SEGUIN no name 15 Sep 1892 Child of Joseph  
SEGUIN no name 17 Sep 1892 Child of Joseph  
SEGUIN no name 22 Oct 1893 Child of Thomas  
SEGUIN Emelia 23 Oct 1887 Wife of J. Bte. Montreuil Napoleon Montreuil and David Maska
SEGUIN Alexander 23 Dec 1887 died 21 Dec 1887, age 52 yrs, 4 m os; husband of Philomine Lavigne; buried NDC Napoleon Denis and Alexander Seguin
SEGUIN no name 6 Feb 1889 Child of Louis  
SEGUIN no name 10 Sep 1889 Child of Edward  
SEGUIN Pierre 22 Sep 1889 Husband of Florence Boucher Joseph Seguin and Edward Lapointe
SEGUIN no name 19 Jun 1880 Child of J. Bte.  
SEGUIN no name 30 Jan 1881 Child of J. Bte.  
SEGUIN no name 11 Aug 1907 Child of Adolphie  
SEGUIN Pierre 11 Jul 1902 Husband of Catherine St. Onge  
SEGUIN no name 27 Dec 1903 Child of Thomas  
SEGUIN no name 15 Mar 1905 Child of Joseph  
SEGUIN no name 7 Jun 1905 Child of Alexander  
SEGUIN J. Bte 12 Jul 1906 Husband of Matilda Legault  
SEGUIN Rosanna 7 Jun 1915 Wife of Arthur Lapointe  
SEGUIN Edward 10 Aug 1914 Husband of Dorthy Lanctin  
SEGUIN no name 22 Jun 1912 Child of Francis  
SEGUIN Zoe 2 May 1911    
SENECAl no name 8 Dec 1880 Child of Francis  
SENQUENTIER Christina 5 Aug 1897 Wife of William Scott David and J. Bte Scott
SHAPMAN no name 2 Jul 1885 Daug of William  
SHARPE no name 28 Mar 1913 Child of Jean  
SHARPE no name 16 Aug 1891 Child of Robert  
SIMARD no name 23 Feb 1897 Child of William  
SIMARD no name 5 May 1894 Child of William  
SIMARD Aurora 2 Jun 1895 Daug of William  
SIMARD no name 31 Aug 1882 Child of William  
SIMARD William 8 Sep 1902 Husband of Adelaide Martel  
SIMARD no name 24 Nov 1909 Child of Henry  
SIMON William 3 Sep 1868 Son of Francis Xavier and Julia Farand Thomas Charlebois and Antoine Lebouef
SIMON Lucie 28 Jul 1862 Daug of J. Bte and Frances Langlois; died 25 Jul 1862, age 17  
SIMMONS no name 19 Jan 1914 Child of Aron  
SIRE Caliste 4 Jun 1866    
SIVERAIS Rose 26 Aug 1897 Wife of Louis Cotuan Juluis Cotuan and Peter Galarneau
SMITH no name 4 Feb 1910 Child of William  
SOUCI Denalda 9 Dec 1871 Daug of Etiene and Agnes Beaudreau Thomas Morin and Maurce Deault
SOUCI ADELINE 30 Nov 1871 Daug of Etiene and Agnes Beaudreau Thomas Morin and Joseph Method
SOUCI no name 1 Feb 1892 Child of Vilmaire  
SOUCI Vilmare 16 Oct 1895 Husband of Emma Dagenais Juliuis Dagenais and J. Bte Armstrong
SOUCI no name 10 Dec 1891 Child of Edward  
SOUCI Edward 19 Dec 1891 Husband of Amanda Corbeille Vilmare Souci and William Dagnais
STEELE no name 7 Feb 1896 Child of William  
SULLIVAN no name 11 Nov 1877 Child of Jean Roger Tesser
SULLIVAN no name 24 Jun 1882 Child of Jacob  
SWEENEY no name 29 Sep 1884 Child of John  
SWEENEY no name 10 Oct 1907 Child of John  
SYLVAIN Mare 16 Nov 1861 Died 14 Nov 1861; son of Mare and Marie Ann Deny Pierre Sylvain and ? Rapin
SYLVAIN Marie Celeste 28 Aug 1874 Wife of Joseph Richard Peter Sylvain and Alfred Menard
SYLVAIN Pierre 8 Feb 1884 Husband of Adelaide Quellette Alfred Menard and Peter Sylvain
SYLVAIN Victoria 19 Apr 1887 Wife of Charles Marceau Peter Sylvain and Alexander Marceau
SYLVAIN Louisa 2 Oct 1903 Wife of Alfred Dupont  
SYLVAIN Pierre 3 Oct 1905 Husband of Loraine Hebert (deceased)  
SYLVAIN Emma 27 Nov 1911 Wife of Alphonse Morisette  
SYLVAIN Joseph 12 Sep 1866 Age 16 mo, son of Narcissis and Marie Ann Denis  
SYLVESTER Adeline 6 Aug 1909 Wife of August Faubert  
TAILLON Eugene 27 Jul 1880 Son of John Elie and Eugene Marceau
TAILLON Edmond 10 Dec 1880 Son of John Eugene and Joseph Marceau
TAILLON George 1 Sep 1881 Son of Leon  
TAILLON Paul 8 Jan 1913 Husband of Marie J.  
TAILLON Joseph 21 Sep 1912 Husband of Marie Lavigne  
TAILLON Marie (Lavigne) 20 Dec 1911 Wife of Joseph  
TAILLON Helen 15 Apr 1903 Wife of Jacob Robitaille  
TAILLON Margret 3 Mar 1907 Wife of James Parque J. B. and H. Taillon
TAILLON no name 29 Mar 1884 Child of Leon  
TAILLON no name 1 Apr 1884 Child of Leon  
TAILLON no name 13 Mar 1885 Child of Leon  
TAILLON no name 28 Jul 1893 Child of Joseph  
TAILLON no name 11 Feb 1896 Child of Joseph  
TAILLON Mariam (Jonisse) 20 Mar 1896 Wife of Paul  
TAILLON no name 16 Dec 1896 Child of Damise  
TAILLON no name 21 Jan 1899 Child of J. Bte.  
TAILLON no name 1 Aug 1899 Child of Leon  
TAILLON Laurent 6 Aug 1900    
TALLY no name 28 Jul 1882 Child of Patrica Tally  
TAUVET Julie 13 Feb 1913 Wife of Philias Cadieux, died 10 Feb 1913, born Jun 1858  
THERRIEN Sophie 17 May 1883 Wife of Louis Morin  
THERRIEN no name 20 May 1890 Child of Peter  
THERRIEN Armeline 12 Feb 1877 Wife of Norbert Gervais J. Bte. Dufour and Francis Gervais
THEREAU Louisa 6 Feb 1907 Wife of Napoleon Guay  
THIBEAULT no name 24 Jun 1903 Child of William  
THIBEAULT William 25 Sep 1906 Husband of Maria Roi  
THIBEAULT Delia 29 Jul 1878 Daug of Pascal  
THIBEAULT Emma 10 Aug 1878 Daug of Cleophas  
THIBEAULT no name 9 Jun 1879 Child of Simmon  
THIBEAULT Pascal 31 Jul 1898 Died 29 Jul 1898; born 4 Aug 1821, husband of deceased Anasthasa Legouef. Buried in NDC Moses Boyer and George Thibeault
THIBEAULT Joseph 7 Oct 1873   Calintus Blais and Francis Emon
THIBEAULT Lewis 25 Jun 1868 Son of Pascal and Catherine Lebouef Joseph Joly and Alexander Marceau
THIBEAULT Catherine 29 Jan 1861 Daug of Pascal and Cathreine Lebouef Joseph Joly
THIBERT no name 25 Jan 1906 Child of Peter  
THIBERT no name 4 Feb 1900 Child of Peter  
THIMONS Adeline 2 Apr 1868 Daug of Hormidas and Basilie Patenaude Celese Gagner and Gaberial Ranger
THIMONS Stanley 19 Jun 1902 Husband of Basilie Patenaude  
TOURON no name 14 Feb 1901 Child of Charles  
TOURON no name 2 Feb 1903 Child of Charles  
TOURON no name 26 Feb 1905 Child of Ovide  
TOURON no name 5 May 1905 Child of Charles  
TOURON Margret 2 May 1893 Wife of J. Bte Laguerre William Laguerre and J. Bte. Louis
TOURON Fresinne (Dubois) 29 Aug 1905 Wife of Charles  
TOURON Charles 26 Jun 1883 Husband of Philomine Dubois  
TOURON no name 8 Aug 1896 Child of Charles  
TOURON no name 30 Nov 1896 Child of Charles  
TOURON Joseph George 5 Jul 1870 Age 18 mos, son of Charles and Fresine Dubois  
TOURON Christina (Valiquette) 23 Jun 1871 Wife of Charles D. George Chartrand and Charles Marceau
TOUIDEY Marie Elisabeth 17 Oct 1873 Daug of George and Marie Boucher of Wisconsin  
TOUPIN no name 31 Jul 1893 Child of Margret  
TREMBLY Dennis 17 Aug 1915 Husband of Anna Thadriot  
TREMBLY Marie Delima 26 Aug 1886 Wife of John Duperre Joseph Gagnon and Narcissis Mongeon
TROTTIER Agnel 22 Sept 1916 Spon. Paul Leroux Sr.  
TROTTIER Francis 12 Dec 1884    
TRUDELLE Delphine 10 Sep 1879 Wife of Henry Chviervadesse (deceased)  
TRUDELLE Charles 10 May 1904 Husband of Marcelline Waitier  
TUCKEY no name 30 Aug 1888 Child of Daniel  
TURPIN Margret 22 Oct 1908 Wife of Moses Dupois  
VAILLANCOURT Elisabeth 9 Apr 1863 Daug of Francis and Julie Rose, age 1 mo  
VAILLANCOURT Sophie 22 Nov 1863 Daug of Francis and Frences Laurent Charles Touron and Fred Vaillancourt
VAILLANCOURT Marie 7 Nov 1865 Daug of Francis and Julie Rose, age 1 mo  
VAILLANCOURT V. Francis 2 Nov 1878   Francis Denis and Alfred Menard
VALIERE no name 18 Dec 1878 Child of John  
VALIERE no name 1 Jul 1913 Child of Lewis  
VALLIE Henry 13 Jan 1910 Husband of Grace Canfield  
VALLIE no name 15 Jan 1906 Child of Arthur  
VALLIE Alexander 23 Sep 1908 Husband of Evelyan Goyette  
VALLIE Joseph Henry 29 Dec 1900 Alexander and Henry Vallie  
VALLIQUETTE Francis John 20 Sep 1868 Son of Godfrey and Hortanse Basin Thomas Roche
VALLIQUETTE Godfred George 6 Dec 1868 Son of Godfrey and Hortanse Basin Joseph Girard and Francis Gadbois
VALOIS no name 27 Aug 1898 Child of Arthur  
VARY Rapheal 27 Dec 1904 Husband of Celina Guidon Fabien and Alphonse Remi
VARY no name 13 Jun 1906 Child of Alexander  
VARY Simon 5 Mar 1886    
VARY Marie L. 3 May 1894   Simon Rapheal Vari and John Armstrong
VARY J. Bre. 9 Mar 1900 Son of Raphelis Vary  
VAUDIN (Ives) Martha 11 Jun 1901 Wife of J. Bte Joseph Vaudin and Adolphus Danis
VAUDIN (Ives) no name 5 Nov 1884 Daug of Isac  
VAUDRIN Isaac 13 May 1897 Husband of Adeline Beriault Isaac and Joseph Vaudrin
VEAUDRIN Oliver 14 Aug 1871 Son of Iseral and Adleine Beriault Francis Beriault and John Liverson
VENEAU no name 20 Sep 1888 Child of Antoine  
VERO Antoine 10 Dec 1862 Son of Zephirm and Heneritta Boudreau  
VERO Alexander 19 Aug 1860 Son of Zephirm and Heneritta Boudreau  
VERO Adolphie 24 Aug 1860 Son of Zephirm and Heneritta Boudreau  
VERO Rose 24 Jul 1863 Daug of Zephrim and Heneritta Boudreau  
VERO Zepherim 23 Sep 1879 Husband of Heneritta Boudreau  
VERREAULT Louise 30 Jan 1915 Wife of Napoleon Charlebois  
VERREAULT no name 22 Sep 1890 Child of Antoine  
VILLENEUVE Angline 2 Feb 1914 Wife of J. Bte/. Sauve
VILLENEUVE A. 14 Dec 1901 Wife of John Bellefeuville  
VILLENEUVE John 2 Oct 1903 Son of Peter and Eveline St. Denis Joseph St. Denis
VINET Clemence 7 Apr 1913 Wife of Gilbert Daniels  
VOLTA no name 17 Nov 1886 Child of Alexander  
WAITER Magdeline 25 May 1864 Wife of Antoine Montreuil Dyol Boileau
WAITER Marie Emelie 17 Jul 1871 Daug of Joseph and Philomine Cuillierrier Antoine Waiter and Elie Cuillierrier
WAITER J. Bte. 22 Aug 1860 Son of Antoine and Octava Clavel  
WAITER Octave (Clavel) 18 Mar 1896 Wife of Antoine Watier Joseph Joly and George Guilmette
WAITER Antoine 22 Sep 1866   Antoine Watier and John Farrand
WAITER Antoine 28 Mar 1910 Husband of Octave Clavel  
WAITER Marcelline 5 Jun 1914 Wife of Charles Trudeau  
WAITER Philomine 23 Jun 1901 Wife of Charles French  
WAITER Aureal 24 Mar 1903 Wife of Joseph Liversque  
WAITER Anna 7 Aug 1889    
WAITER Rose Anastasa 6 Jan 1896 Wife of Moses Dechamps Antoine Waiter and Henry McDonald
WARD (Roberts) Adeline 28 Jul 1882 Wife of Phillip Ward Alexander Robert and Louis Ward
WARD (Roberts) no name 25 Aug 1909 Child of Francis  
WARD (Roberts) Louis 23 Feb 1888 Husband of Lea Daoust Phillip Ward, Alex, Robert and Eusebe Daoust
WARD (Roberts) Phillip 13 Jan 1890 Husband of Adeline Robert  
WARD (Roberts) no name 21 Jan 1892 Child of Phillip  
WARREN Joseph 15 Jan 1873 Husband of Godi Geguin Antoine Lebouef and Lewis Laird
WATSON Ida 13 Sep 1891 Wife of Jacob Dovegan Joseph Gagnon and Elzarus Richard
WEECH Joseph Rheaume 24 Dec 1882 Husband of Rosalie Cosneau  
WILLIAMSTON Rose 8 Aug 1878 Daug of Alfred Joannet Marie Roussion and Charles Lacombe
WOODS Marie 26 Aug 1862 Daug of Jean and Maria Malone, age 22 Jean Woods and Michael Quin
WOODS Sophie Dec 1890 Age 63, wife of Lewis Cardinal, buried NDC  
YALDEN Charlolette Anna 12 Jun 1896 Wife of Gaston Beaulieu Alex and Arthur Beaulieu
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