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Death Records of Notre Dame Church Ogdensburg NY
1859 1915
Provided by Jim Bertrand
Transcribed by Anne Cady
Last Names P-R
Last Name First Name Date Other Info Witnesses
PAGE no name 7 Aug 1896 Child of Rapheal  
PAPIN Elisabeth (Lalonger) 20 Jun 1877 Wife of J. Bte Nicolas Gauthier and Joseph Gagnon
PAPINEAU William 28 Aug 1916    
PARE Clara 27 Oct 1881 Wife of Paul Daigneau Paul Daigneau and Samuel Lebeau
PARE Adelaide 21 Apr 1886 Wife of Alexander Guilmet Edward Derocher and Joseph Guilmet
PARENT Maria 25 Jul 1873 Wife of Micheal Gagnon (deceased) George St. Denis and Antoine Lebouef
PARENT no name 19 Sep 1889 Child of Nathan  
PARENT no name 23 Aug 1885 Child of Joseph  
PARENT no name 3 Sep 1885 Child of Joseph  
PARK no name 9 Jun 1887 Child of Gervais  
PARK Louisa 15 May 1877 Daug of Jerimie Jean Taillon
PARQUE Matilda 5 Mar 1904 Wife of Wilfred Leclair  
PARQUE no name 3 Jul 1887 Child of Jerimia  
PAQUETTE Joseph 28 Jan 1872 Son of Alexander and Domitilda Derepentigny Alex Lalonde and J. Bte Larue
PAQUETTE Alex 23 Mar 1916 Spon. Melitmae Derepentigny  
PAQUETTE Alexander 3 May 1872 Son of Alexander and Domitilda Derepentigny Joseph Paquette and Antoine Lebouef
PAQUETTE Joseph Napoleon 23 Nov 1863 Son of Joseph and Marie Decarry Louis Lameroux and Domique Blondin
PAQUETTE William 3 Dec 1897 Husband of Helene Joly Alex Paquette and J. Bte Joly
PAQUETTE no name 27 Oct 1898 Child of Alexander  
PAQUETTE no name 9 Mar 1899 Child of Alexander  
PAQUETTE Francis Jr. 18 Oct 1899 Born 1856, buried NDC  
PAQUETTE Francis 26 Jul 1874 NDC, husband of Melvina Pilon; born 1832, buried NDC Alex Marceau, Moses Paquette, John Emond
PAQUETTE no name 14 Feb 1893 Child of Alexander  
PAQUETTE no name 26 May 1896 Child of William  
PAQUETTE Georgina 31 Mar 1897   John Brassard and Hermine Sauve
PAQUETTE George 4 Sep 1884 Son of Alexander  
PAQUETTE no name 1 Oct 1884 Child of Alexander  
PAQUETTE no name 7 Oct 1884 Child of Alexander  
PAQUETTE Josephine 13 Sep 1885 Wife of Basile Larocque Thomas Larocque and Achille Galarneau
PAQUETTE no name 26 Oct 1886 Child of Felex  
PAQUETTE Elmire 12 Dec 1913 Wife of Joseph Danis  
PAQUIN Azilda 1 Nov 1876 Daug of Isaac Augustus Paquin
PAQUIN Firam 23 Mar 1899 Wife of Henry Gore  
PAQUIN no name 13 Dec 1889 Child of Augustin  
PAQUIN no name 23 Jul 1891 Child of Augustin  
PAQUIN no name 8 Aug 1897 Child of Augustin  
PAQUIN Xavier 22 Sep 1884    
PAQUIN no name 30 Jul 1886 Child of Isaac  
PAQUIN no name 15 Aug 1887 Child of Augustin  
PAQUIN Joseph 23 Aug 1879 Son of Isaire  
PAQUIN Oliver 1 Apr 1880 Husband of Marie Danis Achille Belanger and Joseph Denis
PAQUIN Alexander 8 May 1880 Husband of Jean Marie Mathieu John Asselin
PAQUIN Maxime 15 Sep 1881 Husband of Deceased Artemise Delforget Maxime and Xavier Paquin
PAQUIN no name 31 May 1882 Chld of Isaac  
PAQUIN no name 23 Feb 1914 Child of Charles  
PAQUIN Fred 8 Dec 1909    
PELLERIN no name 7 Aug 1907 Child of Oliver  
PELLERIN no name 1 Aug 1892 Child of Oliver  
PELTIER Julie 13 Mar 1915 Wife of William Blais  
PEPIN Seary 8 Aug 1868 Son of Joseph and Marceline Primeau Joseph Pepin and Leon Lavallie
PEPIN William Henry 24 Aug 1867 Son of Joseph and Marcelin Primeau Paul Primeau
PERRAULT Josephine 29 Dec 1897 Wife of Theadore Gauthier William Gauthier and Maxime Daoust
PERRAULT Charles 27 Oct 1873 Husband of Liza Bourdon Augustin Petrie
PERRAULT Melina 29 Jan 1874 Daug of Charles and Elisa Bourdin Pascal Bourdin and Antoine Lebouef
PERRAULT Michael 25 Aug 1889 Husband of Marie Robillard Adolphus Lasail and F. Langlois
PERRAULT no name 2 Feb 1885 Child of Micheal  
PERRAULT Josephine 6 Jun 1886 Wife of Telesphore Marceau  
PERRAULT Ben 5 Feb 1880 Louis Gauthier and Augustin Petrie  
PERRIER no name 30 Jan 1882 Child of John  
PERRIER no name 8 Sep 1910 Child of George  
PERRIER no name 6 May 1897 Child of Isadore  
PERRY no name 8 Jan 1912 Child of Robert  
PERRY no name 8 Jan 1912 Child of Robert  
PERRY Steven 1 Mar 1867 Died 28 Feb 1867; age 69, buried NDC, Husband of Margret Reselle and Julie Roach  
PICARD Olive 13 Dec 1883 Wife of Moises Benoit  
PIGEON Josephine 10 May 1875 Wife of Julien Pigeon of Canada William Pigeon and George Roi
PIGEON Francis 13 Feb 1895 Husband of Philomine Favreau; born 1838; buried NDC Charles Marceau and Joseph Gagnon
PIGEON no name 3 Aug 1887 Child of Francis  
PIGEON Eugene 25 Mar 1889    
PIGEON no name 8 May 1902 Daug of Francis  
PILON J. Bte 12 Apr 1861 Husband of Sohie Cuillirier  
PILON Marcelline 15 Jun 1899 Wife of Joseph Robillard (deceased), 1817-1890; buried NDC, wife of Theophilde Denis  
PILON Marie 8 Sep 1899 Wife of Francis Paquet, born 1839, buried NDC  
PILON no name 10 Nov 1891 Child of Joseph  
PILON no name 14 Sep 1893 Child of Alphonse  
PILON no name 10 Aug 1906 Child of Harry  
PILON Matilda 29 Jun 1914 Wife of Peter Brassard  
PILON no name 26 Feb 1910 Child of Joseph  
PILON no name 19 Aug 1903 Son of Joseph  
PILON Sophia 1815-1893 Buried NDC  
PINARD Chalres 22 Jun 1916 Spon. Adelae Dupont  
PINARD Julie 7 Feb 1872 Daug of Alfred and Sophie Cardinal Lewis Pinard and Lewis Cardinal
PINARD Louis 10 May 1875 Husband of Catherin Alexander Leon Pinard and Dolphie Pinard
PINARD Louis Joseph 21 Feb 1881 Son of Alfred  
PINARD Filicete 12 May 1881 Wife of Paul Boyer  
PINARD no name 23 Mar 1882 Child of Henry  
PINARD Eugena 8 Jun 1878 Daug of Alfred and Sophie Cardinal Henry Pinard and Alfred Menard
PINARD Adolphie 3 Oct 1911 Husband of Matilda Fournier  
PISON Marie 25 Nov 1873 Daug of Cyril and Christine Gouin Peter and Francis Levesque
PITRE Celine 6 Oct 1868 Daug of Fortier and Catherine Girard Alex Walch
PITRE no name 2 Mar 1885 Child of Augustin  
PITRE Vina 29 Jul 1886 Daug of Augustin Alex Vallie and George Chartrand
PITRE no name 19 Aug 1886 Child of Augustin  
PITRE Narcissis 5 Apr 1890 Husband of Dora Branchard Telephold Marceau and Francis Langlois
PLAMONDON Leon 6 Sep 1893 Died 4 Sep 1893, age 74 yr, 1 mo, 16 dys, buried NDC  
PLAMONDON Orily 7 Jul 1896 Died 4 Jul 1896, age 74, buried NDC, wife of Leon  
PLAMONDON Marie 28 Jun 1883; wife of Camilla Joseph Lanthier  
PLAMONDON Adeline 18 Mar 1911 Wife of Joseph Boyer  
PLOCHE Elisabeth 14 Jan 1884 Wife of John Gadbois  
PLOUFFE no name 18 Sep 1889 Child of William  
PLOUFFE no name 17 Mar 1891 Child of William  
PLOUFFE no name 21 Sep 1891 Child of William  
PLOUFFE Elmire 23 Aug 1909 Wife of Jacob Lafleur  
PLOUFFE Marie 9 Apr 1909 Wife of Joseph Papineau  
POIRIER Matilda 6 Aug 1870 Daug of Augustin and Zoe Bosnoble Joseph Montreuil and Antoine Lebouef
POIRIER Melina 20 Jan 1900    
POIRIER Marie Anna 30 Mar 1877 Daug of Paul Delphis Sauve and Paul Poirier
POIRIER Melina 5 Apr 1877 Paul Poirier and Joseph Sauve  
POIRIER Paul 16 Sep 1890 Husband of Marie Leroux; died 14 Sep 1890; age 60, buried NDC Joseph Poirier and Alfred Sauve
POIRIER no name 11 Mar 1897 Child of Ovide  
POIRIER Lucie 25 May 1884 Wife of Francis Boismenu Joseph and Ovide Poirier
POIRIER Fabien 15 Apr 1880 Son of Pual Joseph and Paul Poirier
POIRIER Apollin 18 Jan 1881    
POIRIER Oliver 31 Oct 1881 Husband of Lucy Desrul Joseph and Ovide Poirier
POIRIER Xavier 7 Mar 1912    
POIRIER Philomine 20 Oct 1903 Wife of Noe Brabant  
POLRS Charles 5 Jun 1914    
PONTBRAIND William 1 Dec 1870 Son of Oliver and Lucie Berard Charles Touron and Francis Denis
PONTBRAIND Edward 31 Aug 1897   Oliver Pontbraind and Joseph Labousolliere
PONTBRAIND Delina 4 May 1898 Wife of Benjamin Labousolliere Oliver Pontbraind and Joseph Labousolliere
PONTBRAIND George 12 Jun 1881 Son of P. Chrisolage Pontbraind  
PONTBRAIND Henry 14 Aug 1881 Child of Oliver  
PONTBRAIND Oliver 20 Sep 1907 Husband of Lucie Berard or Birais  
PORTELANCE George 2 May 1899 Husband of Olive Pagan or Payant, born 1817, buried NDC  
PORTELANCE James 10 Mar 1916 Spon. Pascal Boyer  
PORTELANCE Dorma 3 Aug 1899 Daug of George R. and Julia Kirky, born 1882, buried NDC  
PORTELANCE no name 5 Dec 1895 Child of Oscar  
PORTELANCE John 22 Jan 1880 Son of Alphonse  
PORTELANCE Olive (Pagan) 25 Mar 1907 Wife of George, born 1824, buried NDC  
PORTELANCE Guy 16 Dec 1908 Husband of Julia Sanscartier  
PORTELANCE no name 12 Aug 1904 Child of Edward  
PORTELANCE Alphonse 1848-1930 Husband of Rose Farrand, buried NDC  
PORTER Kate 8 Mar 1897 Died 5 Mar 1897, age 38, buried NDC  
POULIOT J. Bte 25 Sep 1871 Son of J. Bte and Clotilde Sauve John Laviviere and Clestine Paquet
PRATTE no name 22 Nov 1891 Child of Phillip  
PRATTE no name 30 Jul 1894 Child of Phillip  
PREMET Marie 21 Sep 1875   Elie Landre, John Laventure
PRIEUR Elisabeth 4 Jan 1886 Wife of George Giroux (deceased)  
PRIMEAU Philomine 15 Apr 1863 Daug of Noel and Ursule Gadebois, died 12 Apr, age 2 mos Paul Regis Primo
PRIMEAU Noel 30 Mar 1869 Son of Noel and Ursule Gadebois Noel and Paul Primeau
PRIMEAU Ursule (Gadebois) 7 Mar 1869 Wife of Noel Paul Primeau, Lewis Cardinal and Peter Guilemet
PRIMEAU Alfred 15 Sep 1869 Son of Paul and Philomine Cardinal Paul and Noel Primeau
PRIMEAU Caroline (Chevier) 27 Nov 1871 Wife of Noel Peter Dessert and Charles Marceau
PRIMEAU no name 8 Oct 1897 Child of John  
PRIMEAU William 28 Jul 1873 Son of Edward and Odele Boudreau Lewis Liard
PRIMEAU William 20 May 1874 Son of Joseph Antoine Dufour and David Lavallie
PRIMEAU Marcelline 14 Apr 1874 Wife of Julien St. Onge Edward Primeau and Antoine Lebouef
PRIMEAU no name 9 Sep 1891 Child of John  
PRIMEAU Benjamin 12 Aug 1895 Husband of deceased Flavie Montreuil Louis Primeau and Henry Cardinal
PRIMEAU no name 12 May 1885 Child of Joseph  
PRIMEAU Marguerite (Tambeau) 19 Jun 1888 Mother of Noel Primeau  
PRIMEAU no name 23 Jul 1879 Child of Louis  
PRIMEAU no name 27 Feb 1880 Child of Cyril  
PRIMEAU no name 7 Aug 1881 Child of Louis  
PRIMEAU no name 20 May 1882 Child of Cyril  
PRIMEAU Noel 26 Oct 1904    
PRIMEAU no name 21 Aug 1878 Child of Paul Louis Primeau and Charles Lecombe
PRIMEAU Jean 25 Apr 1908 Daug of Paul  
PRIMEAU no name 29 Aug 1878 Child of Paul  
PRIMEAU Noel 22 Feb 1879   Paul and Noel Primeau
PRIMEAU Robert 14 May 1915    
PRIMEAU Margrete 4 Jul 1914 Wife of Adolphus Cardinal  
PRIMEAU Paul 7 Jun 1902 Husband of Philomine Cardinal  
PRIMEAU Helen 9 Jan 1904 Wife of Joseph Papineau  
PROVEST no name 20 Oct 1891 Child of Elzear  
PROVEST Elzear 28 May 1901 Husband of M. Louise Taillon  
RACINE Margret 4 May 1884 Wife of Oliver Dagenais (deceased)  
RACINE no name 10 Jun 1889 Child of Joseph  
RAILY Marguerite (Tambeau) 19 Aug 1859 Daug of William  
RANGER Josephine (Leclair) 30 Jun 1899 Wife of Gabriel Ranger Francis Rapin and Moises Boyer
RAPIN Adelaide 13 May 1869 Wife of Alfred LaLonde; buried NDC, age 40 yrs, 3 mos Joseph Rapin and Joseph Girand
RAPIN Rose 3 Mar 1873 Wife of Moise Leger Antoine Fournier and Joseph Rapin
RAPIN Philomine 4 Feb 1874 Wife of Joseph Girard Joseph Rapin and Maurice Leger
RAPIN no name 17 Jun 1883 Child of Antoine  
RAPIN George 13 Apr 1886 Son of Francis  
RAPIN Antoine 6 Feb 1890 Born 1844, husband of Lea Giroux, buried NDC Francis Rapin and Wilfred Giroux
RAPIN Francis 29 Nov 1907 Husband of Emma Kelly  
RAPIN Anna 15 Sep 1878 Daug of Joseph  
RAPIN Joseph 3 Dec 1878 Husband of Emelie Normand Francis and Antoine Rapin
RAPIN no name 4 Feb 1913 Child of Joseph  
RAPIN Francis 31 Dec 1902 Husband of Emelie Ranger Alfred and Francis Rapin
RAVARI Augustin 6 Jul 1894 Husband of Aurelie Brunais Joseph Bergum and John Armstrong
REGAN Marie 20 Jul 1914 Wife of George Lavoie  
REMI Elisabeth 29 Apr 1911 Wife of Ovide Gaulbault  
REMI no name 23 Oct 1896 Child of Alfred  
REMI Alzear 26 Apr 1873 Son of Alphonse and Zoe Bellefeuville Alphonse Remi and Augustin Pitre
REMI Cordella 21 Apr 1886 Died 19 Apr 1886, age 27, wife of Eusebe Dault, buried NDC Alphonse Remi and Maurice Dault
REMI no name 23 Nov 1891 Child of Alphonse  
REMI Louise 6 May 1893 Wife of J. Bte Gauthier Adolphus and Alphonse Remi
REMI no name 5 Nov 1879 Child of Alphonse  
REMI no name 11 Dec 1879 Child of Alphonse  
REMI no name 18 Sep 1880 Child of Alphonse  
REMI no name 16 May 1907 Child of Edmond  
REMI Melina 16 Dec 1912 Wife of Paul Primeau  
REMI Alphonse 17 Apr 1911 Husband of Emelie Leclair  
REMI no name 7 Mar 1910 Child of Edmond  
REMI Rosa 16 Jun 1902 Wife of Adolph Gauthier  
RENEAU Emelie 22 Sep 1894 Wife of Charles Marceau Alexander Reneau and Cleophis Labousolliere
RENARD Alexander 20 Mar 1923 died 17 Mar 1923, born 4 Nov 1838, husband of Philomine Laramee, buried NDC  
RENEAUD no name 6 Apr 1898 Child of Edward  
RENEAUD no name 8 Dec 1879 Daug of Francis  
RENEAULT Elisabeth 27 Sep 1882 Daug of Joseph  
REUTER Edward Sr. 12 Jun 1909   Armand Reuter
REUTER no name 19 Apr 1888 Child of Armand  
REUTER Pauline 9 Nov 1893 Died 6 Nov 1893; wife of John E., born in Liege Belgum 1824, buried NDC  
RHEAUME Joseph 20 Oct 1893 Husband of Elisabeth Gourin Antoine and Alexander Rheaume
RHEAUME Joseph 6 Sep 1896 Son of Andre and Eleanor Dalaire  
RHEAUME no name 18 Dec 1897 Child of Alfred  
RHEAUME no name 13 Feb 1898 Child of Alfred  
RHEAUME J. Bte. 11 Feb 1900 Son of Andre  
RHEAUME Joseph 24 Jan 1892 Husband of Marie Dallair Antoine and Joseph Rheaume
RHEAUME Joseph 7 Feb 1880   Joseph Rheaume
RHEAUME Eva (also Rheaume) 19 Dec 1912 Wife of Charles  
RHEAUME Helen 18 Jul 1911 Wife of Edward Fray  
RHEAUME Edward 14 Oct 1902   Charles Legault, Joseph Massia
RHEAUME Lora (Langdon) 22 Apr 1903 Wife of Francis  
RHEAUME Joseph 28 Dec 1905 Husband of Marcelline Delorme  
RICHARD Jeanette 21 Aug 1863 Daug of Louis and Rose Despries William Doran and Leon Gauthier
RICHARD (alias Perrio) Francis John 26 Dec 1895 Husband of Angeline Guilmette  
RICHARD Louis 4 Dec 1896 Died 2 Dec 1896; Husband of Cecile Brunais, buried NDC, age 82  
RICHARD no name 11 Jan 1885 Child of Alfred  
RICHARD Alexander 20 May 1891 Died 17 May 1891, age 31, husband of Josephine Lesperance, buried NDC Alzear, Alfred and Louis Richard
RICHARD Joseph 23 Jun 1914   Alfred and Elzear Richard
RICHARD Emelie (Belanger) 19 Apr 1912 Wife of Joseph  
RICHARD Louisa 7 Feb 1909 Wife of Moses Besnair  
RICHARD Alza J. 9 Nov 1897 Died 6 Nov 1897; born 15 Sep 1870; buried NDC  
RICHER no name 11 Sep 1895 Child of Henry  
RICHER no name 22 Oct 1896 Child of William  
RICHER no name 28 Apr 1884 Child of Henry  
RICHER no name 22 Aug 1888 Child of Henry  
RICHER Joseph 10 Apr 1882 Son of Narcissis  
RICHER no name 11 Sep 1902 Child of Henry  
RICHER Narcissis 3 Oct 1902 Husband of Philomine Hebert  
RIVET Julie 22 May 1859 Daug of J. Bte and Angelique Harboug  
RIVET no name 12 Nov 1906 Child of Octave  
RIVIERE Oliver 9 Feb 1862 Son of Oliver and Catherine Method, died age 18 Joseph Laflamme, Alexis Riviere
RIVIERE Catherine (Method) 3 Sep 1863 Wife of Oliver Dagenais (deceased) Joseph Maurice and John Gerome
ROBALLARD Joseph 28 Jul 1877 Son of Joseph  
ROBALLARD Olive 7 Jul 1895 Daug of Alphonse and Mary Hele  
ROBALLARD no name 2 Aug 1895 Child of Elie  
ROBALLARD no name 29 Jun 1898 Child of Eustachie  
ROBALLARD Eustachie 16 Jan 1899 Husband of Louise Legault  
ROBALLARD Philomine 17 Mar 1899 Wife of Napoleon Fauvet  
ROBALLARD Maxime 11 Jun 1884 Son of Henry  
ROBALLARD no name 10 Sep 1884 Child of Elie  
ROBALLARD no name 15 Nov 1884 Child of Henry  
ROBALLARD Justine 17 Feb 1885 Wife of Augutus Legros Henry and J. Bte. Robillard
ROBALLARD no name 7 Mar 1886 Child of Henry  
ROBALLARD Arthur 2 Sept 1916 Spon. Rose Remi  
ROBALLARD Edward 25 Sep 1916 Spon. Lydia Dewolf  
ROBALLARD Jean 3 May 1888 Husband of Maria Duperre Micheal Perrault
ROBALLARD no name 16 Jul 1879 Child of Henry  
ROBALLARD no name 5 Dec 1880 Child of Joseph  
ROBALLARD Emma 14 Apr 1907    
ROBALLARD Joseph 22 May 1879 Husband of Marceline Pilon Henry and Joseph Robillard
ROBALLARD Henry 28 Feb 1903 Husband of Domitilda Couturier  
ROBALLARD Joseph 21 Nov 1905 Son of Eustachie  
ROBALLARD Helen 28 Sep 1901 Wife of Alfred Northrup  
ROBERSON George 30 Jan 1879 Son of Alexander  
ROBERT Emma 12 Jun 1898 Wife of Alfred Galarneau Phillip Robert and Peter Galarneau
ROBERT no name 14 Oct 1898 Child of Francis  
ROBERT Alexander 26 Feb 1901 Husband of Adelaide (also Robert)  
ROBERTSON Heneritta 23 Jan 1868 Daug of Alexander and Armeline Ladouceur Nobert Belanger, Peter Ladouceur
ROBERTSON Alexander 20 Jun 1894 Husband of Josephine Boudreau Phillip and Andre Wand
ROBIDOUX George 12 Nov 1914    
ROBIDOUX Alexander 18 Jun 1906 Husband of Julie Boyer  
ROBIDOUX Marie 6 Nov 1878 Daug of Alexander  
ROBIDOUX no name 1 Oct 1888 Child of George  
ROBIDOUX Pauline (Picotte) 8 Nov 1893 Wife of Edward Fray Armand and Edmond Ruter, Jr.
ROBINSON Marie Jean 22 May 1878 Daug of Alexander Peter Ladouceur
ROBINSON Emelia 22 Jan 1916 Spon. J. B. Boussolloere  
ROBITAILLE no name 13 Mar 1890 Child of Jacob  
ROCHELEAU Marguerite (Tambeau) 2 May 1878 Wife of J. Bte Hebert Peter Sylvain and Alfred Menard
ROCHELEAU no name 23 Nov 1882 Child of Joseph  
ROI George 30 Jan 1895   Joseph Fredric, Naricis Brossole
ROI Charolette (Lavigeuier) 31 Mar 1896 Wife of Joseph  
ROI J. Bte 14 Dec 1896 Husband of Heneritta Masson Joseph Gagnon and Joseph Armstrong
ROI Louisa 10 Jan 1888 Wife of Francis Laloie?  
ROI Joseph 7 Jan 1881 Husband of Charlotte Lavigeuier Joseph Lesperance and Joseph Guerin
ROI no name 30 Sep 1878 Child of John  
ROI Emelie 26 Mar 1906 Wife of Joseph Roy  
ROLLAND Joan 15 Feb 1887 Wife of Joseph William Rolland and Glaudis Menard
ROLLAND Isreal 15 May 1881 Husband of Elisabeth Dagenais  
ROLLIN no name 18 Jun 1894 Child of Alfred
RORVELL Alice Marie 28 Mar 1888   Xavier Bougie and Julie Courtan
ROSE no name 2 Nov 1884 Child of John  
ROSE Mary 19 Mar 1894 Died 16 Mar 1894; age 42, wife of John, buried NDC  
ROSE Augustin 1 Aug 1892    
ROUBY Treffe 3 Aug 1872 Son of Polycarpe and Rose Lortie Adolphus Sauve and Marie Leroux
ROUBY no name 5 Dec 1907 Child of Polycarpe and Rose Lortie  
ROUBY no name 17 Feb 1906 Child of Polycarpe and Rose Lortie  
ROUBY Polycarpe 19 May 1902 Husband of Rose Lartie  
ROUBY no name 9 Aug 1903 Child of Polycarpe  
ROULEAU George 22 Jul 1898 Husband of Eurelie Pilon John Emond and John Brassard
ROUSSON Armen 18 Mar 1870 Daug of Francis and Julia Galarneau Mose and John Leroux
ROY Heneritta 30 Aug 1863 Daug of J. Bte and Heneritta Marceau Denys St. Denys and Julien Goyette
ROY Gedeon 21 Oct 1864    
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