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Death Records of Notre Dame Church Ogdensburg NY
1859 1915
Provided by Jim Bertrand
Transcribed by Anne Cady
Last Names H-K
Last Name First Name Date Other Info Witnesses
HAGERTY Alice 3 Nov 1898 Wife of Napoleon Belanger Francis Sauve, Joseph Marceau
HAMEL no name 19 Mar 1880 Child of Andre  
HAMEL Louis 2 Sep 1887   Henry Hamel, Edward Desrochers
HAMEL Louise 22 Mar 1897 Wife of Francis Bouchard Merdi and Alexander Bouchard
HAMEL Henry 31 Oct 1914 Husband of Matilda Guillemette  
HAMEL Amelia 10 Apr 1908 Wife of Joseph Dubois  
HAMEL Andre 10 Dec 1878 Husband of Heneritta Latulippe Joseph Briand, Peter Dessert
HAMELIN Dr. Joseph Alfred 5 Jan 1895 Husband of L. Roi Prof. A. Labourse and J. Bte Taillon
HAMMOND no name 22 Sep 1905 Child of Henry  
HAMMOND no name 21 Jul 1892 Child of Henry  
HANDERSON no name 9 Jan 1879 Son of John and Fresine Vallencourt  
HARNOIS Josephine 16 Jul 1861 Daug of J. Bte and Victoria Ranger Gaberial Ranger, Pierre Leclere
HEBERT Iseral Joseph 12 Dec 1916 Marie Jeanne Roy  
HEBERT no name 6 Dec 1881 Child of Peter  
HEBERT no name 11 Aug 1886 Child of Alexander  
HEBERT Pierre 21 Dec 1890   Peter Hebert, Narcissis Richer
HEBERT no name 18 Jan 1891 Child of Peter  
HEBERT no name 16 Sep 1895 Child of Peter  
HEBERT Heneritte (Raynold) 12 May 1888 Wife of Henry Joseph Gagnon
HEBERT J. Bte 10 Jan 1877   Henry Hebert, Ephirm Daigneault
HEBERT Joseph 11 Nov 1877 Husband of Vitaline Farand Joseph Gagnon, Peter Hebert
HEBERT Julie 14 Sep 1869   Peter Hebert, Narcissis Richer
HEBERT Marie 11 Sep 1912 Wife of Jacob Fisher  
HEBERT Lorie 8 May 1902 Wife of Peter Sylvain  
HEBERT George 15 Dec 1904   Henry Hebert, Charles Legault
HEBERT no name 3 May 1907 Cihld of Peter  
HEBERT Rapheal 4 Sep 1907   William McPherson
HEBERT Maria 15 Oct 1907 Wife of George Roberts  
HEBERT no name 11 Mar 1908 Child of Peter  
HEBERT Henry 27 Oct 1878 Husband of Catherine Massia; died 26 Oct 1878, age 44, buried N.D.C. Ephirm Daigneau, Alfred Menard
HEBERT no name 2 Feb 1879 Child of Joseph  
HEMOND Malina (Montreuil) 10 Sep 1872 Wife of William Theadore Gauthier and Alphonse Remi
HISCOK no name 28 Apr 1901 Child of James and Arvilla Dashnaw  
HOAGON Heneritta 15 Nov 1895 Wife of John McDonald Joseph Merineau, John Armstrong
HOBKIRCK no name 25 May 1900 Child of George  
HOBKIRCK Jacob 7 Jan 1903 Husband of Auerlie Cardinal George, Louis Hobkirck
HOBKIRCK Fred 1868-1896 Buried N.D.C.  
HOBKIRCK Robert 1867-1891 Buried N.D.C.  
HORTON Emelie 20 Sep 1885 Wife of Noe Gareau Louis Gareau
HORTON no name 14 Apr 1886 Child of Xavier  
HOTTE Jeremie 11 Nov 1895 Husband of Georgina McGran Joseph Danis
HOTTE Georgina 31 Jan 1895 Wife of Napoleon Charett Jerimia Hotte, Joseph Danis
HOTTE no name 28 Jul 1900 Son of Henry  
HOTTE Pierre Amable 22 Jul 1872 Son of John and Maria Rose Alexander McSween and John Hotte
HOTTE no name 4 Sep 1904 Child of Henry  
HOTTE no name 5 Sep 1904 Child of Henry  
HOTTE no name 1 Oct 1908 Child of Henry  
HOUGH no name 28 Dec 1906 Child of Henry  
HOULE Anathaliam 10 Jun 1900 Wife of Peter Charon  
HOULE Xavier 7 Nov 1867 Husband of Sophie Fournville Thopoldie Danis, Arne Pilon
HOULE Henry 23 Dec 1878 Son of Zoticue Houle Charles Lecombe and Laurent Frenette
HUNTER Marie 12 Jul 1893 Wife of George Emond Felic and Francis Emond
IGNACE Odile 13 Feb 1889   Xavier Berian and Andre Brose
IGNACE Emelie Lillan 12 Nov 1870 Daug of Joseph & Delina Massia Joseph Ignace and Felix Berieau
JACQUE Elizabeth 30 Aug 1868 Daug of Theophold and Alphonsine Guerin Isreal Denis and Joseph Gagnon
JQCQUE Theophold 24 Mar 1888 Husband of Aureil Marceau Charles Marceau, Joseph Denis
JARAVIS Rosie Delorme 15 May 1893 Died 13 May 1893, age 38, wife of Albert, buried NDC  
JEANNEAU Burns 23 Mar 1910 Husband of Marie Jolicoeur  
JEANNEAU no name 6 Aug 1906 Child of Alfred  
JEANNEAU J. Bte. 1 Dec 1906 Husband of Elisabeth Lalonde Alfred Jeanneau and George Mills
JEANNEAU no name 17 Mar 1907 Child of J. Bte  
JEANNEAU no name 15 Oct 1912 Child of Alfred  
JEANNEAU no name 20 Nov 1886 Child of Alfred  
JEANNEAU no name 3 Dec 1888 Child of Alfred  
JEANNEAU no name 19 Jun 1902 Child of Alfred  
JEROME John 28 Jul 1889 Husband of Julie St. George Leonard Lavoie, Pascal Boyer
JERUE Clara 1850-1877 Buried NDC, son of Joseph and Mary  
JERUE Benjamin Henry Sep 1898 Born Feb 1898, son of Joseph and Mary, buried NDC  
JERUE Joseph 1870-1881 Buried NDC, son of Joseph and Mary  
JERUE Edwin May 1882 born Feb 1882, son of Joseph and Mary, buried NDC  
JERUE George Jan 1885 born Mar 1884, son of Joseph and Mary, buried NDC  
JOLY Josephine 25 Jan 1894 Wife of Albert Barr Joseph and John Joly
JOLY no name 17 Sep 1898 Child of Peter  
JOLY Helen (Read) 22 Aug 1899 Wife of J. Bte. Joly  
JOLY Marie Josephine 1 Aug 1873 Daug of J. Bte and Melessa Fisher Lewis Laird
JOLY Marie Adel 23 Mar 1877 Daug of J. Bte and Maslasy Fisher Joseph Joly, Favila Lacombe
JOLY J. Bte. 19 May 1859 Son of Joseph and Julie Briget; husband of Delpohine Lang  
JOLY Napoleon 16 Sep 1865 Age 10, son of Joseph and Delophine Langonmois  
JOLY Adelia 11 Jan 1869 Wife of Francis Beausaliel Peter Dessert and Augustus Pitre
JOLY no name 2 Jan 1883 Child of John  
JOLY Joseph 15 Nov 1887 Husband of Henerica Boyer Joseph Joly, Alexander Guilemette
JOLY Clarence A. 17 Jul 1890 died 17 Jul 1890, born 27 Jun 1890, son of Joseph, twin of Florence P., buried NDC  
JOLY Florence P.. 17 Jul 1890 Died 17 Jul 1890, born 27 Jun 1890, daug of Joseph, twin of Clarence A., buried NDC  
JOLY no name 17 Jul 1890 Child of Joseph  
JOLICOEUR Marie 12 Jul 1903 Wife of Burns Jeanneau  
JULIEN no name 16 Sep 1894 Child of Alexander  
  no name 16 Jan 1894 Child of Louis  
  Louis 28 Nov 1895    
  Joseph 18 Feb 1896 Son of Alexander  
  no name 4 Aug 1896 Child of Alexander  
  no name 12 Jul 1897 Child of Alexander  
  no name 6 Aug 1897 Child of Alexander  
  Alexander 18 Mar 1915    
  Louis 10 Sep 1913 Husband of Georgina Farand Alexander and George Julien
  no name 13 Dec 1911 Child of Alexander  
  no name 6 Mar 1909 Child of Alexander  
  no name 27 Apr 1908 Child of Ernest  
  no name 25 Oct 1885 Child of Louis  
  no name 25 Oct 1885 Child of Alexander  
  no name 1 Apr 1888 Child of Louis  
  no name 24 Mar 1889 Child of Louis  
  no name 3 May 1891 Child of Alexander  
  no name 9 Jul 1891 Child of Louis  
JUILNETTE no name 11 Feb 1913 Child of P. Juilnette  
JUILNETTE Louisa (Fleming) 9 Jul 1901 Wife of Daniel  
KAN no name 20 Aug 1912 Child of C. Kan  
KASTEN no name 10 Jun 1913 Child of Louis  
KAUDRIN no name 22 Aug 1912 Child of K.  
KEIGLE Pomelam (Caron) 2 Dec 1899 Wife of Moises  
KELLEY James 29 Dec 1900 Husband of Anne O'Labberty Alfred Menard, Patrick Kelley
KENNEDY no name 26 Sep 1907 Child of Julian  
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