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Stockholm Business Directory - Businesses
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

Note: The following listing shows the specific business names called out the Gazeteer. In each listing, the name of the business is shown in bold and the post office name in italics. Details on the business follow the post office name.

Clark & Stafford, West Stockholm, Coridon Clark & Robert S. Stafford, Props of West Stockholm Woolen Mill

A. Dewey & Son, Southville, Albert & Henry J., Manufs of Potato starch, cheese boxes and pumps, prop of saw and shingle mills

Hale & Bicknell, West Stockholm, George W. Hale & Hosea Bicknell 2nd, Starch manufs

Holmes, Chittenden & Co, Stockholm, George H. Holmes, Carlos C. Chittenden and Adam J. Holmes, Manufs of potato starch 

G & A Holmes, Stockholm, George H. & Adam J., Manuf. Of potato starch

Jenkins & Tryon, North Stockholm, Wellington W. Jenkins and David Tryon, lumber and shingle manufs and farmers -- 98 acres

Seaver & Pease, West Stockholm, Parley Seaver and Cyrus M. Pease, blacksmiths and carriage makers

Skinnersville Flouring Mill, Stockholm Depot, M.D. & G. C. Smith Props.,

M.D. & G.C. Smith, Stockholm Depot, Marvin D. & George C., Props of Skinnersville Flouring Mill

S.H. & O.P. Stearns, Spencer H. & Omar P., General merchants and produce dealers,

A. P. Webster & Son, Stockholm, Alvah P. and Henry S., Props of saw and shingle mills manufs lumber and shingles and farmers - 10 acres

West Stockholm Cheese Factory, West Stockholm, John Hayes, Prop.,