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Rossie Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Adams, Joseph, Somerville, Cattle Dealer, inspector of election and farmer, 198,

Adner, Gardner, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 70, Leases of E. Jacobs

Albro, Henry R., Somerville, Justice of the peace and farmer, 100,

Allen, Wm, Rossie, Miller and town clerk, ,

Apple, Harrison, Rossie, Farmer, 64,

Austen, Charles , Rossie, Farmer, 115,

Austin, Aquila, Rossie, Farmer, 60,

Backus, David, Rossie, Saw Mill, ,

Backus, Geo. , Rossie, Dealer in dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes, hardware, drugs, paints etc; post master & justice of the peace, ,

Backus, Levi, Rossie, Blacksmith & constable, ,

Bacon, Hiram H., Rossie, Farmer, 199,

Bacon, Wilfred, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Baker, T. H., Rossie, Farmer, 35,

Baker, W. P., Rossie, Supt of mines and farmer, 194,

Barker, B. F., Somerville, Farmer, 97, Leases

Barker, Wm, Somerville, Farmer, 150,

Beadle, Norris, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 120, Leases of Mrs. S. Storie

Beers, Eugene, Rossie, Wagon Maker, ,

Bell, Chandler, Shingle Creek, Station agent and telegraph operator, Keenes Station, ,

Bell, E., Shingle Creek, Shoemaker, ,

Bellinger, Adam P., Somerville, Prop of Somerville Hotel, ,

Berrey, John, Rossie, Farmer, 120,

Berry, James, Rossie, Farmer, 77,

Bishop, Alonzo H., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 232,

Bishop, David Jr., Rossie, Miller in Saw Mill, ,

Bolton, Charles S., Wegatchie, Mason, ,

Bolton, James H. & J, Wegatchie, Flouring Mill, ,

Bolton, L. C., Wegatchie, Saw, shingle and cheese mills, ,

Bostwick, W. B., Rossie, Saw Mill, ,

Bostwick, Emerson, Rossie, Dealer in dry goods, notions and stock, ,

Branaugh, Archibald, Rossie, Farmer, 133,

Brown, Alexander, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 360,

Brown, Cornelius F., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, , w/ Robert

Brown, Robert C., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 300,

Brown, Silas W., Shingle Creek, Lime kiln and farmer, 100,

Brown, Wm, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 360,

Brownar, John, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 48,

Burney, Martin P., Somerville, Carriage Maker, ,

Burnham, Chas, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Burnham, Harriet, Rossie, Farmer, 44,

Burns, Christopher, Rossie, Farmer, 47,

Burns, Wm, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Buttler, James, Rossie, Farmer, 80,

Buttler, Patrick, Rossie, Farmer, 165, w/ Wm

Buttler, Wm, Rossie, Farmer, 165, w/ Patrick

Cadwell, Rowland P., Rossie, Lumberman and farmer, 150,

Cameron, James, Rossie, Farmer, ,

Carr, Wm H., Wegatchie, Carpenter, ,

Carroll, Walter, Rossie, Miner and Farmer, 41,

Chisholm, Geo. , Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 200, Leases

Church, Daniel, Wegatchie, Woolen Mills and Farmer, 290,

Clark, Alex , Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 425, w/ John H.

Clark, John H., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Inspector of election and farmer, 425, w/ Alex

Clark, P., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 300,

Clute, James, Somerville, Cooper and Farmer, 48,

Collins, Daniel, Rossie, Farmer, 200,

Collins, Samuel J., Rossie, Farmer, 36, Leases

Conlin, Geo. , Rossie, Farmer, 88,

Craig, John, Wegatchie, Boarding House, ,

Cross, Anthony, Rossie, Farmer, 50, Leases of Michael Shea

Crossman, Sylvester, Wegatchie, Farmer, 127,

Crowley, P.M., Somerville, Carriage Manuf. And inspector of elections, , ADVERTISEMENT

Culbertson, James, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, , w/ Thomas

Culbertson, Thomas, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 120,

Cumming, Chas S., Wegatchie, Late Fell & Cumming, ,

Dann, Rev. H. W., Rossie, Pastor of M. E. Church, ,

Dasnah, Peter, Rossie, Jeweler and Shoemaker, ,

Davids, John, Rossie, Farmer, 28, Leases

Day, Wm W., Wegatchie, Farmer, 202,

Dickson, Alex A., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, , w/ John

Dickson, Alex L., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 208,

Dickson, John, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 320,

Dimon, James, Shingle Creek, Wagon Maker, ,

Dodds, Michael, Rossie, Farmer, 186,

Donnelley, Patrick, Rossie, Farmer, 152,

Dority, John, Rossie, Farmer, 80,

Draper, L. G., Shingle Creek, Draper & Sprague; Postmaster, ,

Drummond, James, Rossie, Farmer, 80,

Drury, Daniel, Rossie, Carpenter and Farmer, 70,

Dugan, Richard, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Dulack, Michael, Rossie, Peddler of dry goods and notions, ,

Dulack, Michael, Rossie, Farmer, 30,

Dupont, David, Rossie, Miner and Farmer, 126,

Elliot , Edwin, Rossie, Carpenter, ,

Elliott, Thomas, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Assessor and Farmer, 178,

Ellsworth, C. E. , Rossie, Miller, ,

Emmons, Chancy, Somerville, Dairyman & farmer, 208,

Emmons, E. W., Somerville, Farmer, , w/ Chancy

Fackney, Daniel, Rossie, Collector and Farmer, 150,

Falin, Daniel, Rossie, Mason and Farmer, 49,

Faloy, John, Rossie, Farmer, 96,

Fell, Wm, Wegatchie, General Merchant, , ADVERTISEMENT

Ferguson, Ezra, Wegatchie, Blacksmith, ,

Fleming, Geo, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, , w/ Wm

Fleming, John, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 250,

Fleming, Wm, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Blacksmith & Farmer, 225,

Fleming, Wm Jr., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, ,

Fletcher, Edward, Rossie, Farmer, 45,

Freeman, Chauncey, Somerville, Cheese factory and farmer, 354,

Gillett, Eben, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 65,

Gillmore, , Shingle Creek, Farmer, 101, Leases of S. Foster

Gorden, Stephen, Rossie, Farmer, 70, Leases

Gordon, Obed, Rossie, Farmer, 52,

Graves, Elijah B., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 200,

Grothier, Edward, Shingle Creek, Blacksmith, ,

Hagen, John, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Hall, Isabell, Rossie, Farmer, 300,

Hall, Robert, Rossie, Commissioner of Highways, ,

Hall, Wm, Rossie, Farmer, 130,

Harder, Eugene A., Rossie, Cheese maker and Farmer, 36,

Harder, James, Rossie, Farmer, 120,

Harland, Henry, Somerville, Farmer, 100,

Haskins, Thomas, Rossie, Farmer, 120,

Hazelton, Thomas, Rossie, Farmer, 114, Leases

Helpin, Edward, Rossie, Farmer, 84,

Hill, Andrew, Wegatchie, Farmer, , Hill Estate

Hill, David, Wegatchie, Farmer, , Hill Estate

Hill Estate, , Wegatchie, 239 Acres, ,

Hill, Robert, Wegatchie, Farmer, , Hill Estate

Hornbrook, J. H., Shingle Creek, Blacksmith, ,

Howard, Harrison, Somerville, Farmer, 200, Leases

Howe, Edgar, Shingle Creek, Rake Manuf and Farmer, 40,

Hunter, George, Rossie, Farmer, 86,

Hunter, James, Rossie, Lime burner and Farmer, 460,

Hunter, James Jr., Rossie, Lime burner and Farmer, 233,

Hutchinson, Franklin, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 50,

Hutchinson, Orville, Shingle Creek, Carpenter and Farmer, 20,

Jepsom, George, Rossie, Farmer, 30,

Jepson, Ansel, Rossie, Horse dealer and farmer, 180,

Johnson, J. B. , Somerville, Post Master, ,

Jones, David, Rossie, Farmer, 150,

Keltz, J. , Rossie, Farmer, 39,

Kendall, William C., Somerville, Wagon Maker, ,

Kinne, Daniel, Somerville, Farmer, 85,

Kinne, Daniel Jr., Somerville, Farmer, 85, Leases

Laidlow, Andrew, Rossie, Supt of plank road, stock dealer and farmer, 14,

Laidlow, George, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 270, Leases

Laidlow, James, Wegatchie, Farmer, 169,

Laidlow, John, Rossie, Hotel keeper and farmer, 150,

Lamb, Jason, Somerville, Farmer, 100,

Lawton, E. M., Shingle Creek, Prop Lawton Hotel, Keenes Station, , ADVERTISEMENT

Leonard, W. W., Rossie, Dry goods, groceries, drugs, Yankee notions, etc, ,

Leonard, Wm W., Rossie, Justice of the peace, ,

Lewis, C. M., Somerville, Music Teacher, ,

Lewis, Patrick, Rossie, Miner and Farmer, 67,

Lihan, Patrick, Rossie, Farmer, 82,

Lockie, Andrew, Rossie, Farmer, 300,

Lockie, James, Wegatchie, Overseer of the poor and farmer, 98,

Lockie, John, Rossie, Farmer, 200,

Maloy, Thomas, Wegatchie, Farmer, 228,

Manning, Levi H., Rossie, Farmer, 40,

Markwick, Robert, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 120,

Markwick, Stephen, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 137,

Markwick, Wm, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 172,

Marsau, James, Rossie, Farmer, 145,

Marshall, James, Somerville, Farmer, 177, Leases

Martin, Edward, Rossie, Farm Laborer, ,

Martin, Mrs. John, Rossie, Farmer, 119,

Martin , M. N., Somerville, Gardener, 4,

McAlister, J. R., Rossie, Carriage Maker, , ADVERTISEMENT

McAnally, Arthur, Rossie, Farmer, 125,

McDougall, John, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Cooper, ,

McFalls, David, M.D., Rossie, Coroner, physician and surgeon, ,

McGreevy, Hugh, Rossie, Farmer, 132,

McIntosh, James W., Wegatchie, McIntosh & Wright, ,

McLaren, Alexander, Rossie, Wagon maker & farmer, 180,

McMullin, Michael, Rossie, Farmer, 105,

McRobbie, James, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Stone mason & farmer, 111,

McRobbie, James Jr., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 10,

Mills, James, Rossie, Blacksmith, ,

Mills, Thomas, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Blacksmith and keeper of toll gate, ,

Mitchell, Daniel H., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 114,

Mitchell, George, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 114, Leases

Mitchell, Lewis H., Somerville, Carriage painter and farmer, 15,

Molery, John, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 144,

Morgan, John B., Somerville, Prop and supt of mines, ,

Murphy, Edward, Rossie, Shoemaker, ,

Murphy, John, Wegatchie, Miner , ,

Murphy, Thomas, Rossie, Farmer, 128, Leases

Myres, John, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 60,

Myres, Wm R., Somerville, Farmer, 200,

Nash, S. L., Somerville, Blacksmith, ,

Nelson, Alexander, Rossie, Farmer, 135,

Northup, Daniel, Rossie, Farmer, 180,

O'Brien, J. W. , Oxbow, Jefferson County, Manuf. Of white marble lime and farmer, 185,

O'Connell, Dennis, Rossie, Farmer, 170, & leases 70

O'Connell, Timothy, Rossie, Farmer, 70,

O'Hara, Frank, Rossie, Farmer, 50,

O'Lary, Michael, Rossie, Farmer, 50,

Ormiston, George, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 181,

Patterson, H. , Rossie, Manuf. Of potash, ,

Patterson, Oliver, Rossie, Retired, ,

Patterson, Oliver Jr., Rossie, Prop of saw mill and ashery, lumberman, grocer and farmer, 14,

Patton, Andrew H., Rossie, Farmer, 91,

Patton, Thomas, Rossie, Tin peddler and farmer, 24,

Pebbles, John, Shingle Creek, Blacksmith, ,

Petrie, Wm H., Wegatchie, Prop of Wegatchie Hotel, ,

Phalen, Lauranca, Rossie, Farmer, 222,

Pike, Adam, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 250,

Pike, Adam Jr., Shingle Creek, Wagon maker and Farmer, 7,

Pike, C. W., Somerville, Farmer, , w/ Loren

Pike, Loren, Somerville, Farmer, 120,

Pike, Solon, Shingle Creek, Cheese Factory, ,

Pound, Patrick, Rossie, Miner and Farmer, 80,

Prosser, Wm P., Rossie, Cabinet maker and farmer, 76,

Race, Landen, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 50, Leases

Rennalds, Erastus, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 150,

Robb, James, Rossie, Sewing machine agent, ,

Robb, Mrs. James, Rossie, Milliner and dress maker, ,

Robb, John, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Robb, Wm, Rossie, Farmer, 240,

Robinson, Gardner B., Rossie, Farmer, 66,

Robinson, James, Rossie, Farmer, 150,

Robinson, Rev. Wm M., Rossie, Pastor of Presbyterian Church, ,

Rogers, Robert, Wegatchie, Farm Laborer, ,

Rossiter, Moses, Rossie, Farmer, 116,

Rowley, D., Shingle Creek, Shoemaker, ,

Russell, Martin, Rossie, Cooper and Farmer, 50,

Schemehorn, Mary, Shingle Creek, Milliner and dress maker, ,

Scott, Albert A., Somerville, Carriage ironer, ,

Scott, George, Rossie, Mason, ,

Seaman, Charles, Somerville, Shoemaker, ,

Shaw, Samuel, Wegatchie, Farmer, 200, Leases

Shea, Michael O., Rossie, Tailor and Farmer, 50,

Shephard, Edgar, Wegatchie, Painter, ,

Shephard, Truman, Wegatchie, Wagon maker and constable, ,

Shepherd, T. D., Wegatchie, Blacksmith and Mail carrier, ,

Shippie, Henry, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 40,

Shippie, Nathan, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 19, Leases of A. Bell

Simons, Alfred, Rossie, Farmer, 76,

Simons, Daniel, Rossie, Blacksmith, ,

Simons, Wm, Rossie, Miller and Farmer, , w/ Alfred

Smith, Geo. W., Rossie, Carpenter and farmer, 40, Leases of Sidney Webster

Smith, James C., Rossie, Cooper , ,

Sprague, D. W., Shingle Creek, Draper & Sprague; Deputy post master, ,

Sprague, Joel, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 10,

Spratt, Patrick, Rossie, Shoemaker, overseer of the poor, and farmer, 239,

Stacy, Isaac W., Somerville, Dealer in Dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes, etc, , ADVERTISEMENT

Steel, George, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 100,

Stevenson, James, Rossie, Farmer, 300,

Stevenson, Matthew, Rossie, Farmer, , w/ James

Storie, David W., Wegatchie, Jobber, dairyman and farmer, 258,

Storie, Kennedy, Wegatchie, Dairyman and Farmer, 222,

Storie, Thomas, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 100,

Stowell, Solomon, Shingle Creek, Saw mill and Farmer, 114,

Sullivan, L., Rossie, Farmer, 39,

Summerville, John, Rossie, Farmer, 180,

Sweet, David , Shingle Creek, Cooper, ,

Tait, Geo G., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Carpenter, ,

Tait, Robert, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Carpenter & Farmer, 192,

Tait, Walter, Wegatchie, Farmer, 126, Leases

Taitt, John G., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 150,

Teall, Elias, Wegatchie, Dealer in stock and farmer, 200,

Temple, Wilkinson, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 50,

Tennant, Richard, Rossie, Shingle mill, assessor and farmer, 137,

Tierney, Lawrence, Rossie, Farmer, 152,

Tinney, Clark, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 200, Leases

Tinney, Samuel, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 300,

Turnbull, Adam, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 227,

Turnbull, Alex, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 163,

Turnbull, Dean S., Wegatchie, Sawyer and Farmer, , w/ Thomas

Turnbull, James H., Wegatchie, Millwright, ,

Turnbull, Thomas (deceased), Wegatchie, Justice of the peace, prop of saw and shingle mills, and farmer, 85,

Turnbull, Thomas A., Oxbow, Jefferson County, Supervisor and farmer, 227, Leases

Turnbull, Thomas P., Wegatchie, Painter, ,

Turnbull, Wm, Rossie, Farmer, 369,

Vandusen, Asel, Rossie, Gate tender and farmer, 52,

VanNess, Jeremiah, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 75,

Vanornum, James, Wegatchie, Farmer, 98, Leases of James Lockie

Wait, Curtis, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 83,

Ward, J., Rossie, Farmer, 60,

Watson, Owen, Rossie, Jobber and Farmer, 70,

Webster, Geo V., Rossie, Lumberman & farmer, 188,

Webster, Samuel B., Rossie, Lumberman, sawyer, and farmer, 400,

Wetmore, Harrison, Wegatchie, Dairyman and Farmer, 238,

Wilcox, Gilbert, Oxbow, Jefferson County, Farmer, 63,

Witt, Charles, Somerville, Carpet weaver and constable, ,

Wood, Rev. Cyrus V., Rossie, Teacher, local preacher, bookseller and insurance agent, , ADVERTISEMENT

Wood, Wm, Rossie, Farmer, 68,

Wright, I. E., Somerville, Cheese Maker and School Teacher, ,

Wright, John W., Wegatchie, McIntosh & Wright; carpenter, joiner and Farmer, 159,