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Pierrepont Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Adkins, Joseph I., Pierrepont, Farmer, 180,

Aldrich, Amos B., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 285,

Aldrich, Leroy A., Crarys Mills, Farmer, , w/ Amos

Alford, William A., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Allen, George F., Russell, Farmer, 50,

Allen, Julius, Russell, Farmer, 24,

Anderson, Alfred, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 39,

Anderson, Allen H., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 61,

Anderson, Mrs. Charlotte, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 75,

Anderson, Darius P., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 82,

Anderson, Newman S., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 46,

Anderson, Norman, North Russell, Farmer, 168,

Andrew, Erastus Jr., Pierrepont, Farmer, , w/ Erastus

Andrews, Erastus , Pierrepont, Farmer, 156,

Andrews, Perley H., Pierrepont, Farmer, 55,

Ash, David , Canton, Farmer, 106,

Austin, James, Colton, Farmer, 3,

Axtell, Ezra, Pierrepont, Farmer, 67,

Axtell, Pitts B., Pierrepont, Farmer, 175,

Ayers, Samuel M., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 88,

Bacheller, Perry L., Pierrepont, Farmer, 200,

Bacheller, Sanford P., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 200,

Baker, Reuben, Pierrepont, Farmer, 27,

Bancroft, Burton A., Ellsworth, Farmer, 115,

Bancroft, Henry, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 24, Leases

Bancroft, Jonas, Ellsworth, Farmer, 115,

Bancroft, Seneca, Ellsworth, Farmer, 48,

Bancroft, Spencer, Ellsworth, Farmer, 50,

Bannister, Ira D., Ellsworth, Farmer, 250, Leases

Barber, Ira C., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 9,

Barber, Myron J., Russell, Farmer, 189,

Bardon, John , Pierrepont, Farmer, 105,

Beach, Mrs. Eliza, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Beldin, Nelson, Crarys Mills, Farmer, ,

Belding, Ransom, Colton, Farmer, 155,

Bell, Richard J., Pierrepont, Farmer, 105,

Bellows, Ardell T., Pierrepont, Farmer, 200, Leases

Bellows, Harrison R., Pierrepont, Farmer, 200,

Bellows, Leonard S., Pierrepont, Farmer, 104,

Bentley, Milton F., Pierrepont, General merchant, postmaster and telegraph operator, ,

Benway, Mrs. Elizabeth, Pierrepont, Farmer, 23,

Bigham, David , Colton, Farmer, 59,

Billings, George, Canton, Farmer, 123,

Bird, John, Canton, Farmer, 86,

Blackman, James E., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 184,

Boody, John, Ellsworth, Wagon Maker, ,

Boody, Joseph , Colton, Farmer, 144, & in Colton, 24

Booth, Harmony B., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 77,

Booth, Norman, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 87,

Boyle, Patrick, Pierrepont, Farmer, 125,

Bradley, Orson A., Ellsworth, Farmer, , w/ J. A. Hale

Briggs, Asa W., Ellsworth, Farmer, 158,

Brouse, George, Pierrepont, Farmer, 23,

Brown, John, Pierrepont, Farmer, 83,

Brown, Malcolm, Pierrepont, Boots and shoes and Farmer, 100,

Brown, Silas L., Russell, Farmer, ,

Brown, Woster, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 150,

Bullis, Miel, Canton, Farmer, 172, & in Russell 60 & in Canton 157

Burdick, Avory E., Pierrepont, Cooper and carpenter, ,

Burdick, Willoughby, Pierrepont, Cooper , ,

Burk, Cornelius, Canton, Farmer, 135,

Bushaw, John, Canton, Farmer, 25,

Butterfield, Benjamin, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 250,

Butterfield, Horace, Pierrepont, Farmer, 380,

Butterfield, Warren, Canton, Farmer, 145,

Cardinell, Franklin, Colton, Farmer, 28,

Carpenter, Henry G., Ellsworth, Farmer, 90,

Carr, James , Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Cartwright, Samuel , Colton, Farmer, 85,

Cartwright, Stephen, Pierrepont, Farmer, 25,

Casey, Jeremiah, Canton, Farmer, 173,

Caswell, Alson, North Russell, Farmer, 31,

Cawkins, Ransom, Pierrepont, Farmer, 90,

Chismore, John W., Crarys Mills, Farmer, , w/ Amos Aldrich

Church, Charles B., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 47,

Church, Hiram, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 100,

Church, Jonathan, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 68,

Clark, Theodore L., Ellsworth, Farmer, 47,

Cleflen, Abel A., Colton, Farmer, 135,

Cleflen, Oscar G., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Clohosy, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 107,

Cloyes, Willam D., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 32,

Cochran, Silas W., Colton, Farmer, 44,

Cole, Aaron J., Canton, Farmer, 119,

Cole, Mrs. Maria, Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Collins, Lyman, Colton, Farmer, 70,

Collins, Norman, Colton, Farmer, 21,

Collor, Orange, Russell, Farmer, 140,

Colton, Aaron , Russell, Farmer, ,

Colton, Carlos, Colton, Farmer, 200,

Colton, James, Russell, Farmer, 200, Leases

Cook, Edwin, Colton, Farmer, 55,

Cook, George, Colton, Farmer, 25,

Coon, Benjamin H., North Russell, Farmer, 25,

Coon, Horace H., Pierrepont, Carpenter & Farmer, ,

Cota, Morris, Pierrepont, Shingle maker & Farmer, 20,

Cowan, Mrs. Aurila, Pierrepont, Farmer, 66,

Cox, Gardner, Ellsworth, Retired Manufacturer, ,

Craig, Richard A., Crarys Mills, Sherman & Craig, ,

Cramer, Isaac, Colton, Farmer, 90,

Crampton, Lucius, Pierrepont, Farmer, 240,

Crandall, Charles , Ellsworth, Farmer, 73,

Crandall, Enoch P., Pierrepont, Farmer, ,

Crandall, Gardner R., Ellsworth, Farmer, 62,

Crandall, George, Ellsworth, Farmer, 80,

Crandall, George L., Ellsworth, Farmer, 50,

Crandall, John, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 70,

Crandall, Sampson J., Canton, Farmer, 55,

Crandall, Shubael B., Ellsworth, Farmer, 87,

Crary, Alson L., Pierrepont, Farmer, 170,

Crary, Ezra, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 252,

Crary, Ezra M., Pierrepont, Farmer, 50, Leases

Crary, George L., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 80,

Crary, John L., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 80,

Crary, Stephen A., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 170, & in Colton 1600

Crary, Truman H., Pierrepont, Farmer, 58,

Crossman, Mrs. Clarinda, Pierrepont, Farmer, 30,

Crossman, Edgar, Colton, Farmer, 55,

Crossman, Marcus, Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Crossman, Mrs. Matilda, Russell, Farmer, 5,

Curtis, Darius N., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 68,

Curtis, Eber H., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 50,

Curtis, Samuel C., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 35,

Cutting, Gersham, Crarys Mills, Boot & shoe maker, ,

Daniels, Ebenezer, Pierrepont, Farmer, 40,

Daniels, Lewis W., Canton, Farmer, 100,

Daniels, Lewis W., Pierrepont, Farmer, 5,

Daniels, Matthew M., Canton, Saw mill and farmer, 60,

Daniels, Miles, Colton, Farmer, 100,

Darling, Miss Esther A., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 75,

Dean, Anthony, Russell, Farmer, 101,

Dewey, Alfred, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Dewey, Mrs. Rachel, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Dimick, Lyman, Ellsworth, Carpenter , ,

Donohue, Dennis, Pierrepont, Farmer, 130, Leases

Dorothy, Reuben, Ellsworth, Farmer, 63,

Dorothy, Willard G., Pierrepont, Farmer, 125,

Douglas, John, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 50,

Downer, Benjamin , Russell, Cooper, ,

Drury, Charles H., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 45, & in Canton 11

Dunning, John, Colton, Farmer, 40,

Eastman, James M., Pierrepont, Saw mill and farmer, 7,

Eastman, William S., Pierrepont, Farmer, 90,

Eells, Arden, Russell, Farmer, ,

Eells, Calvin, Russell, Farmer, 75,

Eells, Charles D., Russell, Farmer, 50,

Eells, Seth, Russell, Farmer, 48,

Elliot, George W., Colton, Teamster, ,

Elliot, Samuel S., Colton, Farmer, 110,

Ellis, Andrew J., Russell, Hunter & Trapper, ,

Ellison, Caleb, Colton, Farmer, 27,

Ellison, Otis W., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Ellison, Thomas, Colton, Farmer, 90,

Ellsworth, Edward S., Russell, Farmer, 135,

Emmons, Daniel B., Colton, Farmer, 30,

Enslow, Daniel , Colton, Farmer, ,

Enslow, John, Pierrepont, Farmer, 25,

Exford, Seymour, Russell, Farmer, 86, in Russel & leases 121

Farley, Patrick, Russell, Farmer, 70,

Farwell, Charles S., Ellsworth, Match Manuf., ,

Felton, Amaranth A., Colton, Farmer, 45,

Ferry, Henry, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 30,

Fifield, Nathan, Ellsworth, Farmer, 85,

Fisk, William R., Crarys Mills, Cooper and Farmer, 13,

Fisk, William S., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 7,

Fitzgerald, Dennis, Pierrepont, Farmer, 240,

Foster, Carlos, Ellsworth, Manuf. of tubs, pails, barrels, casks, etc, ,

Foster, Charles, Pierrepont, Farmer, 22,

Foster, Edwin, Ellsworth, Farmer, 50,

Foster, George , Pierrepont, Farmer, 10, Leases

Foster, Orrin, Ellsworth, Farmer, 94, & in Parishville 10 & in Colton 20

Foster, Thomas, Pierrepont, Farmer, 25,

Fountain, Charles, Russell, Farmer, 75,

Fountain, Henry, Russell, Farmer, 30,

Fountain, Nelson P., Ellsworth, Farmer, 171,

Fox, Charles, Russell, Farmer, 65,

Frank, John N., Russell, Farmer, 88,

Fuller, David, Russell, Farmer, 23,

Fuller, James C., Ellsworth, Farmer, 75,

Gaffeny, John, Pierrepont, Farmer, 43,

Gardner, Richard C., Ellsworth, Boots & Shoes, ,

Garrett, Sydney, Colton, Farmer, 85,

Giffin, Luther A., Pierrepont, Farmer, 50, & leases 50

Gill, Franklin, Canton, Farmer, 180,

Gleason, George W., Pierrepont, Farmer, 198, w/ Henry

Gleason, Henry, Pierrepont, Farmer, 198, w/ George

Gleason, Henry Jr., Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Gleason, James, Pierrepont, Saw mill and farmer, 128,

Goghegon, Patrick, Colton, Farmer, ,

Goodenough, Asa A., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 50,

Goodenough, Orren C., Crarys Mills, Cheese Maker, ,

Goodwin, Gorham S., Colton, Farmer, 60,

Greer, David J., Crarys Mills, Blacksmith, ,

Griffin, Cassius O., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Hadley, Hiram, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 96,

Hale, Jonathan A., Ellsworth, Farmer, 316, & in Colton 21

Hamilton, Ansell B., Pierrepont, Farmer, 60,

Hamilton, Artimus, Pierrepont, Farmer, 100,

Hamilton, Benjamin, Pierrepont, Farmer, 47,

Hamilton, Charles, Pierrepont, Farmer, 52,

Hamilton, Elisha B., Pierrepont, Farmer, 28,

Hamilton, Martin, Colton, Farmer, 50,

Harper, George, Crarys Mills, Cooper , ,

Harper, John V., Crarys Mills, Prop of Saw and shingle mill, ,

Harris, Edwin, Pierrepont, Farmer, , w/ Henry Gleason

Hassett, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 131,

Hayes, John, Ellsworth, Farmer, 264,

Hayford, Rev. Abial D., Crarys Mills, Retired Minister, ,

Hewitt, Francis, Colton, Farmer, 50,

Hewitt, Harlow, Colton, Farmer, 25,

Hewitt, Henry, Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Hewitt, Hiram, Pierrepont, Farmer, 1,

Hickok, Sanford E., Pierrepont, Blacksmith, ,

Hitchcock, George L., Ellsworth, Carpenter, ,

Hitchcock, James H., Ellsworth, Carpenter, ,

Hobart, Eliphalet F., Ellsworth, Farmer, 10, & in Potsdam 20

Hobart, George P., Ellsworth, Stone Cutter, ,

Hogle, Frank , Colton, Farmer, 80,

Hogle, Robert, Colton, Farmer, 40,

Holden, Orson, Crarys Mills, Farmer, , Leases

Holmes, Daniel M., Pierrepont, Farmer, 178,

Holmes, George, Pierrepont, Farmer, 7, Leases

Hooley, Martin, Pierrepont, Farmer, 103,

Hosmer, William P., Colton, Farmer, 25,

Hovington, James, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 54, Leases

Howard, Harrington B., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 220, w/ Walter G.

Howard, Maro L., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 158,

Howard, Orrin A., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 325,

Howard, Walter G., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 220, w/ Harrington B.

Hubbard, Benjamin P., Pierrepont, w/ Ira M, ,

Hubbard, Emerson M., Pierrepont, Farmer, 117,

Hubbard, Ira M., Pierrepont, Farmer, 165,

Huckle, William , Colton, Farmer, 48,

Hundley, Mrs. Caroline M., Pierrepont, Farmer, 2,

Huntley, Joseph W., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 52,

Irish, Milliard F., Pierrepont, Farmer, 43,

Isham, Nathan, Canton, Isham & Negus, ,

Isham, Nathan, Canton, Farmer, 300,

Jacobs, Shepard, Colton, Farmer, 80,

Jenner, James R., Ellsworth, Farmer, 125,

Jenner, John H., Ellsworth, Farmer, 90,

Johnson, Benjamin A., Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Jones, Wm J., Colton, Farmer, 53,

Judd, Franklin B., Colton, Farmer, 39,

Judd, Michael D., Pierrepont, Farmer, 311, w/ William W. & William J.

Judd, William J., Pierrepont, Farmer, 311, w/ Wm W. & Michael D.

Judd, William W., Pierrepont, Farmer, 311, w/ Michael D. & Wm J.

Kearny, Daniel , Colton, Farmer, 25,

Kennedy, Frank, Pierrepont, Farmer, ,

Knapp, Isaac P., Pierrepont, Farmer, 72,

Kopf, Rev John H., Ellsworth, Presbyterian Clergyman, ,

Lamb, Norman U., Ellsworth, Carpenter & Farmer, 13,

Lamson, Stephen J., Canton, Saw and shingle mills and farmer, 100,

Landon, Edward H., Crarys Mills, Cheese Maker, ,

Law, Divine J., Canton, Farmer, 95,

Lawrence, George, North Russell, Shoemaker & Farmer, 4,

Leach, Sanford , Pierrepont, Farmer, 75,

Leet, George W., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Leonard, Alva, Pierrepont, Farmer, 140,

Leonard, Austin C., Pierrepont, General Merchant, ,

Leonard, Charles, Pierrepont, Farmer, 235,

Leonard, Joseph I., Pierrepont, Farmer, 186,

Leonard, Moses, Pierrepont, Farmer, 128,

Leonard, Philo, Pierrepont, Farmer, ,

Leonard, William, Pierrepont, Grocer, ,

Leonard, William C., Pierrepont, Farmer, 70,

Lobdell, Ezra, Pierrepont, Farmer, 180,

Lobdell, George, Pierrepont, Carpenter , ,

Lobdell, Jacob, Crarys Mills, Justice of the peace & farmer, 112,

Lucas, Jerome, Ellsworth, Farmer, 90,

Lucas, Leslie J., Ellsworth, Farmer, 70,

Majors, Harrison , Pierrepont, Farmer, 98, Leases

Martin, Franklin , Canton, Farmer, 100,

Martin, John , Crarys Mills, Farmer, 71,

Martin , William H. C., Ellsworth, Physician & surgeon, ,

Matthews, Calvin P., Canton, Farmer, 60,

Matthews, Charles, Pierrepont, Farmer, 270, Leases

Matthews, Gustavus H., Canton, Farmer, 33, Leases

Matthews, Joseph, Ellsworth, Farmer, 80,

Matthews, Loton H., Pierrepont, Farmer, ,

McBroom, Samuel, Canton, Farmer, 109,

McCabe, John H., Colton, Farmer, 100,

McCargy, Alpheus, Pierrepont, Farmer, 11,

McCarty, Eugene, Colton, Farmer, 40,

McDonald, Charles, Ellsworth, Farmer, 111,

Merritt, Darwin H., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 96,

Miles, Jacob H., Ellsworth, Grocer and postmaster, ,

Miller, Andrew D., Russell, Cooper & farmer, 111,

Miller, John, Colton, Farmer, 187,

Mitchell, Richard M., Ellsworth, Blacksmith, ,

Moore, Jerome D., Pierrepont, Constable and Farmer, 6,

Moore, Truman, Pierrepont, Farmer, 125,

Moore, William D., Russell, Farmer, 75,

Morrill, Lionel, Pierrepont, Farmer, 109,

Morrison, Frank A., Crarys Mills, Cheese Maker, ,

Mosher, Mrs. Julia A., Colton, Farmer, 40,

Murray, Thomas, North Russell, Farmer, 34,

Negus, John, Canton, Isham & Negus; Farmer, 80,

Nichols, Rev Orlando F., Canton, M. E. Clergyman, ,

Northrup, Franklin , Pierrepont, Farmer, 130,

Northrup, Samuel N., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 93, & leases 85

Noyes, Benjamin, Ellsworth, Farmer, 100,

O'Brien, Jeremiah, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 80, Leases

O'Conner, Jerry, Russell, Farmer, 135,

Odd, Joseph, Ellsworth, Teamster & farmer, 8, Leases

Oliver, Edgar H., Ellsworth, Miller, ,

Packard, Charles R., Pierrepont, Prop of Packard Hotel & Farmer, 270,

Palmer, Henry S., Colton, Farmer, 107, Leases

Pangburn, D. K, Crarys Mills, Congregational Clergyman, ,

Parmeter, Asahel H., Ellsworth, Stone Cutter, ,

Paul, William, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 148,

Pearl, Nelson, North Russell, Farmer, 214,

Pierce, Joseph B., Colton, Farmer, 25,

Pierson, George, Colton, Farmer, 50,

Pierson, John, Colton, Farmer, 9,

Piersons, Harlow W., Pierrepont, Farmer, 30,

Pitt, William, Pierrepont, Farmer, 100,

Plumb, Dwight C., Colton, Farmer, 90,

Plumb, Edward M., Colton, Farmer, 47,

Pollock, Samuel, Pierrepont, Farmer, ,

Pollock, Samuel B., Pierrepont, Farmer, 60,

Post, Garret, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 140, Leases

Post, Garret Jr, Crarys Mills, Farmer, ,

Post, George, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 90,

Post, Peter, Ellsworth, Farmer, 40,

Post, Stephen W., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 270,

Pritchard, William, Colton, Farmer, 80,

Quigly, Patrick, Pierrepont, Farmer, 130,

Rafferty, William, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 60,

Randall, Daniel, Pierrepont, Blacksmith & Farmer, 25,

Randall, Martin V., Pierrepont, Blacksmith & Farmer, 57,

Reed, Mrs. Arena, Pierrepont, Farmer, 22,

Rexford, Absalom M., Ellsworth, Saw Mill, ,

Rexford, John, Ellsworth, Lumberman, prop os saw mill & 25 acres in Hopkinton, ,

Reynolds, John, Canton, Farmer, 92,

Rhoades, Ephraim, Colton, Farmer, 62,

Roach, Edward , Colton, Farmer, 132,

Roach, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 70,

Roach, Morris, Colton, Farmer, ,

Robbins, Horace D., Ellsworth, Carpenter, ,

Robeson, William M., Colton, Farmer, 169,

Robinson, Mrs. Alvira, Canton, Farmer, 80,

Robinson, Daniel, Pierrepont, Farmer, 44,

Robinson, James A., Pierrepont, Farmer, 171, Leases

Robinson, John F., Colton, Carpenter & Farmer, 80,

Robinson, Joshua, Canton, Farmer, 70,

Rodgers, Mrs. Catharine, Crarys Mills, Tailoress, ,

Rodgers, Lafayette, Pierrepont, Farmer, 50,

Rose, Ahira, Crarys Mills, Carpenter & Farmer, 30,

Ross, Carlos, Canton, Farmer, 57,

Royce, John, Ellsworth, Carpenter, ,

Rushford, Antione, Pierrepont, Carriage Maker, ,

Russell, Benjamin B., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 65,

Russell, Munsell, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 83,

Sabin, Alfred P., Ellsworth, Farmer, 350, & Leases 130

Scoville, Winslow, Colton, Farmer, 50,

Searles, Mrs. Anna, Pierrepont, Farmer, 33,

Selleck, Woodward, Colton, Farmer, 150,

Sever, Lemuel A., Colton, Farmer, 80,

Severance, Enrico, Pierrepont, Farmer, 18,

Severance, Harry W., Russell, Farmer, 110,

Shaw, Adolphus P., Pierrepont, Clerk in naval office, New York, ,

Shaw, Clemmons, Canton, Farmer, 32,

Sherman, William A., Crarys Mills, Sherman & Craig; Supervisor, ,

Shipman, Albert O., Colton, Farmer, 75,

Shurtlef, Preston A., Colton, Farmer, 95,

Shurtleff, Timothy, Ellsworth, Farmer, 23,

Simmons, Hiram, Russell, Farmer, 40,

Smead, Rev. Elijah, Crarys Mills, M. E. Clergyman & farmer, 107,

Smead, Suell, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 6,

Smith, Abial W., Colton, Farmer, 40,

Smith, George W., Crarys Mills, Carriage Painter, ,

Solls, Frederick S., Pierrepont, Constable, ,

Squires, John B., Ellsworth, Farmer, 102,

Stacks, Thomas, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 185,

Stanton, George, Colton, Saw mill, tub factory and shingle machine, ,

Sterling, Lyman, Ellsworth, Farmer, ,

Stewart, Isaac, Pierrepont, Farmer, 52,

Stewart, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 40,

Stewart, Wiley, Colton, Farmer, 60,

Stewart, William A., Colton, Farmer, ,

Stone, Calvin , Russell, Farmer, 25, Leases

Stone, Henry, Russell, Farmer, 20,

Stone, Lewis, Russell, Farmer, ,

Sullivan, John, Canton, w/ Jeremiah Casey, ,

Taylor, George, Canton, Farmer, 115,

Thomas, David, Colton, Farmer, 60,

Thomas, John, Colton, Farmer, 113,

Thompson, Mrs. M., Colton, Farmer, 48,

Towner, Stillman, Canton, Farmer, ,

Train, George, Ellsworth, Stone Mason, ,

Tupper, Mandrick, Pierrepont, Farmer, 100,

Tyrell, Joseph , Russell, Farmer, 76,

VanBroecklin, Daniel, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 145,

VanBrocklin, Garret, Ellsworth, Farmer, 190,

Vanderburg, Frederick , Pierrepont, Farmer, 235,

VanOrnum, Andrew J., Ellsworth, Farmer, 34, Leases

Vaughn, George W., Pierrepont, Farmer, 25,

Vaughn, Reuben, Colton, Farmer, 40,

Veber, Oscar S., Colton, Farmer, 118,

Veber, William , Colton, Farmer, 110,

Wakefield, William H., Colton, Farmer, 40,

Washburn, Andrew, Colton, Farmer, ,

Watson, Jedediah, Canton, Farmer, 33,

Welch, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 37,

Welch, Richard, Colton, Farmer, 108,

Weller, David, Pierrepont, Farmer, 53,

Wells, Allen W., Pierrepont, Farmer, 76,

Wells, Charles H., Canton, Farmer, 40,

Wells, David, Canton, Farmer, 48,

Wells, David, Canton, Farmer, 21,

Wells, Reuben T., Canton, Farmer, 104,

Wells, Thomas G., Canton, Farmer, 48,

Weston, Milo, Pierrepont, Farmer, 100,

Weston, Thomas, Pierrepont, Grocer , ,

Wheeler, Peter, Colton, Farmer, 156,

Wheelock, John, Pierrepont, Farmer, 68,

Wheelock, Mrs. Susannah, Pierrepont, Farmer, 25,

White, Mrs. Betsey, Pierrepont, Farmer, 40,

White, Osborn H., Russell, Farmer, 25,

Whitfield, Rev. William, Pierrepont, Free Will Baptist clergyman and town clerk, ,

Willis, Edward A., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Willis, Joseph, Colton, Farmer, 41,

Willmarth, Ira A., Colton, Farmer, 48,

Wilson, Myron, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 190,

Winchell, Seth, Colton, Farmer, 75,

Witters, Oscar F., Crarys Mills, General Merchant, ,

Wood, Ezra, Colton, Farmer, 110,

Wood, Harvey, Ellsworth, Farmer, 48,

Woodruff, Alvin, Ellsworth, Farmer, 1, & in Hopkinton 100

Woodward, Jonathan, Russell, Shoemaker, ,

Woodworth, Mrs. Mary A., Pierrepont, Farmer, 4,

Wright, Michael H., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 80,

Wright, Sylvester J., Ellsworth, Farmer, 130,

Wright, William W., Ellsworth, Blacksmith, ,