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Parishville Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Abbott, Benjamin D., Parishville, Carpenter, Butter dairy & farmer, 221,

Abel, Benjamin F., Parishville, Farmer, 33,

Abel, Benjamin F., South Colton, South Woods guide & farmer, 50,

Abram, Edward H., Parishville, Prop of Starch factory, butter dairy & farmer, 550,

Adams, Alfred E., Parishville, Farmer, 109,

Adams, Archelaus C., Potsdam, Mason & Farmer, 51,

Adams, Carlisle, Parishville, butter, live stock, pelts, hides & etc, ,

Adams, Milo, Parishville, wool, butter, pelts, hides, skins, furs etc., and auctioneer, ,

Adams, Seymour S., Parishville, Farmer, 81,

Adgate, Charles, Parishville, Farmer, 80,

Allen, David, Parishville, Farmer, 120,

Allen, Ira, Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Allen, Isaac, Parishville, Clocks, watches and jewelry, ,

Allen, Sewall C., Parishville, Farmer, 125,

Andrus, George S., Parishville, Farmer, 80, Leases of Isaac Gleason

Anstead, Martin, Potsdam, Farmer, 130,

Ansted, Alvin, Potsdam, Assessor, dairyman and Farmer, 358,

Armstrong, David J., Parishville Center, Farmer, 175,

Armstrong, John, Parishville, Farmer, 113,

Averill, William P., Parishville, Farmer, 168,

Bailey, John, Colton, Farmer, 9,

Barber, Cyrus R., Pari, Butter dairy and Farmer, 100,

Barkley, John, Colton, Farmer, 25,

Barrows, Robert W., Parishville, Manuf & dealer in boots & shoes, & constable, ,

Barry, John, Potsdam, Farmer, 200, Leases

Bartlett, Alden, Parish, Butter tub manuf. & farmer, 43,

Bates, Franklin, Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Beckwith, Rev. John H., Parishville, Pastor of Congregational Church, ,

Benson, Seth, Potsdam, Farmer, 106,

Benton, Benjamin S., Parishville, Farmer, 11,

Benton, Eliju S., Parishville, Farmer, 94,

Bicknell, Carlos B., Potsdam, Farmer, 113,

Bicknell, George S., Parishville, Groceries & provisions & farmer, 40, Leases

Bicknell, Hibbard A., Ellsworth, Carpenter & joiner & farmer, 130,

Bicknell, Ralph A., Ellsworth, Note broker & farmer, 50,

Blaisdell, Amos, Parishville Center, Farmer, 70,

Blake, William, Parishville, Farmer, 140,

Bloss, Albro E., Parishville Center, Farmer, 46,

Bloss, Elvin M., Parishville Center, Butter dairy and farmer, 300,

Bloss, George W., Parishville, Cooper & Farmer, 100,

Bloss, Harrision H., Parishville, H. & M. Bloss, ,

Bloss, Leonard B., Parishville, Town Clerk, ,

Bloss, Milo B., Parishville, H. & M. Bloss, ,

Bloss, Walter W., Parishville Center, Butter dairy and Farmer, , w/ James A. Kelly

Bordrow, Frank , Parishville, Farmer, 31,

Bordrow, Joseph, Parishville, Farmer, 31,

Bosworth, Charles H., Potsdam, Farmer, 32,

Bosworth, Nelson, Potsdam, Farmer, 60,

Bosworth, Mrs. Solome, Parishville, Farmer, 44,

Bowers, Henry, Parishville, Blacksmith & farmer, 84,

Bradshaw, John, Parishville, Shoemaker, ,

Brand, Stephen H., Parishville, S. H. Brand & Co - Farmer, 225,

Briggs, Benjamin, Parishville, Farmer, 63,

Broffle, George L., Parishville, Farmer, 300,

Brown, Rev. Charles H., Parishville, M. E. Church, ,

Brown, Horace, Parishville, Farmer, 215,

Brown, James, Parishville, Carpenter & Farmer, 9,

Brown, Mrs. John L., Parishville, Farmer, 115,

Brown, Joshua C., Parishville, Farmer, 108,

Brown, Perry J., Parishville, Farmer, 195, Leases

Brown, Seaman, Parishville, Farmer, 100,

Brown, Sherman, Parishville, Farmer, 75,

Brown, Tyler B., Potsdam, Farmer, 355,

Brown, William S., Parishville Center, Postmaster & Farmer, 10,

Brown, Woodward H., Parishville, Justice of the peace & farmer, 430,

Brownell, David , Parishville, Farmer, 90, Leases

Brownell, George W., Parishville, Dairyman & farmer, 175,

Brownell, Hollis E., Parishville, Farmer, 113,

Brownell, John, Parishville, Farmer, 101,

Brownell, J. Foster, Parishville, Capitalist, ,

Brownison, Dean N., Parishville Center, Farmer, 134,

Bump, Albert, Parishville Center, Carpenter & Farmer, 60, w/ Orlin

Bump, Orlin, Parishville Center, Carpenter & Farmer, 60, w/ Albert

Burke, William, Potsdam, Farmer, 104,

Burwell, Henry, Parishville Center, Blacksmith , ,

Burwell, James B., Parishville Center, Farmer, 80,

Burwell, Luther S., Colton, Manuf of butter tubs & farmer, 20,

Campbell, Adin, Parishville, Farmer, 240,

Canfield, George H., Parishville, Poultry dealer & farmer, 2,

Capell, Corydon A., Parishville, H. C. Capell & Son, ,

Capell, Harvey A., Parishville, Assessor, butter dairy and farmer, 162,

Capell, Henry C., Parishville, H. C. Capell & Son; and farmer, 158,

Cardinell, Joseph, Potsdam, Farmer, 18,

Carpenter, Robert P., Parishville, Prop. Of shoe store, ,

Carr, Morris, Parishville, Farmer, 58,

Cary, William D., Parishville, Carpenter & Farmer, 85,

Champney, Dorus L., Potsdam, Carpenter & Farmer, 70,

Champney, Nathan, Potsdam, Farmer, 50,

Chappell, Rev. George H., Potsdam, Pastor of Free Will Baptist Church, ,

Chase, Myra J., Pierrepont, Seamstress, ,

Chase, Sarah B., Pierrepont, Farmer, 54,

Chase, Sylvester, Parishville, Farmer, 200,

Christy, Charles , Parishville Center, Farmer, 110,

Christy, Cyrus W., Parishville Center, Capitalist, ,

Clark, Francis V., Parishville, Groceries, provisions & notions, ,

Clark, Simeon L., Parishville, drugs, medicines, paints, oils, fancy articles, etc., ,

Close, John, Colton, Farmer, 381, w/ William

Close, William, Colton, Farmer, 381, w/ John

Coffee, Mrs. Lurinda L., Parishville, Milliner & dressmaker, ,

Coffee, Nathaniel, Parishville, Farmer, 40,

Converse, Jeremiah P., Parishville, Farmer, 188,

Cook, Artemus J., Parishville, Carpenter , ,

Cook, Cyrus , Parishville, Farmer, 44,

Cook, Osman T., Parishville, Miller & Farmer, 160,

Cook, O. Tiffany Jr., Parishville, Miller & Farmer, ,

Cook, Samuel R., Parishville, Furniss & Cook, ,

Corcoran, William, Potsdam, Farmer, 86,

Courser, Cornelius M., Parishville, Prop of Parishville and Potsdam stage, ,

Courser, Mrs. Elvira, Parishville, Farmer, 52,

Courser, Orson M., Parishville, Carpenter & Farmer, 105,

Covey, Mrs. Harriet, Parishville Center, Farmer, 70,

Covey, John L., Parishville Center, Butter dairy & Farmer, 165,

Covey, Ransom R., Parishville, Farmer, 115,

Cowles, Charles S. D., Parishville Center, Farmer, 180,

Cowles, Hasting M., Parishville Center, Farmer, 101,

Crane, William, Parishville Center, Farmer, 90,

Crary, Orin, Parishville Center, Farmer, 5,

Cronk, Joseph B., Parishville Center, Farmer, 45,

Cronk, Wilbur W., Parishville Center, Farmer, 45, Leases

Crouch, Nelson C., Parishville, Vice President Parishville Co-operative Union, butter dairy & farmer, 280,

Crowley, John, Parishville Center, Farmer, 44,

Crowley, John J., Parishville, Farmer, 250, Leases

Cutting, Alvin B., Parishville, Butter dairy & Farmer, 242,

Daggett, David, Parishville, Justice of the peace & farmer, 250,

Daggett, Herbert M., Parishville, General Merchant, notary public, R.R. ticket agent and farmer, 14, Advertiser

Daggett, , Parishville, Cook & Daggett, ,

Daniels, Franklin , Parishville, Farmer, 50,

DeLong, Ebenezer, Parishville, Gunsmith & Farmer, 8,

Delong, Norris, Parishville, Farmer, 84,

Donovan, James, Colton, Farmer, 92,

Dove, David, Parishville, Carpenter, ,

Dow, William, Colton, Farmer, 35,

Duff, David, Parishville, Duff Brother & Foster, ,

Duff, William, Parishville, Duff Brother & Foster, ,

Duffy, John, Parishville, Farmer, 32,

Duffy, Patrick, Parishville, Shoemaker, butcher, dealer in live stock and potash manuf, ,

Durfey, Joseph B., Parishville, Capitalist, ,

Eastman, James O., Parishville, Farmer, 144,

Emlaw, Joseph , Parishville, Manuf of Butter tubs and farmer, 20,

Estes, Ananias, Potsdam, Carpenter & joiner & farmer, 28,

Ewings, Hiram H., Potsdam, Farmer, 80,

Ewings, Oscar F., Potsdam, Farmer, 150,

Faulkner, George W., Parishville, Butter dairy & Farmer, 330,

Fearl, John, Parishville, Lawyer, agent for North Lawrence Marble Works & farmer, 9,

Ferney, Joseph, Parishville, Farmer, 160,

Finigan, Thomas F., Colton, Farmer, 75,

Flagg, Bradley M., Parishville, Butter dairy & Farmer, 165,

Flagg, Theophilus, Parishville, Butter dairy & Farmer, 150,

Flahiven, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 60,

Flanders, Albert E., Parishville, Mechanic, ,

Flanders, Charles P., Parishville, S. K. Flanders & Sons, ,

Flanders, Edwin P., Parishville, S. K. Flanders & Sons, ,

Flanders, Henry J., Parishville, S. K. Flanders & Sons, ,

Flanders, Moses J., Parishville, S. K. Flanders & Sons, ,

Flanders, S. Kimbol, Parishville, S. K. Flanders & Sons, ,

Flower, George A., Parishville, Farmer, 195,

Flower, Horace N., Parishville, Farmer, 234,

Flower, Seymour, Parishville, Capitalist, ,

Ford, Orin M., Parishville Center, Farmer, ,

Foster, Edwin W., Parishville, Duff Brother & Foster, ,

Freeman, James, Parishville Center, Farmer, 41,

Frost, Aaron W., Parishville Center, Farmer, 135,

Frost, Salmon, Parishville Center, Farmer, 135,

Furniss, George, Parishville, Furniss & Cook, ,

Garlough, Adam, Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Garlough, James, Parishville, Farmer, 215,

Gates, Vandon R., Potsdam, Farmer, 66,

Geary, John E., Parishville, Farmer, 22,

Giffin, Benjamin H., Parishville Center, Farmer, 7,

Giffin, Calvin, Parishville, Farmer, 56,

Gilbert, George D., Parishville, Farmer, 250,

Gilbert, Peter B., Parishville, Farmer, 70,

Gillin, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 24,

Gleason, Isaac, Parishville, Farmer, 80,

Goodale, John G., Parishville, Tailor, barber & farmer, 14,

Goodale, Spencer J., Parishville, Harness maker, starch maker & farmer, 26,

Greene, Henry C., Parishville, Farmer, 1,

Greene, Rollin S., Parishville, Farmer, 136,

Guinup, Johnson, Parishville, Farmer, 10,

Gynn, Mathew, Parishville, Farmer, 90,

Haggett, Charles , Parishville, Farmer, 147,

Haight, John L., Parishville, Prop of sawing machine and farmer, 140,

Hair, Patrick, Colton, Farmer, 40,

Hamlin, David H., Potsdam, Farmer, ,

Hamblin, Frederick W., Potsdam, Butter dairy & Farmer, 90,

Hamblin, George H., Potsdam, Farmer, 107,

Hamblin, Hiram , Potsdam, Farmer, 13,

Hamlin, David H., Potsdam, Farmer, ,

Hammil, John W., Colton, Farmer, 85,

Hancock, Albert , Parishville Center, Farmer, 3,

Hancock, Charles, Potsdam, Farmer, 20,

Hart, George W., Parishville, Manuf of butter tubs, ,

Hart , Henry, Parishville, Carpenter & joiner & farmer, 146,

Hart, Samuel, Parishville, Farmer, 72,

Hart, Truman, Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Hart, William W., Parishville, S. H. Brand & co; Undertaker & cabinet maker, ,

Hatch, Stephen B., Parishville, Carpenter , ,

Hayden, Harvey S., Parishville, Highway commissioner & farmer, 90,

Hayden, Ruel, Parishville, Farmer, 42,

Heading, Harley, Parishville, Capitalist, ,

Healy, Hamilton F., Potsdam, Farmer, 45,

Healy, Jabez, Potsdam, Farmer, 104,

Herriman, Ezra D., Parishville, Farmer, 207,

Herriman, Marcus B., Parishville, Blacksmith, ,

Hickok, Horace D., Colton, Farmer, 50,

Hinman, Howard H., Parishville, Carpenter, ,

Hogan, William , Parishville, Wood turner & farmer, 20,

Hoit, Loyal A., Parishville, Secretary Parishville Co-operative Union & farmer, 250,

Holden, Mrs. Zilpah C., Parishville, Farmer, 80, w/ C. Walker & P. Leonard Keith

Honsinger, Benjamin G., Parishville Center, Farmer, 200,

Hooley, William, Potsdam, Farmer, 114,

Howard, Jonas M., Parishville Center, Farmer, 100,

Howard, Julius M., Parishville Center, Farmer, ,

Howe, Eliakim, Parishville, Harness Maker, fire & life insurance agent, ,

Howe, Ira O., Parishville, Farmer, 49,

Howe, Orville, Parishville, Farmer, 49,

Howe, Webster, Parishville, Farmer, 10,

Howe, William S., Parishville, Note broker & farmer, 600,

Hoyt, Daniel, Parishville, Farmer, 125,

Hoyt, Edson D., Parishville, Farmer, 125, Leases

Hoyt, George C., Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Hubbell, Freeman, Parishville, Farmer, 70, Leases of John L. Perkins

Janner, James, Ellsworth, Farmer, 30,

Jaquis, Augustus E., Parishville, Blacksmith & farmer, 54,

Jaquis, Mrs. Rebecca N., Parishville, Milliner & dressmaker, ,

Jaquis, Uz, Parishville, Justice of the peace & farmer, 76,

Jaquis, William N., Parishville, Farmer, 30,

Jefferson, Benjamin P., Potsdam, Butter dairy & Farmer, 250,

Jefferson, Cyrus F., Potsdam, Farmer, ,

Jefferson, Nathan W., Potsdam, Farmer, ,

Jesmer, Levi, Parishville, Farmer, ,

Johnson, Andrew C., Parishville, Carriage maker & farmer, 43,

Johnson, Solon A., Potsdam, Farmer, 85,

Keegan, John , Parishville, Farmer, 122,

Keener, Charles, Potsdam, Farmer, 105,

Keith, C. Walker, Parishville, Farmer, 80, w/ P. Leonard Keith & Mrs. Z. C. Holden

Keith, P. Leonard, Parishville, Farmer, 80, w/ C. Walker Keith & Mrs. Z. C. Holden

Kelly, James A., Parishville Center, Butter dairy & Farmer, 160, w/ Walter W. Bloss

Kelsey, Miss Adaline N., Parishville, T. R. & A. N. Kelsey, ,

Kelsey, Miss Tryphena R., Parishville, T. R. & A. N. Kelsey, ,

Kennedy, David W., Parishville, Carpenter, ,

Kennedy, Hiram C., Parishville, Carpenter, ,

Keveny, Mrs. Anna, Potsdam, Farmer, 120,

Keveny, Charles, Potsdam, Farmer, 101,

Kingsbury, Nathaniel, Parishville Center, Farmer, 147,

Kirk, Mrs. Lucinda A., Parishville, Tailoress & farmer, 1,

Laflin, Virgil B., Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Lashua, Franklin, Parishville, Farmer, 5,

Lashua, John , Parishville, Farmer, 4,

Lee, Aaron, Parishville, Farmer, 400,

Lee, Loyal , Parishville, Wheelwright & farmer, 125,

Lenney, John , Potsdam, Farmer, 205,

Leonard, George Q., Potsdam, Blacksmith, ,

Leslie, Stevens E., Parishville, Assessor & harness maker, ,

Lones, Julia A., Parishville Center, Farmer, 39,

Long, Justin, Colton, Butter dairy & Farmer, 400,

Long, Ransom B., Colton, Farmer, ,

Lucas, Silas, Parishville, Farmer, 112,

Lyons, Patrick, Parishville, Farmer, ,

Maloney, Patrick, Colton, Farmer, 50,

Manley, George H., Ellsworth, Farmer, 94, Leases

Marden, George W., Colton, Farmer, 100,

McCaig, Samuel, Parishville, Farmer, 90,

McDonald, Alexander A., Parishville, Blacksmith, ,

McDonald, John , Parishville, Farmer, ,

Mead, Hiram , Parishville, Farmer, 40,

Merrill, Sylvanus B., Parishville, Farmer, 105,

Mill, Alexander , Parishville, Farmer, ,

Miller, Charles R., Parishville, Farmer, 45,

Miller, Ebenezer, Parishville, Farmer, 45, Leases

Mitchell, Cynthia E., Parishville, Dressmaker, ,

Mitchell, J. Loring, Parishville, Farmer, 160,

Mitchell, Luther H., Parishville, Farmer, 167,

Moddy, Francis, Parishville, Farmer, 75,

Moore, Abram F., Parishville, Farmer, 36, Leases

Moore, D. Asa, Parishville, Books, stationary, postmaster & telegraph operator, ,

Morgan, Charles G., Parishville, Carpenter & Farmer, 75,

Moses, Joel P., Potsdam, Cooper & farmer, 50,

Moses, Rufus R., Parishville, Starch maker, carpenter & joiner, ,

Moxley, Rev Oel W., Parishville, Pastor of Baptist Church, ,

Murphy, Mrs. Ann , Parishville, Farmer, 48,

Murphy, Daniel, Parishville, Farmer, 137,

Muzzy, William F., Parishville, Farmer, 250, Leases of L. A. Hoyt

Newell, Chauncey J., Parishville, Farmer, 79,

O'Harrow, James Jr., Parishville, Stone mason & farmer, 21,

O'Harrow, Samuel, Parishville, Stone mason & farmer, 42,

Oliver, Edward P., Parishville Center, Farmer, 200, Leases

Oliver, Oren, Parishville, Farmer, 200,

Olmsted, Jonas, Potsdam, Shoemaker & farmer, 24,

Olmsted, Luman, Colton, Farmer, 100, Leases

Olmsted, Moses, Colton, Farmer, 100,

Olmsted, Moses S., Potsdam, Farmer, 170,

Olmsted, Orange, Potsdam, Farmer, 52,

Packard, Jonas F., Parishville, Farmer, 10,

Parker, Alonzo F., Parishville, Farmer, 160,

Parker, John W., Parishville Center, Farmer, 140,

Parker, Martin S., Parishville, Allo Physician & surgeon, ,

Perkins, Azro, Parishville Center, Farmer, 226, w/ Ralph E.

Perkins, Don F., Parishville Center, Dealer in cattle & sheep & farmer, 330,

Perkins, Horace E., Parishville, Carpenter & joiner & farmer, 106,

Perkins, Isaac E., Parishville, Farmer, 172,

Perkins, James , Parishville, Farmer, 134,

Perkins, John, Parishville, Farmer, 146,

Perkins, John L., Parishville, Poor master & farmer, 155,

Perkins, Leander, Parishville, Farmer, 17,

Perkins, Ralph E., Parishville Center, Farmer, 226, w/ Azro

Perry, James F., Parishville, Blacksmith, ,

Perry, Timothy, Parishville, Hardware, tinware, house furnishing goods, agricultural implements, groceries, etc., ,

Perry, William H., Parishville, Farmer, 225,

Phelps, Jesse, Parishville, Farmer, 45,

Phelps, Leonard H., Parishville Center, Carpenter & Farmer, 48,

Pierce, Henry, Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Piper, Lorenzo C., Parishville, Butter dairy and farmer, 172, Leases

Piper, Plummer C., Parishville, Farmer, 180,

Randall, Frank, Colton, Farmer, 30,

Randall, Jesse, Parishville, Farmer, 25,

Randall, Peter, Parishville, Farmer, 25,

Rasey, Alexander , Parishville, Shoemaker , ,

Rich, Gustavus J., Parishville, Farmer, 155,

Rider, James D., Parishville, Farmer, ,

Riggs, David H., Parishville Center, Farmer, 96, Leases 230

Riggs, Eugene A., Parishville Center, Carpenter, ,

Riggs, George E., Potsdam, Carpenter & Farmer, 125,

Riggs, Volney M., Potsdam, Carpenter, ,

Ritchie, John, Parishville, Farmer, 25,

Robinson, Harvey, Colton, Farmer, 28,

Robinson, James, Parishville, Farmer, 80,

Robinson, Nathan, Parishville, Mason and Farmer, 4,

Rogers, Mrs. Cinderella C., Parishville, Carpet weaver and farmer, 30,

Root, Lawson C., Colton, Farmer, 89,

Rose, Parker W., Parishville, President Parishville Co-operative Union, Prop of starch factory, supervisor, member of Assembly for 3d District and farmer, 275,

Royal, Edwin F., Parishville, Cabinet Maker, ,

Royal, John P., Parishville, Farmer, 9, Leases

Royal, John P. Jr., Parishville, Shoemaker, ,

Russell, Mrs. Margaret, Parishville Center, Farmer, 25,

Rutman, James, Parishville, Veterinary surgeon and farmer, 72,

Sampson, Lafayette, Southville, Farmer, 80, Leases

Sampson, Levi, Southville, Farmer, 80,

Sayles, Ira, Parishville Center, Farmer, 225, Leases

Sayles, Lewis P., Potsdam, Butter dairy and farmer, 134,

Selleck, Bradley H., Parishville Center, Farmer, 90,

Selleck, Oscar P., Parishville, Farmer, 28,

Sever, Samuel, Parishville, Threshing machine, ,

Shattuck, Erwin A., Parishville, Nursery Agent, ,

Shaw, John W., Parishville, Farmer, 149,

Shepard, Samuel, Potsdam, Farmer, 40,

Sherman, Thomas, Parishville, Farmer, 156,

Simonds, Benjamin F., Parishville, Agent for Chicago Life Insurance co. and farmer, 112,

Simonds, Peter, Parishville, Farmer, 112,

Sinclair, William M., Parishville, Shoemaker & farmer, 51,

Smith, Alonzo L., Potsdam, Agent for eave spouts and farmer, 134,

Smith, Ansel S., Parishville, Surveyor notary public, justice of the peace, land agent, fire & life insurance agent, office Duffy Block, ,

Smith, Daniel, Potsdam, Farmer, 93,

Smith, John C., Potsdam, Farmer, 80,

Smith, Joshua, Parishville, Cooper and prop of saw mill, ,

Spear, Charles, Potsdam, Farmer, 59,

Spear, Freedom, Potsdam, Prop of threshing and sawing machines, ,

Spear, George L., Potsdam, Farmer, 10,

Spear, James C., Potsdam, Farmer, 131,

Spear, Landus, Ellsworth, Farmer, 55,

Spear, Mrs. Phebe, Potsdam, Farmer, 21,

Spear, William W., Potsdam, Farmer, 106,

Spears, Calvin G., Colton, Farmer, 20, Leases

Spears, Charles M., Potsdam, Prop of threshing and sawing machines, and farmer, 14,

Spears, Edward, Colton, Farmer, 69,

Sprague, H. Melvin, Parishville, Boat buildre, carpenter & joiner, and farmer, 100,

Stark, Thomas, Parishville Center, Carpenter & Farmer, 96, Leases

Stark, William W., Potsdam, Farmer, 8,

Stearns, Isaac K., Potsdam, Farmer, 104,

Stearns, Reuben K., Parishville, Farmer, 110,

Stevens, Augustus H., Parishville, Prop of St. Regis hotel, horse dealer & farmer, 40,

Stevens, David B., Parishville, Farmer, 250,

Stevens, Henry A., Parishville, Carpenter, ,

Stone, Charles, Parishville, Farmer, 105,

Stone, Franklin, Parishville, Farmer, 52,

Stone, James, Parishville, Farmer, 180,

Stone, Joseph, Potsdam, Blacksmith & Farmer, 25,

Stone, Oscar O., Parishville Center, Farmer, 30,

Stone, Thomas, Parishville Center, Farmer, 100,

Stone, William, Parishville, Farmer, 150,

Stone , Wm 2nd, Parishville, Farmer, 177,

Stratton, Daniel P., Parishville, Capitalist, ,

Stratton, Joseph D., Potsdam, Farmer, 35,

Strobeck, George B., Potsdam, Prop of threshing and sawing machines and farmer, 38,

Strobeck, Henry A., Potsdam, Farmer, 120,

Strobeck, Jacob, Colton, Patentee and manuf. Of Strobeck churn, and farmer, 42,

Strobeck, Julius B., Colton, Farmer, 33,

Sullivan, Daniel O., Potsdam, Farmer, 304,

Sullivan, Dennis, Colton, Farmer, 43,

Sullivan, Dennis C., Colton, Farmer, 104,

Sullivan, Dennis O., Parishville, Farmer, 130,

Sullivan, John, Colton, Farmer, ,

Tarbell, Daniel H., Parishville, Allo. Physician & surgeon, and agent for Homeopathic Life Insurace Co., ,

Taylor, Duel, Parishville, Farmer, 88,

Taylor, Jacob, Parishville, Farmer, 40,

Taylor, John, Parishville, Farmer, 125,

Taylor, Oscar , Parishville, Farmer, 25,

Taylor, Sylvanus, Parishville, Farmer, 50,

Taylor, William H., Parishville, Lime Kiln & Farmer, 147,

Tenney, Nelson, Parishville, S. H. Brand & Co., ,

Thomas, David B., Parishville Center, Traveling agent for eave spouts and farmer, 140,

Thomas, George H., Parishville Center, Farmer, 25,

Thomas, Harrison, Potsdam, Farmer, 177,

Thomas, Henry M., Parishville, Farmer, 42,

Thomas, Henry O., Parishville, Farmer , 25, Leases 70

Thomas, Joel, Parishville, Farmer, 140,

Thomas, Orlando, Parishville, Farmer, 200,

Thomas, William N., Parishville Center, Farmer, 50,

Tichenor, David B., Parishville, Prop of machine shops and farmer, 11 1/2,

Titus, William M., Parishville, Farmer, 41,

Trerise, Davis , Parishville, Farmer, 80,

Trumbull, George, Parishville, Farmer, 20,

Trumbull, John M., Parishville, Basket maker & farmer, 28,

Tuckerman, Mrs. Alzina P., Parishville, Farmer, 36,

Tuckerman, Jacob W., Parishville, Farmer, ,

Tupper, Benjamin, Parishville, Capitalist, ,

Tupper, Pitt K., Parishville, Farmer, 40,

Wait, John A., Parishville, Blacksmith , ,

Wakefield, Gustavus A., Parishville, Farmer, 280,

Watts, Robert, Parishville Center, Blacksmith, ,

Welch, Mrs. Armina , Parishville, Tailoress, ,

Welch, Reuben, Parishville, Farmer, 175,

Weller, Mrs. Amanda, Parishville, Dressmaker and tailoress, ,

Weller, Ambrose, Parishville, Farmer, 2,

Weller, Asa G. (estate of), Colton, Farmer, 144,

Weller, Daniel G., Parishville, Carpenter & farmer, 26,

Weller, Harry, Parishville, Farmer, 140,

Weller, Lewis M., Parishville, Farmer, 2,

Weller, Noble, Parishville, Farmer, 60,

Weller, Proctor, Parishville, Farmer, ,

Westcott, Silas A., Parishville, Farmer, 113,

Whipple, Allen, Parishville Center, Farmer, 200,

Whitaker, Elias, Parishville, S. & E. Whitaker, ,

Whitaker, Simon A., Parishville, S. & E. Whitaker, ,

Wilkinson, William N., Parishville, Farmer, 225, Leases of Stephen H. Brand

Willis, Mrs. Ammarilla, Parishville Center, Farmer, 134,

Willis, Charles B., Potsdam, Justice of the peace, agent for Warrior mowing machine co and agricultural implements and farmer, 247,

Willis, John F., Potsdam, Farmer, 115,

Willis, Orin C., Parishville Center, Farmer, 11, Leases 50

Willis, Samuel, Potsdam, Farmer, 300,

Wilson, George S., Parishville, Carpenter & farmer, 28,

WIlson, James, Parishville, Farmer, 60,

Woodbury, Henry, Parishville, Farmer, 9,