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Morristown Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres

Ackerman, Abram, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Ackerman, Alphonso C., Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Ackerman, David, Brier Hill, Farmer, 180,

Ackerman, Seward, Brier Hill, Teamster, ,

Ackerman, Sylvester, Brier Hill, Farmer, 129,

Ames, Jeremiah  , Edwardsville, Farmer, 120,

Anderson, Robert, Morristown, Farmer, 7, Leases

Archer, David, Brier Hill, Farmer, 200,

Archer, David Jr., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 186, Leases

Archer, William, Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Ashley, Algernon S., Brier Hill, Dentist, ,

Atwood, Anthony, Brier Hill, Farmer, 96,

Atwood, Rufus E., Brier Hill, Farmer, 96, Leases

Barker, George P., Edwardsville, Farmer, 93,

Barnard, Charles A., Morristown, Farmer and agent for Henry Barnard's estate in Morristown, ,

Barnard, Wm B., Morristown, Farmer, ,

Barney, Jacob, Brier Hill, Farmer, 1,

Battel, William V., Brier Hill, Dry goods, groceries, crockery, boots and shoes, etc and farmer, 30,

Beardsley, Abel, Brier Hill, Manuf. Of butter tubs and farmer, 210,

Beardsley, Henry H., Morristown, Manuf. Of butter tubs and farmer, 57,

Beardsley, John, Brier Hill, Manuf. Of butter tubs and farmer, 23,

Beardsley, Lathrop S., Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Beattie, Andrew, Morristown, Farmer, 239, Leases

Beattie, John, Brier Hill, Carpenter and farmer, 150, Leases

Bellinger, Josiah, Edwardsville, Farmer, 100,

Birge, James C., Brier Hill, Breeder of pure blood Leicester sheep, farmer, 56, and leases 140

Boothe, Mrs. Catherine M., Brier Hill, Farmer, 2,

Bowman, Benjamin, Hammond, Farmer, 57,

Bracy, Oscar, Brier Hill, Farmer, 94, Leases

Brewer, John, Edwardsville, postmaster & general merchant, ,

Bristow, John, Morristown, Farmer, 60,

Bromley, Governeur M., Morristown, Farmer, 60,

Brooks, John, Morristown, Farmer, 135, w/ william

Brooks, William, Morristown, Farmer, 135, w/ john

Brough, Peter, Morristown, Farmer, 110,

Brough, William, Morristown, Farmer, 70,

Brown, Daniel, Edwardsville, Farmer, 122,

Brown, George, Brier Hill, Farmer, 100, Leases

Brown, William, Morristown, Farmer, 70,

Browse, Mrs. Lydia, Morristown, Farmer, 12,

Buck, Harry, Hammond, Farmer, 25,

Buell, Colonel E., Brier Hill, Prop and manuf. Of the Golden Magnetic Oil and water proof blacking, ,

Burrows, William, Morristown, Farmer, 68,

Butrick, George, Edwardsville, Farmer, 50,

Butrick, Henry, Morristown, Carpenter and cabinet maker, ,

Canfield, John, Morristown, General Merchant, ,

Capron, Royal E., Edwardsville, Prop of Black Lake House, grocer and farmer, 20,

Carter, Charles, Brier Hill, Blacksmith, ,

Carter, Henry C., Brier Hill, Wheelwright  , ,

Castle, Carlos A., Hammond, Farmer, 98,

Chaffee, George, Brier Hill, Farmer, 125,

Chapman, Frank, Morristown, R. B. Chapman & Son, ,

Chapman, Richard B., Morristown, R. B. Chapman & Son, ,

Charlesworth, Daniel, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 98,

Chase, Alonzo, Edwardsville, Farmer, 40,

Church, Abijah W., Morristown, Saw and shingle mills, butter dairy and farmer, 100,

Church, Seth R., Morristown, w/ A. W. Church -- Farmer, 170,

Coats, Frederick H., Brier Hill, Farmer, 160,

Cobb, Mrs. Almira, Morristown, Farmer, 75,

Colburn, Amos, Morristown, Farmer, 1,

Collins, William, Edwardsville, Farmer, 113, Leases

Connell, Joseph, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 60,

Connell, Mark, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 103,

Connell, Mark Jr., Ogdensburg, Farmer, 67,

Conroy, George M., Brier Hill, Farmer, 98,

Conroy, J. Percy, Brier Hill, Farmer, 199,

Conroy, Moses B., Brier Hill, Agent for Eagle Mower and farmer, 135,

Coonradt, Philip M., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 190,

Cooper, Augustus, Brier Hill, Farmer, , w/ Michael

Cooper, Michael, Brier Hill, Farmer, 299,

Couper, Joseph, Morristown, Farmer, 170,

Couper, Joseph 2d, Morristown, town commissioners for B. R. & M. R. R> and farmer, 302,

Couper, J. Percival, Morristown, Farmer, 56, & leases 170

Couper, Samuel A., Edwardsville, Farmer, 100,

Cox, Daniel, Edwardsville, Farmer, 65,

Cox, James, Brier Hill, Farmer, 62,

Cross, James, Morristown, Farmer, 22,

Crysler, George, Edwardsville, Saw mill and farmer, 1,

Davis, Absalom, Brier Hill, Farmer, 143,

Davis, Adam, Brier Hill, Farmer, 298,

Davis, Alfred E., Morristown, Farmer, 117,

Davis, Jeremiah, Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 420,

Davis, Joseph, Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Delack, John, Brier Hill, Butter dairy and farmer, 100,

DeMott, Isaac, Edwardsville, Farmer, 181,

Doren, Jacob I., Morristown, Farmer, 198,

Doren, John, Morristown, Farmer, 198, Leases

Downey, William, Morristown, Farmer, 80,

Drummond, Thomas, Brier Hill, Butter dairy and farmer, 130,

Dunham, Mrs. Lucinda  , Brier Hill, Farmer, 3 1/2,

Dunn, Mrs. Angelica, Morristown, Farmer, 95,

Dunn, Henry J., Morristown, Farmer, 20,

Dunn, Jabez C., Morristown, Farmer, 25,

Dunn, James, Morristown, Farmer, 67,

Dunn, Joseph, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 57,

Dunn, Nelson M., Ogdensburg, Farmer, 46,

Eager, Mrs. Mary, Morristown, Farmer, 50,

Eager, Mrs. Melinda, Morristown, Farmer, 36,

Edgar, John, Morristown, Farmer, 31,

Ehle, , Edwardsville, Farmer, 206,

Elliott, Phineas W., Brier Hill, Boots and shoes, ,

Elliott, Wesley, Brier Hill, Blacksmith and horse shoer, ,

Ellsworth, Mrs. Adeline, Brier Hill, Farmer, 2,

Ellwood, Gibson, Brier Hill, Farmer, 135,

Evans, Enos, Brier Hill, Carpenter and farmer, 2,

Farrell, James, Morristown, Merchant tailor, ,

Ferguson, Eli, Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 80,

Ferguson, Jonathan, Brier Hill, Manuf of Butter tubs and farmer, 1,

Fitch, Amos N., Brier Hill, Fitch brothers - Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 60,

Fitch, Russell W., Edwardsville, Farmer, 105,

Fitch, Warren R., Brier Hill, Fitch Brothers - Justice of the peace and post master, ,

Flinn, Peter, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Fournier, Anthony, Morristown, Tinware, stoves, plows, etc., ,

Franklin, Festus, Brier Hill, Prop of Brier Hill Cheese Factory, ,

Frasier, Mary A., Brier Hill, Farmer, 10,

Furguson, Duncan, Morristown, Dealer in butter, butter dairy and farmer, 286,

Garvin, James, Morristown, Allo. Physician and surgeon and farmer, 40,

Giffin, David, Brier Hill, Farmer, 50,

Giffin, Rufus T., Brier Hill, Wheelwright and farmer, 1,

Gilmour, Allen, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 216,

Gilmour, James, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 55,

Gray, Mrs. Olive H., Brier Hill, Farmer, 94,

Gray, Timothy M., Morristown, Prop of Ferry boat Bruce, ,

Green, James W., Morristown, Carpenter & Farmer, 104,

Gregor, Chas H., Morristown, Farmer, 350, in Hammond

Gregor, Chas H., Morristown, Farmer, 47,

Glynn, James, Morristown, Harness maker and farmer, 187,

Goodwin, Henry, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Goodwin, Nathan, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Hadlock, Edwin, Brier Hill, Cooper & Farmer, 52,

Hadlock, William, Brier Hill, Cooper, Blacksmith and farmer, 93,

Haggart, Daniel P., Edwardsville, Farmer, 143,

Haggart, John, Edwardsville, Farmer, 32,

Hamill, Michael, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Harder, James, Brier Hill, Wagon maker, undertaker and farmer, 130,

Hawkins, Stephen H., Brier Hill, Farmer, 107,

Hill, James, Brier Hill, Farmer, 90, Leases

Hill, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 90,

Hindmarsh, Joseph S., Morristown, Farmer, 12,

Holiday, James, Morristown, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 183,

Holmes, George H., Brier Hill, All physician and surgeon, ,

Holmes, Merriam, Morristown, Farmer, 122,

Hooker, Henry, Morristown, Deputy collector in custom house and land agent for H.O. & T. Moss, New Berlin, ,

House, Alexander, Brier Hill, Farmer, 25,

Hudson, Henry, Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Hydorn, F. Albert, Morristown, Farmer, 132, w/ Charles L.

Hydorn, Charles L., Morristown, Farmer, 132, w/ F. Albert

Ingham, Benjamin G., Brier Hill, Farmer, 72,

Ingham, John E., Brier Hill, Breeder of pure blood Leicester sheep, farmer, 205,

Ireland, John, Morristown, Farmer, 47,

Jamison, Alexander, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 120,

Jamison, Archibald, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 104,

Jaquith, Abel, Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 110,

Jaquith, Clark, Brier Hill, Blacksmith and farmer, 75,

Jaquith, Orpheus, Brier Hill, Farmer, 110, Leases

Johnson, Charles, Brier Hill, Farmer, 215,

Johnson, Robert, Morristown, Farmer, 65,

Johnson, Thos, Morristown, Farmer, 100,

Johnson, Wm H., Morristown, Town assessor and farmer, 100,

Kasner, John, Edwardsville, Farmer, 120,

Keller, Asa, Brier Hill, Farmer, 60,

Keller, Levi, Brier Hill, Farmer, 182,

Keller, Seymour, Brier Hill, Sawing and threshing machines and farmer, 46,

Keyes, Robert, Edwardsville, Farmer, 50,

Klock, Abraham, Brier Hill, Farmer, 130,

Klock, Daniel, Brier Hill, Capitalist, ,

Krake, Alfred S., Hammond, Farmer, 135,

Krake, Augustus C., Hammond, Farmer, 97,

Krake, Charles, Brier Hill, Farmer, 160,

Krake, Henry, Edwardsville, Farmer, 235,

Krake, John, Brier Hill, Life Insurance agent and farmer, 9,

Krake, John L., Brier Hill, Farmer, 18,

Krake, Lansing, Brier Hill, Farmer, 18,

Krake, Lewis, Edwardsville, Town assessor and farmer, 193,

Krake, Solomon M., Hammond, Farmer, 132,

Lamphear, Gilbert C., Morristown, Cooper, ,

Lamphear, Major, Brier Hill, Farmer, 56,

Lamphear, Major V., Brier Hill, Carpenter, ,

Lewis, Thomas, Brier Hill, Retired Farmer, ,

Lints, Aaron, Brier Hill, Carriage maker and farmer, 1,

Lints, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 75,

Lints, Peter, Brier Hill, Farmer, 158,

Livingston, Courtland, Brier Hill, Shoemaker, constable and farmer, 31,

Long, Mrs. Elizabeth, Morristown, Farmer, 102,

Long, Robert M., Morristown, Farmer, 108, and leases 102

Lowes, Mrs. Sarah, Brier Hill, Farmer, 1,

Lowry, Morris, Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Lowry, Thomas, Brier Hill, Farmer, 240,

Lundramend, William, Morristown, Farmer, ,

Lyon, Harvey  , Morristown, Farmer, 50,

Marsales, Aaron, Brier Hill, Farmer, 53,

McArthur, James, Morristown, Farmer, 107,

McBane, Daniel, Ogdensburg, Carpenter & Farmer, 50,

McDougal, Joseph, Morristown, Farmer, ,

McDougall, James, Morristown, Farmer, 175,

McIntosh, Henry, Brier Hill, Farmer, 130,

McKenzie, Rev. Robert, Morristown, Pastor of Presbyterian Church - Corner Leroy & Pleasant Streets, ,

McLear, George, Brier Hill, Farmer, 160, w/ Joseph B. Moyer

McLear, John, Brier Hill, Prop of Brier Hill Hotel and Farmer, 130,

McNeal, Cornelius, Brier Hill, Farmer, 125,

McNeal, DeWitt, Morristown, Farmer, ,

McNeil, Robert, Morristown, Farmer, 60,

McNeil, William, Morristown, Farmer, 60,

McNevin, Donald, Edwardsville, Farmer, 120,

McQueer, Thomas, Brier Hill, Farmer, 71,

McWilliams, Samuel  , Brier Hill, Farmer, 65, and leases 65

McWilliams, Thomas, Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 80, Leases

Meed, Benjamin W., Edwardsville, Farmer, 78,

Meed, Hiram C., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 275,

Meed, William H., Edwardsville, Farmer, ,

Melvaugh, James, Brier Hill, Farmer, 18,

Meservey, Alpheus, Morristown, Butcher and cooper, ,

Miller, Alonzo W., Morristown, Supt. Of R. B. Chapman and son's Steam Mills, ,

Miller, John, Morristown, Farmer, 67,

Miller, Levi G., Brier Hill, Farmer, 226,

Miller, William, Morristown, Farmer, 120,

Mitchell, John I., Edwardsville, Farmer, 94,

Mitchell, William H., Edwardsville, Farmer, 94, Leases

More, David A., Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

More, James, Brier Hill, Carpenter & Farmer, 99,

Morgan, John P., Morristown, Allo physician & surgeon & farmer, 33,

Moyer, Joseph B., Brier Hill, Farmer, 160, w/ George McLear

Munsell, James, Morristown, Farmer, 50,

Murton, Thomas, Edwardsville, Farmer, 96,

Nicol, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 140,

Noble, Roberts, Morristown, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 153,

Olds, James, Morristown, Farmer, 56,

Olds, James P., Brier Hill, Grist Mill and farmer, 140,

Palmer, Asa L., Edwardsville, Farmer, 112,

Palmer, David D., Brier Hill, Harness maker, carriage trimemr and farmer, 11,

Palmer, O. Henry, Edwardsville, Carpenter, ,

Parks, James, Morristown, Harness maker and farmer, ,

Pauter, DeWitt, Brier Hill, Farmer, 135,

Pauter, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 55,

Perry, Alexander I., Hammond, Farmer, 150,

Perry, Franklin H., Hammond, Carpenter & Farmer, 45,

Petrie, Henry, Brier Hill, Carpenter & Farmer, 35,

Petrie, Jacob H., Brier Hill, Carpenter & Joiner  , ,

Phillips, James A., Morristown, Allo physician and surgeon, ,

Plantz, Simeon, Brier Hill, Carpenter and builder and farmer, 2,

Plumsteel, Simeon P., Brier Hill, Farmer, 25,

Pohlman, Edwin, Edwardsville, Farmer, 66,

Pooler, Delancy, Brier Hill, Carpenter & Farmer, 3,

Pope, George E., Morristown, Prop of Tannery, ,

Powers, James R., Edwardsville, Engineer, ,

Proctor, Albert, Morristown, General merchant, dry goods, groceries, etc., ,

Ramsey, Mrs. Lena, Morristown, Farmer, 126,

Reckard, John, Brier Hill, Carpenter, ,

Reese, Stephen  , Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 264,

Reid, James, Brier Hill, Breeder of pure blood Leicester sheep, farmer, 85, and leases 205

Richardson, Aaron T., Brier Hill, Farmer, 140,

Richarson, Charles, Brier Hill, Supervisor and farmer, 90,

Richardson, Hiram H., Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Richardson, Orange H., Brier Hill, Farmer, , w/ Aaron

Roberson, Samuel  , Brier Hill, Retired Farmer, ,

Robinson, B. Eri, Brier Hill, Saw mill and farmer, 70,

Rogers, David, Morristown, Farmer, 200,

Rowland, George F., Edwardsville, Justice of the peace, bonding commissioner of B.R. & M.R.R. and farmer, 215,

Rowland, Harvey, Edwardsville, Farmer, 60,

Rowland, Homer, Edwardsville, Farmer, 1,

Rowland, Mrs. Roxie, Edwardsville, Farmer, 106,

Rowland, Titus, Edwardsville, Farmer, 60,

Rowlee, Dudley, Morristown, Farmer, 200,

Rudd, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 100,

Russell, Henry, Morristown, Postmaster and shoemaker, ,

Rutherford, Thomas, Brier Hill, Farmer, 143, Leases

Scofield, Charles W., Brier Hill, Farmer, 40,

Selee, David M., Edwardsville, Allo. Physician and surgeon  , ,

Shiell, Robert D., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 96,

Smith, David, Morristown, Farmer, 96,

Smith, Miss Jennie, Brier Hill, Milliner & dressmaker, ,

Smith, John, Morristown, Farmer, 89,

Smith, William, Brier Hill, Farmer, 90,

Starkweather, Harvey W., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 67,

Starling, Frederick G., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 82,

Starling, George F., Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 70,

Sterry , Wesley E., Morristown, Farmer, 36,

Stevenson , Aaron, Brier Hill, Farmer, 148,

Stoneburn, William, Brier Hill, Photographer, ,

Storr, William, Morristown, Farmer, 110,

Stout, Julia M., Edwardsville, Farmer, 2,

Stout, William, Edwardsville, Farmer, 132,

Stowe, Robert, Morristown, Farmer, 57,

Strough, Uriah A., Brier Hill, Auctioneer, constable and farmer, 12,

Sullivan, Jeremiah, Morristown, Farmer, 25,

Sweetland, Richard, Morristown, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 103,

Swinning, John, Morristown, Farmer, 11,

Tann, William Jr., Edwardsville, Farmer, 50,

Taplin, Clinton, Edwardsville, Farmer, 60,

Taylor, Eber M., Hammond, Blacksmith and farmer, 2 1/2,

Taylor, Henry, Morristown, Farmer, 234, Leases

Taylor, William, Edwardsville, Cooper and farmer, 1,

Taylor, William, Morristown, Farmer, 234,

Ten Eyck, James H., Brier Hill, Farmer, 149,

Thomas, Richard, Brier Hill, Farmer, 100,

Tilton, Clark, Brier Hill, Butter Dairy and Farmer, 15, and leases 72

Tilton, William, Brier Hill, Assessor, town commissioner of M & B.R.R.R. and farmer, 8,

Van Schaick, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 34,

Van Scort, Sybrant, Edwardsville, Farmer, 400,

Vert, William, Morristown, Farmer, 176,

Vroman, Jeremiah, Brier Hill, Farmer, 25, Leases

Vroman, Solomon M., Brier Hill, Farmer, 40,

Vrooman, Abraham, Brier Hill, Cooper, ,

Waldron, Richard V., Morristown, Farmer, 15,

Wallace, John, Ogdensburg, Farmer, 86,

Wallace, Ralph  , Morristown, Farmer, 127,

Wallace, R. Howard, Morristown, Farmer, 96,

Walrath, Philip, Brier Hill, Commissioner of higways and farmer, 266,

Ward, Aaron, Brier Hill, Farmer, 56,

Ward, Daniel, Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Ward, Israel, Morristown, General Merchant, ,

Warner, Arthur, Brier Hill, Farmer, 69,

Watson, John, Brier Hill, Farmer, 86,

Watson, Orin, Brier Hill, Farmer, 70,

Watson, Samuel, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Weaver, Joseph, Brier Hill, Farmer, 190,

Wells, William P., Morristown, Captain of steamer Etta Belle of Ogdensburg, ,

White, Erastus W., Morristown, Justice of the peace, land agent for R. B. Chapman and U.S. Pension notary, ,

Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Brier Hill, Farmer, 55,

Wilson, George, Brier Hill, Farmer, 40,

Wilson, Hercules W., Morristown, Farmer, 61,

Wilson, James A., Brier Hill, Farmer, 65,

Wilson, John, Morristown, Farmer, 53,

Winnie, Killian, Brier Hill, Farmer, 1,

Woodcock, , Brier Hill, Farmer, 45,

Worden, Albert, Brier Hill, Mason & Farmer, 20, and leases 40

Worden, Mrs. Elizabeth, Brier Hill, Farmer, 40,

Worden, Gabriel, Brier Hill, Mason and Farmer, 20,

Worden, Nathaniel, Brier Hill, Farmer, 80,

Worden, Ransom  , Brier Hill, Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 51,

Worden, Wesley  , Brier Hill, Farmer, 5,

Wright, Timothy, Morristown, Stone Mason, ,

Yerden, Abram G., Brier Hill, Farmer, 88,

Yerden, C. Alonzo, Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Yerden, David G., Brier Hill, Farmer, 70,

Yerden, Erastus W., Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Yerden, George S., Brier Hill, Carpenter and farmer, 1,

Yerden, Henry G., Brier Hill, Farmer, 172,

Yerden, Jacob A., Brier Hill, Painter and Grainer, ,

Yerden, Jeremiah, Brier Hill, Painter and Grainer and Farmer, 3,

Yerden, Robert D., Brier Hill, Farmer, ,

Young, Enoch, Brier Hill, Justice of the peace and farmer, 235,

Young, Rev Silas W., Brier Hill, Pastor of Black Lake Lutheran Church, ,

Zoller, John M., Edwardsville, Farmer, 250,