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Madrid Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres

Abernathy, Abijah, Madrid, Farmer, 80,

Abernathy, Arthur, Madrid, Supt of estate of R.T. Abernathy and farmer, 80,

Abernathy, Jared T., Madrid, Dairyman and Farmer, 240,

Abernathy, Levi O., Madrid, Farmer, 76,

Abernathy, Nelson, Madrid, Farmer, 240, w/ Nelson

Adams, Benj., Madrid Springs, Shoe Maker, ,

Aitchison, Adam, Madrid, Farmer, 200,

Aitchison, Ralph, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 112,

Aitchison, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 150,

Allen, Noble, Norfolk, Farmer, 50,

Allen, Wm, Madrid, J.N. Russell & Co., ,

Armstrong, John, Madrid, Manuf. Of lumber and shingles and farmer, 79,

Arny, John, Madrid, Farmer, 50,

Atchinson, Wm R., Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Ballou, Edward, Madrid, Farmer, 45,

Bardon, Robert, Madrid, Farmer, 250,

Barlow, Samuel, Madrid, Farmer, 75, and with A. W. Barlow 14

Barlow, Wm, Madrid, Wool carder and clothier, ,

Barnard, Alfred B., Madrid, Farmer, 150,

Barrett, John, Madrid, Farmer, 170, Leases

Barrett, Norman J., Potsdam Junction, Farmer, 298,

Barrett, Solomon, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 300,

Barrett, Thomas A., Potsdam Junction, Farmer, 59, Leases

Bartholomew, James, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 130,

Bartholomew, John H., Madrid, Resident, ,

Bartholomew, Mrs. L.W., Madrid, Milliner, ,

Beckwith, Perrin, Madrid, Farmer, 94,

Bell, Seth, Madrid, J.N. Russell & Co., ,

Beter, Michael B., Madrid Springs, Blacksmith, ,

Bibbons, Erastus, Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Blount, Edward, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 52,

Brady, Thomas, Madrid, Farmer, 80,

Brennan, Edward, Norfolk, Farmer, 40,

Brennan, James, Norfolk, Farmer, 40,

Brennan, Patrick, Norfolk, Farmer, 75,

Brown, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Buck, George, Madrid Springs, Retired Farmer, ,

Bullard, George, Madrid, Carpenter and farmer, 12,

Burlingame, Edward, Madrid, Cooper  , ,

Burnett, Benedict, Madrid, Farmer, 30,

Burritt, Owen, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 26,

Carn, Michael  , Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Carlton, Wm., Madrid, Carriage maker, blacksmith and farmer, 166,

Chamberlain, Alexander M., Madrid, Carpenter and farmer, 80,

Chamberlain, Carson E., Madrid, Attorney and counselor at law, telegraph operator and post master, ,

Chandler, Charles A., Madrid Springs, Postmaster and merchant, ,

Chittenden, Clark, Madrid, Farmer, 10,

Clark, Earl B., Norfolk, Farmer, 185,

Cogswell, E.L., Madrid, Farmer, 240,

Cogswell, Jesse, Madrid, Resident, ,

Collins, Mrs. C.F., Madrid, Milliner, ,

Conlin, Bartle, Chases Mills, Farmer, 15,

Constine, Cornelius, Madrid, Farmer, 63, Leases

Cotton, Lemuel, Madrid, Farmer, 4,

Craighton, Mrs. Mary, Madrid, Farmer, 33,

Crane, Orson, Madrid, Farmer, 97, and leases 80

Cranson, William, Madrid, Barber, ,

Cranston, John, Madrid, Farmer, 254,

Creighton, Alexander M., Madrid, Head sawyer at Armstrong's Mill, ,

Creighton, James, Madrid, Farmer, 44,

Creighton, Mattew, Madrid, Farmer, 54, and leases of Hellen Haskill 300

Crump, Emanuel, Madrid, Farmer, 17,

Dailey, Wm D., Potsdam Junction, Cooper and Farmer, 42,

Daily, Lester, Norfolk, Farmer, 200, Leases

Dardis, Patrick, Madrid, Prop of Columbia Hotel, ,

Dawly, John M., Madrid, Farmer, 109,

Dawson, R., Madrid, Saw mill and farmer, 2 1/2,

Denine, Daniel, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 100,

Dennis, George, Madrid, Wm H., 75,

Dixon, Wm H., Madrid, Diaryman - 28 cows and farmer, 300,

Doudle, Stephen, Madrid, Farmer, 83,

Douglass, D.W.C., Madrid, Prop of the Douglass Flouring Mills and farmer, 250,

Douglass, Geo. M., Madrid, Miller, ,

Drake, Miss Mary, Madrid, Dressmaker, ,

Duncan, John, Madrid, Farmer, 30, Leases

Dundin, John, Norfolk, Farmer, 143,

Easlldell, Mrs. Isabella, Madrid, Farmer, 37,

Easton, Wm H., Madrid Springs, Harness Maker, ,

Emerson, Alfred B., Madrid, Farmer, 148,

Empey, George, Chases Mills, Farmer, ,

Empey, John, Chases Mills, Farmer, 155, Leases

Erwin, D.W.C., Madrid, Marble Dealer, ,

Farrell, John, Madrid Springs, Baggage Master, ,

Fay, Amos, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 100,

Fay, Safford, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 100,

Fell, Daniel B., Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Fenton, George, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 1,

Fisher, David, Madrid, Fisher Bros. & Co., ,

Fisher, Henry, Madrid, Live stock dealer and farmer, 125,

Fisher, James, Madrid, Farmer, 120,

Fisher, James 2nd, Madrid, Farmer, 140,

Fisher, James H., Madrid, Farmer, 180,

Fisher, John, Madrid, Farmer, ,

Fisher, Robert A., Madrid, Farmer, 130,

Fisher, Robert M, Madrid, Farmer, 86,

Fisher, Thomas, Madrid, Fisher Bros. & Co., ,

Fisher, Thomas M., Madrid, Farmer, 130,

Fisher, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 150,

Fisher, Wm Jr., Madrid, Farmer, 308,

Fisher, Wm H., Madrid, Farmer, 145,

Fisher, Wm M., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 130,

Fisk, Ivers, Madrid, Tin Shop, ,

Foote, Farnham, Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Foote, Orson M., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 100,

Franklin, Alonzo D., Madrid, Farmer, 78,

Franklin, Daniel, Madrid, Farmer, 50,

French, W.F., Madrid Springs, Station Agent and telegraph operator, ,

Fullington, Ira, Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Fullington, Wheeler B., Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Gage, Samuel D., Madrid, Undertaker and furniture dealer, ,

Gage, Sylvenus D., Madrid, J.C. Gage & Bro., ,

Gillett, Alvah, Madrid, Farmer, 20,

Gillett, Charles J., Madrid, Dairyman and Farmer, 115,

Goolden, Milo, Madrid, Farmer, 110,

Gould, Calvin H., Madrid, Farmer, 75,

Could, Wm, Madrid, Sawyer, ,

Graham, Christopher, Madrid, Farmer, 30,

Griffin, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 50,

Haggert, Benjamin V., Chases Mills, Farmer, 25,

Haig, Gideon, Madrid, Carpenter, ,

Hall, Alonzo, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 84,

Hall, John, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 150,

Hall, Wm., Madrid, Farmer, 85,

Hallock, Philander, Madrid, Farmer, 200,

Hamblin, Floyd, Madrid Springs, Patent Right Agent, ,

Hamblin, Nelson, Madrid, Farmer, 35,

Haney, Thomas, Madrid, Farmer, 130,

Hanna, Robert, Madrid Springs, Resident, ,

Hargrave, John, Madrid, Farmer, 202,

Haskell, Daniel P., Madrid, Deputy sheriff and farmer, 200,

Haskell, Jesse G., Madrid, Farmer, 210,

Haskill, Hulda, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 86,

Hedden, Asa, Madrid Springs, Thresher, ,

Hepburn, A.T., Madrid, Druggist, ,

Hesselgrave, Robert, Madrid Springs, Farmer, ,

Hesselgrave, Thomas 2d, Madrid, Farmer, 200,

Hicks, William, Madrid, Farmer, 30,

Hilliard, Henry, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 115,

Hillyard, Richard H., Madrid, Owner of Madrid Tannery, ,

Hollis, Cyrus D., Norfolk, Farmer, 140, Leases

Hollis, Elijah , Norfolk, Farmer, 140,

Howe, Allen, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 114,

Howe, Gilbert M., Madrid, Jeweler - supt. Of estate of Joseph Lockwood, ,

Hughes, John A., Madrid, Farmer, 53,

Hurlbut, Beman, Madrid, Farmer, 145,

Hurlbut, Isaiah, Madrid, Farmer, 115,

Hurst, D.  , Madrid Springs, Farmer, 90,

Hutchins, Rev. Albert U., Madrid, Pastor of Universalist Church, ,

Jackson , John F., Madrid, Harness Maker, ,

Johnson, Rev. Charles H., Madrid, Pastor of First Baptist Church, ,

Johnson, Melborn S., Chases Mills, Farmer, 87,

Johnson, Phineas, Potsdam Junction, Farmer, 4,

Joice, Mary (widow), Madrid, Farmer, 15,

Jones, Judson I., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 100,

Jones, Reuben, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 110,

Jones, Reuben, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 5,

Joyce, John L., Madrid, Farmer, 130,

Joyce, Robert, Madrid, Farmer, 80,

Keeler, Calvert M., Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Keeler, John, Madrid, Mechanic, ,

Kelley, Daniel, Norfolk, Farmer, 60,

Kelley, John, Norfolk, Farmer, 70,

Kelley, Patrick, Madrid, Farmer, 110,

Knight, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 165, Leases

Lang, Henry, Madrid, Farmer, 205,

Lang, John, Chases Mills, Farmer, 100,

Lang, John Jr., Madrid Springs, Prop of Frontier Hotel (with Thomas), ,

Lang, Thomas, Madrid Springs, Prop of Frontier Hotel (with John Jr.), ,

Lawrence, James R., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 126,

Leonard, Hugh, Chases Mills, Farmer, 60,

Leonard, Hugh Jr., Chases Mills, Farmer, 100,

Leonard, Patrick, Chases Mills, Farmer, 100,

Liddle, Alexander M., Madrid, Farmer, 165,

Lockwood, Charles, Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Lockwood, Edward L., Madrid, Town clerk, dealer in drugs, medicines, groceries, silverware and fancy goods, ,

Lockwood, Ira L.C., Madrid, Fisher Bros. & Co., ,

Lockwood, Milo, Madrid, Marble Engraver, ,

Lockwood, Wm, Madrid, Carriage maker, blacksmith and farmer, 36,

Lockwood, Williard S., Madrid, Farmer, 8,

Lomas, Harmon, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 4,

Loomis, Gad I., Madrid, Farmer, 127,

Lovegrove, R., Madrid, Marble dealer and farmer, 110,

Lovewell, Nathan, Madrid Springs, Owns Frontier  Hotel, ,

Markham, Rev. A. G., Madrid, Pastor of M.E. Church, ,

Martin, Solomon S., Madrid, Farmer, 220,

McCall, Henry, Madrid, Boots and shoes, ,

McClelland, Charles R., Madrid, Lawyer, life and fire insurance agent, notary public and owns farm, 134,

McCormick, Jacob, Madrid, Merchant tailor, ,

McGlinn, Andrew, Madrid, Farmer, 1,

McKenna, Edward, Chases Mills, Farmer, 160,

McKinght, Horace, Madrid, Farmer, 120,

McNulty, Thomas, Norfolk, Farmer, 40,

Merrick, A.T., Madrid, Merrick & Simons, ,

Merrick, Apollos, Madrid, Blacksmith, ,

Middlemus, Andrew, Madrid, Farmer, 200,

Mix, H.A., Madrid, Architect and builder, ,

Moncrief, Milton, Madrid, Farmer, 85,

Moore, Mark A., Madrid, Farmer, 125,

Mullen, Thomas, Norfolk, Farmer, 70,

Murphy, E., Madrid, Farmer, 130,

Murphy, James E., Madrid, Prop of tannery, butter dealer and farmer, 2,

Murphy, Matthew, Norfolk, Farmer, 136,

Murphy, Patrick, Norfolk, Farmer, 80,

Murray, Alexander  , Madrid, Farmer, 150,

Murray, James W., Madrid, Carriage maker  , ,

Myers, Wm R., Madrid, Farmer, 107, Leases

Nash, R. H., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 98,

Norman, Benjamin, Madrid, Farmer, 5,

O'Brian, Luke, Madrid, Farmer, 168,

O'Brian, Michael  , Norfolk, Farmer, 134,

O'Brian, Timothy, Norfolk, Farmer, 140,

O'Brien, Peter, Madrid, Grocery and meat market, ,

O'Connor, John, Madrid, Farmer, 40,

Oliver, Thomas, Madrid, Farmer, 272,

O'Neil, John, Chases Mills, Farmer, 50,

Packard, Dwight C., Madrid Springs, Cooper  , ,

Palmer, Robert, Madrid, Farmer, 93,

Palmer, S.F., Madrid, Blacksmith, ,

Parmelee, Hiland H., Madrid Springs, Groceries and provision, ,

Pease, L.L., Madrid Springs, Cooper, ,

Peck, A.R., Madrid Springs, Justic of the peace and farmer, 45,

Peck, B., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 130,

Peck, Mrs. B., Madrid, Farmer, 47,

Peck, F.M., Madrid Springs, Life Insurance agent, ,

Pelton, Elisha B., Madrid, Farmer, 200, Leases

Pelton, Geo. W., Madrid, Farmer, 250,

Pelton, Henry, Madrid, Farmer, 165,

Pelton, James E., Madrid, Farmer, 125,

Pervers, John, Madrid, Farmer, 175,

Pew, George, Madrid, Farmer, 105,

Phillips, James, Madrid, Farmer, 10,

Pierce, Caleb, Madrid, Physician and surgeon - Main Street, ,

Pierce, John, Madrid, Physician  , ,

Pierson, John, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 120,

Pike, N.W., Madrid, Undertaker and furniture dealer, ,

Pitts, Charles, Madrid, Farmer, 43,

Polley, Jacob, Chases Mills, Farmer, 60,

Porteus, Charles, Madrid, Farmer, 168,

Powell, Cyprian, Madrid, Stoves and tinware, justice of the peace, real estate dealer and farmer, 475,

Powell, Frederick C., Madrid, Farmer, 115,

Prindle, William, Madrid, Farmer, 160,

Pringle, Gilbert M., Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Purvis, Joseph, Madrid, Farmer, 96,

Reynolds, Alvah D., Madrid, Farmer, 130,

Reynolds, Martin, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 90,

Reynolds, Roswell, Madrid, Farmer, 52,

Rich, Malorin, Madrid Springs, Cooper, ,

Richardson, Henry B., Madrid, Justice of the peace, furniture dealer and undertaker - Elm Street, ,

Richmond, Valentine, Madrid, Carpenter, ,

Robinson, Alexander, Madrid, Farmer, 207,

Robinson, Charles H., Madrid Springs, House, sign and ornamental painter, grainer, imitator of wood and marble, ,

Robinson, George, Madrid, Cooper and Farmer, 9,

Robinson, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 137,

Rowe, John, Madrid, Farmer, 100,

Rowley, William, Potsdam Junction, Farmer, 1,

Ruddy, Edward, Madrid, Farmer, 175,

Ruport, James, Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Ruport, John, Madrid, Farmer, 50,

Rusaw, Wm, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 100, Leases of Mrs. James Dorn

Russell, Edmond W., Madrid, Farmer, 115, Leases

Rutherford, Andrew, Norfolk, Farmer, 100,

Rutherford, Andrew, Madrid, Farmer, 78,

Rutherford, Andrew A., Madrid, Farmer, 107, and with R.H. leases 100

Rutherford, Andrew Jr., Madrid, Farmer, ,

Rutherford, James, Madrid, Farmer, 420,

Rutherford, John, Madrid, Farmer, 70,

Rutherford, John C., Madrid, Farmer, 80,

Rutherford, John W., Madrid, Farmer, 180,

Rutherford, Robert, Madrid, Farmer, 140,

Rutherford, Thomas, Madrid, Farmer, 114,

Rutherford, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 170,

Rutherford, Wm Jr., Norfolk, Farmer, 130,

Rutherford, Wm A., Madrid, Farmer, 114,

Savage, Andrew, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 6,

Scott, William, Madrid, Carpenter & Millwright, ,

Scruton, Wm, Madrid, Farmer, 115,

Scrutun, Charles, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 80,

Sears, Charles, Madrid Springs, Retired Farmer with A.R. Peck, 117,

Segar, Harvey, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 8,

Segar, R.F., Madrid, Dry goods and groceries, ,

Seeley, Dennis G., Madrid, Farmer, ,

Seeley, Robert, Madrid, Farmer, 220,

Shaw, Enos, Madrid, Farmer, 335,

Sheridan, Patrick, Madrid, Farmer, 200,

Shermon, Brainard, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 86, Leases

Shermon, Henry, Madrid Springs, Hop raiser and farmer, 44,

Short, Andrew L., Madrid, Agent for Hubbard Mower, live stock dealer and farmer, 104,

Short, George 2d, Madrid, Farmer, 200,

Simmons, George H., Madrid, Carpenter and farmer, 9,

Simmons, Mrs. Sarah, Madrid, Dressmaker, ,

Simons, Alfred H., Madrid, Cooper and Farmer, 220,

Simons, George G., Madrid, Attorney and counselor at law, and justice of the peace, ,

Simons, H.P., Madrid, Merrick & Simons, ,

Sloan, Wm, Norfolk, Farmer w/ Charlotte, 50,

Smead, D.D., Madrid Springs, Prop of Smead's Hotel, ,

Smead, Walter, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 140,

Smith, Edward, Chases Mills, Farmer, 105,

Smith, James, Madrid, Boots and shoes, Bridge Street, ,

Smith, John, Madrid, Farmer, 125,

Smith, Wm, Madrid Springs, Carpenter, ,

Smith, Wm, Madrid, Carpenter and farmer, 50,

Sparhawk, Jared S., Madrid, Carpenter and farmer, 19,

Story, Andrew J., Madrid, Farmer, 90,

Stransenburgh, Rev. Geo, Madrid, Pastor Congregational Church, ,

Sweet, H.O., Madrid, Supervisor and farmer, 180,

Taylor, John, Madrid, Cooper, ,

Teller, Robert, Madrid, Farmer, 125, Leases of Wm Scruton

Ternon, Patrick, Norfolk, Farmer, 46,

Thompson, Jesse, Madrid, Farmer, 118,

Tindel, William, Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Tirnan, Andrew, Madrid, Farmer, 103,

Todd, George, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 46 3/4,

Todd, John, Madrid, Farmer, 217,

Tracy, Israel, Madrid, Millwright, ,

Turnbul, James, Madrid, Farmer, 100,

VanSickler, Adolphus, Madrid, Retired Merchant, ,

Veitch, Mrs. M., Madrid Springs, Tailoress, ,

Veitch, Thomas, Madrid, Farmer, 125,

Vroman, Benjamin D., Madrid, Harness Maker, ,

Vroman, Jacob S., Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Waldo, Jotham W., Madrid, Farmer, 43, Leases

Walker, George, Madrid, Farmer with Andrw S., 200,

Walker, George, Madrid, Farmer, 133,

Walker, Thomas M., Madrid, Farmer, 138,

Walsh, Edmund C., Madrid, Physician and surgeon  , ,

Watson, James L., Madrid, Farmer, 150, Leases of Geo. Davidson

Watson, John, Madrid, Brick Manuf. And farmer, 78,

Watson, Whitfield, Madrid, Farmer, 25,

Welch, Patrick, Norfolk, Farmer, 117, Leases

Wellings, Thomas, Madrid, Farmer, 125, Leases

Wells, John I., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 104,

West, Harvey C., Madrid, Farmer, 150,

Westcott, Almeron, Madrid, Carpenter, ,

Westcott, A.A., Madrid, Carpenter, ,

White, Alanson, Madrid, Farmer, 22,

Whitney, Benjamin, Madrid, Farmer, 25 1/2,

Whitney, Daniel, Madrid, Farmer, 500,

Whitney, Elisha B., Madrid Springs, Farmer, 192,

Whitney, Milton, Madrid Springs, Farmer, 210,

Wilcox, Truman, Madrid, Farmer, 75,

Yaucer, James, Madrid, Farmer, 3, Leases

Young, Jesse, Madrid, Farmer, 150,

Young, Thomas F., Madrid, Farmer, 135,

Young, Wm, Madrid, Town assessor and farmer, 160,