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Macomb Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres

Adams, Wm, Macomb, Farmer, 50, Leases of Edwin Foster

Ames, Jamiah A., Popes Mills, Farmer, 130,

Apple, John, Rossie, Farmer, 160,

Atkins, Thomas S., Rossie, Farmer, 112,

Ballantyne, Archibald, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 198,

Barker, Wm W., Rossie, Lumberman and farmer, 51,

Barkley, Samuel , Popes Mills, Farmer, 100, Leases

Barkley, Wesley, Edenton, Carpenter, ,

Barley, Chas, Edenton, Farmer, 50,

Barley, Robert, DePeyster, Farmer, 225,

Bell, Archibald, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 105,

Bellinger, Chas, Popes Mills, pump manuf. And farmer, 81,

Bellinger, Don E., Popes Mills, Farmer, 140,

Bellinger, Peter  , Popes Mills, Farmer, 445,

Blair, Francis, DePeyster, Farmer, 70,

Bogardus, Edward, Rossie, Farmer, 107,

Bowne, Willett, Rossie, Farmer, 265,

Brasie, Henry A., Rossie, Farmer, 144,

Braton, Vellinger, Macomb, Pump manuf.  , ,

Breakenridge, Lyman, Popes Mills, Farmer, 178,

Bridges, Clarissa, Rossie, Farmer, 50,

Brotherton, Nirum, Rossie, Farm Laborer, ,

Brown, Michael, Gouverneur, Farmer, 113,

Burch, Truman J., Gouverneur, Farmer, 67,

Byington, Abraham, Popes Mills, blacksmith and farmer, 60,

Campbell, Geo. A., Gouverneur, Farmer, 87,

Campbell, Geo. W., Gouverneur, Farmer, 93,

Charter, Geo. W., Rossie, Farmer, 65, Leases of Moses Ludrick

Charter, Stephen, Popes Mills, Farmer, 140,

Charter, Stephen, Rossie, Local preacher and farmer, 108,

Church, Hosea, Popes Mills, Farmer, 124,

Churchill, Benj. F., Rossie, Farmer, 57,

Clark, Alpheus J., Popes Mills, Farmer, 305, Leases of Peter Bellinger

Cleveland, Wm D., Macomb, inspector of elections and farmer, 253,

Clute, Richard H., Macomb, Farmer, 47,

Conger, Squire, Rossie, Farmer, 50,

Cooper, Alden B., Popes Mills, Grocer  , ,

Cooper, Geo., Popes Mills, Farmer, 138,

Countryman, Nathan, Popes Mills, Farmer, 93 1/2,

Covell, Chas. A., Popes Mills, Constable and Farmer, ,

Covell, George, Popes Mills, Farmer, 260,

Covell, Estate of Russell, Popes Mills, , 273,

Crary, John P., Rossie, lumberman and farmer, 500,

Cunningham, John, Popes Mills, Farmer, 77,

Dake, Shadrach, Edenton, Farmer, 100,

Davis, Abram, Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Davis, James D., Popes Mills, farmer, 430, Leases of Edwin Dodge

Day, David 2d, Macomb, Justice of the peace, post master, assessor and farmer, 70,

Day, Rufus L., Macomb, Farmer, 400,

Delarm, Rev Richard, Popes Mills, Pastor W.M. Church, ,

Dickerson, Roswell, Edwardsville, Farmer, 100,

Doland, Patrick, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 100,

Doolittle, Oren L., Popes Mills, grocer and wagon maker, ,

Downing, Eugene, Macomb, Farmer, 47,

Dudy, Obadiah, Popes Mills, Farmer, 131,

Farley, John, Rossie, Farmer, 55,

Farr, Jonas, Rossie, constable and general merchant, ,

Faulkner, Augustus, Gouverneur, Farmer, 50,

Faulkner, John, Farmer, 50, with Augustus,

Fetterley, Edward, Popes Mills, Farmer, 84,

Fike, Edward, Popes Mills, Farmer, 142,

Finley, Andrew O., Macomb, Farmer, 27,

Finley, Geo., Popes Mills, Farmer, 59,

Finley, Robert, Popes Mills, Farmer, 165,

Finley, Robert, Popes Mills, Farmer, 31,

Finley, Rodney, Popes Mills, hoop manuf., ,

Fishback, Ephraim F., Popes Mills, Farmer, 125,

Fishbeck, Adam, Popes Mills, Farmer, 155,

Fleming, James, Rossie, Farmer, 95,

Fleming, Robert, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 200,

Fleming, Walter, Rossie, Farmer, 147,

Forsyth, Joseph, Macomb, Farmer, 152,

Fox, Daniel, Macomb, Farmer, 96,

Fox, Silas C., Rossie, Farmer, 113,

Gallaher, James, Gouverneur, Farmer, 78,

Gilbert, Lyman, Popes Mills, Farmer, 57,

Goings, Wm, Edwardsville, Farmer, 70,

Gollaher, Thos., Gouverneur, Farmer, 170,

Gordon, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 170,

Gore, Franklin P., Popes Mills, Farmer, 100,

Graves, Daniel, Popes Mills, Farmer, 200,

Graves, John H., Popes Mills, with Daniel, ,

Hall, Ralph, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 192,

Hallpine, Michael, Rossie, Farmer, 110,

Hamill, Franklin  , Popes Mills, Blacksmith, ,

Harland, Henry, Rossie, Farmer, 75,

Harland, John, Popes Mills, Farmer, 157,

Harmer, Thomas S., Macomb, Farmer, 827, Leases of A. C. Pennock

Hartley, John, Edwardsville, Farm Laborer, ,

Harvey, Wm, Macomb, Commissioner of highways and farmer, 120,

Hastings, Oliver, Popes Mills, Farmer, 40,

Hastings, Warren, Popes Mills, Farmer, 220,

Helpin, Michael, Rossie, Farmer, 126,

Hodges, Isaac, Macomb, Farmer, 179,

Honeycomb, Samuel , Macomb, Farmer, 327,

House, Chancy, Rossie, Farmer, 54,

House, Isaac, Popes Mills, Farmer, 158,

House, Norman, Popes Mills, Farmer, 148,

Hufftale, Frank , Rossie, Farmer, 100,

Hurst, James, Macomb, Farmer, 147,

Hutchinson, Daniel D., Popes Mills, Steward of M.E. Church and farmer, 109,

Hutchinson, Norman J., Popes Mills, Cooper, ,

Hutton, James, Popes Mills, Farmer, 139,

Hutton, John, Rossie, Farmer, 50,

Hutton, Wm., Rossie, Farmer, 160,

Hyde, Alex, Macomb, Farmer, 46,

Hyde, Dennis, Popes Mills, Farmer, 154,

Hyde, Nathaniel , Rossie, Farmer, 130, Leases of Asa Whitney

Ingram, Michael D., Macomb, Carpenter & Blacksmith, ,

Ingram, Vials, Macomb, lime burner and farmer, 93,

Johnson, John, Edenton, Farmer, 130,

Johnson, John C., Edenton, Farmer, 123,

Jones, Geo. W., Macomb, Farmer, 58,

Kane, Thos., Rossie, Farmer, 118,

Kelley, Michael, Edwardsville, Farmer, 80,

Kenyon, Cranson, Macomb, Farmer, 50,

Kenyon, Nathan, Macomb, Farmer, ,

Klock, Jacob, Rossie, Farmer, 81,

Krake, Jonas, Popes Mills, Farmer, 42,

Laidlaw, Mrs. Margaret, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 297,

Lake, John I., Macomb, Mason and farmer, 80,

Lammond, John, Edenton, Farmer, 150,

Lashbrook, Joseph, Gouverneur, Farmer, 100,

Lashure, Oliver, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 150,

Lawyer, David  , Popes Mills, Farmer, 151,

Lawyer, Nicholas, Popes Mills, Farmer, 200,

Lawyer, Washington, Edenton, Farmer, 350,

Lawyer, Wm, Rossie, hoop manuf., ,

Leary, Martin, Gouverneur, Farmer, 112,

Leary, Patrick, Gouverneur, Carpenter and farmer, ,

Lee, Morris, Rossie, Farmer, 78,

Lee, Morris Jr., Rossie, Farmer, 70,

Levye, John, Edwardsville, Farmer, 50,

Love, Geo. A., Macomb, Farmer, 86,

Love, John, Rossie, Farmer, 107,

Love, Richard H., Rossie, Farmer, 130,

Love, Wm., Rossie, Farmer, 80,

Lynch, Bridget, Gouverneur, Farmer, 51,

Maloy, James, Rossie, Farmer, 60,

Mandigo, Francis, Rossie, Farmer, 50,

Manson, Alex, Rossie, Farmer, 136,

Markwick, James, Macomb, Farmer, 85,

Marshaw, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 18,

McFalls, James, Rossie, Justice of the peace, post master, assessor and farmer, 196,

McLellan, Thos., Rossie, Cooper and Farmer, 50,

McLoud, Malcolm, Macomb, Farmer, 69,

McNeil, John H., Macomb, Farmer, 220,

McSwan, Norman, Macomb, Farmer, 118,

Mills, Thos. C., Rossie, Farmer, 44,

Mills, Wm., Rossie, Farmer, 50, leases of C. Bridges

Mitchell, Hiram N., Edwardsville, Farmer, 100,

Mitchell, James P., Edwardsville, Farmer, 100,

Michell, Josiah  , Edwardsville, Farmer, 88,

Moore, Harrison, Popes Mills, Farmer, 50,

Moore, Martha, Popes Mills, Farmer, 52,

Morrow, Joseph Jr., Gouverneur, Farmer, 140,

Mullen, John, Rossie, Farmer, 124,

Murton, Henry, Popes Mills, Farmer, 101,

Murton, James, Popes Mills, Farmer, 69,

Murton, John, Popes Mills, Farmer, 116,

Murton, Thos. Jr., Popes Mills, Farmer, 100,

Newman, Gilbert, Rossie, house painter and farmer, 33, leases of John L. Parker

Newman, John A., Rossie, Farmer, 239,

Norton, Moses, Rossie, Farmer, 136,

Nott, Emily, Gouverneur, Farmer, 90,

O'Connelle, Timothy, Rossie, Farmer, 64,

O'Harrer, James, Rossie, Farmer, 90,

O'Harrow, James, Rossie, Farmer, 90,

Olds, Philemon, Popes Mills, Saw and grist mills, ,

Olrey, James, Rossie, Farmer, 86,

Parker, Nodiah, Rossie, Farmer, 42,

Parker, Nodiah Jr., Rossie, Farmer, 98,

Parker, Wm L., Rossie, Carpenter and stone mason, ,

Parkes, Chas.  , Edwardsville, Farmer, 93,

Partridge, Edwin, Rossie, Farmer, 135,

Partridge, James H., Macomb, Farmer, 200,

Patridge, Elkanah, Edenton, Farmer, 80,

Patridge, Ira E., Rossie, Justice of the peace and farmer, 103,

Patridge, Wm., Rossie, Farmer, 180,

Peck, Orville, Macomb, Farmer, 64,

Perry, Edwin H., Popes Mills, Hotel Proprietor, ,

Petrie, Henry Jr., Macomb, Farmer, 40,

Pierce, David, Macomb, Local Preacher, grocer and farmer, 250,

Pierce, Everett, Macomb, Farmer, 30,

Pope, Mrs. Jane, Popes Mills, Farmer, 100,

Pope, Timothy, Popes Mills, Farmer, 650,

Powers, Henry, Rossie, Farmer, 200, Leases

Putman, John, Popes Mills, Farmer, 197,

Putman, Peter J., Popes Mills, Farmer, 100,

Putman, Willard R., Popes Mills, Farmer, 250,

Putman, Wm. D., Popes Mills, Carpenter and farmer, 85,

Raven, Abraham C., Popes Mills, Farmer, 364, Leases of Benj. Olds

Raven, Chelson, Rossie, Farmer, 100, Leases of Abraham

Raven, Daniel C., Macomb, Farmer, 119,

Raven, David G., Macomb, Miner and farmer, 220,

Raven, Henry C., Macomb, Farmer, 111, Leases of John Olery

Reed, Chas.  , Rossie, Farmer, 60,

Richardson, John, Macomb, Farmer, 101,

Rickit, Alex, Macomb, Lime manuf. And farmer, 120,

Robinson, John, Oxbow Jefferson County, Carpenter and farmer, 120,

Robinson, Wm., Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 200,

Rounds, Andrew J., Macomb, Farmer, 197,

Rowland, Homer, Popes Mills, General merchant, postmaster, and town clerk, ,

Rowland, Horace A., Popes Mills, Farmer, 109 7/8,

Rutherford, Robert S., Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 194,

Rutherford, Thos. E., Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 264 1/2,

Salsbery, Fernando, Popes Mills, Farm Laborer, ,

Savage, Alex, Gouverneur, Farmer, 18    ,

Sayer, Fortunatus, Edenton, Farmer, 127,

Sayer, Fortunatus 2d, Popes Mills, Farmer, 150    , Leases of W. Sayer's estate

Sayer, James F., Edenton, inventor of stave edger and jointer and farmer, 14 3/4,

Sayer, Jane, Edenton, Farmer, 95    ,

Scott, Geo., Gouverneur, Farmer, 67    ,

Seeker, Leonard, Rossie, Farmer, 160,

Seeker, Peter  , Macomb, Farmer, 32,

Simpson, Daniel, Rossie, Farmer, 122,

Sipher, Polly, Popes Mills, Farmer, 40,

Sisson, Almeron, Macomb, Farmer, 187,

Sitts, John, Rossie, Farmer, 96,

Smith, Eli W., Popes Mills, Farmer, 96,

Smith, Rev. James R., Popes Mills, M.E. minister and farmer, 3,

Smith, Levi B., Popes Mills, Farmer, 75, and leases 100

Smith, Orlando, Gouverneur, Farmer, 107,

Smith, Wm E., Popes Mills, Farmer, 60,

Snyder, John S., Edenton, Farmer, 837,

Snyder, Robert, Popes Mills, Farmer, 70,

Snyder, Wm I., Popes Mills, Farmer, 113, Leases of 113

Stacy, John, Edenton, Farmer, 21,

Stephen, Henry, DePeyster, Farmer, 60,

Sterling, John M., Macomb, Farmer, 77,

Storie, David, Rossie, Farmer, 275,

Storie, James, Rossie, Farmer, 67,

Storie, James A., Rossie, Farmer, 190,

Storks, Chauncy, Rossie, Farmer, 75,

Storks, Eliza, Rossie, Farmer, 43,

Taylor, Wm E., Wegatchie, Iron Miner, ,

Thompson, John, Popes Mills, Farmer, 4,

Thornton, Caleb, DePeyster, Farmer, 200,

Thornton, Cyrus K., DePeyster, Farmer, 175,

Thraves, John, Macomb, Farmer, 80,

Truax, Daniel, Macomb, with James, ,

Truax, James, Macomb, Farmer, 260,

Tully, Sarah, Rossie, Farmer, 80,

Turnbull, Thomas, Rossie, Farmer, 165,

Tuner, Denny, Popes Mills, Farmer, 109,

Turner, Elisha R. Jr., Popes Mills, Supervisor and farmer, 170,

Turner, Hosea, Popes Mills, Farmer, 135,

Turner, Wm, Edenton, Farmer, 177,

Wallrod, Amos, DePeyster, Farmer, 60,

Walrath, Andrew  , Edenton, Farmer, 57, and Leases of Martha Ward 48 1/2

Ward, Augustus, Popes Mills, Farmer, 74,

Ward, Geo., Edenton, Cooper and cabinet maker, ,

Ward, John, Popes Mills, Farmer, 196,

Ward, John Ira, Popes Mills, Carpenter, ,

Ward, Levi  , Edenton, Carpenter, ,

Ward, Nathan, Edenton, Cooper and cabinet maker, ,

Washburn, Alonzo, Macomb, Farmer, 96,

Washburn, Jane, Macomb, Farmer, 116,

Washburn, John, Macomb, Farm, 91,

Washburn, Nehemiah, Macomb, Farmer, 50,

Washburn, Perry S., Macomb, Farmer, 297,

Washburn, Simon, Macomb, Farmer, 45,

Webster, Daniel W., Macomb, Farmer, 12, Leases of P.S. Washburn

Whalon, James, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 100,

Whitney, Asa, Rossie, Farmer, 188,

Williams, Joseph, Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 125,

Willis, Albert, Macomb, Engineer, ,

Willis, Geo W., Macomb, Steam Mill, ,

Wilson, Harry M., Macomb, Farmer, 260,

Wilson, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 150,

Wilson, John A., Gouverneur, Assessor and farmer, 111,

Wilson, Wm., Oxbow Jefferson County, Farmer, 240,

Woodward, Richard H., Popes Mills, Overseer of the poor and farmer, 173,

Woodworth, David B., Popes Mills, Justice of the peace and farmer, 125,

Woodworth, Horace L., Popes Mills, Farmer, 25,

Woodworth, Samuel L., Popes Mills, Assessor and farmer, 93,

Wright, Samuel , Popes Mills, Cabinet maker and farmer, 4,

Young, Wm., Rossie, General Merchant and farmer, ,

Young, Wm. S., Rossie, Dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, hats, caps, boots, shoes, etc, ,

Youngs, Elizabeth, Rossie, Farmer, 96,