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Lawrence Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazetteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Abbott, George E., Lawrenceville, Cooper & Farmer, 14,

Adams, Halsey B., Hopkinton, Farmer, 105, & in Hopkinton 25

Adams, Williard, Hopkinton, Farmer, 135,

Ainsworth, Mrs. Emory, Nicholville, Dress Maker, ,

Akin, Ezekiel, Lawrenceville, Shoemaker & Farmer, 3 1/2,

Amidon, Richard, Nicholville, Farmer, 8,

Arnold, Oliver, Lawrenceville, Tannery, ,

Austin, Henry , North Lawrence, Broker, ,

Austin, Isaac H., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 100,

Babcock, Benjamin D., Nicholville, Grist Mill & Farmer, 90, & in Hopkinton 2 1/2

Bailey, Jeremiah, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 25,

Baird, David, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 159, & in Stockholm 54

Baird, John (estate of), Lawrenceville, 125 acres, ,

Baldwin, Patrick F., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 175,

Ballard, Asahel, Nicholville, Farmer, 155,

Ballard, Benedict A., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 87 1/2,

Ballard, Jeremiah, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 42,

Barnes, Samuel N., North Lawrence, Cooper, ,

Barney, Bailey V., Lawrenceville, Hotel Keeper, ,

Barney, Mrs. Lovira, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 9,

Bates, Mrs. A., North Lawrence, Dress and Cloak maker, ,

Bazee, Mrs. Julia, North Lawrence, Farmer, 24,

Bean, Miss Christiana E., North Lawrence, Post Mistress, ,

Bellows, Daniel, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 27,

Benedict, Calvin, Lawrenceville, Harness maker and carriage trimmer, ,

Berdrow, George A., Nicholville, Blacksmith, ,

Bibbins, Almon D., Nicholville, Farmer, 61 1/2,

Blanchard, Franklin, Nicholville, Farmer, 162,

Blanchard, Leonard, Nicholville, Carpenter and Joiner and Farmer, 1 1/2,

Blanchard, Mortimer S., Nicholville, Grocer, ,

Blish, William C., Lawrenceville, Secretary of Lawrenceville Academy, carriage maker and farmer, 40,

Boland, Hinman A., Lawrenceville, Allo. Physician, ,

Brason, Arunah H., Nicholville, Farmer, 56,

Breakenridge, James F., Nicholville, Farmer, 30, in Hopkinton

Brewster, Frederick, Lawrenceville, Grist and saw mills and farmer, 2,

Brewster, Fred A., Lawrenceville, Miller, ,

Brickley, Michael, Nicholville, Farmer, 50,

Briggs, Rev. E., North Lawrence, Pastor of Wesleyan Church, ,

Bristol, L. , North Lawrence, Sash, doors and blinds, ,

Brownell, Alva, North Lawrence, Grist Mill , ,

Brownwell, Dennis, Hopkinton, Farmer, 114, Leases of Lyman Oliver

Bugbee, Horace, Lawrenceville, Carriage Painter, ,

Burt, Enos, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 135, & in Brasher 150

Burt, George A., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 25,

Burt, Marcus C., Lawrenceville, Shoemaker , ,

Bushnell, Darius, Nicholville, Farmer, 60,

Butler, Charles, Lawrenceville, Cooper, ,

Butler, Harry I., North Lawrence, Cooper & Farmer, 45,

Butler, Pembrook, North Lawrence, House and carriage painter, ,

Carpenter, Cyril, North Lawrence, Farmer, 21,

Carpenter, Mrs. Emily B., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 142,

Carpenter, Henry H., Nicholville, Allo. Physician and Farmer, 1,

Carpenter, John F. (estate of), Lawrenceville, 356 acres, ,

Carr, Hosea, Nicholville, Farmer, 76,

Caul, James , North Lawrence, Prop of Union Hotel and Farmer, 17,

Chambers, William C., North Lawrence, Farmer, 27,

Chandler, Lemuel, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 18,

Chandler, Lewis (estate of), Nicholville, 60 acres, ,

Chandler, Mrs. Nancy M., Nicholville, Milliner, ,

Chandler, Philo, Nicholville, Farmer, 2,

Clark, Francis, Hopkinton, Farmer, 37,

Clark, James L., Lawrenceville, Blacksmith & Farmer, 17,

Clark, Milton J., Nicholville, Farmer, 45,

Clark, Reuben, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 17,

Clukey, Peter, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 49,

Conell, Jeremiah, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 130,

Conelley, Jerry, North Lawrence, Farmer, 164,

Conley, John , North Lawrence, Farmer, 140,

Conlin, Michael B., North Lawrence, Furniture, ,

Conly, Cornelius, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 77,

Coolidge, Zebina, Hopkinton, Farmer, 122, & in Hopkinton 33

Crinklaw, James, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 236,

Cross, Joseph, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 85,

Crowley, Cornelius, North Lawrence, Farmer, 58,

Crowley, Jerry, North Lawrence, Farmer, 164,

Crowley, John, North Lawrence, Farmer, 95,

Dana, Elihu M., Lawrenceville, Postmaster and General Merchant, ,

Davidson , Miss E. C., Nicholville, Misses Davidson & Hickok, ,

Davis, D. H., North Lawrence, Land agent and lumber dealer, ,

Davis, Samuel W., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 140,

Day, Mrs. Betsy, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 81,

Day, Giles J., Lawrenceville, Shoemaker , ,

Day, Lyman, Nicholville, Sumner Sweet & Co, ,

Day, Noah, Nicholville, Farmer, 100,

Day, Noble E., Nicholville, Farmer, 40,

Day, Russell, Nicholville, Prop of Nicholville Hotel, Farmer, 260, & in Hopkinton 33

Day, Warren, Nicholville, Farmer, 75, & In Hopkinton 300

Day , Webster B., Nicholville, Farmer, 44,

Decare, David, North Lawrence, Farmer, 20, in Brasher 50

Dee, Julius W., North Lawrence, Foreman in sawmill, ,

Delanon, Henry H., Lawrenceville, Cattle Broker, ,

Delay, John, North Lawrence, Farmer, 165,

Delno, Henry H., Lawrenceville, Cattle Broker, ,

Delosh, Francis, North Lawrence, Farmer, 31,

Deneen, Daniel, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 110,

Denning, James, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 108,

Denton, Hiram H., Nicholville, Farmer, 38,

Deshaw, Gilbert, North Lawrence, Blacksmith & Carriage Maker, ,

Deshaw, Joseph, North Lawrence, Farmer, 12,

Desmond, Jeremiah, North Lawrence, Farmer, 54,

Desmond, Patrick, North Lawrence, Farmer, 66,

Dillabaugh, David, North Lawrence, Tailor, ,

Donovan, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 172,

Donovan, Richard, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 115,

Dorr, Rev. Charles E., Nicholville, Pastor of M. E. Church, ,

Douglass, Natham H. (estate of), North Lawrence, Saw Mill, ,

Douglass, William S., North Lawrence, Grist Mill, ,

Dow, Jonas R., North Lawrence, Cooper, farmer, 26, & in Brasher 27

Dow, Warren, North Lawrence, Ax Helve maker and farmer, 2,

Drake, Cyrus, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 29,

Driscoll, Patrick, North Lawrence, Farmer, 345, Leases of Dennis Dallea

Dupree, Israel & Frank, Lawrenceville, Blacksmiths, ,

Dyke, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 4,

Elathorp, Sanford, Nicholville, Farmer, 160,

Ellathorp, William, Nicholville, Farmer, 66,

Ellithorp, Pascal, Nicholville, Ellithorp & Sanford, ,

Ellithorp, Thurman D., Nicholville, General Merchant and farmer, 260,

Erwin, Clark H., Nicholville, Cooper & Farmer, 8,

Erwin, Henry A., Nicholville, Cooper & Farmer, 25,

Everett, George , Nicholville, Farmer, 42,

Everett, Luther, Nicholville, Agricultural Implements and Farmer, 7,

Farlinger, Nelson, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 27, Leases

Farrar, Columbus, Nicholville, Farmer, 140, w/ Otis

Farrar, Otis, Nicholville, Farmer, 140, w/ Columbus

Farrell, George, Lawrenceville, Shoemaker , ,

Farrell, Patrick, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 146,

Ferris, John, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 82,

Ferris, Mrs. Laura A., Nicholville, Farmer, 3,

Ferris, Lemuel P., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 86,

Ferris, Luther, Nicholville, Carpenter & stone Mason, ,

Ferris, Michael, Nicholville, Farmer, 247, Leases of Thurman Elathorp

Finegan, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 68,

Firman, Alonzo B., Lawrenceville, Carriage Maker, ,

Fisk, Almon A., Nicholville, Farmer, 150,

Fisk, Charles A., Nicholville, Stoves, agricultural implements, glassware, tin, sheet iron, etc, ,

Fitzgerald, Michael, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 75,

Fletcher, Charles, Hopkinton, Farmer, 70,

Fletcher, Chauncey, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 240,

Flint, Cyrus, North Lawrence, Butter tub factory & farmer, 87,

Flint, John F., North Lawrence, Dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes and clothing, ,

Follett, Walter, North Lawrence, Farmer, 17,

Forbes, Edwin, Nicholville, Farmer, 81,

Fortune, Carr, Nicholville, Tanner and farmer, 12,

Fortune, William, Nicholville, Farmer, 205,

Galusha, J. Wesley, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 75, Leases of Mrs. A. Hedge

Garfield, George W., North Lawrence, Garfield & Tenny, ,

Garvey, Marcius, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 200, Leases of Mrs. Ellen Ferris

Gilbreth, Samuel, Nicholville, Brick and stone mason and farmer, 2,

Gilbreth, William, Nicholville, Farmer, 87,

Gillisbey, William, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 196,

Gilmore, Richard, Hopkinton, Farmer, 158,

Green, Truman, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 28,

Hack, Joseph, Nicholville, Farmer, 94,

Hackstaff, Richard B., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 16,

Hakins, George B., North Lawrence, Dentist, ,

Hakins, Harvey J., North Lawrence, J. D. Hakins & Son, ,

Hakins, John D., North Lawrence, J. D. Hakins & Son, ,

Hall, Miss Mary L., Lawrenceville, Assistant and music teacher of Lawrenceville academy, ,

Hamlin, Dennis A., Lawrenceville, Cooper & Farmer, 105,

Hamlin, Frank A., Nicholville, tin peddler and farmer, 31,

Hamlin, Henry L., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 45,

Hard, Mrs. Betsy E., Nicholville, Farmer, 8,

Harmon, Rev. Gaius N., Lawrenceville, Pastor of Baptist Church, ,

Harris, Daniel, Nicholville, Farmer, 177,

Harvey, Stillman, Nicholville, Farmer, 30,

Haselton, Albanus, Hopkinton, Farmer, 55,

Hathaway, Mrs. Elizabeth, Nicholville, Milliner, ,

Hawkins, Eseck, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 6,

Hawley, Thomas M., Nicholville, Photographer and Farmer, 1 1/2,

Hays, Nathaniel P., North Lawrence, Lawyer, ,

Hedding, Harley Jr, Nicholville, Farmer, 14,

Hickok, Miss , Nicholville, Misses Davidson & Hickok, ,

Hicks, Levi, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 42 1/2,

Hill, FitzJames, Lawrenceville, Principal of Lawrenceville Academy, ,

Hill, John, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 290,

Hitchcock, Mrs. R., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 84,

Hoag, Daniel, North Lawrence, Dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, and farmer, 4,

Holliham, Timothy, North Lawrence, Farmer, 168,

Hoxie, Edgar, Nicholville, Farmer, 60,

Hoxie, John, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 82,

Hoyt, Ira, North Lawrence, Meat Market, ,

Hulbert, Lucius, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 82,

Hulburd, Lucius, Lawrenceville, President of Lawrenceville Academy, ,

Huntly, Frederick, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 100, Leases of Mrs. C. Taggart

Hurly, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 60,

Hyde, Ezra, Nicholville, Wood carding and cloth dressing, ,

Hyes, Cornelius, North Lawrence, Farmer, 93, Leases of Henry Austin

Irish, Albert H., Nicholville, Farmer, 69,

Jackson, Joseph A., Lawrenceville, Allo. Physician and farmer, 83,

Johnson, Joseph, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 95,

Johnston, Thomas , Lawrenceville, Farmer, 97,

Kastner, George A., Lawrenceville, Carpenter & Joiner, and cabinet maker, ,

Kellaher, Mrs. Mary, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 223,

Kelsey, Joel, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 72,

Kimball, James, North Lawrence, Farmer, 2,

King, Mrs. Mary A., Nicholville, , ,

Kingston, Abraham, North Lawrence, Shoemaker, ,

Kingston, James, North Lawrence, Farmer, 172,

Kingston, Richard, North Lawrence, Farmer, 100, In Brasher

Kingston, Thomas, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 251,

Kingston, William, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 216,

Lavery, Francis H., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 20, & in Stockholm 15

Lavery, Levi, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 70,

Lavery, Morde, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 150,

Lavery, Robert A., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 76,

Leary, Patrick, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 112,

Lober, Mathew, North Lawrence, Farmer, 23,

Lock, Horatio, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 15,

Lowell, Lorenzo, Nicholville, Farm Laborer, ,

Lynch, Batholomew, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 175,

Macomber, Mrs. Lydia, Nicholville, Farmer, 20,

Maher, Dennis J., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 100, Leases of Rensselaer McEwen

Maher, John B., Nicholville, Farmer, 150,

Maher, Mrs. Margaret, Nicholville, Farmer, 5,

Malakie, Daniel, North Lawrence, Groceries, wine, liquors, ,

Malakie, John, North Lawrence, Farmer, 126, Leases of Joseph Brush

Malona, John B., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 138,

Mandigo, Aaron V., North Lawrence, Jeweler and watch repairer, ,

Martin, Julius, North Lawrence, Saw and planing mills, farmer, 2, & in Brasher 75

Martindale, James A., Nicholville, Farmer, 32, In Hopkinton

Mason, Judson A., Nicholville, Farmer, , Leases of Wm Tagget

Mason, Sylvester, Hopkinton, Farmer, 61,

McCarthy, Jerry, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 105,

McCarthy, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 125, Leases of Russell Day

McCarty, Charles, North Lawrence, Farmer, 20,

McCarty, Daniel, North Lawrence, Farmer, 40,

McCauslin, Mrs. Ann, North Lawrence, Farmer, 72,

McClellon, Lewin N., Nicholville, Brick and stone mason and farmer, 2,

McEuen, Augustus E., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 390,

McEuen, Robert H., Lawrenceville, Cattle broker and farmer, 160,

McEwen, George R., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 218,

McEwen, Ransom, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 3,

McKimm, James, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 150,

McKimm, Thomas, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 87,

Meacham, Herbert, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 120, & in Stockholm 20 & in Norfolk 41

Merchant, Horatio C., Nicholville, Farmer, 32,

Merchant, Mrs. T., Hopkinton, Farmer, 63,

Merchant, Mrs. T., Nicholville, Farmer, 80,

Merrill, Dyer L., Nicholville, Farmer, 165, & in Hopkinton 126

Merrill, Lewis R., Brasher Falls, Laborer, ,

Merrill, Silas, Nicholville, Crockery, glassware, silver and plated ware, table cutlery, clocks, furniture, wall paper, etc, ,

Miller, Asa N., Hopkinton, Carpenter & farmer, 32,

Morgan, Ira, North Lawrence, Farmer, 235,

Morgan, William E., North Lawrence, Hop raiser & farmer, 331,

Morrell, Amos D., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 2,

Morrision, Mrs. Sarah, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 37,

Mosher, Alvin P., Nicholville, Farmer, 50,

Murry, Dennis J., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 70,

Murry, Michael, North Lawrence, Farmer, 100,

Murry, Michael, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 95, Leases

Nash, Alfred E., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 48,

Nash, George W., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 180, Leases of Enos Burt

Newcombe, Edwin C., North Lawrence, Carriage Maker, ,

Newell, Cyrus L., Nicholville, Wmillwright, carpenter and farmer, 108,

Newland, Peabody, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 140,

Norton, Albert, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 120, Leases of Horace Rowell

Norton, James A., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 80, Leases of Christiana Taylor

Ober, Levi K., Nicholville, Farmer, 100,

O'Conner, John, North Lawrence, Farmer, 33, Leases of Michael Conley

Oliver, William , Hopkinton, Farmer, 24,

Page, Mark R., Nicholville, Starch factory, farmer , 3, & in Hopkinton 40

Page, Royal C., Nicholville, Joiner, ,

Page, Watson, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 4,

Palmer, George W., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 150,

Palmer, Leonidas, Lawrenceville, Cooper, ,

Palmer, Rufus S., North Lawrence, Supervisor, speculator and justice of the peace, ,

Parker, Nelson, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 160, Leases of Ransom McEwen

Parker, William H., Lawrenceville, Farm Laborer, ,

Partlow, Ransom, North Lawrence, Farmer, 85,

Pasha, Peter S., North Lawrence, Ticket and express agent, telegraph operator and farmer, 2 1/2,

Patten, David S., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 216,

Pearl, James, Lawrenceville, Carriage Maker & Farmer, 154,

Pease, Ebenezer, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 1,

Pease, Samuel , Lawrenceville, Farmer, 1,

Perry, Harlow J., North Lawrence, Farmer, 17 1/2,

Phelps, John, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 163,

Phelps, John S., Lawrenceville, Agent for Union Store, ,

Plumedore, Edward , North Lawrence, Farmer, 30,

Plumedore, Joseph, North Lawrence, Farmer, 30,

Pratt, Silas, Nicholville, Farmer, 26,

Pressey, Mrs. Eliza, Nicholville, Tailoress, ,

Quenell, Moses, North Lawrence, Shingle Mill and Farmer, 4,

Raymond, Gilbert T., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 134,

Raymond, Orrin T., Nicholville, Farmer, 36,

Reed, Alanson, Lawrenceville, Cooper and Farmer, 28,

Reed, Byron G., Lawrenceville, Cooper & F, 80,

Reynolds, Lucius B., Nicholville, Farmer, 48,

Reynolds, Sheldon P., Nicholville, Farmer, 55, & in Hopkinton 50

Rhoads, Alonzo G., Nicholville, Boot and shoe maker, ,

Richardson, Lewis G., Nicholville, Farmer, 49,

Richardson, Luman, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 54,

Roberts, Ashford N., Nicholville, Farmer, 70,

Roberts, Bird (estate of), Lawrenceville, 108 acres, ,

Rochford, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 153,

Rockwell, Jonas C., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 127,

Rockwell, Lamson M., Lawrenceville, Druggist, telegraph operator and job printer, ,

Romain, Mrs. Jane, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 85,

Romane, Miss Susan H., Lawrenceville, Preceptress of Lawrenceville Academy, ,

Rose, James M., Nicholville, Farmer, 75,

Rose, Richard, Nicholville, Farmer, 145,

Rowell, Albert K., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 203, & in Stockholm 10

Rowell, Erastus, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 292,

Rowell, Horace, North Lawrence, Farmer, 4 1/2,

Rowell, Jefferson, Nicholville, Harness Maker, ,

Ryan, Michael, North Lawrence, Farmer, 70,

Sanders, Josiah F., Lawrenceville, Notary Public & farmer, 18,

Sanders, Smith, Lawrenceville, Constable and Farmer, 1,

Sanford, Edwin D., Nicholville, Blacksmith, ,

Sanford, Erasmus J., Nicholville, Blacksmith & Farmer, 3,

Sanford, Henry B., Nicholville, Farmer, 115,

Sanford, Henry T., Nicholville, Ellithorp & Sanford, ,

Sanjule, Peter , North Lawrence, Carpenter & Joiner and Farmer, 36 1/2,

Sartwell, Miss Fanny, Nicholville, Farmer, 15,

Scanlin, Thomas, North Lawrence, Farmer, 40,

Schryer, James, North Lawrence, Blacksmith, ,

Scripture, Mrs. Hannah, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 4,

Searles, David S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 112, w/ Elihu & in Hopkinton 25

Searles, Elihu, Hopkinton, Farmer, 112, w/ David & in Hopkinton 25

Shales, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 88, Leases of Benjamin Babcock

Shaw, Aaron, Nicholville, Farmer, 51,

Shaw, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 19,

Shaw, William, Nicholville, Farmer, 19,

Shelden, Nehemiah, Nicholville, Farmer, 93,

Shepard, Edwin W., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 82,

Shepard, Heman, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 20,

Shepard, Homer R., North Lawrence, Farmer, 190,

Shepard, James M., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 184,

Shepard, Oscar F., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 240,

Sherar, James, Nicholville, General Merchant, farmer , 2 1/2, & in Hopkinton 185

Sheridan, James P., Nicholville, Miller, ,

Shinnick, Jeremiah, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 298,

Simonds, Titus S., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 56,

Simpson, Mrs. Nancy, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 84,

Slocomb, Silas L., North Lawrence, Cooper & Farmer, 32,

Smith, Charles B., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 156,

Smith, Edward F., North Lawrence, Harness Maker, ,

Smith, Hiram D., Nicholville, Allo. Physician and Farmer, 9 1/2,

Smith, Ira H., Nicholville, Drugs, medicines, chemicals, watches, jewelry and fancy articles, ,

Smith, Royal, Nicholville, Farmer, 20,

Smith, Mrs. Sophia, Nicholville, Farmer, 25,

Spelling, Mrs. Margaret, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 1 1/4,

Stacy, George B., Nicholville, Attorney, ,

Stark, Ambrose, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 16,

Stemm, William L., North Lawrence, Stemm & Woodruff, ,

Stephens, Leander, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 10,

Stephens, Linus, Hopkinton, Farmer, 40, & in Hopkinton 25

Sullivan, Andrew O., Lawrenceville, Shoemaker, ,

Sullivan, Daniel, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 118,

Sullivan, Timothy, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 47,

Sweet, Henry H., Nicholville, Sumner Sweet & Co, ,

Taft, Ezekiel (estate of), Lawrenceville, 95 acres, ,

Taggart, Mrs. Ann, North Lawrence, Farmer, 107,

Taggart, Hugh (estate of), North Lawrence, General merchandise, ,

Taggart, William S., Nicholville, Produce dealer, farmer, 420, & in Hopkinton 41 3/4 & in Potsdam 45

Tanner, Edward F., North Lawrence, Farmer, 50, & in Brasher 142

Tenny, Amos B., North Lawrence, Garfield & Tenny, ,

Tharret, James, Nicholville, Farmer, 13 1/2, & in Hopkinton 55

Thayer, Addision D., Lawrenceville, Carpenter , ,

Thomas, Abner P., Nicholville, Farmer, 91,

Thomas, John A., Nicholville, Sash door and blind manuf. In Hopkinton and Farmer, 1,

Trussell, Aaron, Nicholville, Farmer, 123,

Trussell, Alfred N., North Lawrence, Hardware, stoves, tinware, glassware, etc, ,

Trussell, Jerome, North Lawrence, General Merchant, farmer , ,

Tyo, Joseph, North Lawrence, Farmer, 20,

Wagstaff, Henry , Lawrenceville, Farmer, 106,

Webb, Alvah, Nicholville, Farmer, 2,

Welch, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 87, Leases of Sidney Taggart

Wells, Carlton S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 102, & in Hopkinton 30

Wetherell, Zepheniah L., Lawrenceville, Blacksmith, ,

White, Alexander, North Lawrence, Farmer, 5,

White, Alonzo, Nicholville, Saw Mill & Farmer, 205,

White, Mrs. Carrie, Nicholville, Postmistress & telegraph operator, ,

White, David, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 88,

White, Edward , North Lawrence, Farmer, 49,

White, Mrs. Mary, North Lawrence, Farmer, 20, & leases 144

Whiteside, James, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 165,

Whitney, Barney, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 163,

Whitney, Edgar, Lawrenceville, Drugs, medicine and groceries, ,

Wilber, George B., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 155,

Williams, Jacob, North Lawrence, Farmer, 75,

Williams, Leonard, North Lawrence, Farmer, 60, & in Brasher 16 1/2

Wills, Reuben, Hopkinton, Farmer, 1 1/2,

Wilmerth, Benjamin H., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 70, & in Stockholm 22 1/2

Wilmerth, George , Lawrenceville, Farmer, 85,

Wilsey, William, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 112,

Wilson, Charles R., Nicholville, Farmer, 150,

Wilson, Darwin W., Nicholville, Farmer, 215, Leases of Gilbert Trussell

Wilson, Edgar, Nicholville, Carpenter & Joiner, ,

Wilson, Luman O., Nicholville, Groceries, flour and feed, ,

Winn, Asa, Lawrenceville, Farmer, 31,

Winn, Lowell G., Lawrenceville, Farmer, 8 1/2,

Winn, Orville E., Lawrenceville, Cooper, ,

Witherel, Mrs. Rachel, North Lawrence, Farmer, 100,

Witters, Henry C., Nicholville, Farmer, 54, & in Hopkinton 40

Witters, John W., Nicholville, Farmer, 100,

Wood, Charles , North Lawrence, Farmer, 25,

Wood, Ethan A., Nicholville, Carpenter, ,

Wood, Hiram, Nicholville, Farmer, 62, & in Hopkinton 56

Wood, Sen. Joseph, North Lawrence, Farmer, 25,

Wood, Oscar F., Nicholville, House, sign and carriage painter, ,

Woodruff, William A., North Lawrence, Stemm & Woodruff, ,

Worden, Henry, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 10,