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Hopkinton Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazetteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Ainsworth, Samuel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 29,

Anderson, John, Parishville, Farmer, 195,

Andrews, Roswell, Hopkinton, Farmer, 98,

Armstrong, Francis, Parishville, Farmer, 122,

Ashton, Amelia, Parishville, Farmer, 128,

Austin, Charles G., Hopkinton, Farmer, 158,

Austin, Philemon, Hopkinton, Farmer, 20,

Barkley, Abram, South Colton, Farmer, 250,

Barkley, James, South Colton, Farmer, 98,

Beadstead, Matthew, South Colton, Farmer, 98,

Beecher, Orman, Hopkinton, Carpenter & Farmer, 50,

Beede, Royal S., Hopkinton, Stone Quarry and Farmer, 157,

Beham, John, South Colton, Farmer, 300,

Benham, C. W. , Nicholville, Farmer, 108,

Bernham, Mrs. Lorinda, Nicholville, Farmer, 5,

Bickford, A. W. , Nicholville, Farmer, ,

Bickford, Henry, Nicholville, Farmer, 30,

Birdrow, George A., Nicholville, Blacksmith & Farmer, 3,

Bixby, John, South Colton, Farmer, 211,

Blair, Alanson, Parishville, Farmer, 58,

Blair, Moses , Hopkinton, Farmer, 49,

Blair, Nancy, Parishville, Farmer, 74,

Blake, Azro, Nicholville, Lumber & Shingle Manuf and owner of Timber land, with Lewis and Haskill, ,

Blake, Haskill, Nicholville, Lumber & Shingle Manuf and owner of Timber land, with Azro and Lewis, ,

Blake, Lewis, Nicholville, Lumber & Shingle Manuf and owner of Timber land, with Azro and Haskill, ,

Blanchard, Isaac, Nicholville, Farmer, 90,

Brainard, Barton, Parishville, Farmer, 72,

Brown, Harvey, Nicholville, Farmer, 155,

Brown, Reuben, Nicholville, Gunsmith, ,

Brown, Stoughton, Parishville, Farmer, 63,

Brownell, Jasper, Parishville, Farmer, 141,

Bruce, T. S., Nicholville, Farmer, 500,

Brush, Geo H., Hopkinton, Farmer, 169,

Brush, Jason C., Hopkinton, Farmer, 432,

Brush, Joseph A., Hopkinton, Farmer, 225,

Brusseau, Peter, Parishville, Farmer, 100,

Burham, C. W. , Nicholville, Assessor, ,

Camfield, Joseph , Nicholville, Farmer, 274,

Capell, Henry, Parishville, Farmer, 156,

Carbino, Lewis, Parishville, Farmer, 20,

Castle, Foster, Parishville, Farmer, 24,

Castle, Merriman, Parishville, Farmer, 58,

Castle, Nelson, Parishville, Farmer, 30,

Chandler, Lewis P., Nicholville, Farmer, 100,

Chaney, John E., South Colton, Farmer, 769,

Chaney, Samuel, South Colton, Farmer, 145,

Chaney, S. C., South Colton, Farmer, 66,

Cheney, C. G., Nicholville, Farmer, 207,

Cheney, Jesse, Nicholville, Farmer, 36,

Cheney, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 51,

Cheney, P.S., Nicholville, Farmer, 37,

Chittenden, Clark A., Hopkinton, Farmer, 160, w/ Salmon E. & Sanford

Chittenden, Clark S., Hopkinton, Justice of the peace & Farmer, 476,

Chittenden, K. S. , Hopkinton, Postmaster, K. S. & V. A. Chittenden, ,

Chittenden, Salmon E., Hopkinton, Farmer, 160, w/ Clark A. & Sanford E.

Chittenden, Sanford, Hopkinton, Farmer, 160, w/ Clark A. & Salmon E.

Chittenden, V. A. , Hopkinton, Town Clerk, K.S. & V. A. Chittenden, ,

Clark, George R., Nicholville, Justice of the peace & Farmer, 204,

Clawson, Maria, Parishville, Farmer, 19,

Clifford, Joseph, Hopkinton, Carpenter, Starch maker & farmer, 4,

Clough, Henry, Nicholville, Farmer, 85,

Cole, Anson, Hopkinton, Farmer, 105,

Collins, Benjamin, Hopkinton, Saw Mill and Farmer, 21,

Conlin, Barney M., Hopkinton, Farmer, 155,

Conlin, J.C., Parishville, Farmer, 110,

Conlin, Thomas, Parishville, Farmer, 202,

Connor, Henry, Parishville, Farmer, 262,

Converse, Park, Hopkinton, Farmer, 145,

Coolidge, Laurel S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 128,

Coolidge, Russell, Hopkinton, Farmer, 70,

Corwin, Fullum M., Hopkinton, Farmer, 35,

Courser, Betsey, Parishville, Farmer, 14,

Bourser, Homer, Parishville, Farmer, 36,

Crawford, Hiram, Nicholville, Farmer, 28,

Crook, George C., Hopkinton, Butter tub and barrel manuf and farmer, 22,

Crook, S. W., Hopkinton, Butter tub and barrel manuf and farmer, 3,

Cutler, Calvin , Hopkinton, Farmer, 79,

Davis, Francis W., Hopkinton, Grist Mill, ,

Davis, Philo A., Hopkinton, Potato Starch Manuf and Farmer, 285,

Day, Harvey M., Nicholville, Saw Mill and Farmer, 75,

Defore, John, Nicholville, Carpenter and Farmer, 20,

DeLancett, George, Hopkinton, Farmer, 64, & leases of B. M. Conlin 155

DeRosia, Charles, Hopkinton, Farmer, 72,

DeRosia, Marion, Hopkinton, Farmer, 165,

Dewey, Hubbell, Parishville, Farmer, 94,

Dewey, Roswell, Parishville, Farmer, 59,

DeZell, Archibald, Parishville, Farmer, 79,

Dove, Edwin A., Hopkinton, Carpenter & Farmer, 13,

Downey, Wm, Hopkinton, Mason & Stone Cutter, ,

Drake, Prosper, Parishville, Farmer, 46,

Drake, Thurmon, Parishville, Farmer, 59,

Ducat, Joseph Jr., Parishville, Farmer, 51,

Ducat, Mrs. Joseph (widow), Parishville, Farmer, 25,

Dye, Harvey , Hopkinton, Basket Maker and Farmer, 2,

Eakin, Peter, Hopkinton, Farmer, 118,

Eastman, Howard P., Hopkinton, Farmer, 272,

Eastman, Royal S., Hopkinton, Horse Dealer & farmer, 2,

Eastman, Samuel E., Hopkinton, Farmer, 245,

Eastman, Wm, Hopkinton, Butter buyer & Farmer, 4,

Edwards, Charles, Parishville, Farmer, 34,

Edwards, George, Nicholville, Farmer, 50, w/ William

Edwards, Wm, Nicholville, Farmer, 50, w/ George

Elger, Lewis, Parishville, Farmer, 8,

Ellison, F.B., Parishville, Farmer, 95,

Farrar, Otis, Nicholville, Farmer, 85,

Farwell, Charles H., Hopkinton, Farmer, 249,

Faulkner, Charles N., Parishville, Farmer, 221,

Flanders, Arthur, Hopkinton, Carpenter, Sawyer, contable & Farmer, 10,

Fleming, James, Hopkinton, Painter, ,

Fletcher, Daniel S., Parishville, Iron Foundry, Farmer, 260, & with Harvey - 112

Fletcher, Harvey, Parishville, Farmer, 133, & with Daniel S. - 112

Ferry, John, South Colton, Farmer, 100,

Ford, Jeremy, Parishville, Farmer, 52,

Ford, Myron, Parishville, Farmer, 120,

Forsyth, Geo., Hopkinton, Farmer, 55, Leases of Joseph Hamlin

Fox, Catharine, Parishville, Farmer, 78,

Frennan, Reuben H., Hopkinton, Farmer, 100,

Fuller, Jno, Hopkinton, Farmer, 8,

Gale, Noah, South Colton, Farmer, 400,

Giffin, Martin, Nicholville, Farmer, 45,

Giffin, Martin E., Nicholville, Farmer, 45, Leases of Angeline Linendall

Gillen, Michael, Parishville, Farmer, 84,

Gillespie, , Nicholville, Chambers & Gillespie, ,

Goff, Stephen B., Nicholville, Saw mill, farmer, 603, & in Lawrence 30

Goodell, Joel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 297,

Goodell, John, Nicholville, Farmer, 34,

Goodell, Rev. S. C., Nicholville, M. E. Clergyman & Farmer, 126,

Goodenough, A.C., Hopkinton, Cheese Maker, ,

Goodno, Chloe, Hopkinton, Farmer, 40,

Goodno, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 30,

Goodno, Nathaniel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 86,

Goodno, Orrin, Hopkinton, Farmer, 39,

Goulding, F.M., Hopkinton, Farmer, 108,

Green, Rev. L. L., Hopkinton, M. E. Clergyman & Farmer, 34,

Guynup, Luther, South Colton, Farmer, 25,

Hamblin, John, South Colton, Farmer, 50,

Hamilton, Aaron, Hopkinton, Farmer, 30,

Hamilton, Darwin F., Parishville, Constable & Farmer, 87,

Hamlin, Edward, Hopkinton, Farmer, 75,

Hammond, John, South Colton, Farmer, 150,

Harper, Patrick, Parishville, Saw and Shingle mills and farmer, 840,

Harran, Alfred S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 107,

Harran, John A., Hopkinton, Farmer, 145,

Hatch, Martin, Parishville, Farmer, 39,

Hawes, Daniel , South Colton, Farmer, 150,

Hawkins, A. M., Nicholville, Farmer, 32,

Hazelton, Harry, Hopkinton, Farmer, 100, Leases of K.S. & V.A. Chittenden

Hazelton, Henry, South Colton, Farmer, 207,

Hazen, J. D., Parishville, Farmer, 154,

Hazen, Sally, Parishville, Farmer, 160,

Henderson, D. F. , Hopkinton, Farmer, 197,

Herriman, Adna, Parishville, Farmer, 65,

Herriman, Walter, Parishville, Farmer, 132,

Higginbotham, Richard H., Hopkinton, Farmer, 29,

Hilliard, Benjamin F., Nicholville, Carriage maker & farmer, 4 1/2,

Hilliard, H. F., Nicholville, Carriage Maker , ,

Hodgekins, Charles , Hopkinton, Laborer and Farmer, 2,

Hodgekins, George R., Hopkinton, Stone Cutter, ,

Hopkins, Fred I., Hopkinton, Saw Mill , ,

Hopkins, Roswell, Hopkinton, Farmer, 185,

Howe, Daniel S., Parishville, Farmer, 175,

Hunter, David, Hopkinton, Farmer, 160, w/ Willliam

Hunter, William, Hopkinton, Farmer, 160, w/ David

Huse, Joseph, Parishville, Farmer, 22,

Hutchins, , Hopkinton, Physician, ,

Hyde, Ezra, Nicholville, Wool and cloth dressing, lives in Lawrence, ,

Irish, Champion, South Colton, Farmer, 170, w/ James

Irish, James, South Colton, Farmer, 170, w/ Champion

Jaquis, Addison, Parishville, Farmer, 195,

Jasmer, Jno, Hopkinton, Farmer, 2,

Jenny, Asahel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 106,

Keegan, James, Parishville, Farmer, 39,

Kellog, Harrison F., Hopkinton, Blacksmith & Farmer, 23,

Kellogg, Franklin, Hopkinton, General Merchant & Farmer, 156,

Kellogg, J. S., Hopkinton, Clerk & Farmer, 3,

Kendrick, P. M., Hopkinton, Farmer, 38, & leases of P.S. Wells 64

Kent, Artemas, Hopkinton, Farmer, 42,

Kimpton, C. P. , Hopkinton, Butter tub and starch barrel manuf and farmer, 27,

Kimpton, Josiah, Hopkinton, Farmer, 182,

Kimpton, Wallace, Hopkinton, Constable & Farmer, 5,

Knapp, Andrew, Nicholville, Farmer, 10,

Knapp, Benjamin F., Nicholville, Farmer, 25,

Knapp, L. B. , Hopkinton, Cooper, ,

Knapp, Willard, Hopkinton, Shoemaker, ,

Labar, Clement, Parishville, Farmer, 88,

Landon, Daniel, Hopkinton, Shoemaker, ,

Langdell, C. F., Parishville, Farmer, 77,

Lathrop, Rial, Nicholville, Butcher, ,

Laughlin, T. H., Hopkinton, Retired Farmer, 209,

Lavine, Napoleon, South Colton, Farmer, 29,

Lawrence, Ozias, Parishville, Farmer, 54,

Lawrence, Royal, Parishville, Starch Manuf & Farmer, 70,

Leach, Daniel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 127,

Leach, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 79,

Leach, Silas, Hopkinton, Carpenter & Farmer, 119,

Lewis, Henry, Parishville, Wagon maker & farmer, 51,

Lindsay, George , Nicholville, Farmer, 99,

Lindsay, Henry, Parishville, Wagon maker & farmer, 51,

Lindsay, Hiram, Nicholville, Farmer, 174,

Lindsay, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 195, & leases of T. H. Laughlin 209

Linendall, Ensign, Nicholville, Farmer, 100,

Livermore, Chas B., Parishville, Farmer, 113,

Livermore, Jason - heirs of, Hopkinton, Farmer, 30,

Lord, Eben C., Nicholville, Cooper, ,

Louks, Horatio, South Colton, Farmer, 95,

Lucas, Francis, Parishville, Farmer, 75,

Macomber, Charels E., Hopkinton, Farmer, 13,

Macomber, James H., Hopkinton, Wagon maker, justice of the peace, and farmer, 400,

Martin, Mrs. Martha, Nicholville, Farmer, 12,

Mason, Hiram, Nicholville, Farmer, 29,

Mason, Lester, Parishville, Farmer, 48,

McArthur, Mary, Parishville, Farmer, 52,

McEwen, George , South Colton, Farmer, 62,

Meacham, Charles, Nicholville, Farmer, 105,

Meacham, Edward T., Nicholville, Farmer, 25,

Meekham, Jeremiah, Parishville, Farmer, 293,

Merritt, Jno, Parishville, Farmer, 38,

Miller, John, Nicholville, Shoemaker & Farmer, 21,

Morwell, Paul, Parishville, Farmer, 15,

Moses, Josiah, Nicholville, Farmer, 120,

Munger, Geo W., South Colton, Pelsue & Munger, ,

Murray, Freeman, South Colton, Farmer, 50,

Murray, Stephen, South Colton, Farmer, 50,

Nerney, James , Parishville, Farmer, 95,

Newman, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 58,

Newton, Hiram, Parishville, Farmer, 123,

Noble, Arthur, Hopkinton, Farmer, 54,

O'Hara, James, Parishville, Farmer, 63,

Ormsby, Henry, Nicholville, Farmer, 118,

Osgood, Wm O., Hopkinton, Farmer, 80,

Page, Benjamin F., Hopkinton, Blacksmith & Farmer, 1,

Page, Lyman, Nicholville, Saw and shingle mills in Lawrence and Farmer, 247,

Palmer, F. B., Hopkinton, Farmer, 139,

Parker, Francis, Hopkinton, Farmer, 49,

Parker, Josiah, Nicholville, Farmer, 227,

Parker, Nelson, Hopkinton, Farmer, 113,

Peck, George , Parishville, Farmer, 75,

Peck, Joel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 81,

Peck, O. A. , Hopkinton, Farmer, 128,

Peete, Chas , Hopkinton, Laborer and Farmer, 3,

Peever, Thomas, Hopkinton, Farmer, 96,

Pelsue, Orson J., South Colton, Pelsue & Munger, Constable, ,

Perry, Alex, Hopkinton, Wagon Maker & Blacksmith, ,

Phelps, Wm S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 455,

Pierce, Mary (widow), Hopkinton, Farmer, 6,

Pinney, Mrs. Josephine, Nicholville, Tailoress, ,

Planta, John, Parishville, Farmer, 38,

Poor, George , Parishville, Farmer, 98,

Post, David, Hopkinton, Cooper & Farmer, 2,

Post, Elias, Hopkinton, Retired Farmer, ,

Post, T. E. , Hopkinton, Farmer, 200,

Potter, Orrin, Parishville, Farmer, 42,

Pratt, J. Waid, Hopkinton, Blacksmith & Farmer, 32,

Preston, I. G., Nicholville, Farmer, 50,

Prince, Wm, Hopkinton, Harness Maker and Farmer, 5,

Putnam, Israel A., Hopkinton, Farmer, 363,

Quin, M. D., Hopkinton, Empire Hotel, ,

Remington, Edward , Hopkinton, Timber Lot, 50,

Remington, S. C., Hopkinton, Farmer, 156,

Remington, Fanny, Hopkinton, Farmer, 10,

Rhoades, Nancy, Hopkinton, Farmer, 4,

Richardson, Jerry, Parishville, Farmer, 100,

Riley, Wm, Hopkinton, Starch Manuf & farmer, 235,

Roberts, Thurman G., Hopkinton, Farmer, 220,

Robson, Robert, Parishville, Farmer, 49,

Robson, Wm, Parishville, Farmer, 145,

Root, R. S., Parishville, Farmer, 155, Leases of R. C. Parker

Rosenbacker, Hiram, Hopkinton, Farmer, 44,

Sanford, Jonah, Hopkinton, Starch Manuf supervisor and Farmer, 967,

Sanford, Simeon, Hopkinton, Farmer, 120,

Santaman, Joseph, Parishville, Farmer, 44,

Scovill, Dighton F., Hopkinton, Blacksmith , ,

Seavey, Johnson, South Colton, Farmer, 200,

Seavey, Wm, South Colton, Farmer, 50,

Shales, Wm A., Hopkinton, Farmer, 53,

Shannon, Henry, Parishville, Farmer, 93,

Shearer, George , Parishville, Farmer, 44,

Sheldon, Albert, Hopkinton, Retired Farmer, ,

Sheldon, A. C. , Hopkinton, Farmer, 90,

Sheldon, A. U., Hopkinton, Farmer, 232,

Sheldon, E. R., Hopkinton, Farmer, 198,

Sheldon, H. H., Nicholville, Cabinet Maker and Farmer, 3,

Sheldon, James A., Hopkinton, Dentist and Farmer, 150,

Sheldon, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 91,

Sheldon, King, Hopkinton, Farmer, , w/ A. U.

Shonyo, Antoine, Hopkinton, Farmer, 347,

Simonds, Geo., Parishville, Farmer, 44,

Smith, E. W. , Parishville, Farmer, 115,

Smith, George , Hopkinton, Assessor and Farmer, 312,

Smith, J. A., Parishville, Farmer, 16,

Smith, Jno C., Hopkinton, Farmer, 140,

Smith, Loren, Hopkinton, Farmer, 298,

Smith, Norman, Nicholville, Farmer, 129,

Smith, Russell, Parishville, Farmer, 79,

Smith, Samuel, Nicholville, Farmer, 96,

Snell, Isaac, Hopkinton, Farmer, 74,

Snell, Milton, Hopkinton, Farmer, 166,

Squires, Eben, Hopkinton, Farmer, 46,

Squires, James , Parishville, Saw Mill and Farmer, 368,

Squires, Russell, Hopkinton, Farmer, 163,

Stapels, Isaac, Parishville, Farmer, 84,

Starks, George , Hopkinton, Blacksmith, ,

Sterling, L. H., Hopkinton, Farmer, 99,

Stevens, Elander, Hopkinton, Farmer, 59,

Sweat, C. A. , Hopkinton, Assessor and Farmer, 104,

Taggart, Sidney L., Hopkinton, Farmer, 212,

Todd, Thomas, Parishville, Farmer, 75,

Trice, Richard, Parishville, Farmer, 115,

Tupper, , Parishville, Pierce & Tupper, ,

Vail, Frank, Parishville, Shingle and saw mills, and farmer, 88,

Warner, Miss Almira, Hopkinton, Farmer, 30,

Warner, A. L., Hopkinton, Farmer, 151,

Warner, W. F., Hopkinton, Farmer, 117,

Watson, Mark, South Colton, Farmer, 125,

Welch, Milton A., Parishville, Farmer, 130,

Weller, Arden, Nicholville, 70 acres wild land, ,

Weller, Chas B., Nicholville, farmer, 301,

Weller, Fayette, Nicholville, Shingle mill and farmer, 27,

Wells, Amos R., Nicholville, Retired Farmer, 1,

Wells, George , Hopkinton, Shingle mill and farmer, 490,

Wells, Robert, Hopkinton, Farmer, 79,

West, Albert, Parishville, Farmer, 79,

Wheeler, John, Hopkinton, Farmer, 15,

Wheeler, Lewis, Hopkinton, Farmer, 2,

Wheeler, Lewis Jr, Hopkinton, Farmer, 44,

Whipple, Robert, Hopkinton, Local preacher and shoemaker, ,

White, Julius, Hopkinton, Farmer, 35,

White, Julius 2d, Hopkinton, Farmer, 9,

White, Orren, Hopkinton, Farmer, 2,

Wilcox, J. L., Parishville, Farmer, 171,

Wilson, Asa, Nicholville, Farmer, 257,

Winter, L. D., Parishville, Farmer, 16,

Witherell, H. E., Hopkinton, Farmer, 159,

Witherell, Joel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 135,

Witherell, Stephen R., Hopkinton, Farmer, 195,

Woodward, James , Hopkinton, Cooper, ,

Woodworth, J. E. , Hopkinton, Blacksmith, ,

Wright, George S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 541,