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Hermon Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazetteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Alexander, James H., Hermon, Physician, ,

Allen, Edmund J., Hermon, Farmer, 200, & in Russell 93

Allen, Ellery E., Hermon, Farmer, 129,

Allen, Henry G., Hermon, Farmer, , w/ Edmund Jr

Alverson, Harry S., Hermon, Farmer, 210,

Armin, Joseph L., Hermon, Farmer, 222,

Babbitt, Frank, Hermon, Babbitt Bros, ,

Babbitt, George, Hermon, Babbitt Bros, ,

Babbitt, Orland, Hermon, Horse and Cattle dealer and farmer, 1200,

Babcock, Zuriah W., Hermon, Green & Babcock, ,

Bacon, M. R. , Gouverneur, Farmer, 180,

Bacon, Marcellus W., Gouverneur, Farmer, 280, & in Fowler 53

Baker, Burton, Hermon, Farmer, 385,

Baker, Lavanah, Gouverneur, Farmer, 200,

Baker, Sayre, Gouverneur, Farmer, ,

Baker, Sayre, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Ballou, Sylvester, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Barber, Harrison, Hermon, Farmer, 100,

Barber, Israel T., Hermon, Harness Maker, ,

Barnum, O. L., Gouverneur, Farmer, 442,

Bass, John , Hermon, Harness Maker and Carriage Trimmer - Canton Street, ,

Beard, Eri D., Hermon, Farmer, 81,

Bechhold, Jacob, Hermon, General Merchant - Main Street, ,

Beech, Wm F., Hermon, Carpenter, carriage maker and farmer, 27, Leases

Bellinger, Geo. H., Hermon, Prop. Marshville Hotel, ,

Bingham, Charles, Hermon, Farmer, 140,

Bixby, Lorenzo, Hermon, Stone Mason, ,

Blandin, Burton, Hermon, Farmer, 296,

Blandin, James, Hermon, Farmer, 42,

Blandin, James N., Hermon, Farmer, 42,

Blandin, Wallace, Hermon, Farmer, 72,

Bliss, Oliver, Hermon, Dentist, ,

Booth, Daniel, Hermon, Blacksmith, ,

Bradley, Andrew, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Briggs, Darius, Hermon, Farmer, 540,

Brittan, Joseph, Gouverneur, Farmer, 7,

Brown, Elbert E., Hermon, Deputy Postmaster & farmer, 30,

Brown, Oscar, Hermon, Gentleman, ,

Brown, Wm G., Hermon, Attorney & couselor at law, life & fire insurance agent, money to loan on real estate security - Church Street, ,

Burge, Martin V., Hermon, Farmer, 271,

Burnham, Elisha, Hermon, Burnham & Son, Farmer, 60,

Burnham, James, Hermon, Burnham & Son , ,

Burrows, Loyal, Hermon, Farmer, 222,

Campbell, James, Edwards, Farmer, 154,

Campbell, Leland E., Hermon, Farmer, ,

Campbell, Leland W., Hermon, Painter & Farmer, 163,

Carman, Mrs. Emily, Gouverneur, Farmer, 180,

Carpenter, Russell, Hermon, Farmer, 78,

Casaw, Joseph, Hermon, Farmer, ,

Casaw, Thomas, Hermon, Farmer , 310, for M. Casaw

Chaney, Edward T., Hermon, Carriage Maker, ,

Childs, Solomon J., Hermon, Childs & Matteson, ,

Clark, Asahel, Hermon, Farmer, 155,

Clark, Elliot A., Hermon, Wagon Maker, ,

Clark, Ethan A., Hermon, Carriage maker and farmer, 162,

Clark, Gilbert, Hermon, Farmer, 95, Leases

Clark, Jason, Hermon, Teamster, ,

Clark, Leonard E., Hermon, Painter , ,

Clark, Wilson, Hermon, Farmer, 136,

Cleghorn, Benj, Hermon, Farmer, 286,

Cleghorn, Jay, Hermon, Gentleman, ,

Coffee, Emory, Hermon, Farmer, 30,

Coffee, George, Hermon, Farmer, 110,

Coffee, Heman, Hermon, Farmer, 100,

Coffee, Rufus, Hermon, Farmer, ,

Compo, George, Hermon, Carpenter , ,

Comstock, Sackett, Hermon, Blacksmith, ,

Conkey, Mrs. , Hermon, Farmer, 230,

Cook, Ellis, Hermon, Farmer, 117,

Cook, James, Hermon, Groceries, flour, boots and shoes, ,

Cook, Robert, Hermon, Farmer, 89,

Coon, Lucius W., Hermon, Photographer, ,

Cooper, Hamilton, Hermon, Boarding house at Ore Bed, ,

Corey, Sylvester, Hermon, Farmer, 62,

Cory, Allen A., Hermon, Carpenter & farmer, 152,

Craft, Wm. H., Hermon, Farmer, 2, Marshville

Dart, Daniel, Edwards, Farmer, ,

Dart, Maynard H., Hermon, Carpenter & Joiner, ,

Davis, Ira, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Day, John, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Day, Lewis, Hermon, Farmer, 63, Leases

Day, Samuel G., Hermon, Farmer, 226,

Day, Simeon P., Hermon, Farmer, 304,

Dewey, Lyman, Hermon, Farmer, 68 1/2,

Dickinson, Adam, Gouverneur, Farmer, , Leases

Dies, George H., Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Dodge, Wm H., Hermon, Saw Mill & owns 500 acres wild land, ,

Earle, Otis, Hermon, General Merchant - Main Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

Evan, James, Richville, Butter & Cheese dairy and farmer, 370,

Evans, George, Hermon, Farmer, 80,

Evans, Samuel N., Hermon, Farmer, 71,

Fairbanks, Emmet, Hermon, Farmer, 288,

Farnsworth, A. (estate of), Hermon, D. S. Lynde, Executor, 248 acres,

Farnsworth, A. V. , Hermon, Farmer, 97, Leases of estate of A. Farnsworth

Fell, Mrs. Helen M., Hermon, Millinery - Canton Street, ,

Fellows, Horace E., Hermon, Farmer, 200,

Firth, Joseph, Hermon, Farmer, 253,

Folsom, Martin R., Hermon, Mattison & Folsom, ,

Foster, Degrass, Hermon, Carriage Maker, ,

Fredenburg, Wm E., Hermon, Carpenter, ,

French, Martin , Hermon, Farmer, 210, Leases

Fuller, Cyrus, Hermon, Fuller & Son, ,

Fuller, Lewis H., Hermon, Fuller & Son, ,

Gale, Henry, Hermon, Justice of the peach and owns 420 acres wild land, ,

Gardner, Asa, Hermon, Farmer, 30, w/ John

Gardner, John, Hermon, Prop of Saw & shingle mills and 2000 acres wild land, ,

Gardner, John Jr., Hermon, Farmer, 252,

Gates, Abram F., Hermon, Farmer, 640,

Gates, Jerome B., Hermon, Tinsmith, ,

Gates, Lewis C., Gouverneur, Farmer, 176,

Gibbons, Isaac, Hermon, Prop Hermon Hotel, agent for sale of carriages, wagons, cutters, etc - Corner of Main and Canton Streets, ,

Gibbons, John, Hermon, Farmer, 35,

Gibbons, John C., Hermon, Farmer, 171,

Giffin, Chas. N., Hermon, Carriage Maker, Marshville, ,

Gilmore, Wm D., Hermon, Carpenter, ,

Graham, James H., Hermon, Harness Maker and dealer in saddlers hardware, whips, blankets, etc - Church Street, ,

Green, Ebenezer, Hermon, Plasterer, ,

Green, Jacob, Hermon, Hair dressing and eating saloon - Canton Street, ,

Green, Mial, Hermon, Painter, ,

Green, Wm M., Hermon, Green & Babcock, ,

Griffin, John, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Haile, Henry, Hermon, Carpenter & Farmer, 154,

Haile, Hiram, Hermon, Farmer, 15,

Haile, Hiram Jr., Hermon, Farmer, 75,

Haile, John J., Hermon, Alexander & Haile - R. R. & Steamboat Ticket agent, ,

Hale, James K., Hermon, Boots and shoes and town clerk, ,

Hale, Kersley W., Hermon, Hale & Harwick, ,

Hall, Chas. W., Hermon, Carriage trimmer, ,

Hamilton, Daniel, Hermon, Farmer, 126,

Hamilton, Edwin, Hermon, Farmer, 80,

Hamilton, Nathaniel, Hermon, Farmer, , 167

Hamilton, Noah, Hermon, Farmer, 194,

Hamlin, H. B., Hermon, Dealer in groceries, provisions, books, stationery, wall paper, notions etc, justice of the peace & conveyancer, ,

Harwick, Jacob, Hermon, Hale & Harwick, ,

Haskell, Wm E., Hermon, Farmer, 114, & in Fine 139

Hatch, Eugene B., Hermon, Sawyer, ,

Hatch, Seth, Hermon, Saw Mill , ,

Hatch, Timothy B., Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Haven, Ira G., Hermon, Barber, ,

Healy, Rosaloo, Hermon, Druggist & Grocer, ,

Healy, Miss Zelia A., Hermon, Milliner - Main street, ,

Hendrick, Jonathan, Hermon, Farmer, 22,

Houghtaling, Harvey, Hermon, Farmer, , w/ Harry Tanner

Howland, Richard, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Hunkins, Jacob L., Hermon, Farmer, 26,

Jeffers, Byron, Hermon, Farmer, 194, Leases

Jeffrey, J. W., Hermon, Blacksmith, ,

Johnson, Stanley, Hermon, Poormaster & constable, ,

Kean, Miles A., Hermon, Farmer, 150,

Kean, Milton M., Hermon, Farmer, ,

Kellogg, Stephen C., Hermon, Carriage Maker , ,

Kelly, Frank, Hermon, Blacksmith, ,

Kelly, James, Hermon, Manuf and dealer in open and top buggies, double and single wagons, pleasure and lumber sleighs, etc, ,

Kelsey, Sanford B., Hermon, Farmer, ,

Kinne, Andrew, Hermon, Farmer, 35,

Kinne, Geo. W., Hermon, Williams & Kinne, ,

Kinne, Martin , Hermon, Farmer, 90,

Ladd, Lyman, Hermon, Spencer H. Ladd & Co, ,

Laselle, Franklin, Hermon, Farmer, 37,

Leonard, Cephas C., Hermon, Farmer, 245,

Leonard, Cephas C. Sr., Hermon, Farmer, 253,

Leonard, Ezra, Hermon, Grocer, ,

Leonard, Gorham, Hermon, Farmer, 63,

Leonard, Wait A., Hermon, Farmer, 248,

Lewis, Nicholas P., Hermon, Farmer, ,

Little, Chas H., Hermon, Grocer, ,

Little, Henry, Hermon, Grocery & billiard saloon, ,

Lobdell, Frank, Hermon, Carriage painter, ,

Loop, Vanrensselaer, Edwards, Farmer, 154,

Lynde, D. S., Hermon, Member of the Assembly & produce dealer - Main Street, ,

Main, Harrision, Hermon, Farmer, ,

Maine, Clark, Hermon, Lawyer, ,

Marrow, James, Hermon, General Dealer, ,

Mason, Elihu W., Hermon, Farmer, ,

Matteson , Alanson A., Hermon, Childs & Matteston - Supervisor, ,

Matteson , Wm F., Hermon, Livery Stable - Main street, ,

Matteson , Mrs. Wm F., Hermon, Milliner & fancy goods, ,

Matteson , Wm W., Hermon, Matteson & Folsom, ,

Mattice, Isaac, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Mattoon, Vincent, Hermon, Farmer, 86,

Maybee, Joshua, Hermon, Farmer, 31, & in Edwards 40

McCarthy, Florence, Hermon, Farmer, 133,

McCollum, Byron, Hermon, Farmer, ,

McCollum, David J., Hermon, Saw Mill , ,

McCollum, Emory, Hermon, Farmer, ,

McCollum, John, Hermon, Farmer, 170,

McCollum, Samuel, Hermon, Farmer, 115, & in Canton 102 & in DeKalb 80

McLean, Joseph B., Hermon, Shoe Maker, ,

McUmber, Rufus, Hermon, Farmer, 16,

Miner, Geo C., Hermon, Painter, ,

Moorehouse, Loomis, Hermon, Farmer, 64,

Morgan, Elihu D., Hermon, Farmer, 160,

Morris, James, Hermon, Farmer, 200, Leases

Mothrop, , Hermon, Farmer, ,

Munson, Horace, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Nettles, Thomas, Hermon, Sawyer, ,

Newal, James, Gouverneur, Farmer, , Leases

Nichols, Rev. Wm A., Hermon, M. E. Clergyman, ,

Nicholson, Thomas, Hermon, Carriage Maker , ,

Northrup, Wanton C., Hermon, Horse Dealer & Farmer, 175,

O'Neil, Henry, Hermon, Farmer, 178,

Page, Chas E., Hermon, Carriage Maker , ,

Parker, Asahel, Hermon, Farmer, 106,

Parker, Benj., Hermon, Farmer, 72,

Parker, Chas, Hermon, Farmer, 213,

Parker, Levi, Hermon, Farmer, 79,

Parker, Shubel, Hermon, Farmer, 572,

Peterson, David , Hermon, Farmer, 38,

Peterson, Edmund, Gouverneur, Farmer, 85,

Peterson, Edm'd R., Hermon, Farmer, 213,

Peterson, Isaac, Gouverneur, Farmer, 280,

Philbrick, Amos L., Hermon, Farmer, 123,

Pickit, Horace, Hermon, J. B. Picket & Son, ,

Pike, Howell F., Hermon, Farmer, 286, Leases

Pool, John, Hermon, Farmer, 93,

Porter, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 46, Leases

Price, David, Gouverneur, Farmer, 95,

Priest, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Rasbach, George W., Hermon, Photographer & dealer in picture frames, steroscopes, etc - Church street, ,

Rasback, John J., Hermon, Farmer, 490,

Rasback, Joshua A., Hermon, Farmer, 160,

Rasback, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 625,

Reed, Alpheus, Hermon, Farmer, 196,

Reed, Caleb, Hermon, Farmer, 100,

Reed, Chauncey, Hermon, Farmer, 25,

Reed, Chauncey, Gouverneur, Farmer, 20,

Reed, Daniel R., Hermon, Farmer, 116,

Reed, Ellis, Hermon, Farmer, 140,

Reed, Francis, Hermon, Farmer, 147,

Reed, Franklin, Hermon, Farmer, 147, Leases

Reed, Henry, Hermon, Farmer, 280,

Reed, King R., Hermon, Farmer, 150,

Reed, Silas, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Reed, Warren, Hermon, Farmer, 76,

Reynolds, Alvin H., Hermon, Carpenter & cabinet maker, ,

Reynolds, Edward , Hermon, Carpenter, ,

Reynolds, Edward O., Hermon, Carpenter & cabinet maker, ,

Rhoades, Squire, Hermon, Farmer, 216, Leases

Rhodes, Calvin, Hermon, Farmer, 174,

Rhodes, Daniel , Hermon, Carpenter & Farmer, 63,

Rhodes, Edward B., Hermon, Farmer, 40,

Rice, Chas D., Hermon, Farmer, 10,

Rice, Leonard, Hermon, Farmer, 18,

Richardson, Adolphus T., Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Richardson, Chase, Hermon, Farmer, 58, & in DeKalb 58

Richardson, Ferdinand, Hermon, Farmer, 137,

Richardson, Orlo, Hermon, Farmer, 171,

Rider, Abner, Hermon, Farmer, 46,

Risley, Chas H., Hermon, Prop of Herman Village Cheese Factory - Canton Street, ,

Roberts, Isaac, Hermon, Farmer, 49,

Robertson, Chas, Hermon, Farmer, 87,

Robertson, Jos. E., Hermon, w/ Charles, ,

Rounds, Fred, Hermon, Farmer, ,

Rushton, Mark, Edwards, Farmer, 339,

Russ, Harvey, Hermon, Book-keeper and Salesman, with Alexander and Haile - Church Street, ,

Ryel, John C., Hermon, Carpenter, ,

Scofield, Geo. V., Hermon, Scofield & Sheldon, ,

Scofield, Noah, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Scott, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 40,

Scott, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 52,

Scripter, W. M. Jr, Hermon, Livery Stable, ,

Scripture, Wm M., Hermon, Farmer, 230,

Secore, Bukeem, Hermon, Farmer, ,

Seymour, E. G., Hermon, Druggist and dealer in paints, oils and groceries - Corner Main and Church streets, ,

Shattuck, James A., Richville, Farm Laborer, ,

Shattuck, Milo 2nd, Gouverneur, Butter and cheese dairy, farmer, 271, & leases 287

Sheldon, Lorenzo H., Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,

Sheldon, Theodore W., Hermon, Scofield & Sheldon, ,

Simpson, David, Hermon, Prop. of saw mill, lumberman and farmer, 700,

Small, Jacob, Gouverneur, Farmer, 252,

Smith, Anson B., Hermon, Farmer, 204, Leases

Smith, Ephraim O., Hermon, Boot & Shoe maker, ,

Smith, John B., Hermon, Farmer, 210,

Smith, Thomas, Hermon, Farmer, 126,

Spalding, Albert M., Hermon, Post master & dealer in boots, shoes and furniture - Main Street, ,

Spaulding, James , Hermon, Shoemaker, ,

Staat, , Hermon, Tanner, ,

Starkey, Rev. Joseph, Hermon, Christian Clergyman and Farmer, 102,

Stevens, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 125,

Stevens, Sylvester, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Stevens, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 50,

Stewart, Asahel J., Hermon, Farmer, 76,

Stewart, George, Hermon, Farmer, 46,

Stewart, Ira F., Hermon, Farmer, 1 1/2,

Stiles, Martin L., Hermon, Physician and Surgeon, ,

Stone, Hazel, Hermon, Farmer, 132,

Storrin, Charles G., Hermon, Farmer, , Leases

Storrin, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 193,

Storrin, Milo, Gouverneur, Farmer, ,

Storrin, Wm, Gouverneur, Farmer, 198,

Taggart, Ambrose S., Hermon, Carriage Maker, ,

Tanner, Harry, Hermon, Farmer, 70,

Taylor, Darius, Hermon, Painter, ,

Thayer, Newal B., Gouverneur, Farmer, 78,

Thomas, Roswell, Hermon, Farmer, 44,

Thompson, Milton, Hermon, Farmer, 97,

Thornhill, Thomas, Hermon, Farmer, 255,

Thornhill, Thomas Jr., Hermon, Farmer, 200, Leases

Thurston, James, Hermon, Farmer, 14,

Turkle, John, Hermon, Tanner, ,

Turner, Mrs. Eveline, Hermon, Farmer, 1 3/4,

Tuttle, Dexter M., Hermon, Blacksmith, ,

Underwood, Wm H., Hermon, Farmer, 178,

Vanatter, Barney, Hermon, Grocer - Church Street, ,

VanVolkenbergh, Caleb, Hermon, Carpenter, ,

Vanzant, , Hermon, Farmer, 162, Leases

Webb, Robert K., Hermon, Farmer, ,

Weeks, Mrs. A. W. , Hermon, Milliner, over A. M. Spalding's Store, corner Church & Main streets, ,

Wells, Moses Y., Hermon, Jeweler - Church Street, ,

White, E. B. , Hermon, Lawyer, justice of the peace and real estate agent - Church street, ,

Whitehead, Alex, Hermon, Farmer, 95,

Williams, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 194,

Wood, Benjamin, Hermon, Farmer, 29, Leases

Wood, Calvin P., Hermon, Meat Market , saw mill and lumber yard - Church Street, ,

Wood, Chauncey, Gouverneur, Farmer, ,

Wood, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 127,

Woodrow, Samuel, Hermon, Farmer, 75,

Woodrow, Samuel, Hermon, Retired Farmer, ,