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Gouverneur Business Directory - Businesses
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

Note: The following listing shows the specific business names called out the Gazeteer. In each listing, the name of the business is shown in bold and the post office name in italics. Details on the business follow the post office name.

Charles Anthony & Co.'s Bank, Gouverneur, James G. & Wm J. Averell, A. J. Holbrook - Cashier

C. H. & W. Bowne, Gouverneur, B. L. Barney & C. W. Bowne, General dealers in hardware, agricultural implements, and manufs of tin, copper and sheet iron ware - 2 Main Street

Boardman & Cutting, Gouverneur, Worcester Boardman & Aaron B. Cutting, Hardware & Tinware - 7 Main Street

James Brodie & Son, Gouverneur, William E., Merchant tailors - 27 Main Street

Central House, Gouverneur, James Aldous, Prop, ADVERTISEMENT

Crawford & Rice, Gouverneur, Edwin Crawford & Lewis Rice, Hardware - Clinton Street

Cream of the Valley Cheese Factory, Gouverneur, Elias Kelsey, Prop,

Draper, Rice & Co. (Now George Draper), Gouverneur, George Draper, Lewis Rice, & Edwin Crawford, Hardware, tinware etc. - 12 Main Street

Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, Gouverneur, Corner of Main and Grove, M. H. Fitts A. M. principal

Gouverneur Times, Gouverneur, F. E. Merritt, editor & Prop - 29 Main Street, ADVERTISEMENT

Graves & Eddy, Gouverneur, Samuel Graves & Charles D. Eddy, Merchant Millers - Main Street

Killmer & Jepson, Gouverneur, A. P. Killmer & A. K. Jepson, Dealers in dry goods, notions, ready-made clothing, crockery, groceries, etc - Egert's Block

Killmer & Morris, Gouverneur, John Killmer & M. D. Morris, Groceries & Provisions - 26 Main Street

Litchfield & Corbin, Gouverneur, Lyman Litchfield & Jay S. Corbin, Iron foundry and machine shop - Main Street

Mack & Keech, Gouverneur, James Mack & Milton Keech, Wagon & sleigh manufs - Brooklyn Street

McAllaster & Wood, Gouverneur, J. E. McAllaster & D. G. Wood, Dry goods, carpets, groceries, etc - 17 Main Street

Nut Shell, Gouverneur, B. G. Parker, Publisher,

Parks & Drake, Gouverneur, C. A. Parks & E. H. Drake , Machinists - Main Street

Rhodes & Jackson, Gouverneur, Aaron S. Rhodes & Cyrus F. Jackson, Photographers - Over 5 Main Street

Rising Sun & New York Recorder, Gouverneur, Miss M. M. Smith, publisher, ADVERTISEMENT

Sparkes & Gates, Gouverneur, James M. Sparks and Abram C. Gates, Butchers and meat market - 25 1/2 Main Street

Starbuck, McCarty & Co., Gouverneur, Isaac Starbuck, John McCarty and John P. Matteson, Lumber Manufs. - Brooklyn Street

Stinson & Rutherford, Gouverneur, S. B. Stinson & J. H. Rutherford, Boots, shoes, leather and findings, also agents for Grover & Baker Sewing Machine - 10 Main Street, ADVERTISEMENT

Taitt & Dickson, Gouverneur, George P. Taitt and James H. Dickson, Dry goods, carpets, fancy goods and notions - 17 Main Street

S. B. VanDuzee & Co., Gouverneur, C. A. VanDuzee & Lewis Eastman, Manufs. Of furniture, sash, doors and blinds, moldings etc., wholesale and retail - Main Street

Weston, Dean & Aldrich, Gouverneur, Alijah Weston, Orison Dean and Newton Aldrich, Manufs of lumber, shingles and lath, mills at Natural Bridge