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Fowler Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazetteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Abbott, E.W., Hailesborough, J. H. Abbott & Co., ,

Abbott, J.B., Hailesborough, , ,

Absalon, John B., Fowler, Farmer, 200,

Absalon, N. S., Fowler, Farmer, 190,

Absalon, Peter, Fowler, Farmer, 320,

Amond, Joseph, Hailesborough, Dyer and Cloth Dresser, ,

Anthony, Fabu, Fowler, Farmer, 205, Leases

Arnold, Ira, Fowler, Farmer, 140,

Austin, John, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Austin, Leander, Fowler, Farmer, 175,

Austin, Samuel A., Fowler, Farmer, 500,

Austin , S. H., Fowler, Farmer, 340, Leases from S.A.

Backus, George P., Fullersville Iron Works, Mason and farmer, 22,

Baker, J.V., Gouverneur, Blacksmith and Farmer, 75, Leases

Balmat, Charles, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 317,

Balmat, David H., Fowler, Farmer, 100,

Balmat, Joseph, Fowler, Farmer, 260,

Balmat, Louis, Fullersville Iron Works, Assistant Post Master, ,

Balmat, P.M., Fullersville Iron Works, Balmat & Brayton, ,

Bancroft, Mrs. M. J., Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 61,

Barker, A. J., Fullersville Iron Works, Constable, ,

Barnes, Franklin, Fowler, Farmer, 80,

Barnes, Justus, Fowler, Commissioner of highways and Farmer, 20,

Barnes, Merrit, Fowler, Farmer, 73,

Bartlett, George , Fowler, Farmer, 30, Leases of W. Hill

Baxter, Charles S., Hailesborough, Farmer, 190,

Beerman, Charles, Fowler, Farmer, 47,

Bell, Alphonzo, Shingle Creek, Town assessor and Farmer, 300,

Bigarel, Joseph, Shingle Creek, Carpenter & Farmer, 200,

Bigarel, Nicholas, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 500,

Bigelow, Allan J., Richville, Weaver, ,

Blodgett, Hiram, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 106, Leases of V. Kitts

Blodgett, James B., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 75,

Boscal, Peter, Hailesborough, Butcher, ,

Bowman, Adam, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 140,

Bowman, Chas F., Fullersville Iron Works, Teamster, ,

Bowman, Daniel, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 105,

Brayton, John D., Fullersville Iron Works, Balmat & Brayton, ,

Brown, A. W. , Gouverneur, Saw Mill, ,

Brown, Hamilton, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 102,

Brown, Horace, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 59,

Brown, John, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 50,

Brown, Wesley, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 100, Leases of David Myers

Bucklin, Alden, Fowler, Farmer, 176, Leases

Burt, Alfred, Gouverneur, A. Burt & Son, ,

Burt, Darius, Gouverneur, Speculator and Farmer, 400,

Burt, Wm T., Gouverneur, A. Burt & Son, ,

Campbell, William, Fowler, Gardener, ,

Carpenter, Caleb C., Hailesborough, Breader & dealer oin pure blood Ayrshire cattle & farmer, 125,

Carpenter, Chester O., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 85,

Carpenter, E.A., Fowler, Lawyer, ,

Carpenter, George W., Hailesborough, Moore & Carpenter, ,

Carpenter, Jay A., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 176,

Carpenter, J. H., Hailesborough, Carpenter & Tupper, ,

Carpenter, Jonathan J., Hailesborough, Farmer, 26,

Carpenter, J. W. , Hailesborough, Shoemaker & Constable, ,

Carr, N. N., Fowler, Farmer, 100, Leases

Church, Horace, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 180,

Clark, Chas. A., Hailesborough, Clark & Howard, ,

Coats, Ira A., Hailesborough, Boots & Shoes, ,

Collins, Benjamin, Hailesborough, Farmer, 100,

Collins, Lewis, Fowler, Farmer, ,

Collins, W. E. W. , Fullersville Iron Works, Miller, ,

Comins, Henry L., Hailesborough, Carpenter & Farmer, ,

Comins, Ira , Hailesborough, Farmer, 50,

Conant, Chauncey , Gouverneur, Farmer, 133,

Cook, Philander, Fowler, Mason, ,

Crabb, Mrs. Eliza, Fowler, Farmer, 12,

Cross, Abel, Hailesborough, , ,

Cross, Benjamin, Hailesborough, Farmer, 100,

Cross, Brainard, Fowler, Farmer, 180,

Cross, Stephen, Hailesborough, Farmer, 186,

Cross, S. A. , Hailesborough, Farmer, 100,

Culver, Seth, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Davidson, F. H., Fullersville Iron Works, Merchant & Justice of the Peace, ,

Davis, Amasa S., Fowler, Carpenter & Farmer, 33,

Davis, Daniel, Fowler, Farmer, , Leases 161 of Edwin O, and 45 of Edwin Jr.

Davis, Edwin O., Fowler, Farmer, 233,

Davis, S. W. , Fowler, Mechanic, ,

Day, John B., Hailesborough, Farmer, 228,

Doud, Alonzo C., Hailesborough, Farmer, 160, Leases

Edgerton, C. G. , Fullersville Iron Works, Postmaster & Farmer, ,

Edgerton, M. G. , Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 130,

Eldridge, F. , Hailesborough, Spinner, ,

Exford, William Jr., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 75, Leases of William

Farmer, A. J., Hailesborough, Farmer, 160,

Farmer, G. A. , Hailesborough, Cooper, ,

Farmer, I. G., Gouverneur, Farmer, 254,

Fenner, Daniel, Shingle Creek, A. E. Goodenough & Co, Cheese Maker, ,

Fenner, Judson F., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 100, Leases of Wm Kitts

Fithian, Mrs. M. H., Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 125,

Fosgate, Ezekial, Fowler, Brickmaker, ,

Foster, Samuel W., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 100, in Rossie

Fowler, Willis, Fowler, peddler & farmer, 28,

Fox, Lafayette, Fowler, Farmer, 142,

Fradenburgh, Peter, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Fraker, Alexander, Fowler, Farmer, 20,

Freeman, Geo., Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 100, Leases

Fuller, Charles, Fullersville Iron Works, Hotel Keeper, ,

Fuller, Edward, Gouverneur, Farmer, 231,

Fuller, Heman, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 45,

Fuller, Henry , Gouverneur, Farmer, 240, Leases

Fuller, Leman, Fullersville Iron Works, Hop raiser & Farmer, 6,

Fuller, Luther, Gouverneur, Farmer, 63,

Fuller, Orville, Fowler, Farmer, 120,

Fuller, Oscar, Fowler, Farmer, 160,

Fuller, Russel, Fowler, Farmer, ,

Gaines, Oliver, Fowler, Farmer, 100,

Garrision, Charles, Hailesborough, Teamster, ,

Garrison, W. O., Hailesborough, Blacksmith, ,

Gaudin, Andrew J., Fullersville Iron Works, Carpenter , ,

Gaudin, Ferdinand, Fowler, Saw mill & Farmer, 211,

Gillett, Debolson, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 200,

Glazier, Dexter, Fowler, Carpenter & Farmer, 200,

Glazier, Ward, Fowler, Farmer, 110,

Goodenough, A. E. , Shingle Creek, A.E. Goodenough & Co, Farmer, 300,

Goodenough, A. H., Hailesborough, Farmer, 123,

Goodenough, J. E., Fowler, Wagon Maker, ,

Goodenough, W. A. , Shingle Creek, Farmer, 122,

Green, Albert, Fowler, Farmer, 35,

Groves, Thomas, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 200, Leases

Haile, Fred H., Hailesborough, Hop raiser & dealer & farmer, 275,

Hall, George, Fowler, Farmer, 51, Leases of Mrs. E. H. Fowler

Hall, Homer, Hailesborough, Farmer, 220, Leases of J. Carpenter

Harris, Alvin O., Gouverneur, Carpenter & Farmer, 257,

Harris, Ebenezer, Gouverneur, Farmer, 75,

Harris, John , Fowler, Farmer, 200, Leases of W. Woodcock

Hartley, Wm M., Fowler, Farmer, 237,

Hazelton, John, Fowler, Farmer, 100,

Hazelton, Wm H., Hailesborough, Farmer, 102,

Hazleton, G. M. , Fowler, Farmer, ,

Hazleton, John, Fowler, Farmer, ,

Hazleton, Martin V., Fowler, Farmer, 150,

Hazleton, Simeon, Fowler, Farmer, 1000,

Hazleton, Thomas A., Fowler, Lawyer & Justice of the Peace & land broker, ,

Hazleton, Wm, Fowler, Farmer, 100,

Heath, David, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 136,

Herrick, Rasselas, Fowler, Farmer, 195,

Hill, Mrs. Leeta, Fowler, Farmer, 50,

Hilts, C. A. , Gouverneur, Town assessor & Farmer, 240,

Hilts, Francis, Hailesborough, Farmer, 425,

Hilts, T. W. , Fowler, Farmer, 300,

Hodgkin, Jay F., Gouverneur, Cheese Factory, ,

Hodgkins, G. H., Hailesborough, Cheese maker & school district, ,

Hogeboom, James, Fowler, Farmer, 102,

Holmes, Charles P., Hailesborough, Patent right dealer, ,

Holmes, Geo. P., Hailesborough, Mill wright, ,

Homer, Orvis C., Gouverneur, Cooper & Farmer, 68,

Homer, William, Gouverneur, Cooper & Farmer, 68,

Howard, Nelson H., Hailesborough, Clark & Howard, ,

Hull, Alonzo, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 170,

Hull, Emery, Hailesborough, Farmer, 170,

Hull, Royal, Hailesborough, Farmer, 240,

Hull, William, Fowler, Farmer, 400,

Jenkins, Calvin, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 70,

Jenne, E. A. , Fullersville Iron Works, Traveling agent & farmer, 14,

Jenne, James H., Fowler, Farmer, 150,

Jenne, Thomas, Hailesborough, Farmer, 50,

Johnson, A. C. , Fowler, Town assessor & farmer, 183,

Johnson, A. H., Fowler, Merchant & Collector, ,

Johnson, Grove G., Fowler, Farmer, 125,

Johnson, Henry W., Fowler, Farmer, 300,

Jones, Solomon, Gouverneur, Farmer, 600, Leases

Jorden, G. J., Gouverneur, Cooper & Farmer, 102,

Kellogg, Erastus, Fowler, Farmer, 160,

Kelly, G. W. , Fowler, General Merchant, Post Master and Town clerk, ,

Kelly, Samuel L., Fowler, Farmer, 112,

Kelly, William, Fowler, Farmer, 45,

Kentfield, Elias, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 166,

Kentfield, William, Hailesborough, Farmer, 269,

Kilborn, Wm Edmond, Fowler, Farmer, 220,

Kinney, James, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 33,

Kitts, Archibald, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 200,

Kitts, A. W. , Shingle Creek, Farmer, 104,

Kitts, O. G. , Hailesborough, Farmer, 126,

Knowlton, Erastus, Fowler, Saw mill & Farmer, 60,

Knowlton, Lewis, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 80,

Lamb, Leonard, Hailesborough, Farmer, 104,

Lamb, Levi, Hailesborough, Farmer, 66,

Lamb, Sidney, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 180,

Lamb, heirs of William, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 130,

LaRock, Joseph, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 40,

Lavac, Alexander, Fowler, Farmer, 107, Leases of W. Hull

Lawrence, Ezra, Fowler, Farmer, 61,

Leahy, P., Gouverneur, Farmer, 212,

Legate, Appollos, Hailesborough, Farmer, 125,

Legate, Dexter A., Hailesborough, Constable & Farmer, ,

Legate, Harvey P., Hailesborough, Farmer, 160, Leases

Lewis, Charles , Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 58,

Loomis, Nathaniel, Fowler, Farmer, 10, Leases

Mack, Myron, Fowler, Farmer, 200, Leases

Matthews, Stillman, Fullersville Iron Works, Mechanic, ,

McAlaster, Jesse, Fowler, Farmer, 77,

McCombs, James T., Hailesborough, Merchant & assistant post master, ,

McDonald, Morris, Fowler, Cheese Factory, ,

McGill, Thomas, Fullersville Iron Works, Fowler, 120,

McMullin, Isaac, Shingle Creek, Shoe maker & Farmer, 84,

Merchant, Comma, Fowler, Farmer, 100, Leases of W. Hull

Minnick, Charles B., Gouverneur, Farmer, 12,

Mix, E. S. , Gouverneur, Saw mill & Farmer, 100,

Mix, Henry O., Hailesborough, Farmer, 260,

Morrison, Geo. D., Hailesborough, Post master & carriage manuf, ,

Morrse, Alonzo, Hailesborough, Morse & Carpenter, ,

Mowatt, John, Hailesborough, Wagon Maker, ,

Myers, David, Shingle Creek, Saw mill & Farmer, 150,

Nichols, Daniel, Hailesborough, Blacksmith, ,

Nichols, Erastus, Fowler, Physician, ,

Newton, Mrs. Almira, Fowler, Farmer, 130,

Noyes, James H., Fowler, Musician, ,

Orford, H. E. , Gouverneur, Farmer , 213, Leases of Robert

Orford, Robert, Gouverneur, Farmer, 270,

Parker, John L., Fowler, Farmer, 640, Also southern half of Silvia Lake

Patton, Abner, Gouverneur, Farmer, 163,

Payne, A. H., Gouverneur, Farmer, 212,

Payne, F. H. , Hailesborough, Overseer of the poor & farmer, 60,

Payne, William K., Shingle Creek, Carpenter & Farmer, 190,

Peck, Daniel, Fowler, Hotel Keeper, ,

Pettey, Mrs. Diadama, Fowler, Farmer, 61,

Phillips, Ziba M., Hailesborough, Farmer, 203,

Pike, Albert, Hailesborough, Farmer, 180, Leases

Pike, Ruddy, Hailesborough, Farmer, 368,

Pike, Solomon B., Hailesborough, Carpenter & Farmer, 16,

Plunkit, Isaac, Fowler, Farmer, 80,

Powers, George, Hailesborough, Farmer, 103,

Powers, Leonard, Hailesborough, , ,

Rathbun, Joseph, Hailesborough, Blacksmith, ,

Reader, William , Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Redmond, Robert, Fowler, Farmer, 45,

Reed, Amos, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 58, Leases

Reid, Archibald, Shingle Creek, Mechanic & Farmer, 10,

Rhoden, Thomas, Fullersville Iron Works, Sawyer, ,

Rhodes, Beloved, Fowler, Farmer, 50,

Rhodes, Harlow, Fowler, Farmer, 195, Leases

Rice, Hiram A., Fowler, Farmer, 127,

Rice, Joel W. C., Fowler, Farmer, 226,

Rich, S. D., Hailesborough, Hotel Keeper, ,

Robinson, Jasper F., Gouverneur, Farmer, 290,

Robinson, William, Fullersville Iron Works, Millwright, ,

Rohde, George W., Fowler, Farmer, 89,

Rolph, Stephen, Hailesborough, Farmer, 173,

Ryan, B. F., Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 230,

Sartwell, Daniel G., Hailesborough, Farmer, 131,

Schuyler, Geo. , Hailesborough, Mechanic , ,

Scott, W. J., Fowler, Farmer, 127, Leases of E. W. Abbott

Seavey, John, Gouverneur, Farmer, 397,

Seery, Andrew, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 130,

Seery, Michael, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 126,

Sharp, John, Fullersville Iron Works, Molder, ,

Shaver, Sanford, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 217,

Shippee, John O., Shingle Creek, Farmer, ,

Shippee, Paul, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 150,

Shippee, Peter, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 135,

Shippee, P. J. D. , Shingle Creek, Carpenter & Farmer, 62,

Silsby, Mrs. Lucy, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 51,

Silver, James K., Fowler, Showman, ,

Smith, Albert, Fowler, Farmer, 135,

Smith, Amos, Fowler, Cooper, ,

Smith, John, Fowler, Farmer, 89,

Spraque, Addison, Fowler, Carpenter , ,

Spraque, Mrs. Alzina, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 48,

Spraque, C. H., Fullersville Iron Works, Saw mill, cheese box factory and planing mill, ,

Spraque, John E., Fowler, Justice of the peace & farmer, 297,

Spraque, Lawson, Gouverneur, Blacksmith, ,

Spraque, Timothy, Fowler, Carpenter, ,

Stafford, Edwin D., Fowler, Blacksmith, ,

Stowell, Willard, Gouverneur, Farmer, 66,

Streeter, Jesse, Fullersville Iron Works, Mechanic, ,

Streeter, Wilbur A., Fullersville Iron Works, Cooper & Farmer, 50, Leases

Stype, James , Gouverneur, Saw Mill & Farmer, 16,

Sweet, Daniel W., Fowler, Farmer, ,

Sweet, J. Harvey, Hailesborough, Farmer, 57,

Sweet, Mrs. Uretta, Fowler, Farmer, 100,

Swem, Fowler, Fowler, Carpenter & Farmer, 38,

Terry, William, Fullersville Iron Works, Molder, ,

Thomas, Silas, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 19,

Thompson, Francis, Fowler, Farmer, 50,

Thompson, William, Fowler, Farmer, 57,

Toy, Mrs. Hildah, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Tupper, Wm L., Hailesborough, Carpenter & Tupper, ,

Turnbull, Andrew, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 229,

Turnbull, Thomas W., Shingle Creek, Farmer, 112,

VanNamee, Seth, Gouverneur, Mechanic & Farmer, 312,

VanNamee, Stephen D., Hailesborough, Mechanic, ,

Wakeford, Geo. , Shingle Creek, Farmer, ,

Ware, Jabez, Hailesborough, Farmer, 65,

Watson, Jacob, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 109,

Weed, Lyman E., Gouverneur, Farmer, 23, Leases of F. Hodgkins

Whitney, John, Fullersville Iron Works, Blacksmith & Farmer, 50,

Wight, Abner, Fowler, Farmer, 300,

Wight, Andrew, Fowler, Overseer of the poor and farmer, 40,

Wight, Lester, Shingle Creek, Farmer, 164, Leases of A. Wight

Wilcox, Thurston, Fowler, Farmer, 107,

Willard, T. H. , Gouverneur, Farmer, 500,

Wilson, Richarson, Fowler, Farmer, 196,

Wing, A. W., Gouverneur, Mechanic & Farmer, 170,

Woodcock, Brayton, Fowler, Cooper, ,

Woodcock, Daniel B., Gfowl, Farmer, 140,

Woodcock, D. P., Hailesborough, Farmer, 130,

Woodcock, Hiram, Fullersville Iron Works, Farmer, 40,

Woodcock, William, Fowler, Constable and Farmer, 230,

Worden, Dexter, Fullersville Iron Works, Carpenter, ,