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Colton Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres

Aikins, John, Colton, Farmer, 40

Ansted, Charles  , Colton, Attorney and farmer, 110

Arbuckle, Hiram, Colton, Farmer, 120

Armstrong, John, Colton, Farmer, 160

Armstrong, John L., South Colton, Prop of South Colton Hotel and Farmer, 100

Armstrong, Norman, Colton, Farmer,

Austin, Albert, Colton, Farmer,

Ayres, Joseph A., Colton, Groceries, provisions, boots, shoes, glass, stone and crockery ware, canned fruits, stationery etc - also town clerk,

Barkley, Aaron, South Colton, Shoemaker, dealer in groceries, provisions, hardware, crockery, hides, pelts, etc,

Barry, Patrick, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Bassett, Henry A., Colton, Farmer, 32

Beckwith, Morell D., Colton, Beckwith & Hepburn; land agent, surveyor and farmer, 3000

Bedal, Alvah S., South Colton, Farmer, 50

Bedal, Timothy W., South Colton, Farmer, 50

Benham, Harvey, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Benham, Solomon, South Colton, Farmer, 77

Bickford, Hugh M., South Colton, Farmer, 100

Blanchard, Mrs. Elvira, South Colton, Farmer, 12

Bockus, David N., Colton, Robarge & Bockus,

Bourn, Mrs. Clarissa, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Bowman, Moses, Colton, Shoemaker ,

Braddish, Nathan F., South Colton, Farmer, 94

Brennan, Michael  , Colton, Farmer, 60

Brown, Clancy, Colton, Farmer, 100

Brown, Daniel, Colton, Farmer, 300

Brown, Orson L., Colton, Farmer, 30

Bruce, David A., Colton, Shoemaker & Farmer, 4

Bruce, Edward R., Colton, Sawyer,

Bruce, Geo. D., Colton, Farmer,

Bruce, J. Wilber , South Colton, Log jobber & Farmer, 100

Buckley, Cornelius, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Buckley, Michael, South Colton, Farmer, 70

Bump, Andrew, Colton, Farmer, 50

Buskirk, A. D., Colton, Groceries, provisions, flour, feed, etc,

Butler, Edwin H., Colton, Butler & Morrision; Justice of the peace,

Butler, Eugene A., South Colton, Maunf and dealer in lumber, timber, and shingles and prop of planing mill,

Butler, Hiram D., Colton, Maunf of eave spouts and lumber, and farmer, 47

Butler, Simon D., South Colton, Postmaster, prop of South Colton Flouring and Grist Mill, general merchant and farmer, 500

Cardineal, Martin, Colton, Blacksmith, carriage and mill ironing,

Casey, Luke B., Colton, Farmer, 100

Chamberlain, Mrs. Eliza, Colton, Farmer, 137

Cheney, John H., Colton, Farmer, 220

Cline, Hugh  , Colton, Farmer, 56

Clothier, Solomon, South Colton, Farmer, 18

Coats, Elias, Colton, Shoemaker,

Colbun, Philander, Colton, Farmer, 5

Collar, Appleton, Colton, Farmer, 8

Collins, George D., Colton, Jobber,

Connell, John, Colton, Shoemaker,

Connolly, Anthony, Colton, Farmer, 120

Cook, James, Colton, Cook & Hawley,

Cooper, Henry, South Colton, Farmer, 45

Cooper, Robert H., South Colton, Peddler of tinware, glassware, etc; dealer in pelts and skins, and farmer, 6

Cox, Robert  , Colton, Farmer, 130

Cramer, Adam I., South Colton, Farmer, 60

Cramer, George P., South Colton, Farmer, 80

Cunningham, Austin S., South Colton, Farmer, 65

Cunningham, Samuel A., South Colton, Shoemaker and farmer, 40

Dailey, Roland H., Colton, Lumberman,

Day, Chester, Colton, Carpenter  ,

Day, William H., Colton, Lumberman,

DeLosh, Isaac, Colton, Cooper,

Douglas, James, Colton, Farmer, 120

Douglas, John 2d, Colton, Farmer, 44

Doyle, Timothy, Colton, Farmer, 130

Draper, Israel C., Colton, Farmer, 21

Early, Thomas, Colton, Farmer, 50

Eggleston, Hammon E., Colton, Wagon, carriage and sleigh maker,

Eldredge, Loyal W., Colton, Dealer in fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs & farmer, 3

Eldridge, Alba W., Colton, Constable and farmer, 140

Ellis, Mrs. J. W., Colton, Ladies furnishing goods and millinery and dress making

Emmons, Daniel B., Colton, Carpenter & Joiner and farmer, 30

Fallon, Hugh  , Colton, Farmer, 75

Fallon, Peter, Colton, Farmer, 67

Farmer, Edwin  , Colton, Cooper,

Felton, Mrs. Jane E., South Colton, Dressmaker & Farmer, 1

Fisher, Charles B., Colton, Allo. Physician and surgeon and coroner,

Flint, B. F., South Colton, B. F. & D. D. Flint; Assessor,

Flint, Chas D., South Colton, C. D. & F. F. Flint,

Flint, Franklin F., South Colton, C. D. & F. F. Flint,

Foster, Aikins, Colton, Attorney at law,

Frank, Wm A., Colton, Farmer, 159

French, Ezekiel, South Colton, Farmer, 190

Frenett, Ezra, South Colton, Farmer, 150

Frenett, Mrs. Maria A., South Colton, Farmer, 48

Fuller, Mrs. Mary J., Colton, Millinery and Dress Making,

Fuller, Wm K., Colton, Groceries, provisions, meat market, produce and shingles and farmers, 80

Gaitus, Charles  , Colton, Farmer, 50

Gallaher, Mary, Colton, Dressmaker  ,

Garrett, Isaac, Colton, Tanner & Farmer, 2

Goodale, Rollo P., Colton, Contractor, jobber and farmer, 165

Goodale, Wm H., Colton, Patentee and prop of Goodale's Patent Spring Bed and Goodale's Patent Farmers Gate; individual, town, county and State rights for sale; also farmer, 110

Goodcourage, Edward, Colton, Farmer, 50

Goodcourage, John, Colton, Farmer,

Goodcourage, William, Colton, Farmer, 50

Gormon, Thomas, South Colton, Farmer, 80

Green, Elias, Colton, Farmer, 100

Green, Joseph, South Colton, Carpenter,

Guiney, Cornelius, South Colton, Farmer, 115

Guiney, Daniel, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Guiney, David, Colton, Farmer, 100

Guiney, William, South Colton, Farmer, 45

Guinup, Lucius, South Colton, Farmer, 120

Gustin, Amos H., Colton, Carpenter & Builder,

Hamlett, Franklin  , Colton, Butcher,

Hanrahan, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 60

Harvey, Norman, Colton, N & O Harvey; Farmer, 80

Harvey, Orson, Colton, N & O Harvey; constable and deputy sheriff,

Hastings, Nelson, Colton, Farmer, 200

Hatch, James, South Colton, Farmer, 61

Hawley, Morris B., Colton, Cook & Hawley,

Hawley, Silas, Colton, Supervisor & Farmer, 80

Hayes, Mrs. Catharine, South Colton, Farmer, 100

Hayes, Jeremiah, Colton, Tanner  ,

Heading, Chas B., Colton, Barber, Photographer, and Farmer, 1

Healy, Dennis, Colton, Farmer, 100

Healy, James, Colton, Farmer, 52

Helms, Rev William R., Colton, Pastor of M.E. Church,

Hepburn, A. Barton, Colton, Beckwith & Hepburn; school commissioner, 2d district,

Hepburn, Charles, Colton, Cooper,

Hepburn, Hawley S., Colton, Drugs, medicine, books, stationery, yankee notions, wines and liquors for medicine etc, telegraph operator and postmaster,

Hepburn, Henry L., Colton, Farmer,

Hepburn, Herbert M., Colton, Farmer, 80

Hepburn, Zina E., Colton, Farmer, 80

Hepburn, Zina V., Colton, Assessor & Farmer, 149

Hester, Michael, Colton, Farmer, 53

Hickok, Henry, Colton, Blacksmith,

Higgins, John, South Colton, Farmer, 60

Higley, Jesse C., Colton, Farmer, 200

Hirsch, Jacob, Colton, Fancy dry goods and ready made clothing,

Hitchcock, , Colton, Farmer, 80

Holmes, Charles W., Colton, Machinist, gunsmith, and farmer, 47

Horton, Jacob, South Colton, Farmer, 76

Horton, William J., South Colton, Teamster & Farmer, 3

Houran, William, South Colton, Farmer, 118

Howe, James P., Colton, Stoves, hardware, agricultural implements, pelts, hides, etc and farmer, 100

Huntley, John M., Colton, Farmer,

Hurley, Timothy, Colton, Farmer, 42

Huse, Daniel, Colton, Farmer, 100

Irish, Eliphas, Colton, Farmer,

Irish, James, South Colton, J. C. & J. J. Irish,

Irish, J. Champblin, South Colton, J. C. & J. J. Irish,

Irish, Luther, South Colton, Farmer, 40

Irish, Scott L., South Colton, Farmer, 40

Irish, Wallace, Colton, Farmer,

Irish, William H., Colton, Farmer, 50

James, Nicholas, Colton, Farmer, 90

James, William N., Colton, Farmer, 46

Kendrick, Benjamin, Colton, Farmer, 25

Kimball, I.A. Jackson, South Colton, Prop. Colton & S. Colton Stage and mail lines and farmer, 9

Lamb, Dennison, Colton, Farmer, 54

Leary, Bridget, Colton, Farmer, 65

Leary, John, Colton, Farmer, 110

Leest, John, Colton, Farmer, 42

Lehan, Jeremiah, South Colton, Farmer, 80

Leonard, Hiram  , Colton, Manuf. of eave spouts and farmer, 5

Leonard, Ripley, Colton, Farmer, 25

Liddle, James, Colton, Shoemaker,

Liddle, James A., Colton, Wm. Liddle & Bro.,

Lincoln, Sylvester, South Colton, Cooper and Farmer, 60

Lindsay, Francis S., Colton, General jobber and contractor,

Lindsay, Richard P., Colton, Justice of the peace, horse dealer, jobber and farmer, 78

Listing, James, South Colton, Farmer, 156

Littlejohn, Silas, Colton, Farmer, 250

Lobell, Alson, South Colton, Sawyer and famer, 1

Long, Fletcher, Colton, Tanner and farmer, 157

Loop, Stillman, Colton, Cooper,

Loucks, Horatio, South Colton, Carpenter,

Lyman, Henry, Colton, Farmer, 25

Lyman, James, Colton, Eave spout sawyer,

Lyman, Martin P., Colton, Farmer, 32 & leases 176

Lyman, Mrs. Mary Ann, Colton, Farmer, 176

Mahon, John, Colton, Farmer, 64

Mahoney, John, Colton, Farmer, 80

Marden, Hector, Colton, Farmer, 100

Maxfield, Benjamin F., Colton, Farmer, 35

McCarty, Timothy, Colton, Farmer, 50

McCoy, Patrick, South Colton, Farmer, 70

McCuen, Alexander, Colton, Farmer, 15

McCuen, David, Colton, Farmer (w/ Robert), 200

McCuen, David, Colton, Carpenter,

McCuen, David A., Colton, Farmer, 150

McCuen, John, Colton, Farmer, 100

McCuen, Robert, Colton, Farmer (w/ David), 200

McDonald, Kenneth, South Colton, Farmer, Leases 300

McDonald, Wm A., South Colton, Farmer, 40

McGary, Daniel O., Colton, Dealer in fruit and ornamental trees, shburbs, etc.,

McGary, Thomas, Colton, Mason and farmer, 1

McVine, Mrs. Sarah E., Colton, General merchant & Farmer, 80

Middleton, Andrew, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Miles, Eli B., South Colton, Farmer,

Miles, Orson , South Colton, Farmer, 75

Miles, Russel C., South Colton, breeder of Durham and Ayrshire cattle, butter dairy and farmer, 251

Moran, Jon Sr., Colton, Farmer, 50

Morgan, Josiah G., Colton, Butter tub manuf. And farmer, 75

Morrison, John W., Colton, Butler & Morrison,

Munger, Geo W., Colton, Pelsue & Munger - Prop of livery stable and farmer, 50

Murphy, Thomas, Colton, Farmer, 28

Newton, Daniel, Colton, Farmer, 96

Newton, Robert, Colton, Farmer, 75

Oakley, George M.  , Colton, Wheelwright and farmer, 50

Oakley, Jesse C., Colton, Farmer, 25

Oates, George W., Colton, Miller,

O'Hara, Charles, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Olmsted, Jonathan W., Colton, Blacksmith,

O'Malley, James, Colton, Farmer, 50

O'Malley, Patrick, Colton, Farmer, 115

O'Malley, Peter, Colton, Groceries and provisions,

Palmer, John, Colton, Farmer, leases 52

Parkhurst, Mrs. Abigail, South Colton, Farmer, 22

Pelsue, George, Colton, Farmer, 1

Perkins, Ezra, Colton, Farmer, 54

Perkins, Solon A., Colton, Farmer, 108

Perry, Joseph, South Colton, Farmer, 120

Perry, Sherman C., Colton, Constable, carpenter and joiner,

Phalings, Edward, Colton, Tanner and currier and farmer, 76

Pierce, Hiram, Colton, bark agent for St. Lawrence Tannery and farmer, 3

Potter, Edson, Colton, Auctioneer, lumber dealer, leader of Potter's String band and Farmer, 1

Potter, Harvey P., Colton, Prop of Colton & Potsdam and Colton & Canton mail and stage lines,

Potter, Henry, Colton, Lumberman,

Potter, Pelopides, Colton, Manf. Of lumber and butter tubs, and farmer, 100

Potter, Philip, Colton, Log jobber and farmer, 60

Powell, Edgar, South Colton, Farmer, Leases 25

Powell, Mrs. Lyba B., South Colton, Farmer, 25

Randall, George, Colton, Carpenter and builder,

Randall, Theron A., Colton, Farmer, 42

Read, Benjamin F., Colton, Constable and deputy sheriff,

Regan, John, Colton, Carpenter & Farmer, 183

Remington, Chas., Colton, Farmer, 70

Reynolds, Jeremiah, Colton, Farmer, 500

Richards, Darius J., Colton, Prop of Rackett Flouring and Grist Mills,

Richardson, Abial, Colton, Millwright,

Ried, Gilbert, Colton, Carpenter,

Ried, Guy, Colton, Carpenter and Farmer, 2

Robar, Antoine, Colton, Farmer, 60

Robarge, Felix, Colton, Robarge & Bockus,

Robertson, A. Martin, Colton, Carpenter,

Rodwell, James, South Colton, Farmer, 100

Rugg, Pascal R., Colton, Farmer, 100

Russell, Abijah, Colton, Farmer, 65

Russell, Samuel K., Colton, Farmer, 200

Sanborn, Chas C., Colton, Prop. Of Empire Exchange Hotel, livery and sale stable and farmer, 37

Sawyer, Lewis, Colton, Farmer, 100

Seaver, George L., South Colton, Farmer, 30

Selleck, Henry, South Colton, Farmer, 40

Shaw, Horatio E., Colton, Miller and Farmer, 2

Shay, Michael, South Colton, Farmer, 95

Simmons, Augustus, Colton, Sawyer and farmer, 57

Smith, Abial, Colton, Farmer, 90

Smith, Jerome, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Smith, John, Colton, Tanner,

Smith, Joseph B., Colton, eye doctor and farmer, 50

Smith, Samuel  , Colton , Farmer, 9

Snell, Alanson, South Colton, Farmer, 140

Snell, Chas. E., South Colton, dealer in horses and cattle, commissioner of highways and farmer, 1500

Snell, George, South Colton, J & G Snell,

Snell, Hollis, South Colton, Contractor and jobber,

Snell, John, South Colton, J & G Snell,

Snell, John A., South Colton, Contractor and jobber, dealer in hourses, cattle, sheep, pelts, hides etc and farmer, 500

Southworth, Mrs. Laura S., South Colton, Farmer, 1

Spear, George, Colton, Farmer, 55

Spinks, George, South Colton, Farmer, 72

Spinks, Levi  , South Colton, Butter dairy and farmer, 200

Stanton, Frank B., Colton, G. L. & F. B. Stanton,

Stanton, Geo L., Colton, G. L. & F. B. Stanton,

Stanton, Henry, Colton, Cooper,

Stark, Egbert, Colton, Cooper,

Stark, Mrs. Eliza J., Colton, Boarding house and farmer, 2

Starks, Elliott D., Colton, Teamster and famrer, 4

Stimpson, Jane, Colton, Farmer, 8

Stowe, Henry J., Colton, Farmer, 75

Stowe, Jasper, Colton, Farmer, 147

Stuart, George W., Colton, Wagon, carriage and sleigh manuf, and collector,

Stuart, Thomas J., Colton, Wheelwright and farmer, 47

Sullivan, Jeremiah, Colton, Farmer, 60

Symonds, Joseph, Colton, harness, trimmings, whips, blankets, etc,

Taylor, George, Colton, Shoemaker,

Tenney, Abel, Colton, Farmer, 1

Tenney, Darwin, Colton, Farmer, 28

Tenney, Harlow, Colton, Farmer, 25

Thomas, Walter H., South Colton, Farmer, 45

Toomey, Cornelius, Colton, General Merchant,

Tupper, Lyman, South Colton, Farmer, 108

Tupper, Nelson W., South Colton, Prop of blacksmith shop and justice of the peace,

Tyrill, Cyrille, Colton, Farmer, 30

Wait, Almond Z., Colton, Farmer, leases 200

Wait, Forrest H., Colton, Farmer, 32

Wait, James M., South Colton, Lumberman,

Wait, Martin V., South Colton, Farmer, 60

Wait, Silas, South Colton, Farmer, 87

Wait, Thurman S., South Colton, Farmer, 85

Walch, John R., South Colton, Farmer, 95

Walker, James H., Colton, Farmer, 2

Wallace, Alexander, Colton, Tanner,

Ward, Patrick, South Colton, Farmer, 39

Watson, John, South Colton, Farmer, 50

Welch, Franklin  , Colton, Farmer, 30

Welch, John, South Colton, Farmer, 100

Welch, Wellington, Colton, Farmer, 70

Weller, Sewall, Colton, Farmer, 65

Wheeler, Seth, Colton, Farmer, leases 9

White, Lester B., South Colton, Eclectic physician and surgeon,

Whitmarsh, George A., Colton, Agent for Hoyt, Busick & Co -- Hardware,

Willard, Henry, Colton, Farmer, 40

Willey, Enoch, Colton, Shoemaker,

Willey, John P., Colton, Boots and shoes,

Williams, Philo J., South Colton, Farmer,

Williams, Walter  , South Colton, Lumber and log jobber, and farmer, 83

Williamson, Mrs. Angeline, South Colton, Farmer, 175

Williamson, Geo H., South Colton, Lumberman and farmer, 36

Willis, Eben, Colton, Farmer, 150

Wilson, David F., Colton, Farmer, 60

Wilson, George B., Colton, Foreman of St. Lawrence Tannery,

Wood, Charles, Colton, Farmer, 63

Young, Alexander, Colton, Agent for St. Lawrence Tannery,

Young, Elbridge F., South Colton, Log and lumber jobber and farmer, 97

Young, Geo W., South Colton, Young Bros., Farmer, 50

Young, Jackson, South Colton, Young Bros. (w/Jefferson), Farmer, leases 55

Young, Jefferson, South Colton, Young Bros (w/Jackson), farmer, leases 55

Young, Louisa F., South Colton, Farmer, 55