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Colton Business Directory - Businesses
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

Note: The following listing shows the specific business names called out the Gazeteer. In each listing, the name of the business is shown in bold and the post office name in italics. Details on the business follow the post office name.

Beckwith & Hepburn, Colton, Morell D. Beckwith and A. Barton Hepburn, Attorneys and counselors at law

Butler & Morrison, Colton, Edwin H. Butler and John W. Morrison, General Merchants

Cook & Hawley, Colton, James Cook and Morris B. Hawley, Scroll sawing, planing and turning mill, manufs of furniture and undertakers

Empire Exchange Hotel, Colton, Chas. C. Sanborn, Prop.,

B. F. & D. L. Flint, South Colton, Log and Lumber jobbers and farmers - 300 acres

C. D. & F. F. Flint, South Colton, Charles D. and Franklin F., Manufs of Lumber, props of planing mill, carpenters, millwrights and farmers - 125 acres

N. & O. Harvey, Colton, Norman & Orson, Groceries, provisions, boots and shoes, and props of carding and cloth dressing factory

J. C. & J. Irish, South Colton, J. Champlin and James Irish, General Merchants and Farmers -- own 230 acres

Wm. Liddle & Bro., Colton, James A., Boots and Shoes

Lindsay & Faster, Colton, Life and Fire Insurance Agents,

Robarge & Bockus, Colton, Felix Robarge and David N. Bockus, Blacksmiths, Carriage and mill ironing

J & G Snell, South Colton, John & George , General Merchandise

South Colton Hotel, South Colton, Joh L. Armstrong, Proprietor,

G. L. & F.B. Stanton, Colton, Geo. L. & Frank B., Manufs of lumber, butter tubs, etc

Young Bros., South Colton, Geo W. Jackson & Jefferson, Log and lumber jobbers