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Canton Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Akin, Samuel, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 26,

Adams, Marcia A., B. S., Canton, Tutor - St. Lawrence University, ,

Akins, Davis, Rensselaer Falls, Butcher and owns village property, ,

Akins, Robert, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 78,

Aldoes, Henry, Canton, Farmer, 19,

Aldrich, H. C., Canton, Farmer, 93,

Aldridge, Erastus, Canton, Farmer, 40,

Alexander, John, Rensselaer Falls, McClellan & Alexander, ,

Allen, Chas P., Canton, Allen Bros., ,

Allen, Chauncey, Canton, Allen Bros., ,

Allen, Egbert, Canton, Allen Bros., ,

Allen, Henry N., DeKalb Junction, Carpenter & Farmer, 60,

Allen, Lovir S., Canton, Allen Bros., ,

Allen, M. V., Canton, Allen Bros., ,

Allen, Nathaniel, Canton, Farmer, 39,

Ames, Alvin, Canton, Allo. Physician, ,

Ames, Julius, Canton, Farmer, 162,

Anderson, Geo. W., Crarys Mills, Carpenter & Farmer, 42,

Anderson, Nelson D., Canton, Farmer, 74,

Anderson, Rosanna, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 3 1/4,

Arnold, Stephen, Morley, Cooper, ,

Atwood, L. B., Canton, Farmer, 180, Leases

Austin, John, Canton, Retired Farmer, ,

Bailey, Bela, Canton, Farmer, 113, Leases

Bailey, C., Canton, Overseer of the poor and blacksmith, ,

Bailey, Lucius, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Baird, James, Canton, Apiarian and farmer, 174,

Baker, Emery, Canton, Farmer, 203, w/ T. H. Leonard

Baker, Orson D., Morley, Retired, ,

Balcom, E. S., Canton, Balcom Bros., ,

Balcom, M. K., Canton, Balcom Bros., ,

Baldwin, Silas, Canton, Attorney Justice of the peace and town clerk - Corner of Main and Court, ,

Barber, A. S., Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 119,

Barber, Charles , Canton, Carpenter, ,

Barber, Charles F., Canton, Carpenter, ,

Barber, Darius, DeKalb Junction, Apiarian and farmer, 138,

Barber, Geo. S., Canton, Farmer, 100,

Barber, Geo. W., Canton, Farmer, 130,

Barber, Gideon, Canton, Farmer, 127,

Barber, Henry, Canton, Farmer, 213,

Barber, Ira, Canton, Apiarian and farmer, 46,

Barber, Ira S., Canton, Farmer, 40, Gouverneur Street

Barber, Josiah, Canton, Nurse for the sick, shoemaker and farmer, 17,

Barber, J. W., Canton, Watches, clocks and jewelry - Main Street, ,

Barber, Mrs. Luman F., Canton, Farmer, 140,

Barber, Miss M., Rensselaer Falls, Milliner - Front Street, ,

Barber, Nathaniel, Canton, Harness Maker - Main Street, ,

Barber, Reuben A., Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 140,

Barker, E. D., Canton, Carpenter & Joiner , ,

Barker, Geo., Canton, H. G. Barker & Son, ,

Barker, Harvey, Canton, Farmer, 214, Leases

Barlow, Edmund, Canton, Carpenter & Joiner , ,

Barnard, John, Morley, Farmer, 200,

Barns, S. L., Canton, Truman, Barns & Son, ,

Barrett, Lyman, Morley, Farmer, 70, Leases of Joseph Finnimore

Barrows, Aaron, Crarys Mills, Barrows & Elmer - Merchant, produce dealer, postmaster, telegraph operator & farmer, 80,

Barrows, Parley & Son, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 130,

Bartholomew, Mary (Widow), Morley, Farmer, 178,

Bartholomew, Roswell, Morley, Farmer, 106,

Bassett, H. A., Canton, Cartman, ,

Bassett, H & L, Canton, Dress Making, notions and trimming, ,

Baxter, Samuel, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 44 1/2,

Bentley, Wm, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 50,

Bickford, A. H., Canton, Insurance Agent with Chas Nickelson, ,

Bigelow, Paul W., Canton, Farmer, , Park Street

Bishop, Geo W., Hermon, Farmer, 57,

Bishop, Joshua, Canton, Carpenter, ,

Bixby, N. H., Morley, Retired Farmer, ,

Blount, S. P., Canton, Farmer, 185,

Bockus, N. A., Rensselaer Falls, General Merchant, ,

Bogan, John, Canton, Farmer, 25,

Bolles, Edwin C., Ph.D, Canton, Professor - St. Lawrence University, ,

Bonney, H. S., Canton, Farmer, 150,

Bonney, Walter, Canton, Farmer, 141,

Botsford, C. Z., Canton, Building mover and farmer, 89,

Bottsford, Wm H., Canton, Farmer, 50,

Bowhall, R. D., Canton, Miller for H. D. Moody, ,

Bowman, James, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 83,

Bowman, John, Canton, Farmer, 175,

Boyden, Wm D., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 225,

Brakey, Andrew, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 105,

Brakey, John, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 85,

Brewer, Sheldon, Canton, Butter buyer and farmer, 155,

Brewer, S. S., Canton, Farmer, 35,

Bridge, Geo A., Canton, Farmer, 240,

Bridge, Rasselas, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Brigham, Stowell, Canton, Carpenter & Painter, ,

Broeffle, Miss E. L., Canton, Dress and coat maker - Main Street, ,

Broeffle, John C., Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 80,

Broeffle, Timothy, Canton, Cooper & Farmer, 108,

Bromaghin, Chas A., Rensselaer Falls, Carpenter & Farmer, 56,

Brooks, Ira H., Canton, Farmer, 250,

Brooks, J. E., Canton, Farmer, 100,

Brown, Henry, DeKalb Junction, Mechanic & Farmer, 40,

Brown, Hiram C., Crarys Mills, Mason & Farmer, 82,

Brown, John, Crarys Mills, Farmer, ,

Brown, J. W., Rensselaer Falls, Post master & General merchant - Front Street, ,

Brown, O. W., Canton, Express and baggage carrier, good delivered to any part of the corporation, ,

Brundige, Robert, Canton, Farmer, 8,

Bucklin, Henry, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 120,

Bugbee, John F., Canton, Attorney at law, justice of the peace, insurance and pension agent - Main Street, ,

Bullis, James, Canton, Farmer, 170,

Bullis, J. F. & H., Canton, Farmer, 770,

Burdick, Jared B., Morley, Shingle manuf, ,

Burk, John, Canton, Farmer, 83,

Burnham, Wm G., Canton, Dealer in coal, plaster and salt, and rail road agent, residence - Elm Street, ,

Burt, Adaline (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 1,

Butterfield, Alonzo, Canton, Blacksmith & Farmer, 71,

Butterfield, Hiram , Canton, Farmer, 82,

Butterfield, Ira , Canton, Mechanic and Farmer, 31,

Butterworth, Gardner B., Morley, Stone cutter & Farmer, 147,

Cahala, Chas A., Canton, Farmer, 61,

Cahoon, Geo., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 260,

Cahoon, Geo., DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 260,

Cahoon, John S., Canton, Farmer, 112,

Cahoon, Wm F., Jr, Canton, Farmer, 402, Cahoon Estate

Calahan, James, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Caldon, Patrick, Canton, Farmer, 50, Leases

Campbell, Benj. P., Canton, Farmer, 24,

Carman, H. E. , DeKalb Junction, Carpenter & Farmer, 80,

Chamberlain , John, Canton, Harness Maker & Farmer, 25,

Champlin, CT & JW, Canton, Carriage Makers - Water Street, ,

Chandler, JB & JH, Canton, General Insurance Agents, ,

Chapin, James Henry A. M., Canton, Professor - St. Lawrence University, ,

Church, Ashley, Crarys Mills, Lime burner & Farmer, 30,

Church, Ira F., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 100,

Church, Willard E., Canton, Farmer, 78,

Church, Wm D., Canton, Farmer, 97,

Churchill, Jonathan, Morley, Farmer, 120,

Clark, Alanson, Canton, Farmer, 179,

Clark, Alpheus, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 70,

Clark, Amos, Canton, Farmer, 112,

Clark, Betsy A., Canton, Estate of Elijah M. Clark, ,

Clark, Ebenezer B., Hermon, Farmer, 110,

Clark, Edwin G., Canton, Dairyman - 30 cows & Farmer, 214,

Clark, Langdon, Crarys Mills, Justice of the peace and (with Alpheus) Farmer, ,

Clark, Orvil, Canton, Farmer, 97,

Clarkin, Simon, Canton, Farmer, 32,

Cleaveland, Francis, Canton, Egg, poultry and produce dealer and Farmer, 87, Court Street

Cleflen, Benj F., Crarys Mills, Farmer, , w/ R. A.

Cleflen, Marble, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 60,

Cleflen, R. A., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 168,

Cline, Chas , Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 74,

Cline, Christian, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 110,

Cline, John F., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 41 1/2,

Cole, O. C., Canton, Dealer in wheel rakes and farmer, 100,

Conant, Erastus, Canton, Clerk in Russell Hotel & owns 100 acres, ,

Cone, Prof. O., Canton, Professor of Biblical Languages and literature in Theological Department - St. Lawrence University, ,

Congdon, Lewis H., Hermon, Farmer, 86,

Conger, Asher, Canton, Dairyman and farmer, 227,

Conger, Geo. W., Canton, Farmer, 170,

Conkey, Almiron, Canton, Farmer, 130,

Conkey, Chas N., Canton, Farmer, 550,

Conkey, H. H., Canton, Deputy Sheriff Main - Main Street, ,

Conkey, Jonas, Canton, Allo. Physician, ,

Conkey, J. S., Canton, Conkey & Sherman, ,

Conley, Aaron B., Canton, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Undertaker - Water Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

Cook, Catharine (Widow), Canton, Farmer, 20,

Cook, Hiram J., Canton, Searcher of county records & Farmer, ,

Cook, O. M., Canton, Farmer, 111,

Cook, Robert, Canton, Farmer, 112,

Cook, Wm , DeKalb Junction, Carpenter & Farmer, 166,

Cook, Wm C., Canton, Attorney, ,

Cooper, Geo W., Rensselaer Falls, Millwright - Front Street, ,

Cooper, Watts, Canton, Farmer, 86,

Copeland, Levinas, Canton, Carpenter & Joiner - State Street, ,

Corbyn, S. E., Canton, Barber - Main Street, ,

Corey, Allen, Canton, Dairyman and Farmer, 150, Leases

Corey, John, Morley, Wool Carding and cloth dressing, ,

Corlis, Clinton, Canton, Pump Manufacturer, ,

Cornell, Isaac, Canton, Blacksmith - Water Street, ,

Couper, Geo. B., Canton, Farmer, 142,

Couper, Samuel, Canton, Farmer, 128,

Cragan, Patrick, Canton, Farmer, 140, Leases

Craig, T. F., Rensselaer Falls, J. A. Craig & Bro., ,

Craig, Thos T., Rensselaer Falls, Real Estate Broker, ,

Craig, T. M., DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 149 7/8,

Cramer, John H., Canton, Dairyman and farmer, 162,

Crane, Amos L., Canton, Farmer, 120,

Crane, Elijah, Canton, Farmer, 35,

Crane, Miss Laura, Rensselaer Falls, Dress Maker - Front Street, ,

Crane, Olvison W., Canton, Farmer, 450,

Crane, Wm E., Rensselaer Falls, Deputy Sheriff, contstable & speculator - Front Street, ,

Crary, Elias, Canton, Farmer, 57,

Cruikshank, Samuel, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 80,

Cruikshank, Wm, Rensselaer Falls, Cooper, ,

Cumings, J. P., Morley, Farmer, 70,

Cunningham, James, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 66,

Dalton, Walter, Canton, Farmer, 45,

Daly, Margaret (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 40,

Davis, Alonzo, Canton, Farmer, 87,

Davis, Hiram , Canton, Farmer, 140,

Davis, Jacob H., Canton, Dairyman and farmer, 207,

Davis, John, Canton, Farmer, 80,

Day, Dwight, Morley, Miller and Farmer, 19,

Day, James A., Canton, Farmer, 214,

DeLance, Dean D., Canton, Farmer, 130,

DeLance, Delevan, Canton, Farmer, 280,

Demsay, James, Canton, Farmer, 4,

Devlin, James, Canton, Farmer, 20,

Dewey, Eliza (widow), Canton, Farmer, 2,

Dewey, Judson, Canton, Farmer, 108, Leases

Dewey, Rev S., Canton, Presiding elder of Ogdensburg District - M. E. Church - Court Street, ,

Dexter, Solon F., Rensselaer Falls, Saw and Planing Mills, ,

Dickinson, Daniel, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 50,

Dickinson, David, Rensselaer Falls, Shingle Maker, ,

Dickinson, Henry, Rensselaer Falls, Dairyman and Farmer, 65,

Dickinson, Thos , Rensselaer Falls, Dairyman and Farmer, 155,

Dodge, F. O., Canton, Runs grist mill for LaSell Bros & Co - Residence Gouverneur Street, ,

Donavan, Thomas, Canton, Farmer, 110,

Donovan, Timothy, Canton, Farmer, 70,

Doolittle, Alanson C., Canton, Farmer, 180,

Doolittle, S. W., Crarys Mills, Cattle dealer & Farmer, 67,

Dorothy, Frank B., Rensselaer Falls, Dorothy & Murdock - Telegraph operator & Insurance Agent, ,

Doty, J. J., Rensselaer Falls, General Merchant, ,

Dowling, G. B., Canton, Pianos, organs and musical instruments, , ADVERTISEMENT

Doyle, Michael, Canton, Farmer, 36,

Duell, E., Canton, Farmer, 41,

Duffy, Bartholomew, Canton, Farmer, 66,

Dunkelberg, Samuel, Canton, Stone cutter and Farmer, 57,

Dunn, Mrs. James, Canton, Millinery and fancy goods - Main Street, ,

Eastman, Sawyer S., Canton, Farmer, 225, Leases of Washington Farmer

Eddy, Frank , Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 24,

Eggleston, A. E., Canton, Farmer, 74,

Eggleston, A. L., Canton, Blacksmith, ,

Eggleston, G. W., Crarys Mills, Farmer, 168,

Eldridge, Wm A., Canton, Farmer, 100,

Ellison, William, Morley, Manuf. of boots and shoes, ,

Ellsworth, J. B., Canton, Boots and shoes, leather, etc - Main Street, ,

Ellsworth, Richard B., Canton, Willson & Ellsworth, ,

Elmer, John F., Canton, Farmer, 146,

Emmerson, Richard , Canton, Carpenter - State Street, ,

Emmerson, R. M., Canton, Carpenter & Millwright - State Street, ,

Farmer, Albert, Canton, Owns 240 acres, ,

Farmer, Eugene, Canton, Farmer, , Leases

Farmer, Francis, Canton, Farmer, 230,

Farmer, Gaylord G., Canton, Cider Mill and Farmer, 220,

Farmer, H. B., Canton, Corresponding secretary of St. Lawrence Dairymen's Association and Farmer, 251, Leases

Farmer, Lauren J., Canton, Farmer, 400,

Farmer, Leonard S., Canton, Farmer, 180,

Farmer, N. E. , Canton, Farmer, 223, Leases of Francis

Farmer, Reuben H., Canton, Farmer, 251,

Farmer, Washington, Canton, Retired - owns 225 acres and trustee of corporation - Judson Street, ,

Farnham, Francis H., Canton, Farmer, 170,

Farns, Thomas, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 116,

Farwell, B., Canton, Farmer, 34,

Farwell, John , Canton, Brick maker & farmer, 114,

Faville, Edward S., Canton, Farmer, 212,

Fenton, Asa, Morley, Farmer, 270,

Fenton, Lorenzo, Morley, Post master, merchant, produce dealer and farmer, 107,

Fenton, Silas, Morley, Farmer, 126,

Fenton, Silas J., Morley, Farmer, 126,

Ferris, T. H., Canton, County Clerk, ,

Field, Miss E. E., Canton, Millinery - Main Street, ,

Fields, James, Rensselaer Falls, Dairyman and Farmer, 47,

Fields, Thomas, Canton, Farmer, 250, Leases

Finnegan, James, Canton, Farmer, 40, Leases

Finnimore, Harry, Morley, Speculator and farmer, ,

Finnimore, Joseph W., Morley, Produce dealer and farmer, 650,

Finnimore, R. W., Canton, Farmer, 96,

Finnimore, Wm H., Morley, Farmer, 148,

Fisher, Prof. Ebenezer, Canton, President of Theological School, ,

Flanegan, Patrick, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 30,

Flanigan, Thomas, DeKalb Junction, School Teacher, ,

Flinn, Daniel, Canton, Farmer, 115, Leases

Flood, J. Q., Canton, Boots and shoes , ,

Foot, Gilbert W., Canton, Farmer, 53,

Foote, Heman, Canton, Boot and shoe maker, ,

Foote, Mrs. M., Canton, Farmer, 40,

Forbes, Alex, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 25,

Fordham, C. C., Rensselaer Falls, Painter and Grainer - Rensselaer Street, ,

Fosgate, John Jr., Rensselaer Falls, Prop saw and planing mills, dealer in carriages and sleighs, lumber, shafts and fellows, cheese boxes, etc, ,

Fowler, Albert, Canton, Ax and edge tool manufacturer, ,

France, A. (Widow), Hermon, Farmer, 48,

France, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 69, Leases

Fraughton, Henry, Morley, Saw and shingle mills, ,

Freeman, D. J., Canton, Sewing machine agent, , ADVERTISEMENT

Freeman, Edward , Canton, Farmer, 100,

Freeman, Wilson, Canton, Farmer, 73,

Frisbie, Theodorus, Canton, Farmer, 122, w/ Caleb Stevenson

Fuller, John L., Canton, Farmer, 82,

Fulton, Adonijah, Morley, Farmer, 93,

Fulton, Edgar N., Morley, Shingle Manuf and farmer, 180,

Gaffney, B., Canton, Farmer, 156,

Gaffney, John, Canton, Farmer, 55,

Gaffney, J. C., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 115,

Gaffney, John M., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 81,

Gaffney, Simon, Canton, Farmer, 132,

Gaige, Truman, Canton, Carpenter and Farmer, 35,

Gaines, Rev. A. G., Canton, Acting president of the college department of the St. Lawrence University and professor of Intellectual and Moral Sciences, ,

Gardner, Harvey, Rensselaer Falls, Carpenter and Farmer, 15,

Gardner, Rev. James, Canton, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, ,

Gay, Geo., Canton, Carpenter and Farmer, 16,

Gering, Christian, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 50,

Gering, Christian, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 65,

Gering, Jacob, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 82,

Giffin, Geo, Crarys Mills, Retired Farmer, ,

Gifford, Silas B., Hermon, Apiarian and Farmer, 275,

Gilbert, J. L., Rensselaer Falls, Drugs, paints, oils, dye stuffs, groceries and provisions, ,

Gilbert, Mrs. J. L., Rensselaer Falls, Milliner , ,

Gill, Giles S., Canton, Farmer, 300,

Gill, Wm H., Canton, Farmer, 40,

Gilmore, Geo H., Canton, A. J. Gage & Co, ,

Glaucey, James, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 55,

Glass, Henry, Canton, Farmer, 47,

Gonyer, George, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 6,

Goodell, Geo., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 122,

Goodno, L. S., Canton, Goodno & Robertson, ,

Goodyear, Francis, Crarys Mills, Farmer, 20,

Goolden, Farnum, Morley, Farmer, 30,

Gorham, Mrs. Polly, Canton, Farmer, 60,

Goss, Aaron G., Crarys Mills, Physician and surgeon, ,

Graham, Rosana (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 130,

Graves, James, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 46,

Graves, John H., Morley, Blacksmith, ,

Graves, Mrs. Julia, Canton, Dress Maker - Main Street, ,

Gray, F. A., Morley, Town collector, ,

Gray, Henry A., Canton, Farmer, 200,

Gray, John K., Canton, Farmer, 100,

Gray, Robert, Canton, Farmer, 26,

Green, Wm, Canton, Farmer, 57,

Grennon, Mrs. Henry (widow), Canton, Farmer, 24,

Grimshaw, Levi , Hermon, Farmer, 65,

Griswold, D. G., Canton, House painter, grainer, paper hanger, etc - Elm Street, ,

Gulley, Argalons D., Canton, Carpenter - Elm Street, ,

Gulley, A. M., Canton, Mechanic & real estate dealer, ,

Gulley, M. C., Canton, Carpenter - Gouverneur Street, ,

Hale, H. W., Canton, Farmer, 170,

Haley, Edward, Canton, Farmer, 63,

Hall, A. , Canton, Farmer, 29,

Hall, Andrew, Canton, Farmer, 34,

Hall, Arthur, Canton, Farmer, 1,

Halpin, Bartholomew, Canton, Farmer, 157,

Hammond, L. F., Rensselaer Falls, School teacher & farmer, 21,

Hammond, N., Rensselaer Falls, Dealer in hides & skins and farmers, 200,

Hardacker, Martha A., Canton, Instructor in French - St. Lawrence University, ,

Harison, John Champlin, Canton, Farmer, 38,

Harison, Richard F., Canton, Farmer, ,

Harison, Thos L., Morley, Secretary of State Agricultural Society, land agent & farmer, ,

Harper, David, Morley, Dairyman and farmer, 143,

Harrigan, Patrick, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Hart, Jesse, Canton, Farmer, 90,

Hart, Julius H., Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 77,

Havens, Rowland P., Canton, Spafford & Havens, ,

Healy, Byron, Canton, Farmer, 250,

Healy, Thomas, Canton, Farmer, 113,

Heaton, I. W., Canton, Commissioner of highways, surveyor and farmer, 180,

Hedden, Cutler, Canton, Farmer, 108, & leases 189

Heffernan, John, Rensselaer Falls, Thrasher & Farmer, ,

Helmer, Geo H., Canton, Teamster, ,

Hercog, Henry, Rensselaer Falls, Cabiniet Maker, ,

Hewson, Geo, Morley, Farmer, 160,

Hill, Daniel, Canton, Farmer, 5,

Hill, L. H., Rensselaer Falls, General Merchant, ,

Hill, O. S., Canton, Carpenter - Water Street, ,

Hilts, Clinton J., Canton, w/ John A., ,

Hilts, John A., Canton, Farmer, 100,

Hinsdale, Hiram, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Hitchcock, J., Canton, Dentist - Main Street, ,

Hitchcock, Mrs. J., Canton, Photographer - Main Street, ,

Hoag, Sanford, Canton, Homeo Physician, ,

Hobley, Chas., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 9,

Hodskin, B., Canton, Manager of Elmer E. Jackson estate, ,

Holmes, L. P., Canton, Dentist - Main Street, ,

Horal, Peter, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 25,

Hosley, George, Canton, Farmer, ,

Hosley, Henry, Canton, Commissioner of highways and Farmer, 170,

Hosley, James, Canton, Farmer, 60,

Howard, N. C., Crary's Mills, Farmer, 50,

Howard, Mrs. Oscar, Crary's Mills, Farmer, 60,

Huntress, Archibald, Dekalb Junction, Farmer, 130, Leases

Hurst, Isaac, Morley, Wright & Hurst, ,

Hutchins, Hiram, Canton, Farmer, 64,

Ingalls, C. D., Canton, Ingalls & Jewett, ,

Ingalls, Geo E., Canton, Farmer, 155,

Jackson, Austin, Canton, Farmer, 28,

Jackson, A. S., Canton, Farmer, 59,

Jackson, R. K, Morley, Justice of the peace, serveyor and farmer, ,

Jamieson, Andrew, Canton, Farmer, 144,

Jamieson, James, Canton, Farmer, 95,

Jenniss, Wm & Edward, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 140,

Jerome, Frank, Rensselaer Falls, Carriage Maker, ,

Jewett, Jacob, Canton, Farmer, 95,

Jewett, J. C., Canton, Ingalls & Jewett, ,

Jillett, Daniel, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Johnson, Augustus, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 109,

Johnson, D. C., Canton, Prop of Canton Cheese Factory, ,

Johnson, J. J., Canton, Retired merchant, town assessor and farmer, 10, Residence - Judson Street

Johnson, Joseph T., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 93,

Johnson, S., Canton, Saloon and grocery, ,

Jonston, John, Morley, Manuf of patent polish and farmer, 15,

Jones, David M., Canton, Hardware and foundry - Main Street, ,

Jones, Edwin, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Jones, Fred. Harrison, Crary's Mills, Farmer, 100,

Jones, Henry, Canton, Farmer, 110,

Jones, Wm B., Canton, Farmer, 83,

Joslyn, John, Canton, J. Joslyn & Co., ,

Judd, H. H., Canton, Wholesale and retail dealer in books and stationery, general ticket and A. M. U. Express agent, and manager for Montreal Telegraph Co, ,

Judd, Luman, Canton, Farmer, 165, Leases of Daniel

Judd, S. D., Canton, Farmer, 300,

Kane, Peter, Canton, Farmer, 32,

Keith, David , Canton, Farmer, 108,

Kelley, Geo H., Canton, Restaurant - Main Street,

Kelley, James, Dekalb Junction, Farmer, 96,

Kelley, John, Canton, Farmer, 94,

Kelley, Patrick, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 196,

Kelley, Patrick, Canton, Farmer, 75,

Kelley, Wm, Dekalb Junction, Farmer, 36,

Kelsey, H. , Canton, Farmer, 50,

Kenefick, Edward, Canton, Farmer, 75,

Kenefick, Michael, Canton, Farmer, 91,

Kenyon, Herbert, Canton, Mason and Farmer, 50,

Kenyon, Ovett, Canton, Farmer, 132,

Kerr, S. C., Morley, Farmer, 192,

Kimball, Wm H., Canton, President of S. D. Hungerford & Co's Bank - Main Street, ,

King, J. W., Canton, Carpenter - State Street, ,

King, Robert, Canton, Brick Layer, ,

Kipp, H. D., Canton, Ornamental Painter - Chapel Street, ,

Kitts, James, Rensselaer Falls, Carpenter , ,

Knox, Harvey, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Ladison, Wm, Canton, Farmer, 12,

Lagrow, A. , Canton, Farmer, 25,

Lagrow, Lewis, Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 30,

Lalone, E., Canton, Farmer, 12,

Lamson, Solomon, Rensselaer Falls, Blacksmith, ,

Langdon, Albert, Crary's Mills, Farmer, 400,

LaSell, Myron, Canton, Lasell Bros & Co - Farmer, 116,

LaSell, Myron Jr., Canton, W/ Myron - Farmer, ,

LaSell, M. S., Canton, LaSell Bros & Co , ,

LaSell, S. W., Canton, LaSell Bros & Co, ,

Lavery, Julius, Crary's Mills, Farmer, 45,

Lawrence, Lorenzo, Canton, Planing and matching mill, mouldings, and brackets, ,

Lawrence, W. E., Canton, Farmer, , w/ Geo W. Barber

Lee, John S., Canton, Professor of Ecclesiastical History - St. Lawrence Univerisity, ,

Lent, Walter S., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 60,

Leonard, Benj H., Canton, Farmer, 112,

Leonard, Harvey D., Crary's Mills, Farmer, 117,

Leonard, John, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 140,

Leonard, John T., Morley, Prop of Hotel, ,

Leonard, Lucy, Canton, Farmer, 104,

Leonard, T. H., Canton, Farmer, 203, w/ Emory Baker

Lesner, B. S., Dekalb Junction, Shoe maker & Farmer, 93,

Lewis, H. D., Rensselaer Falls, Carriage & Sleigh Manuf. - King Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

Lewis, H. R., Rensselaer Falls, Blacksmith - King Street, ,

Lewis, Xury, Canton, Lewis & Sherman, ,

Lincoln, John, Canton, Farmer, 140,

Lindley, James, Rensselaer Falls, Carpenter, ,

Livingston, B. , Canton, Musician - Rail Road, ,

Livingston, Samuel, Morley, General Merchant and Farmer, 50,

Lockwood, James R., Morley, Farmer, 77,

Longshore, David , Canton, Farmer, 100,

Longshore, Peter, Morley, Farmer, 128,

Longshore, Silas, Canton, Farmer, , w/ David

Loomis, Douglass P., Crary's Mills, Farmer, 5,

Loomis, Hiram A., Crary's Mills, Farmer, 112,

Lovell, Joseph, Canton, Farmer, 128,

Lynch, John, Canton, Farmer, 55,

Lynch, Thomas, Dekalb Junction, Farmer, 46,

Lynde, E., Canton, Prop of American Hotel & Livery, ,

Lytle , Hannah L. (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 20, Front Street

Lytle , Mrs. Joseph (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 96,

Madill, Thos A., Rensselaer Falls, Butcher and Farmer, 124,

Malby, William, Canton, Building mover and farmer, 120,

Mallon, John, Canton, Farmer, 250,

Mallory, Ransom C., Canton, Farmer, 25, Leases

Malterner, John, Canton, Farmer, 228,

Marks, Isaac, Canton, I. B. Marks & Son, ,

Marlatt, Nelson, Canton, Carpenter, ,

Marlatt, T. H., Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 26,

Maroney, John, Canton, Farmer, 36,

Marston, Rev. Moses, A.M., Canton, Professor and librarian - St. Lawrence University, ,

Martin, Albert F., Canton, Farmer, 80,

Martin, E. J., Canton, Farmer, 159,

Martin, Mrs. Lewis (widow), Morley, Farmer, 18,

Martin, Wm J., Canton, Farmer, 13,

Massey, T. Morris, Canton, Cashier of S. D. Hungerford & Co's Bank - Main Street, ,

Matthews, H. P., Canton, H. P. Mathews & Brother - Dealer in butter, cheese, and produce - Main Street, ,

Matthews, J. C., Canton, H. P. Matthews & Brother - Farmer, 151,

Matthews, Luman, Canton, Farmer, 60,

McAllaster, Marcus, Morley, Prop of Hotel & Farmer, 23,

McBride, John, Lisbon Center, Prop of Hotel, Cattle Dealer and Farmer, 115,

McBride, Matilda (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 52,

McBryer, Wm , Canton, Farmer, 165,

McCarter, Thos. , Rensselaer Falls, Railroad Boss - King Street, ,

McCarthy, Thomas, Dekalb Junction, Farmer, 50,

McClellan, D. H., Rensselaer Falls, Manuf. Potash, ,

McClellan, Wilson, Rensselaer Falls, McClellan & Alexander, ,

McCollum, Geo, Hermon, Farmer, 237, w/ Wm

McCollum, Wm, Hermon, Farmer, 237, w/ Geo

McConky, Wm, Canton, Farmer, 106,

McCormick, James, Canton, Farmer, 100,

McCormick, Michael, Canton, Farmer, 135,

McCormick, Peter H., Rensselaer Falls, Prop Rensselaer House and Speculator, Corner Rensselaer and Front Street, ,

McEwen, Alson D. (estate of), Morley, 106 acres, ,

McHanna, Cornelius, Canton, Farmer, 75,

McIntosh, Mathew, Canton, Carpenter, ,

McKee, James, Rensselaer Falls, Boots & Shoes, ,

McKee, Leander, Canton, Farmer, 82, Leases

McKenzie, Daniel, Morley, Farmer, 100,

McMonagle, John, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 90,

McMonagle, N. D., Rensselaer Falls, Allo. Physician - Front Street, ,

McMullan, N. , Canton, Manuf. of wagons, carriages and sleighs - Water Street, ,

McNeil, Chas, Rensselaer Falls, Harness, boots, and shoes and farmer, 54,

McNeil, Malcolm, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 80,

McVay, John, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 42,

Mead, Luman B., Canton, L. B. & O. A. Mead - Cheese Manuf, ,

Mead, Orvil A., Canton, Cattle dealer & farmer, 250,

Meservey, Ferguson, Canton, Dairyman & farmer, 180,

Miles, James, Canton, Farmer, 96,

Miller, Daniel B., Morley, Farmer, 62 1/2,

Miller, G. A., Canton, Recorder in county clerks office, ,

Miller, John Stocker, A. M., Canton, Professor St. Lawrence University, ,

Miller, Manoah, Morley, Farmer, 62,

Miller, Samuel, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 40, Leases

Miller, Wm., Canton, Farmer, 21,

Misner, Peter , Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 92,

Mohun, Peter, Morley, Farmer, 30,

Monohan, John, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Montgomery, George, Morley, Groceries and 10 acres, ,

Moody, Horace D., Canton, Prop of St. Lawrence Mills, grist and flouring, ,

Moody, Lucas, Canton, Retired, ,

Moore, Orvil , Canton, Mason, ,

Morgan, W. I., Morley, Foreman in Witherbee's tannery, ,

Morrow, Hugh, Canton, Blacksmith, ,

Morse, Daniel I., Canton, Carpenter, ,

Morse, Samuel L., Canton, Farmer, 24 1/2,

Morse, Sarah, Canton, Farmer, 25,

Moyer, Jonas, Canton, Farmer, 153 1/2,

Mulvay, Barney, Rensselaer Falls, Blacksmith, ,

Murdock, A., Rensselaer Falls, Allo. Physician (not practicing), ,

Murdock, Oliver N., Rensselaer Falls, Dorothy & Murdock, ,

Murdock, Thaddeus, Rensselaer Falls, Allo. Physician & surgeon - Front Street, ,

Murphey, F. C., Canton, Town Constable, Water Street, ,

Murray, Daniel, Canton, Farmer, 25,

Murray, Felix, Morley, Shoemaker, ,

Murray, James, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Murray, John, Canton, Fruit Raiser, 5 3/8,

Myers, A. B. L., Morley, Farmer, 67,

Myers, J. J., Morley, General Merchant, ,

Nash, Albert D., Rensselaer Falls, Nash & Thomas, ,

Nash, Richard D., Canton, Farmer, 110,

Newby, Ellis, Morley, Tailor & 10 acres, ,

Newcomb, John, Canton, Farmer, 135,

Newcomb, Patrick, Canton, Farmer, 61,

Newton, Royal, Morley, Teacher, ,

Nickelson, Charles, Canton, Insurance Agent - Colwell Street, ,

Nickerson, Anson, Canton, Farmer, 500,

Nickerson, A. V., Canton, Farmer, 50,

Nickerson, Charles, Canton, Farmer, 75,

Nickerson, Hiram A., Canton, Prop of Threshing machine and Farmer, 116,

Nickerson, Richard , Dekalb Junction, Cattle dealer & farmer, 46,

Nickerson, Sherman, Canton, Farmer, , w/ Anson

Nolan, Peter, Canton, Turner and jobber - Water Street, ,

Norton, Chas, Canton, Farmer, 175,

Norton, Lorenzo, Canton, Farmer, 160, Water Street

Norton, Lucy J. (widow), Canton, Farmer, 77,

Norton, Mills, Canton, Dairyman & farmer, 145, Leases

Norton, Orville, Canton, Dairyman & farmer, 105,

O'Brian, John, Morley, Farmer, 144,

O'Brien, Luke, Canton, Lime burner and farmer, 107,

O'Driscoll, Rev. James, Canton, Pastor of St. Mary's Church - Court Street, ,

Olds, Silas, Canton, Farmer, 96,

Olin, Benj., Canton, Cooper & farmer, 155,

Olin, Chas., Canton, Farmer, 47,

Olin, Geo. S., Canton, Farmer, 180,

Olin, Sydney, Canton, Carpenter - Main Street, ,

Olin, Wm M., Canton, Farmer, 175,

O'Neal, Jerry, Canton, Farmer, 59,

Orr, Mrs. Isabella, Morley, Millinery and dress making, ,

Packard, H. A., Canton, Carpenter - Pine Street, ,

Packard, Milton D., Canton, General Merchant and town supervisor - Main Street,

Page, David, Dekalb Junction, Farmer, 50,

Page, John, Canton, Farmer, 180,

Palmer, Rev. L. L., Canton, Pastor of 2d M. E. Church, ,

Parker, Oscar F., Canton, Farmer, 114, Leases

Parkhill, James, Canton, Farmer, 95,

Parmelee, Ezra, Morley, Homeo Physician, ,

Paro, R. , Canton, Farmer, 38,

Parsons, Wm. , Rensselaer Falls, Shoemaker - Front Street, ,

Payne, R. F., Rensselaer Falls, Shingle Manuf, ,

Perkins, C. J., Canton, F. J. Perkins & Co, ,

Perkins, Francis J., Canton, F. J. Perkins & Co, ,

Perrin, Robert, Canton, Farmer, 109, Leases of H. Pickell

Perry, Joseph, Rensselaer Falls, Lime burner and farmer, 58,

Perry, Wm, Canton, Farmer, 160,

Perry, Wm Jr., Canton, Farmer, 105,

Peters, John, Canton, Farmer, 1 1/2,

Phalin, K., Canton, Farmer, 64,

Pickert, E., Canton, Farmer, 168,

Pickert, George, Canton, Farmer, 115,

Pierce, Artemus A., Canton, Farmer, 99,

Pierce, Dennis D., Canton, Dairyman (22 cows) and Farmer, 160,

Pierce, H. H., Canton, Farmer, 225,

Pitt, Samuel W., Crary's Mill, Brick and tile manuf., dairyman & farmer, 307,

Pitts, Porter, Hermon, Farmer, 160,

Place, Andrew J., Morley, Farmer, 110,

Place, R. G., Morley, Farmer, 125,

Place, Wm O., Canton, Carpenter - State Street, ,

Pollock, James, Morley, Farmer, 285,

Pool, Chas, Hermon, Farmer, 80,

Pool, Joseph, Hermon, Farmer, 56, Leases

Post, H. A., Canton, General Merchant - Main Street, ,

Potter, John, Canton, Farmer, 172 1/2,

Potter, Wm, Canton, Farmer, 160, Leases

Powell, Carlton, Hermon, Farmer, 95, Leases

Powers, Joseph C., Canton, Farmer, 35, State Street

Powers, Morris, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Powers, Patrick, Canton, Farmer, 110,

Powers, W. G., Canton, Farmer, 66,

Preston, John C., Canton, Allo Physician and surgeon, office Seymour's Drug store - Main Street, ,

Prout, Rev. E. G., Morley, Missionary of Trinity Chapel, ,

Prouty, R., Canton, Farmer, 98,

Quinn, Michael, Canton, Farmer, 32,

Radway, Richard, Crary's Mill, Farmer, 80,

Ragan, John, Canton, Farmer, 47,

Ragan, Michael, Canton, Farmer, 30,

Ralph, Murray N., Canton, S. W. Ralph & Son - Deputy County Clerk, ,

Randall, J. M., Canton, Farmer, 79,

Randall, Wilson, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 217,

Ray, A. G., Canton, Custom saw and grist mills, ,

Readle, John L., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 60,

Reed, Geo., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 47, Leases

Reed, Hiram S., Hermon, Stone mason & farmer, 8 1/2,

Reidel, Geo. L., Rensselaer Falls, Carpenter - Front Street, ,

Remington, L. Z., Canton, Editor of St. Lawrence Plaindealer - Main Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

Remington, S. P., Canton, Prop of St. Lawrence Plaindealer - Main Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

Remington, Wm R., Canton, Postmaster, ,

Reynolds, G. W., Morley, Physician, surgeon and druggist, ,

Rice, John T., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 103,

Rich, G. V., Canton, Baker and grocer - Main Street, ,

Rich, Henry, Canton, Carpenter and gun repairer - State Street, ,

Richardson, C. F., Canton, Carpenter, ,

Richardson, Lucius, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Riley, Christopher, Canton, Farmer, 125,

Riley, James, DeKalb Junction, Mechanic and farmer, 50,

Riley, Thomas, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Risley, S. H., DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 100,

Roach, Zebulon, Canton, Farmer, 117,

Robertson, D. M., Canton, Goodno & Robertson - Attorney and counselor at law, notary public - Main Street, ,

Robinson, A. S., Morley, Dealer in agricultural implements, merchant miller and farmer, 100,

Robinson, George, Canton, County superintendent of poor - Residence Elm Street, ,

Robinson, Joseph, Canton, Farmer, 36,

Rockwood, Rev. G. A., Rensselaer Falls, Pastor First Congregational Church, ,

Rodee, John, Canton, Farmer, 500,

Rood, Stephen, Canton, Farmer, 146,

Rose, John, Crary's Mill, Farmer, 70,

Roulston, R. H., Canton, General insurance agent - Main Street, ,

Rounds, Horace, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 89,

Rowland, James H., Rensselaer Falls, Dairy man (35 cows) & farmer, 165,

Russell, J. F., Canton, Watchmaker & jeweler - Main Street, ,

Russell, L. W., Canton, Sawyer & Russell, ,

Russell, Thomas V., Canton, Attorney - Main Street, ,

Ryan, James, Rensselaer Falls, Wheelwright, ,

Ryan, John, Canton, Farmer, 70,

Ryan, John Jr, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Ryder, James, Canton, Farmer, 124, Leases of Ezra Stowell

Ryder, James M., Canton, Farmer, 124, Leases

Sackrider, H. D., Canton, H. L. Sackrider & Sons, ,

Sackrider, R. H., Canton, H. L. Sackrider & Sons, ,

Safford, Hamilton B., Canton, Safford & Havens, ,

Sanderson, Ebenezer, Canton, Farmer, 125,

Sanderson, Elisha (estate of), Canton, 250 acres, ,

Sanderson, Hiram , Canton, Farmer, 143, Leases

Sanderson, Nelson, Canton, Farmer, 90,

Sawyer, A. C., Canton, Manuf. of planing machines - Minor Street, ,

Sawyer, W. H., Canton, Sawyer & Russell, ,

Sayers, Mrs. H., Canton, Hair Dressing - Main Street, ,

Scanlan, Martin, Morley, Blacksmith, ,

Scruton, Wm. , Morley, General merchant and telegraph operator, ,

Seymour, G. W., Canton, Drugs, medicines, paints, oils, dye stuffs, wines, liquors etc - Main Street, ,

Sharp, Aaron, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 125,

Sharp, Chas , Rensselaer Falls, Carpenter & Cooper, ,

Sharpstene, Amos, Canton, Farmer, 31,

Shaw, J. B., Canton, Farmer, 95,

Shea, Patrick Henry, Canton, Medical Student, ,

Sheehan, Jeremiah, Morley, General Blacksmith, ,

Sheldon, Thomas, Canton, w/ Virtulan, ,

Sheldon, Virtulan, Canton, Farmer, 120,

Sheridan, John, Canton, Farmer, 135,

Sherman, Chas W., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 3,

Sherman, L. V., Canton, Lewis & Sherman, ,

Sherman, R. R., Canton, Conkey & Sherman, ,

Simmons, A. A., Canton, General Merchant - Main Street, ,

Simpson, John, Rensselaer Falls, Conductor - R. W. & O. R. R., ,

Smith, Amos, Canton, Farmer, 23,

Smith, Rev Asa, Canton, Clergyman, ,

Smith, A. E., Canton, Carpenter - Gouverneur Street, ,

Smith, Cyrus, Canton, Farmer, 56,

Smith, Daniel H., Canton, Farmer, 74,

Smith, D. E., Canton, Butcher, ,

Smith, Eugene H., Canton, Carpenter, ,

Smith, Harry, Canton, Druggist and general merchant - Main Street, ,

Smith, Horace, Canton, Real Estate & insurance agent - resides Park Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

Smith, H. H., Canton, Carpenter and bridge builder, ,

Smith, Jacob, Canton, Farmer, 111,

Smith, James, Canton, Farmer, 57,

Smith, James F., Canton, Farmer, 125,

Smith, James H., Canton, Farmer, 135,

Smith, O., Morley, Farmer, 123,

Smith, Sidney, Morley, Manuf. Of sash, prop of planing and cider mills, ,

Smith, Simon, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Smith, Wm H., Morley, Farmer, 133,

Southworth, E. H., Canton, Dealer in butter and butter tubs and farmer, 90,

Spaulding, Edwin, Morley, Mechanic, ,

Spaulding, Geo W., Morley, Mechanic and farmer, 100,

Spaulding, G. W., Hermon, Farmer, 175,

Spaulding, Wallace, Canton, Farmer, 194, w/ Washington

Spaulding, Washington, Canton, Cheese manuf and farmer w/ Wallace, 194,

Spencer, E. , Canton, House, sign and carriage painter - Hodskin Street, ,

Spink, Elijah, Rensselaer Falls, Blacksmith, ,

Spring, Matthew, Rensselaer Falls, Coal burner and farmer, 30,

Spry, Henry, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 160, Leases

Squire, Wm O., Crary's Mill, Farmer, 250,

Squires, E., Rensselaer Falls, Gardener, ,

Stacy, Mrs. Maria, Canton, Millenery - Main Street, ,

Starks, Mrs. Ira, Canton, Farmer, 84,

Stevens, Lewis E., Canton, General Insurance Agent - Court Street, ,

Stevens, Luther, Canton, Farmer, 190,

Stevenson, Caleb, Canton, Farmer, 122, w/ Theordore Frisbie

Stevenson, Ezekiel, Hermon, Farmer, 146,

Stevenson, James, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 31,

Stevenson, John, Canton, Farmer, 42,

Stevenson, Philander, Canton, Farmer, 180,

Stevenson, Seymour, Hermon, Farmer, 45, Leases

Stickles, Geo., Canton, Farmer, 137,

Stickles, Henry, Canton, Planing, mouldings, sash, doors, blinds etc, ,

Stickles, Orrin J., Canton, Patent right dealer - State street, ,

Stiles, Samuel S., Canton, Farmer, 16, & in Russell 174

Stoddard, Hiram, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 156,

Stone, David F. N., Crary's Mill, Farmer, 50,

Stone, Mrs. J., Canton, Farmer, 37,

Storrs, L. B., Canton, L. B. Storrs & Son; J. Joslyn & Co; - Manuf of tailors press machines, , ADVERTISEMENT

Stowell, Ezra, Canton, Carpenter & Farmer, 124,

Streeter, I., Canton, Farmer, 23,

Sullivan, John, Morley, Farmer, 49,

Sullivan, John, Canton, Farmer, 116,

Sullivan, Timothy, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 85,

Sutherland, Moses, Hermon, Farmer, 80,

Sumner, Oliver M., Canton, Dairyman and Farmer, 210,

Sunderland, Albert, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 102 1/2,

Sweeny, Miles, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 40,

Swift, Henry, Rensselaer Falls, Stone mason and farmer, 40,

Swift, Silas, Rensselaer Falls, Stone mason and farmer, 66,

Sykes, Lydia (widow), Canton, Farmer, 300,

Sylvester, , Hermon, Rodney & Sylvester, ,

Taber, Wm H., Canton, Farmer, 300, Leases

Taggart, Geo G., Hermon, Farmer, 95,

Taggart, Joseph, Hermon, Farmer, 145,

Tamblin, G. W., Canton, Farmer, ,

Tanner, Wm E., Canton, Keeper of jail and deputy sheriff - Court Street, ,

Tarny, John, Canton, Farmer, 125,

Taylor, Chas, Hermon, Farmer, 108,

Taylor, Franklin, Morley, Farmer, 22,

Taylor, James, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 215,

Taylor, John, Morley, Shoe Maker, ,

Taylor, Levi, Crary's Mill, Farmer, 106,

Thayer, Thaddeus S., Morley, Wagon Maker, ,

Thayer, Wm., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 2,

Thomas, Oliver , Canton, Farmer, 33,

Thompson, Albert, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 25,

Thompson, Duane, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 139,

Thompson, Moses, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 65,

Thompson, Wm, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 68,

Thompson, W. W., Canton, Attorney, ,

Thomson, James F., Rensselaer Falls, Nash & Thomson, ,

Thornhill, John, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 120,

Timon, John, Canton, Farmer, 75,

Tinner, John, Hermon, Farmer, 50, Leases

Townsley, G. L., Canton, Keeper of St. Lawrence Poor House and owns in DeKalb 250 acres, ,

Tracy, Elisha, Canton, Farmer, 260,

Traver, Jeremiah, Canton, Prop of Traver's Tannery - Residence Main Street, ,

Tripp, Rev. J. C., Morley, Pastor of Wesleyan Church, ,

Truesdell, Justin, Canton, Shoemaker & Farmer, 100, Leases

Truman, John, Canton, Cooper - Elm Street, ,

Tupper, Daniel M., Rensselaer Falls, Dairyman (30 cows) and Farmer, 200,

Tupper, E. F., Canton, Agent Buckeye Mower and Farmer, 85,

Tuttle, Hiram, Canton, Farmer, 56 3/4,

Tuttle, Lucius, Canton, Farmer, 50,

Tuttle, Moses, Canton, Dairyman and Farmer, 200,

Tuttle, Sally (widow), Canton, Farmer, 56 3/4,

Twombly, Orrin, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 104,

Tyner, Richard, Canton, Farmer, 105,

Utman, Isaac , Canton, Mechanic, ,

Valleny, Patrick, Canton, Liveryman at American Hotel, ,

Van Allen, O., Canton, Harness Maker - Water Street, ,

VanBrocklin, Jeremiah, Canton, Boots, shoes, leather, trunks etc - Main Street, , ADVERTISEMENT

VanSteanburgh, Wm H., Canton, Farmer, 100, Leases

VanWaters, C., Rensselaer Falls, Retired - Front Street, ,

VanWaters, John, Rensselaer Falls, Depot master, R. W. & O. R. R. and express agent, ,

Vaughan, Amos, Crary's Mill, Farmer, 25,

Wainwright, Matthew, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 114,

Wait, Allen, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Wait, Marvin R., Canton, Farmer, 120,

Walker, Seymour T., Hermon, Farmer, 82,

Wallace, Edwin , Canton, Farmer, 62,

Wallace, Henry , Canton, Prop of saw mill, manuf of cheese boxes, wheelwright and farmer, 22,

Wallace, Hugh, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 75,

Wallace, Orson, Canton, Landholder and capitalist, ,

Wallace, Solomon, Canton, Prop of boarding house and mechanic - Park Street, ,

Walrath, Harriet (widow), Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 65,

Walrath, Stephen Z., Canton, Farmer, 170,

Ward, Daniel B., Canton, Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 5,

Warner, E. , Canton, Horse dealer and farmer - Gouverneur Street, 40,

Warner, Henry W., Canton, Farmer, 150,

Watson, Wm, Canton, Farmer, ,

Weller, David H., Canton, Constable, residence - Pine Street, ,

Wells, J. O., Crary's Mill, Farmer, 90,

Wells, Xury, Morley, Retired blacksmith and farmer, 70,

Wheater, Paul F., Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 82,

Wheelock, W. , Canton, J. R. Howard & Co., ,

Whipple, Matthew A., Morley, Farmer, 128,

Whipple, Robert A., Morley, Mechanic and Farmer, ,

White, Chauncey L., Canton, Luman White & Co., ,

Whitney, D & B, Morley, Manufs of Butter tubs, ,

Whitney, Erasmus, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 165, Front Street

Whitney, Isaac, Morley, Cooper , ,

Whitney, I. H., Morley, Billiard room and farmer, 40,

Whitney, James C., Morley, General merchant, prop of saw mill and 52 acres, ,

Whitney, J. D., Canton, Whitney Bros., ,

Whitney, L. H., Canton, Whitney Bros., ,

Williams, C., Canton, Chair Mauf, ,

Williams, E. S., Canton, Farrier and carpenter, ,

Williams, James, Hermon, Farmer, 175, Leases

Williams, Leslie A., Canton, Carpenter w/ William, ,

Williams, Wililam T., Canton, Farmer, 41,

Willson, Davis , Canton, LaSell Bros & Co, ,

Willson, Ezekiel, Canton, Willson & Ellsworth, ,

Wilson, Elisha R., Canton, Farmer, 148 1/2,

Wilson, John, Canton, Farmer, 100,

Wilson, Robert , Morley, Farmer, 121,

Wilson, R. S., Canton, Farmer, 185,

Wilson, Wm B., Canton, Farmer, 67,

Wilstrop, Robert, Rensselaer Falls, Farmer, 80,

Witherbee, Luther B., Morley, Retired tanner & farmer, 162,

Witherbee, R. M., Morley, Prop of Tannery, ,

Wohlforth, Julius, Rensselaer Falls, Real Estate Broker, ,

Wood, David H., Canton, David Wood & Son - Farmer, 155,

Wood, Dennis, Canton, Farmer, 180,

Wood, Edmund, Canton, Farmer, 80,

Wood, John, Canton, Farmer, 30,

Wood, Marcellus T., Canton, David Wood & Son , ,

Woodbridge, E. G., Canton, Farmer, 570,

Woodcock, Daniel, Canton, Farmer, 200,

Woodcock, J. B., Canton, Farmer, 50,

Woodruff, Wm E., Canton, Marble Dealer - Hodskin Street, ,

Woods, Alfred, Hermon, Farmer, 88,

Worden, Wm, DeKalb Junction, Farmer, 40,

Wright, Henry L., Morley, Tinsmith, ,

Wright, James S., Morley, Wright & Hurst, ,

Wright, Pliny, Canton, Farmer, 25, Main Street

Wright, S. E., Canton, Geo. E. Champlin & Co, ,

Wright, Wm G., Canton, Farmer, 96,