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Brasher Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres, Comments

Amo, Henry, Massena, Farmer, 124,

Amo, Leroy, Massena, Farmer, 123,

Andrews, Thomas, Massena, Farmer, 30,

Arne, Louis, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 10,

Ashton, Wm H., Brasher Falls, Carriage Manufacturer, ,

Avare, Disciple, Helena, , ,

Babcock, Wm H., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 19,

Bacon, Lorenzo D., Brasher Falls, Carpenter & Farmer, 40,

Baker, Alexander W., Brasher Falls, General Blacksmith, ,

Barlow, Charles, Helena, Farmer, 200,

Barlow, John, Helena, Farmer, 109,

Barlow, Wilson B., Brasher Iron Works, Prop. Of Barlow's Machine Shop, ,

Barry , Edward, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 80,

Bary, Christopher, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 4,

Beeman, Joseph, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 100,

Bell, Alanson, Massena, Farmer, 50,

Bell, Benjamin, Massena, Farmer, 149,

Bell, Ira, Brasher Falls, Davis & Bell, ,

Bell, Lawrence, Massena, Farmer, 49,

Bell, Michael, Massena, Farmer, ,

Bell, Oliver, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 160,

Bell, Padon, Massena, Farmer, , with Benjamin

Bell, Waren, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 250,

Bero, Alexander A., Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Road Commisioner & Farmer, 250,

Berry, George, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 150, with L.

Blanchard, W.S., Helena, Webb & Blanchard, ,

Blatchley, Lorenzo , Brasher Falls, Farmer, 56,

Bradley, Abraham, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 300,

Breming, Patrick, Helena, Farmer, 55,

Brinning, Mrs. M., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 40,

Broderic, David, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 150,

Broderic, Wm , Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 180,

Brown, George, Brasher Iron Works, Manager Brasher Iron Works, ,

Buck, Alanson D., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50,

Buck, Moses H., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 40,

Bump, Betsy, Helena, Farmer, 44,

Burgardt, Alpheus, Helena, Farmer, ,

Burk, Mrs. J., Helena, Farmer, 50,

Burke, Patrick, North Lawrence, Farmer, 156,

Burke, Patrick, Helena, Farmer, ,

Burns, John, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Burns, John 1st, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 50,

Burns, John 2nd, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 67,

Burns, Michael, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 200,

Burns, Patrick, Brasher Falls, Farmer, , Leases

Butler, John, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 250,

Butler, Loren A., Brasher Falls, Mason, ,

Butler, Samuel, Massena, Farmer, 140,

Canton, Peter, Massena, Farmer, 74,

Capell, Wm P., Brasher Falls, Cabinet Maker, ,

Cardinal, Eli, Helena, General Blacksmith, ,

Carl, Wm, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Carney, John, Massena, Farmer, 50, Leases of Horace Walt

Carrol, Wm, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Carter, Jerry, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 280,

Carter, Luther M., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 70,

Carter, Mrs, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50,

Cartey, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 80, Leases of Mrs. Lary

Carvill, Edward, Helena, Farmer, 60,

Carvill, James, Helena, Farmer, 150,

Carvill, John, Helena, Farmer, 102,

Cary, Mrs. M., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 120,

Castle, David, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Castle, Henry, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Castle , John, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Chaffee, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 80,

Chaffee, Nelson J., North Lawrence, Farmer, 60,

Chaffee, Warren, North Lawrence, Farmer, 60,

Chagnon, Louis P., MD, Brasher Falls, Physician & Surgeon, ,

Chambers, Charles, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 147,

Chambers, Charles Jr., Brasher Falls, Farmer, , with Charles

Chambers, George, North Lawrence, Farmer, 250,

Chambers, George, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 100,

Chambers, Mrs. J., North Lawrence, Farmer, 80,

Chambers, Mrs. L., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 220,

Chambers, Samuel, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 109,

Chambers, Mrs. Thomas, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 130,

Champaine, Charles, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 80,

Cheney, Uriah, Brasher Falls, Tanner, Currier & Shoe dealer, ,

Clark, Thomas, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 137,

Clark, Wm, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 116,

Clarke, Solomon, Brasher Falls, Carpenter & Farmer, 31,

Cocklin, Mrs. Ann, North Lawrence, Farmer, 150,

Colens, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 150,

Coller, William, North Lawrence, Farmer, 80,

Colter, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 160,

Compo, Prosper, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Connor, John, North Lawrence, Farmer, 150,

Cooper, Miss Elizabeth, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Cooper, Mrs. Polly, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 2,

Cotter, Daniel, North Lawrence, Farmer, 80,

Cotter, Michael, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, , with Patrick

Cotter, Patrick, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 625, Leases of Daniel Hoag

Cotter, Sylvester, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Coughlin, Henry, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Cox, Wm H., Brasher Falls, Grocer & Fruit Dealer, , Main Street

Crowley, Dennis, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Crowley, Patrick, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Curia, Joseph, Massena, Farmer, 98,

Curia, Mitchell, Massena, Farmer, 69,

Curia, Peter, Massena, Farmer, 69,

Curns, Martin, North Lawrence, Farmer, 80,

Currier, Hugh, Helena, Farmer, 147,

Curtis, Lafayete, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 125,

Curtis, Lafayette, Massena, Farmer, 125,

Curtis, Otis, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 80,

Curtis, Wm, Brasher Falls, Prop of Curtis Mills, Dealer in Cattle & Farmer, 1600,

Cuyrea, Mitchell, Massena, Farmer, 75,

Dailey, Stephen, Massena, Farmer, 103,

Daley, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 239,

Daley, Patrick, North Lawrence, Farmer, 100, Leases

Danaher, Wm, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 70,

Davis, Cyrus, Brasher Falls, Davis & Bell, ,

Davis, Mrs. H., North Lawrence, Farmer, 35,

Dawson, Asa, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 87,

Dawson, Michael, Helena, Farmer, 172,

DeClaire, Alexander , North Lawrence, Carpenter , ,

Delosh, Wm, North Lawrence, Farmer, 100,

Desmond, John, Brasher Falls, Groceries & Liqours, ,

Desmond, Timothy, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 100,

Dimond, Alexander , Brasher Falls, Farmer, 160,

Dishaw, Joseph, North Lawrence, Farmer, 60,

Dishaw, Joseph, Brasher Falls, Foreman in Taylor's Sweeper Moulding Works, ,

Dishaw, Wm, Helena, Farmer, 55,

Donily, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 78,

Donnelly, John, Massena, Farmer, 26,

Donovan, Patrick, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Donvam, Daniel, Helena, Farmer, 100, Leases

Drean, Marcus, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 183,

Drew, George M., Brasher Falls, Brick yard & Farmer, 60,

Dullea, Maurice, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 103,

Eldridge, Alonzo & John, Helena, Props of Helena Saw & Shingle Mills, ,

Eldridge, John, Helena, Farmer, 15, Leases of Mrs. M. Loney

Eldridge, Joseph W., Helena, Mason & Farmer, 60,

Eldridge, Wm, Helena, Farmer, 102,

Ellsworth, Herbert R., Brasher Falls, Ellsworth & Wells, ,

Evans, Henry, Brasher Falls, Carpenter , ,

Fayette, Frank, Massena, Farmer, 150,

Fayette, Frank Jr., Massena, Farmer, , with Frank

Fenton, Dennis, Massena, Farmer, 50,

Fern, John G., Brasher Iron Works, Prop of Union Hotel & Machinist, ,

Fletcher, Calvin, Helena, Fletcher & Hamlin-Merchant & Notary Public, ,

Flint, Denison A., North Lawrence, Farmer, 27,

Flint, Edwin, Brasher Falls, Cooper & Farmer, 25,

Flint, George , North Lawrence, Farmer, 55,

Flint, Waldo, North Lawrence, Distiller of Herbs etc & farmer, ,

Foly, Jerry, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 50,

Foly, Patrick, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 100,

Ford, Terance, Massena, Farmer, 175,

Forkey, , Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Forsyth, Robert, Helena, Farmer, 240,

Foy, Frank, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 200,

Frasher, Collin, Helena, Poor master, prop of Helena Mills & farmer, ,

French, Mrs. H.E., Brasher Falls, Milliner, ,

Gadbaugh, Joseph, Massena, Farmer, 26,

Gaffney, Thomas, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Gamell, Louis, Massena, Farmer, 98,

Gardner, Antwine, Brasher Iron Works, Carpenter & Farmer, 75,

Gibbs, Lewis, Helena, Farmer, 80,

Gillon, James, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 28,

Gillon, James Jr, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Gillon, Michael, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Goodwin, Rev Wm C, Brasher Falls, Pastor ME Church, ,

Gout, Joseph, Massena, Farmer, 74,

Graffin, Arthur, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 150,

Gray, A & J, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, , With Mrs. F.

Gray, Mrs. F., Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Gray, Frank, Massena, Farmer, 70,

Gray, Joseph, Massena, Farmer, 225,

Griffin, Henry, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 550,

Griffin, Timothy, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 145, Leases of Ira Wright

Griffin, Timothy, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50,

Grow, Robert, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Carriage Maker & Farmer, 100,

Guoit, Joseph, Massena, Farmer, 69,

Hall, James, Helena, Farmer, 400, with John

Hall, John, Helena, Farmer, 400, with James

Hall, Lucius C., Brasher Falls, Manuf & dealer in improved cylinder pumps & waterpipe & farmer, 10,

Hall, Nelson, North Lawrence, Farmer, 66,

Hall, Thomas H., Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Cooper & Farmer, 91,

Hamilton, Mrs. M., Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 40,

Hamlin, Wm A., Helena, Fletcher & Hamlin-postmaster & merchant, ,

Hamill, Geo., Helena, Farmer, 76,

Hamill, John, Helena, Retired Farmer, ,

Harington, Christopher, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 40,

Harley, Dennis, Massena, Farmer, 100,

Hart, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 75,

Hart, Patrick, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Hayward, Wm , North Lawrence, Farmer, 50,

Herns, M.J., Brasher Falls, Furniture Dealer, ,

Herriman, Simeon B., Brasher Falls, Traveling agent for I.W. Skinner's Iron Works, ,

Hillyard, Elijah, Massena, Farmer, 180,

Hilyard, Stephen, Massena, Farmer, 150,

Holcomb, Alvah, Helena, Farmer, 145, Leases of David Nevin

Holcomb, Edward G., Brasher Iron Works, Apiarian, carpenter & Farmer, 225,

Holcomb, Theron H., Brasher Falls, Draughtsman, architect & wood machinist, ,

Holmes, Hardin, North Lawrence, Farmer, 5,

Horne, Thomas, Massena, Farmer, 92,

Houghton, Horace, Helena, Farmer, 233,

Hubbard, Mrs. M.E., Brasher Falls, Dress Maker, , Mill Street

Hulbard, Henry M., Brasher Falls, General Merchant, ,

Hulbird, Calvin T., Brasher Falls, Farmer & Supt of U.S.P.O New York, ,

Hurley, Daniel, North Lawrence, Farmer, 90, Leases of F. Crowley

Hurley, Dennis, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50,

Hurley, John, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100, Leases of J. Carley

Hurley, John 2nd, Brasher Falls, Groceries & Liquors, ,

Hurley, Wm, Helena, Farmer, 126,

Jacobs, Joseph A., Helena, Farmer, 400,

Jasmar, Joseph, Helena, Prop of Cottage House, ,

Jennings, Geo., Brasher Falls, Agent for Wm Curtis, ,

Jennings, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 154,

Johnson, Alexander, Helena, Farmer, , with Mrs. J.

Johnson, Charles, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 52,

Johnson, Henry F., Helena, Farmer, 214,

Johnson, Isaac, Helena, Farmer, 200,

Johnson, Mrs. J., Helena, Farmer, 56,

Jones, Thomas, Helena, Lime Manufacturer and Farmer, 2,

Keenan, Barnard, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 199,

Keenan, Patrick, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 132,

Kennehan, Patrick E., Brasher Falls, Machinist, ,

Kibbe, Linus, Helena, Farmer, 97,

Kiggin, Geritt, Massena, Farmer, 35,

Kineyon, Patrick, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 100,

Kingston, Geo., Brasher Falls, G & J Kingston, ,

Kingston, John, Brasher Falls, G & J Kingston, ,

Kinne, Thomas T., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 260,

Kinne, Thoms T. Jr, Brasher Falls, Teacher and Farmer, , with Thomas T.

Knapp, Adam, Helena, Farmer, 75, Leases of Mrs. A. Wilson 27

LaClaire, James, Helena, Farmer, 55,

LaClaire, Jerry, Helena, Farmer, 50,

LaClare, Evangelist, Helena, Farmer, , Leases

LeClare, Peter, Helena, Farmer, , Leases

Lacomb, Peter, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Lacombe, Peter, Helena, Farmer, 75,

Lang, James, Massena, Farmer, 125,

Lang, Lewis C., Brasher Falls, Lawyer & Commercial Broker, ,

Lantry, Barnaby, Helena, Supervisor & Farmer, 320,

Lantry, Henry, Massena, Farmer, , Leases

Lantry, Hnery W., Helena, Farmer, 320,

Larouse, Louis, Helena, Farmer, ,

Larouse, S., Helena, Farmer, ,

Lary, John 2nd, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Lashomb, John, Helena, Farmer, 25,

Lashomb, Louis, Helena, Farmer, , with Peter

Lashomb, Peter, Helena, Farmer, 190,

Laschomb, Peter Jr., Helena, Farmer, 100,

Lautry, Henry, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 165,

LaVare, John, Helena, Farmer, 17,

Laveck, Martin, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 13,

Lavere, John Jr, Helena, Farmer, 90,

Leach, John, Massena, Farmer, 100, Leases

Leahy, John, North Lawrence, Prop of Shingle & saw mills and Farmer, 56,

Leary, Humphrey, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Leary, Jeremiah, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 85,

Leary, John, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 75,

Lee, Richard, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 25,

Leshamb, Edward, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Leshand, Frank, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Listen, Nicholas, Helena, Farmer, 175,

Lone, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 30,

Lorden, Thomas, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 200,

Lorden, Wm, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Luscie, Charles, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 60,

Lynch, Michael, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 140,

Lyon, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 92,

Macan, John, Massena, Farmer, 50,

Maddan, Mrs. R., Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 157,

Mahanny, Dennis, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 150,

Mahar, James, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 60,

Mahoney, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 30,

Mahoney, Mrs. J., Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 48,

Mahoney, Timothy, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 150,

Maley, Daniel, Brasher Iron Works, Molder & farmer, ,

Malone, Mrs. B., Massena, Farmer, 25,

Malott, Paul, Brasher Falls, Stone mason & farmer, 55,

Mararity, Thomas, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 300,

Marsh, Isaac R., Brasher Falls, Farmer, , with Nathan

Marsh, Nathan, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 88,

Mason, Isaac , Brasher Falls, Shoe maker, ,

Mayfield, Joseph, Helena, Farmer, 130,

Mayfield, Joseph Jr., Helena, Farmer, 93,

McCartey, Hincley, North Lawrence, Cooper, ,

McCarty, Timothy, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 200,

McClellan, Mrs. I, Helena, Farmer, 80,

McClellan, Mrs. T., Helena, Farmer, 40,

McDonald, Benjamin, Helena, Farmer, 4,

McDonell, Angus, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer & late manager for I.W. Skinner, 197, Property for sale

McGee, Geo., Helena, Farmer, 80,

McGrego, Joseph, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 33,

McIntyre, Patrick, Helena, Farmer, 181,

McKane, Randall, Helena, Farmer, ,

McKane, Wm, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

McNulty, Michael, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 55,

Mechean, , Helena, Farmer, ,

Miller, Daniel, Massena, Farmer, 76,

Miner, Frank, Brasher Falls, Cabinet Maker with M.J. Hern, ,

Mitchaells, Michael, Massena, Farmer, 97,

Mitchell, Joseph, Massena, Farmer, 28,

Monro, Michael, Helena, Farmer, 50,

Morris, Hugh, Brasher Falls, Tailor, ,

Morse, Ira Watts, Brasher Falls, Butcher, dealer in hides, pelts & poultry, ,

Murphy, Alexander, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 126,

Murphy, Timothy, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50, Leases of P. Murphy

Murray, Jas, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 222,

Murray, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 290,

Murray, Patrick, Brasher Falls, Farmer, , with John

Murry, Johanna, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 5,

Murry, John A., Brasher Falls, Groceries and Liquors, ,

Murry, Thomas, Helena, Farmer, 203,

Nevin, David, Helena, Farmer, 1670,

Nickerson, R., Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Nowlan, James, Helena, Assessor & Farmer, 330,

Nowlan, John, Helena, Farmer, 136, & leases 76

Nye, W.H., Brasher Falls, Horse Trainer, ,

O'Brien, Cornelius, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 150,

O'Brien, Daniel, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50,

O'Brien, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 62, leases

O'Brien, Wm., North Lawrence, Farmer, 200,

O'Conner, Daniel, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 225,

O'Conner, James, North Lawrence, Farmer, 50,

O'Donald, Anthony, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 130,

O'Leary, Cornelius, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 250,

O'Leary, Cornelius, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

O'Leary, Cornelius 2d, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

O'Neal, John, Massena, Farmer, 180,

O'Neal, Patrick, Massena, Farmer, 100,

Osgood, Ralph, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 62,

Paden, Joseph, Helena, Farmer, 109,

Palmer, Chas I., Brasher Falls, Manager of Gilbert Tayler & Co's carpet sweeper factory, ,

Patridge, Orin, Brasher Falls, Horse Trainer, ,

Pease, Nelson, Brasher Falls, Mason & Farmer, 75,

Pedin, Joseph, Helena, Cooper & Farmer, ,

Prashand, Marshall, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 80,

Parshaw, George, Brasher Falls, Farmer, ,

Premo, Farnk, Helena, Farmer, 50,

Quenell, Amab, Helena, Farmer, 75,

Quenell, Paul, Helena, Farmer, 200,

Ragean, Mrs. D., Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Ratcherel, Edward, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 200,

Rayme, Louis, Helena, Farmer, 50,

Raymo, Antwine, Helena, Farmer, 80, Leases

Raymo, Hugh, Helena, Farmer, 14, Leases of D. Butler

Raymo, John, Helena, Farmer, 114,

Raymo, Louis, Helena, , ,

Raymond, Abram, Massena, Farmer, 180, Leases of B. Walt

Reynolds, Hugh, Helena, Farmer, 80, Leases of D. Butler

Reynolds, Thomas, Massena, Farmer, 75,

Reynolds, Mrs. T., Massena, Farmer, 50,

Rich, Moses, Brasher Falls, Rich, Stafford & Co., ,

Richards, James A., Helena, Carpenter, joiner & Farmer, 138,

Richards, Samuel, Helena, Farmer, 80,

Richardson, David N., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 111,

Richardson, Milo, Brasher Iron Works, Carpenter & Farmer, 62,

Riley, James, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Riley, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 102,

Riley, Joseph, North Lawrence, Farmer, 47,

Rivers, Mrs. J., Helena, Farmer, 80,

Rivers, Mrs. Mary, Helena, Farmer, 42,

Robear, , Brasher Falls, Farmer, 40,

Rochford, Edward, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, ,

Rochford, James, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 180,

Roper, Wm., Brasher Falls, Lawyer & Assessor, ,

Rubadue, Frank, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 118,

Sabine, Hiram, North Lawrence, Farmer, 50,

Sabourey, Caesar, Brasher Iron Works, Wheelwright & Blacksmith, ,

Sabra, Henry, Brasher Falls, Blacksmith & sawyer for Wm Curtis, ,

Savage, John, North Lawrence, Farmer, 25,

Savage, John, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Savage, Louis, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 50,

Savage, Thomas, North Lawrence, Farmer, 100,

Scanlon, Rev. J.R., Brasher Falls, Pastor of Roman Catholic Church, ,

Schellenger, Luther F., Brasher Falls, Wm Schellenger & Son, ,

Schellenger, Wm. & son, Brasher Falls, Props. Starch factory, wheelwrights, jobbers and farmers, 40,

Schoff, Joseph P., Helena, Farmer, 190,

Scullen, Barney, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 70,

Scullin, Bernard, Brasher Iron Works, Constable and Farmer, 90,

Scullin, James, Helena, Farmer, 170,

Scully, Timothy, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 89,

Sharlow, Alfred, North Lawrence, Farmer, 10,

Sharlow, Hugh, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 100,

Sharlow, Justin, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 10,

Sharlow, Peter, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 80,

Sharlow, Wm, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 35,

Shattock, Horace, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 35,

Shean, Michael, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 43, Leases of T. Shean

Shean, Thomas, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 213,

Sheridan, Wm, Brasher Falls, Miller at Crapser's grist mill, ,

Shoan, Ezra, Massena, Farmer, 38,

Showin, Samuel, Helena, Farmer, 73,

Skinner, Isaac W., Brasher Iron Works, Prop of Brasher Iron Works & Farmer, 1302,

Skinner, John F., Brasher Iron Works, Postmaster & Foreman in I.W. Skinners carpenter & Machine shop, ,

Small, Peter, Massena, Farmer, 68,

Smith, Harrision, North Lawrence, Farmer, 80,

Smith, James, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Smith, Robert W., Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 700,

Sovey, Charles, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 28,

Sovey, Wm, Helena, Farmer, ,

Spaulding, Mark W., Brasher Falls, Spaulding & Ellsworth, ,

Stacy, Andrew, Helena, Farmer, 40,

Stafford, J.P., Brasher Falls, Rich, Stafford & Co, ,

Stark, Ambrose, Brasher Falls, Carpenter, Cooper & Farmer, 103,

Stark, Henry D., Brasher Falls, General Cooper, ,

Stark, John A., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 96, With Ambrose

Stark, J.D., Brasher Falls, Rich, Stafford & Co, ,

Startk, Wm, Brahser Falls, Farmer, 200,

St. Denis, Julius, Brasher Falls, Manuf, and dealer in harness, saddles, whips, lankets, etc, ,

Stephens, Sydney, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 250,

Stevens, Jehiel, Brasher Falls, Surveyor & Farmer, 213,

Stevens, John L., Brasher Falls, Prop Metropolitan Hotel, ,

Stone, Mitchel, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 25,

Sullivan, Daniel, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 113,

Taft, Arba, Massena, Farmer, 132,

Tangenay, Edward, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 100,

Tanner, Edward, North Lawrence, Farmer, 50,

Tanner, Wm, North Lawrence, Farmer, 180, & Leases 100

Taylor, Gilbert & Co, Brasher Falls, J.L.M. Taylor - Manuf of Imperial Carpet Sweeper, ,

Taylor, Henry , Massena, Farmer, 75,

Taylor, Henry F., Brasher Falls, Notary public & insurance agent, ,

Taylor, Isaac W., Massena, Farmer, 75,

Taylor, James G., Brasher Falls, Machinist & Custom Blacksmith, ,

Taylor , J.L.M., Brasher Falls, Gilbert Taylor & Co, ,

Taylor, Richard, North Lawrence, Farmer, 65,

Taylor, Stephen, Massena, Farmer, 75,

Thomas, Isaac W., Brasher Falls, Groceries, boots and shoes, ,

Tinner, Richard, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 60,

Tomey, James, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 37,

Toomey, John, Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, 106,

Toomey, Patrick H., Hogansburgh, Franklin Co., Farmer, , with John

Trevett, John H., Helena, Farmer, 100,

Tucker, Marvin, Massena, Farmer, 50, Leases of E. Phillips

Vaney, Joseph, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 25,

Wagstaff, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 268, Leases

Wait, Byron, Massena, Farmer, 600, Leases of B.M. Hopson

Wait, Downer, Massena, Farmer, 600,

Wait, Horace, Massena, Farmer, 600, Leases of D. Wait

Ward, Daniel H., Helena, Farmer, , Leases

Ward, John, Helena, Farmer, 55,

Ward, Thomas, Brasher Iron Works, Assessor & Farmer, 16,

Watson, Wm, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 10,

Waugh, Rev. J. Leonard, Brasher Falls, Pastor 1st Presb Church, ,

Waugh, Wm J., Brasher Falls, Manuf & dealer in tin, copper, sheet iron, hollow ware & stoves, , Advertisement

Webb, J.W., Helena, Webb & Blanchard, ,

Welkison, Thomas, Brasher Iron Works, Farmer, 13,

Wells, Rev. Alonzo, Brasher Iron Works, Pastor of M.E. Church, ,

Wells, Thomas, Brasher Falls, Postmaster, grocer and job printer, ,

Wells, Wallace H., Brasher Falls, Novelty printing office, confectionery, fruits, etc, ,

Wells, Wallace W., Brasher Falls, Ellsworth & Wells, ,

White, Mrs. F., Helena, Farmer, 75,

White, Mrs. J., Helena, Farmer, 30,

White, Moses, Helena, Farmer, 100,

White, Thomas, Helena, Farmer, 100,

Wilson, Annie, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 27,

Winters, Alonzo, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 200, Leases of Elias Bell

Wood, Benjamin, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 50,

Wood, Warren, Brasher Falls, Surgeon, ,

Worden, Henry, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 187,

Wright, Harlow, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 70,

Wrinn, William, North Lawrence, Farmer, 80,

Youmell, Lewis, Massena, Carpenter & Farmer, 72,