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Stockholm Business Directory - Individuals
From Child's Gazeteer of St. Lawrence County

NOTE: Entries consist of the format specified below, with commas separating the fields. If no entry exists for a field, then there will be no data after that comma. For example, for persons who were NOT farmers, there will be no entry in the farm acres field.

Last, First, Post Office, Occupation, Farm Acres

Adams, Leland A., North Stockholm, Farmer, 180

Adams, Washington, North Stockholm, Retired Farmer, 6

Ainger, Abner C., Stockholm Center, Notary Public and Farmer, 5

Alden, Milo, Stockholm  , Farmer, 76

Alden, Milo W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 40

Aldrich, Stephen I., Southville, Farmer, 5

Aldrich, Stephen I., West Stockholm, Farmer, 5

Allen, Abel, Stockholm, Wheelwright,

Allen, Amos, Stockholm, Blacksmith,

Allen, Oliver  , Stockholm, Farmer, 89

Antes, Duane, Potsdam, Farmer, 300

Austin, Stillman, Stockholm, Farmer, 213

Bacon, Auletus H., Brasher Falls, Farmer, 40

Bailey, Gustavus B., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 110

Baird, Henry, Stockholm, Farmer, 174

Baker, Noah W., Stockholm Depot, Agent for Lake Shore and Great Western Railroads, fruit tree and sewing machine agent and farmer, 1 1/4

Baker, N. W., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 2

Ball, Asa, Southville, Farmer, 25

Ballou, Amos, Stockholm, Farmer, 242

Ballou, Hosea, Stockholm, Farmer, 73

Barrett, John, West Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Bartholomew, Charles L., Potsdam, Farmer, 104

Barton, James, Potsdam, Farmer, 300

Barton, John, Potsdam, Farmer, 150

Beach, Ira B., West Stockholm, Farmer, 140

Beecher, Carlton, Hopkinton, Farmer, 75

Belknapp, Williard P., West Stockholm, Eclectic physician & postmaster,

Belknapp, W. W. W., West Stockholm, Dry goods, groceries, drugs, boots, shoes etc,

Bell, Elias, Stockholm Depot, Bookkeeper and farmer, 406

Bell, Morgan I., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 205

Bemis, John M., Stockholm, Farmer, 86

Benjamin, Nathaniel, Potsdam, Farmer, 72 1/2

Benjamin, William J., West Stockholm, Dealer in live stock and produce and farmer, 70

Benton, Elihu (heirs), Southville, Farmer, 300

Bicknell, Hosea, West Stockholm, Eclectic physician & farmer, 207

Bicknell, Mrs. H. 2d., West Stockholm, Millinery,

Bicknell, Jason, West Stockholm, Farmer, 75

Bicknell, Mrs. K., West Stockholm, Farmer, 12

Blair, Delilah (widow), Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 3

Blodgett, Elijah , Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Blowers, C. Henry, West Stockholm, Manuf. Of the St. Lawrence Stone Lifter and Farmer, 15

Bolton, Thomas H., Stockholm, Insurance agent, teacher of vocal music and farmer, 67

Booth, Stephen B., Stockholm, Prop. Of saw mill, lumber manuf. And farmer, 90

Bradley, James R., North Stockholm, Farmer, 90

Bradley, Samuel, North Stockholm, Retired Farmer,

Bresee, Calvin Baker, West Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Brown, David S., West Stockholm, House, sign and carriage painter, and farmer, 27

Brown, Mary C. (widow), West Stockholm, Farmer, 3

Brown, Moses D., Stockholm Depot, Carpenter & Joiner, cooper and farmer, 50

Brush, Edward L., North Stockholm, Hop raiser & farmer, 111 1/2

Buckley, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 95

Burk, Jerry, Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Burk, Oliver  , Stockholm Center, Farmer, 140

Burnap, B. Newton, Stockholm, General Merchant, town clerk, notary public, postmaster and farmer, 10

Burnap, Calvin S., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 1

Buskirk, Mary A., Southville, Postmistress,

Call, William  , Hopkinton, Hop raiser & farmer, 367

Caroline, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 61

Casey, James, West Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Cashman, Elias, Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Caswell, Martin, Southville, Farmer, 50

Chamberlain, Chester, Stockholm Depot, House, sign and carriage painter ,

Chamberlain, Rev. U. T., Stockholm, Pastor of First Congregational Church,

Chandler, George W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 126

Chapman, Stillman, North Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Chase, Anthony B., North Stockholm, Farmer, 57

Chase, Anthony B. Jr., North Stockholm, Farmer, 30

Chase, Frederick, West Stockholm, Farmer, 150

Chase, Riley, North Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Chellis, Abram, West Stockholm, Farmer, 75

Chellis, Stewart R., West Stockholm, Farmer, 12

Chittenden, Carlos C., Stockholm, Holmes, Chittenden & Co.; Farmer, 295

Chubb, Amos, Southville, Manager of estate of Elihu Benton,

Chubb, Horace, Stockholm, Farmer, 15

Clark, Coridon, West Stockholm, Clark & Stafford,

Clark, Malcolm W., West Stockholm, Farmer, 140

Clark, Samuel, West Stockholm, Farmer, 54 1/2

Clark, William A., West Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Close, Robert, West Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Coats, Henry, West Stockholm, Farmer, 193

Coats, Henry T., West Stockholm, Farmer, 193

Cole, Myron S., West Stockholm, Farmer, 34

Collins, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 40

Constable, Gilbert L., North Stockholm, Farmer, 300

Converse, Elijah , Southville, Farmer, 147

Converse, Francis P., Hopkinton, Farmer, 100

Converse, Jeremiah P., Southville, Farmer, 186

Cook, Cyrus W., North Stockholm, Saw mill, lumber dealer and farmer, 104

Cook, John H., North Stockholm, Prop of saw and shingle mills, and farmer, 80

Cook, Martin D., Stockholm Center, Physician & Surgeon,

Cook, Sarah B. (widow), Stockholm Center, Farmer, 14

Cook, Spence M., North Stockholm, Farmer, 106

Corbin, Cassius R., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 28 1/2

Cotter, Andrew, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 209 1/2

Cotter, William, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 82

Coughalin, Daniel, North Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Coughlin, Timothy, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 74

Covey, David, Southville, Farmer, 275

Covey, Samuel, Southville, Farmer, 275

Crane, Edgar L., Stockholm, Secretary of Farmer's club and (with Lyman) Farmer, 250

Crane, Lyman, Stockholm, Farmer, 250

Crapser, Clarence A., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 1

Crapser, Ebenezer S., Stockholm Depot, General Merchant, manuf. Of lumber, shingles and lath, prop of Brasher Falls custom and flouring mills, supervisor of town and owns 2500 acres,

Crapser, John, Stockholm Depot, Shingle Manuf and farmer, 3 1/2

Crocker, Harriet L. (widow), West Stockholm, Farmer, 12

Crouch, Oscar F., Southville, Farmer, 174

Crowley, Daniel, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 240

Crowley, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 30

Crowley, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 130

Crowley, Timothy, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 80

Crump, Francis  , Potsdam, Farmer, 23

Culver, Lemuel, West Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Currier, Henry C., West Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Currier, John, North Stockholm, Farmer, 1

Currier, John Jr., North Stockholm, Farmer, 4

Curtis, Amasa, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 84

Curtis, Asahel C., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 70

Curtis, James S., North Stockholm, Blacksmith & Farmer, 54

Curtis, John, North Stockholm, Farmer, 75

Curtis, J. Wesley, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 68

Curtis, Libbeus, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 57

Daggett, Ezra O., West Stockholm, Farmer, 35

Dailey, Dennis, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 173

Dailey, Mrs. Margaret, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 22 1/2

Darrow, Jonathan, Stockholm Depot, Hop raiser & Farmer, 57

Davis, Calvin, West Stockholm, Saw mill, lumber dealer and farmer,

Davis, Hiram K., Stockholm Center, Horse dealer and farmer, 55

Davis, Jesse, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 37

Davis, Parley R., West Stockholm, Farmer, 120

Davis, Seebel, Southville, Farmer, 109

Davis, Whiston, Southville, Farmer, 75

Decker, Conrad, Southville, Farmer, 50

Delay, Morris, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 100

Denton, Charles, North Stockholm, Deputy Postmaster and Farmer, 1

Dewey, Albert, Southville, A. Dewey & Son; Farmer, 85

Dewey, Harry J., Southville, A. Dewey & Son; Farmer,

Dike, Alonzo, Stockholm, Millwright, carpenter & farmer, 26 1/2

Dike, Austin L., North Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Dike, Chandler E., Stockholm, Farmer, 43

Dike, Ezra B., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 160

Dike, Joel (estate of), North Stockholm, 127 acres,

Dike, Theron, Stockholm Depot, Blacksmith & Farmer, 25

Dirskell, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 180

Donivan, Dennis, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 120

Donivan, Jeremiah, West Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Donivan, Thomas, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 60

Donohue, Michael, West Stockholm, Farmer, 203

Donovan, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 141

Donovan, Patrick, North Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Doud, George, West Stockholm, Farmer, 124

Doud, Horace, West Stockholm, Farmer, 112

Doud, Isaac A., West Stockholm, Dealer in butter, cheese, and eggs and farmer, 110

Doud, Martin, West Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Doud, Martin D., West Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Doud, Royal W., West Stockholm, Farmer, 112

Dove, William G., West Stockholm, Carpenter & builder,

Drake, Asel, Hopkinton, Farmer, 74

Drake, Isaac  , Stockholm, Physician & surgeon and farmer, 100

Dudy, David, West Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Dunbar, Lysander B., Brasher Falls, Produce dealer and farmer, 52

Dunckler, Lucius, West Stockholm, Farmer, 106

Dunton, Jonathan, Stockholm Depot, Prop of Dunton's Hotel and Farmer, 50

Dunton, Thomas, Stockholm Depot, Physician and Surgeon,

Dustin, Delos D., Southville, Farmer, 100

Dutton, Ira, West Stockholm, Farmer, 130

Dutton, Willard, West Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Dygert, George H., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 68

Dyke, George R., North Stockholm, Farmer, 226

Dyke, Henry M., North Stockholm, Farmer, 84

Dyke, Warren, North Stockholm, Farmer, 226

Egan, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 117

Eldridge, Harvey, Stockholm, Farmer, 1

Elliot, Luther, Stockholm, Constable, collector and farmer, 2

Elliott, Admiral M., Stockholm, Farmer, 238

Elliott, Luther C., Stockholm, Constable and Farmer, 2

Ellis, Franklin V., Potsdam, Farmer, 260

Ellis, Freeman C., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 93

Ellis, Gideon, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 287

Ellord, Dennis, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 60

Ellsworth, Sheridan Z., Stockholm, Farmer, 116

Elmore, Orrin W., Stockholm Depot, Shoe maker,

Elmore, Mrs. Orrin W., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 3

Emerson, Nathan, Stockholm Depot, Retired Farmer, 43

Emery, Charles, Southville, Farmer, 100

Emery, Francis, Southville, Farmer, 130

Emery, Oliver M., West Stockholm, Farmer, 154

Everts, Martin, Hopkinton, Farmer, 72

Farrell, Dennis, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 163

Farwell, Alonzo, West Stockholm, Farmer, 79

Farwell, Franklin  , West Stockholm, Farmer, 51

Farwell, Franklin 2d, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 5

Farwell, Wm, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 1 1/2

Fearl, James, West Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Fenner, Nathan, West Stockholm, Farmer, 40

Ferris, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 35

Fifee, Michael, North Stockholm, Farmer, 98

Finch, Jonathan, West Stockholm, Farmer, 122

Finch, Plinnia W., West Stockholm, Farmer, 2

Fisher, Hannah J. (Widow), Hopkinton, Farmer, 98

Flanders, Enoch B., Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Flanigan, Thomas, Southville, Blacksmith & Farmer, 80

Fletcher, Mrs. Sally, North Stockholm, Farmer, 112

Fletcher, William W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Folsom, David L., West Stockholm, Farmer, 143

Ford, James, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 125

Foster, B. Gilman, West Stockholm, Farmer, 95

Foster, Lyman, Stockholm Center, Dairyman & farmer, 245

Frary, Mrs. Phineas, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 63

French, Levi S., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 155

Fuller, Henry  , Potsdam, Farmer, 60

Fuller, Samuel, Potsdam, Farmer, 87

Fuller, Stephen, West Stockholm, Farmer, 186

Fulton, Robert, Potsdam, Farmer, 133

Gage, Abel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 65

Galusha, Jerome A., West Stockholm, Shoemaker,

Gary, Shepard S., Stockholm, Farmer, 66

Gibson, George N., West Stockholm, Lumber manuf and prop saw mill,

Gibson, James, Hopkinton, Farmer, 165

Gibson, Warren, West Stockholm, prop of West Stockholm Flouring Mill and shingle manuf and farmer, 50

Gillett, Mrs. Keziah, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 25

Gilman, Benjamin S., Hopkinton, Farmer,

Gilman, Mrs. Lydia P., Hopkinton, Farmer, 300

Glidden, George  , Hopkinton, Farmer, 200

Goggin, Francis, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 227

Goodnow, Mrs. Huldah, Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Goodnow, Nathaniel B., Stockholm, Farmer,

Goosyaw, Joseph, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 30

Grandy, Jno, North Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Graves, Henry  , North Stockholm, Farmer, 86

Graves, Orrin D., Stockholm Depot, Harness Maker and carriage trimmer,

Gray, Elon C., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 136

Gray, Milo, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 136

Green, Ira, West Stockholm, Prop of shingle mill, butter tub factory and farmer,

Green, Joseph M., North Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Gregg, William W., Potsdam, Farmer, 10

Griffin, Mrs. Clarissa, West Stockholm, Farmer, 5

Griswold, Jonah B., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 210

Griswold, Joseph N., Southville, Farmer, 210

Griswold, Robert B., Stockholm Depot, Dealer in horses and cattle and farmer, 200

Gurley, William R., West Stockholm, Town assessor and farmer, 120

Hale, Ira, North Stockholm, postmaster, station agent, Knapps Station, land agent and farmer, 600

Hale, Sumner, North Stockholm, Farmer,

Hale, Sumner M., North Stockholm, Justice of the Peace,

Hall, George F., West Stockholm, Physician and surgeon,

Haly, James, West Stockholm, Farmer, 72

Hamilton, Wellington E., Stockholm Depot, Blacksmith  ,

Hamlin, Zepheniah, West Stockholm, Farmer, 40

Hammond, Hiram, West Stockholm, Farmer, 8

Hardy, Henry  , Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Hardy, Jesse W., Stockholm, Farmer, 97

Hardy, Lorenzo, Stockholm, Farmer, 65

Harrington, George W., Southville, Farmer, 250

Harrington, Horace H., Southville, Farmer, 240

Harrington, John, Potsdam, Farmer, 63

Harrington, Joshua B., West Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Harrington, Mrs. Margaret, Southville, Farmer, 100

Harrison, Thomas, Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Hastings, Abner, West Stockholm, Farmer, 30

Hastings, Ira, Hopkinton, Farmer, 216

Hatch, Lewis, West Stockholm, Farmer, 4

Hayes, James, West Stockholm, Farmer, 205

Hayes, John, West Stockholm, Prop of West Stockholm Cheese factory and farmer, 90

Hayes, Michael, West Stockholm, Farmer, 280

Hayes, Patrick (estate of), West Stockholm, 280 acres,

Hays, Henry  , Stockholm Center, Farmer, 39

Hays, Henry J., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 20

Helm, Stephen, Stockholm Depot, Shoemaker & farmer, 15

Heywood, John M., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 1 1/2

Hicks, Aaron, West Stockholm, Farmer, 16

Hicks, Harmon, West Stockholm, Farmer, 10

Hill, Charles, West Stockholm, Brick manuf and farmer, 130

Hill, Mrs. Nellie P., West Stockholm, Farmer, 106

Hill, Ruel, West Stockholm, Farmer, 263

Holcomb, Hiram, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 26

Holmes, Adam J., Stockholm, G & A Holmes; Holmes, Chittenden & Co; Millwright,

Holmes, Benjamin M., Stockholm Depot, Dairyman and farmer, 114

Holmes, Geo H., Stockholm, G & A Holmes; Holmes, Chittenden & Co; carpenter & builder,

Holmes, Jonathan, Stockholm, Farmer, 182

Holmes, Ransom, Stockholm Center, Prop of Hotel,

Holmes, Solomon W., Stockholm, Farmer, 120

Hourihan, James, North Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Hourihan, John, Brasher Falls, Farmer, 125

Hourihan, John B., Stockholm, Farmer, Leases 150

Hoyt, Lucian S., Stockholm, Farmer, 115

Hughs, John, West Stockholm, Farmer, 49

Hulburd, Julius, Stockholm, Farmer, 140

Hulburd, Wesley, Stockholm, Farmer, 190

Huntley, Amos P., West Stockholm, Shoemaker and farmer, 80

Hurley, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 88

Hurley, Jeremiah, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 330

Hurley, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 67

Hurley, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 65

Hutchinson, Mrs. Ellen, West Stockholm, Farmer, 92

Ide, Cassius H., West Stockholm, Saw mill and farmer, 3

Ide, Russell B., West Stockholm, Farmer, 116

Ide, Wm B., West Stockholm, Carpenter & Farmer, 7

Jarvis, Henry, Southville, Farmer, 150 & leases 375

Jenkins, Edmund B., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 225

Jenkins, Elias, Stockholm, Farmer, 115

Jenkins, Jotham, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 330

Jenkins, Rev. Noah E., North Stockholm, Pastor of First Wesleyan Methodist Churches at North Stockholm and East Stockholm,

Jenkins, Wellington  , North Stockholm, Farmer and (w/ David Tryon) prop of saw mill, 33

Jenkins, Wellington W., North Stockholm, Jenkins & Tryon,

Jennings, Adelbert H., Stockholm, farmer (w/ Geo. W), 205

Jennings, George W., Stockholm, farmer (w/ Adelbert H), 205

Jennings, William, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 180

Jones, Elisha, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 114

Jones, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 11

Keefe, David L., Stockholm, Farmer, Leases 160

Kellam, Samuel E., West Stockholm, Farmer, 225

Kellam, Silas, Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Kelly, Catharine (widow), West Stockholm, Farmer, 5

Kelsey, Deloss D., Stockholm Depot, Painter and farmer, 133

Kelsey, Henry G., Stockholm Depot, Farmer , 60 & 195 w/Platt Palmer

Kelsey, James, Stockholm, Farmer, 220

Kelsey, Julius M., Stockholm, farmer, 61 1/2

Kent, Edward, Stockholm, Farmer, 113

Kent, William, Stockholm, Farmer, 103

Kimball, Corydon E., North Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Kimball, Thomas L., North Stockholm, millwright and farmer, 65

King, Rev. Rufus E., West Stockholm, Pastor of M.E. Church,

Kingsbury, Miss Alvira N., Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Kingsbury, Morris A., Stockholm Depot, Dairyman and farmer, 81 1/2

Kingsbury, Willard, Stockholm, Farmer, 140

Kirk, Edwin O., West Stockholm, Farmer, Leases 340

Kirk, Orange, Southville, Farmer, 114

Knapp, Hendrick J., North Stockholm, Farmer, Leases 250

Knapp, Moore R., North Stockholm, Prop saw mill, lumber and shingle manuf., general merchant, hop raiser and farmer, 675

Knapp, Moses, North Stockholm, Farmer, 250

Ladoe, Augustus, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 68

LaFrance, Frank  , Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 22

Lamb, Oliver F., West Stockholm, Farmer, 4

Lane, Sylvester, Stockholm, Farmer, 82

Larabee, Martin C., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 71

Latrace, Henry, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 1

Latrace, Henry Jr., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 1

Lavery, Elihu, Stockholm, Farmer, 82

Lavery, Richard, Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Lenney, Henry, West Stockholm, Farmer, 205

Lewin, Henry, North Stockholm, Farmer, 39

Lewis, Benjamin G., North Stockholm, Farmer, 280

Lewis, David M., North Stockholm, Farmer, 120

Lewis, Hayden H., West Stockholm, Farmer, 95

Lewis, Hiram, North Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Lewis, Lucian R., North Stockholm, music teacher and farmer, 25

Lewis, Shalor A., North Stockholm, Farmer, 90

Lincoln, Lyman, Stockhom Cen, Pump maker, cooper and farmer, 3

Livingston, James N., West Stockholm, Farmer, 106

Livingston, William N., Southville, Farmer, 240

Locke, Alvin, West Stockholm, Farmer, 7

Long, James, North Stockholm, Farmer, 68

Lorden, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer,

Lucy, Mrs. (widow), North Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Lyman, Allen, West Stockholm, Retired Farmer, 31

Lynch, C., West Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Lynch, Dennis, North Stockholm, Farmer, 200

Lynch, Jeremiah, Stockholm, Farmer, 108

Lyons, Timothy, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 225

Lytle, Hiram W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 88 & 26 w/Austin L.

Maginn, John W., West Stockholm, Farmer, 105

Mahoney, Daniel, Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Manning, Willard L., North Stockholm, Telgraph operator and baggage master, Knapps Station,

Manzor, Jewett, West Stockholm, Farmer, 90

March, John, Stockholm, Farmer, 128

Marsh, Edwin O., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 120

Marsh, Lewis, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 133

Marsh, Morgan, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 93

Marsh, Rufus, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 209

Martin, Alfred, Stockholm, Farmer, 40

Mason, Mrs. Lizzie, Southville, Farmer, 115

Mayhew, John L., Southville, Farmer, 375

McAllister, Aaron, West Stockholm, Farmer, Leases

McCarter, James W., Stockholm Depot, Cooper, mason and farmer, Leases 44

McCarthy, Jeremiah, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 200

McCarty, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 50

McCarty, Dennis, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 66

McCarty, Eugene, North Stockholm, Farmer, 140

McCarty, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, leases 60

McClennan, John, Stockholm Depot, carpenter and builder and cabinet maker,

McCollum, James, West Stockholm, Shoemaker and farmer, 11  1/2

McGibbon, Thomas, Stockholm, Shoemaker and farmer, 40

McGovern, James, West Stockholm, Farmer, 149

McIntyre, Abijah, Stockholm, Farmer (w/ Edgar), 130

McIntyre, Clark, Stockholm Depot, Wagon Maker,

McIntyre, Edgar, Stockholm, Farmer (w/ Abijah), 130

Meacham, Albion S., Hopkinton, Farmer, 75 & leases 125

Mears, Harvey R., West Stockholm, Farmer, 6

Mellon, James, North Stockholm, Farmer, 76

Merrill, John, Stockholm , Farmer, 2

Merrill, Lansing D., Southville, Farmer, 118

Merrill, Nelson, Stockholm, Farmer, 109

Merrill, Willie H., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 85

Miller, Calvin  , West Stockholm, Farmer, 271

Miller, Joseph, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 2 1/2

Millis, Rodney J., Potsdam, Farmer, 129

Monroe, Henry, Stockholm Depot, Baggage master,

Moody, Amos C., West Stockholm, Farmer, 75

Morgan, Charles, North Stockholm, Farmer,

Morgan, Dorson D., North Potsdam, Farmer, 140

Morgan, M. H., North Potsdam, Farmer, 140

Morrell, Charles, West Stockholm, Farmer, 10 1/2

Mott, Daniel, North Stockholm, Farmer, 135

Mott, Samantha E., West Stockholm, Milliner and dress maker,

Moulton, Seth, West Stockholm, Carpenter & farmer, 92

Munson, Augustus C., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 120

Munson, Edward, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 120

Munson, Henry, Stockholm Depot, Assessor and farmer, 203

Munson , Wesley, Stockholm Depot, Farmer w/ William,

Munson, William, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 150

Murphy, Jeremiah, North Stockholm, Farmer, leases 50

Murphy, Thomas, North Stockholm, Farmer, 78

Murray, Cornelius, Stockholm, Farmer, 320

Murray, Eber, North Stockholm, Farmer, 10

Nay, Jacob P., Stockholm, Farmer, 126

Needham, Henry K., Potsdam, Farmer, 265

Needham, Humphrey, North Stockholm, Farmer, 130

Nelson, Admiral S., West Stockholm, Farmer, 112

Nelson, Orrin F., West Stockholm, Farmer, 59

Nelson, Roswell, West Stockholm, Farmer, 217

Newell, Isaac W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 90

Newton, Charles W., Stockholm, Farmer, 120

Newton, Luther Lee, Stockholm, Farmer,

Newton , Rev. Orange, Stockholm, Minister Wesleyan Methodist Church at Buck's Corners and farmer, 78

Newton, William R., Hopkinton, Farmer, leases 216

Nichols, Calvin  , Stockholm, Farmer, 91

Nichols, Chauncey, Southville, Farmer, 140

Nichols, Ezra, Stockholm, Farmer, 5 & leases 25

Nichols, Freeman, Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Norrow, Mrs. John, West Stockholm, Farmer, 55

Norton, William H., Stockholm Depot, dealer in live stock and farmer, 297

Nye, John M., West Stockholm, Farmer, 65

Nye, Zenas R., West Stockholm, Farmer, 30

Ober, Fletcher, West Stockholm, Farmer, 180

Ober, James, Southville, Farmer, 150

Ober, Milo H., West Stockholm, Farmer, 56

Ober, Richard K., Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Ober, William, West Stockholm, Farmer, 184

O'Brien, Cornelius, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 266

O'Brien, Jeremiah, West Stockholm, Farmer, 92

Ormsby, Wm., North Potsdam, farmer, 2

Osgood, Ezekiel, North Stockholm, Farmer, 1

Osier, Frank  , Potsdam, Farmer, 35

Page, Francis, Stockholm, Farmer, 76

Page, Joseph, Stockholm, Farmer, 137

Page, Lewis, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 83

Page, Mary, Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Page, Philetus, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 122 - Skinnerville

Palmer, Eli, West Stockholm, Farmer, 14

Palmer, Norman, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 83

Palmer, Platt, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 140 & 195 w/ henry G. Kelsey

Palmer, Mrs. Wealthy, Stockholm Ceneter, Farmer, 10

Parker, Peter, West Stockholm, Farmer, 73

Parmelee, Henry B., West Stockholm, Foreman blacksmith in foundry and machine shop, insurance agent and farmer, 12

Parr, Joel, Stockholm Depot, Machinist and farmer, 65

Parr, William, West Stockholm, Farmer, 57

Patridge, Mrs. Louisa, West Stockholm, Farmer, 12

Peares, Chauncey O., North Stockholm, Farmer, 72

Pease, Abel, Stockholm Depot, Cooper and farmer, 30

Pease, Cyrus M., West Stockholm, Seaver & Pease,

Peet, Charles W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 145

Pelsue, James B., North Stockholm, Farmer, 115

Phelps, heis of Alanson W., Hopkinton, Farmers, 670

Phelps, Edwin O., Hopkinton, Farmer, 135

Phelps, Luman J., Hopkinton, Farmer, 155

Phippen, Amasa, West Stockholm, Farmer, 48 & leases 151

Phippen, Ambrose, Stockholm, Farmer, 160

Phippen, Samuel, West Stockholm, Farmer, 187

Phippen, Warren T., West Stockholm, Farmer, 191

Pinney, Horace, West Stockholm, Farmer, 37

Poulin, N., West Stockholm, Farmer, 25

Preston, George, Stockholm, Farmer, 2 1/2

Prtichard, Daniel W., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 44

Pritchard, George H., Hopkinton, Farmer, 50 & leases of Lorenzo Atwell 100

Quintal, Felix, West Stockholm, Wagon Maker,

Ragan, William, West Stockholm, Farmer, 160

Raimo, Martin C., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 136

Reddington, Wm L., North Stockholm, Farmer w/ Wm W., 78

Reddington, Wm W., North Stockholm, Farmer w/ Wm L., 78

Reed, Edgar, Stockholm, Farmer, 35

Reed, James W., Stockholm, Farmer, occupies 50

Reeve, Benjamin G., Hopkinton, Farmer, 148 & w/ R. Erastus 37 1/2

Reeve, R. Erastus, Hopkinton, Farmer, 7 & w/ Benjamin 37 1/2

Reeve, S. Milton, Hopkinton, Farmer, 75

Remington, Aurelius, West Stockholm, Farmer, 4

Reynolds, Augustus  , Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Rhodes, Rufus, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 33

Richey, Alonzo T., Stockholm Depot, Station Agent, Stockholm Depot (Brasher station) O&LCRR telgraph operator, agent for US & Canada Express Co and Farmer, 55

Richie, Oliver F., North Stockholm, Shoemaker and farmer,

Rice, Cornelius, Stockholm, Farmer, 125

Riggs, Aaron, Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Riggs, Ashley S., Stockholm, Farmer, 1

Riggs, Calvin  , Stockholm, Farmer, leases 30

Riggs, Eli, Stockholm, Farmer w/ Jehiel,

Riggs, Jehiel, Stockholm, Farmer, 120

Riggs, John, Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Rockwood, Levi, West Stockholm, Farmer, 47

Rockwood, Orton, West Stockholm, Farmer, 30

Rogers, Samuel Jr., North Stockholm, Farmer, 75

Rose, A. J., West Stockholm, Farmer, 133

Rose, Daniel P., West Stockholm, Farmer, 300

Ross, Roswell, North Stockholm, blacksmith and farmer , 1 - Knapps Station

Salls, heis of Henry, Stockholm Depot, Farmers, 80

Sampson, Royal L., Southville, Farmer, 40

Sanford, Norman J., North Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Sautry, Wm, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 177

Sawin, Jesse P., West Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Schellenger, Reuben R., Stockholm, Carpenter and Farmer, 34

Scott, Alfred, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 27

Scribner, Edward, North Stockholm, farmer, 5

Scullen, Miss Kate, Stockholm Depot, Milliner,

Seargent, Albert, Stockhom Center, Farmer, leases 35

Searles, Josiah, Stockholm, Farmer, 108

Seaver, Bemsley, Southville, Farmer, 126

Seaver, Parley, West Stockholm, Seaver & Pease,

Seaver, William, Potsdam, Farmer, 49

Selleck, Truman M., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 120

Sever, John, Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Shampine, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 44

Shampine, Joseph, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 25

Shaw, Daniel, Stockholm Depot, Lumer manuf. And justice of the peace,

Shaw, Eli M., Stockholm Depot, Postmaster,

Shaw, Frank  , North Stockholm, Farmer,

Shaw, Lucy, North Stockholm, Farmer, 40

Shaw, Peter, North Stockholm, Farmer, 25

Sheehan, Edward, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 56

Sheldon, Alfred, Stockholm, Farmer, 175

Sheldon, George W., Stockholm, Farmer, leases 175

Silsby, Mrs. Hannah M., Stockholm, Farmer, 55

Simmons, Linas, West Stockholm, Farmer, 36

Smith, Albert, North Stockholm, Hop grower and farmer, 148

Smith, Carlton, West Stockholm, Prop of foundry and machine ship, manuf of the St. Lawrence Rock Lifter and farmer, 118

Smith, Electa (widow), Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Smith, Gaius A., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 42 1/2 - Skinnerville

Smith, George C., Stockholm Depot, M.D. & G. C. Smith, Farmer, 7

Smith, Harry F., West Stockholm, Farmer, 312

Smith, Mrs. Lorain, North Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Smith, Lorenzo R., Stockholm Depot, Wagon maker, blacksmith, 107 - Skinnerville

Smith, Marvin D., Stockholm Depot, M.D. & G. C. Smith, Farmer, 125

Smith, Silas  , West Stockholm, Machinst and patentee of the St. Lawrence Rock Lifter,

Smith, Wallace, West Stockholm, Farmer, 1

Soule, Bradley S., West Stockholm, Farmer, 3

Squirer, Lucy A., West Stockholm, Farmer, 2

Stafford, Robert S., West Stockholm, Clark & Stafford,

Staples, Luther, Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Stearns, Abel H., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 58

Stearns, Benjamin H., Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 56 and leases 96

Stearns, Chloe A., Stockholm Depot, late Shaw Stearns & Co,

Stearns, Henry W., Stockholm Center, Post master, general merchant and farmer, 4

Stearns, Jonathan W., Stockholm Center, Blacksmith, farmer, 12 1/2 and 96 in Brasher

Stearns, Omar P., Stockholm Depot, S.H. & O.P. Stearns,

Stearns, Ralph P., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 160

Stearns, Spencer H., Stockholm Depot, S.H. & O.P. Stearns,

Stedman, Frederick C., West Stockholm, Butcher and farmer, 27

Steinberge, Artimus, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 75

Steinberge, Emanuel, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 5 1/2

Stewart, Gawn, Potsdam, Farmer, leases 133

Stickney, James W., Stockholm Depot, Hop Raiser and farmer w/ Nelson, 184

Stickney, Nelson, Stockholm Depot, Hop Raiser and farmer w/ James W., 184

Stoddard, Ashman, Stockholm, Farmer, 25

Stoddard, Silas, Stockholm, Farmer, 51

Strait, S. Satterlee, West Stockholm, Mail carrier and farmer, 20

Streeter, Benjamin, North Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Streeter, Edgar, North Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Streeter, Simeon S., North Stockholm, Farmer, 110

Strong, James C., Stockholm Center, Farmer, leases 108

Stuart, Samuel, Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Sullivan, Cornelius, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 160

Sullivan, John, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 50

Sutherland, Ephraim, West Stockholm, blacksmith and farmer , 2 1/2

Taggart, James, Stockholm, Farmer, 210

Tambling, Cyren W., Stockholm , Farmer, 265 & leases of Coryden L. 76

Tambling, Judson, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 50

Taylor, Adolphus H., Stockholm Depot, harness Maker,

Taylor, Caleb, West Stockholm, Farmer,

Taylor, James H., Stockholm, Farmer, 96

Taylor, John, West Stockholm, boot and shoe maker and farmer, 4

Taylor, Orrin, Stockholm Depot, prop. Of tannery and shoe maker - Skinnerville,

Taylor, Thomas, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 145

Taylor, William, Potsdam, Farmer, 80

Tearl, William, West Stockholm, Groceries and Dry Goods - Grass Street,

Thatcher, Carlos M., Stockholm, Dairyman and farmer, 237

Thompson, Anthony, Southville, Farmer w/ John S., 460

Thompson, Henry, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 124

Thompson, John S., Southville, Justice of the peace and farmer with Anthony, 460

Thompson, Samuel, Southville, Farmer, 80

Thompson, William, Stockholm, Blacksmith,

Thurston, Daniel, Stockholm, Cooper  ,

Thurston, Mrs. Daniel, Stockholm, Farmer, 12

Tilden, Isaac F., Stockholm, Prop and manuf of Dr. Best's cough mixtrue and Tilden's Anti-pain compound,

Tracy, Norman  , Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 50

Trask, John P., Hopkinton, Farmer, 167

Trussell, Moses, Stockholm, Farmer, 66

Tryon, David, North Stockholm, Jenkins & Tyron - groceries & provisions and farmer, 6

Tucker, Archibald S., West Stockholm, Justic of the peace and farmer, 30

Tucker, Miss Lois, Stockholm, Farmer, 30

Tucker, Thomas H., Stockholm Center, Farmer, 30

Tupper, Franklin, Southville, Pump maker and farmer, 50

Tupper, Samuel, Southville, Farmer, 39

Turner, Jeremiah, West Stockholm, Farmer, 40

Turner, Mrs. Martha, West Stockholm, Farmer, 90

Tyron , Benjamin, North Stockholm, Farmer, 47

Vance, Isaac P., West Stockholm, Tin, copper and sheet iron ware, glass and hardware,

Varney, Alvin, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, leases 4

Varney, Edgar, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 10

Wadleigh, Willard C., West Stockholm, Farmer, 100

Wadsworth, William, North Stockholm, Farmer, 70

Wait, Warren Z., West Stockholm, Saw and shingle mills and farmer, 200

Walsh, Michael, West Stockholm, Farmer, 105

Ware, Benjamin, North Stockholm, Farmer, 133

Ware, Franklin W., North Stockholm, Farmer, 136

Wares, Horace, Stockholm Center, Farmer, 25

Weaver, David, Stockholm Depot, Farmer, 20

Webster, Alvah P., Stockholm, A. P. Webster & Son - Farmer, 400

Webster, Mrs. Alva P., Stockholm, Owns 55 acres,

Webster, Benjamin H., Stockholm, Farmer with Alvah P.,

Webster, Henry S., Stockholm, A. P. Webster & Son  ,

Webster, Willard W., Stockholm, Farmer, 125

Wellen, John, Stockholm, Farmer, 20

Wellington, Levi W., West Stockholm, Manuf. Of cheese boxes and butter tubs, wheelwright and blacksmith,

Wert, Henry, Hopkinton, Farmer, 2

Westurn, Thomas, Southville, Farmer, 200

Wheelock, Levi D., Stockholm, Farmer, 77

Wheelock, Levi D., Stockholm, Farmer, 85

White, Andrew, Stockholm, Farmer, 87

Whitney, Paul, North Stockholm, Farmer, leases 36

Wigmore, Daniel, West Stockholm, Farmer, leases 180

Wilbur, Anson, North Stockholm, Farmer, 80

Wilder, Mrs. E. L. (widow), Southville, Farmer, 69

Wilkins, Riley E., North Stockholm, dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions and farmer, 3 - Knapps Station

Williams, Hiram N., Brasher Falls, Farmer, leases 113 of William Woodward

Williams, Selden, West Stockholm, Farmer, 60

Willis, Marietta, Hopkinton, Farmer, 30

Wilson, Loyal, West Stockholm, Shoemaker  ,

Wilson, William, North Stockholm, Farmer, 109

Winchester, Holland, North Stockholm, Farmer, 50

Wire, Lewis H., Southville, Farmer, 176

Woolcot, Perry, Stockholm, Farmer, 35

Wolcott, Pomeroy, North Stockholm, Carpenter and Farmer, 1

Wolcott, William, Stockholm, Farmer, 33

Woodward, William W., Stockholm, Farmer, 113

Yoda, Frank, North Stockholm, Farmer, 31