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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Stockholm, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 2 separate enumeration districts for Stockholm which you may view individually if you wish.

Stockholm, Enumeration Dist 222
Stockholm, Enumeration Dist 222 - part 2
Stockholm, Enumeration Dist 223

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Backwood, James H.
Barzee, James H.
Benjamin, Edgar
Bockwood, Levi
Brown, George M.
Brown, Mary C.
Bumbard, Bud
Bylow, Elizabeth
Campbell, John
Cashman, Westley F.
Chase, Anthony B.
Chase, Riley
Cobb, Harriet L.
Cole, Myron S.
Conger, Lucinda *.
Conger, Rubert
Coon, Jotham A.
Corbin, Cashius R.
Crane, Edar L.
Cubbah, Freeman
Curtis, Lyman O..
Dalton, Ira
Dayton, Eli
Dike, Ezra B.
Dove, William G.
Edwin Blatchley
Elard, Dennis
Felton, Milo A.
Felton, R* R.
Finch, Silas
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, Warren
Grandy, Almira H.
Grandy, Levi B
Griswold, Robert B.
Hale, Calvin F.
Hamlin, John V.
Hammond, Hiram C.
Hatch, Lewis
Heywood, Ephraim
Hicks, William
Huntley, Amos P.
Kelsey, Julius M.
Kimball, Thomas L.
Kimballl, Emily T.
Ladue, Augustus
Letrace, Edward
Lewis, Lucian R.
Long, James
Martin, Robert
McCullum, James C.
Moses, Hiram
Nichols, William A.
Ober, James
Ormsby, William A.
Page, Alonzo Z.
Page, Lewis 2nd
Pal, Charles W.
Parr, William
Porter, Charles H.
Quinta, Felix
Reed, Charles E.
Robinson, Charles H.
Robinson, Emma E.
Rogers, Cinderella C.
Rogers, James E.
Scripture, Lorenzo
Selleck, Truman M.
Shampline, George E.
Shoen, Ebenezer
Silsby, Hannah M
Silsby, Riverios N.
Squire, Edward W.
Squire, Lucy A.
Steemburg, Artemus
Streeter, Edgar E.
Strong, James
Tambling, Cyren W.
Taylor, James
Taylor, Thomas
Thurston, Daniel
Tucker, Archibald S.
Turner, * B.
Varney, Edgar
Wadsworth, William
Ware, Benjamin
Welch, Michael
Wendell, Heman H.
Wheelock, Levi D.
Wilkins, Riley E.
Willis, Merrill