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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Russell, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 2 separate enumeration districts for Russell which you may view individually if you wish.

Russell, Enumeration Dist 220
Russell, Enumeration Dist 221

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Aldous, Charles
Aldridge, Erastus
Allen, Asa
Allen, Ira
Allen, William H.
Armstrong, Abner H.
Barber, Ira C.
Blackman, Jacob
Boutwell, Ann
Boutwell, Milo
Bromley, Sylvester
Bullock, William
Burns, LaFayette
Burt, George W.
Cannell, Charles
Carr, Benjamin F.
Chilton, Thomas B.
Clark, Charles R.
Clark, Hiram A.
Clark, Orin R.
Clark, Rollin C.
Clinchman, Christopher
Clinchman, Peter
Clink, George
Cravate, Charles H.
Crawford, James
Davenport, Charles L.
Derby, Ann B.
Derby, Hiry
Derryman, Charles E.
Eggleston, Adelbert
Eggleston, James
Ellwood, William W.
Fairbanks, Jay
Fanning, Vanniah B.
Flanigan, John
Gibbons, Clinton
Gilman, Almon
Hamilton, Jane
Hamilton, John
Hill, Andrew V.
Jenne, Jerome
Johnson, Thomas P.
King, James M.
Mighells, Thurston
Miles, Stephen S. K.
Miller, Milton H.
Milox, Alonzo
Morgan, Asa G.
Mosher, Alanson D.
Mosher, Mary A.
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Peter
Page, William C.
Phelps, George W.
Pool, Caroline E.
Pool, Charles J.
Price, Abalsom
R*nd*ton, Charles D.
Reed, Edgar
Reynolds, Christopher
Roche, James
Roche, Margaret
Rouscher, John
Santway, Henry E.
Sevrance, Benjamin F.
Snell, Jacob
Stafford, Julia A.
Stafford, Kilburn A.
Starbird, Flavius A.
Stockwell, Benjamin
Stockwell, William
Thurston, Norman
Van Brocklin, Henry A.
Van Buren, James
VanOrman, James B.
VanZant, Richard A.
VanZant, William E.
Walker, George W.
Walker, Luman J.
Wethwell, Darins B.
White, Erastus R.
Whitmarsh, Eleazer
Wooley, Alfred A.