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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Norfolk, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 2 separate enumeration districts for Norfolk which you may view individually if you wish.

Norfolk, Enumeration Dist 206 - part 1
Norfolk, Enumeration Dist 206 - part 2
Norfolk, Enumeration Dist 207

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Adam, William
Allen, Heman F.
Baker, Harriet L.
Bartlett, William H.
Bixby, George N.
Bradish, Stephan
Bush, Parley
Bush, Stephen F.
Castle, Daniel Jr.
Christy, John
Clark, Louis
Cloffey, Martin
Curtis, James H.
Davis, Abram H.
Davis, Lucius L.B.
Delosh, John
Delosh, Rose Ann
Dundon, Patrick
Dushaw, Peter
Ellis, Gidcowe W.
Fernett, Ezera
Fuick, John H.
Gibson, John C.
Gillens, Milo G.
Grant, George
Griffin, Levi
Haggett, William L.
Hartford, James
Hudson, Polly
Jesmor, Levi
Jesnion, Charles H.
Johnson, Elijah J.
Johnson, William
Kelley, George P.
Kelley, Jane
Kelley, John
Kennen, Henry
Kimberly, Ransom P.
King, Carroll A.
Kingsbury, Darius
Kingsley, Ira
Kyle, Hugh M.
Leclare, Alexander
Lewis, Henry P.
Lonkey, Francis
Lydamore, John
Margaret Dundon
Marsh, Ruphus H.
McCoy, William
McNamara, John
McNamara, Nancy
Miller, Levi
Mitchell, Joseph
Mitchell, Michael
Mitchell, Sophia
Murten, Sidney H.
O'Brian, John D.
Ouley, Douglas W.
Ouley, Hattie A.
Palmer, Amos W.
Perrey, James T.
Pierce, James M.
Pierce, Jane M.
Pierce, Seymour B.
Porteus, William
Quigley, Patrick
Richardsoe, Alma O.
Richardsoe, Henry E.
Rivers, Charles
Santime, Alfred
Sargent, Albert P.
Sartwell, Angolin M.
Sartwell, Daniel W.
Sartwell, Solomon
Saunders, Martin O.
Sayle, Ambrose E.
Schettell, Joseph
Scott, James
Smith, Joseph
Snickers, Peter
Stockar, Amos
Sullivan, Henry O.
Sutton, Avia A.
Sutton, Mary C.
Tilley, William N.
Trippany, David
Wilkins, Epherem
Wilkins, Harriet D.
Williams, Joseph C.