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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Macomb, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 2 separate enumeration districts for Macomb which you may view individually if you wish.

Macomb, Enumeration Dist 198
Macomb - 2nd Elect Dist, Enumeration Dist 199

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Apple, Harrison
Apple, Jane
Barker, William W.
Bogardus, Edward D.
Bogardus, John E.
Brasie, Henry A.
Bridges, Charles
Charter, Frederick A.
Charter, Stephen J.
Clark, John A.
Cleveland, William D.
Conger, Squire C.
Conroy, Moses B.
Cooper, George
Cross, Anthony
Crossman, Sylvester
Day, David
Day, Lucinda
Dun, James
Elsworth, John
Fetterley, Caroline
Fetterley, Edward
Fieldron, George
Fishbeck, Ephriam F.
Fishbeck, Simeon
Flemming, Walter
Gordon, John
Graves, Daniel
Graves, John H.
Harland, Thomasson J.
House, Norman
Hurst, James
Hutton, James
Ingram, Silas
Jones, William
Knowlton, William W.
Krake, James
Laidlaw, Alexander
Lasher, Oliver
Leary, John
Lee, Morris
Markwick, James
Markwick, Patience
McDougall, James
McSwan, Norman
Moore, Margery
Partridge, Elknah L.
Peck, John J.
Peck, Julia
Peck, Stephen
Petrie, Henry I
Prouse, Fredrick W.
Putman, Jenett S.
Putman, John
Raven, J. Abraham
Reed, Charles
Reed, George E.
Risley, William
Rounds, Andrew
Sayer, Edward
Seymour, Sally
Seymour, Wasson
Sitts, John
Smith, Louis
Snyder, Charles
Starks, Eliza A.
Starks, James
Sterling, Joseph
Storie, David
Storie, James
Storie, Louisa
Streeter, Amos
Truax, Milton
Turner, Elisha R.
Turner, William
Ward, John
Ward, Mary A
Ward, Nathan
Washburn, Alonzo
Washburn, John
Washburn, Lucinda
Washburn, Simeon
Whalen, Patrick
Wilson, Adelbert
Woodward, Richard