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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Lisbon, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 4 separate enumeration districts for Lawrence which you may view individually if you wish.

Lisbon, Enumeration Dist 192
Lisbon, Enumeration Dist 193
Lisbon, Enumeration Dist 194
Lisbon, Enumeration Dist 195

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Bacon, George
Baker, Richard
Ballentine, William J.
Bandy, Ann
Bandy, Frederick
Baxter, David J.
Boyd, Hugh
Briggs, Baron W.
Briggs, Fred B.
Briggs, Grace F.
Burns, Barney
Cavanah, Stephen
Chambers, George M.
Chambers, James
Chambers, Mason S.
Church, Benjamin H.
Clements, David W.
Dailey, Samuel W.
Daily, Custus
Dillingham, Edward C.
Dugan, Michael
Erwin, Agustus H.
Eustis, John
Farden, James
Flack, Harrison
Fleetham, Joseph
Fletcher, Frank A.
Forsythe, William
Gibbons, William
Gorham, Amony H.
Gorham, William
Graham, Alice
Graham, Thomas
Gray, David H.
Gregory, Steven H.
Griffith, Benjamin
Hall, Alexander
Hand, Ida B.
Harper, Thomas
Jenness, Edward
Johnson, William
Laplair, Andrew
Laurance, Leonard
Laurence, Amon
Lavier, William
Lawrence, David
Lawrence, James M.
Little, George
Longely, Richard
Mackey, James
Marder, James
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Fred B.
Martin, Isabel
Martin, John
Martin, Thomas
Matherston, William
McBath, Robert G.
McCarty, Jeremiah
McClusky, Philipp
McCullough, William
McFadden, John S
McKelvy, Alexander
McKelvy, Emma
Morgan, David H.
Morgan, Ellen M.
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, William
Northrup, Nelson
Platt, Obediah C.
Poerter, Thomas
Putman, William G.
Putney, Gordon
Putney, Isaac G.
Robinson, John G.
Robinson, Nathaniel
Robinson, William
Ross, Nancy
Ross, Thomas
Sheenan, John
Simpson, Henry J.
Sproules, David
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, William
Wagner, William H.
Wallace, Mary
Wallace, Wilmont
Watherston, John
White, Lester B.
Woodside, William
Young, Mary