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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Lawrence, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 2 separate enumeration districts for Lawrence which you may view individually if you wish.

Lawrence, Enumeration Dist 190
Lawrence, Enumeration Dist 191

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Bayley, Harry P.
Bayley, Myra L
Blair, Moses
Blake, Azro L.
Blake, Hascal E.
Boland, Herman H.
Breakenridge, James F.
Brickley, Michal
Brownson, James M.
Bugbee, Stanford
Carpenter, Henry
Chaffie, Arnold E.
Chaffie, Nelson
Cheney, Elias
Colledge, Ermina E.
Coolidge, Olvid B.
Cutler, Allen P.
Day, Luther B
Day, Marian S.
Day, Webster D.
Dean, *
Delean, David
Denton, Hiram H.
Dyke, John
Elithorpe, Addie S. E
Fisk, Bateman
Fisk, R. Foston
Fords, Edward
Garley, Betsy
Garley, William
Garrow, David
Gilmore, Richard
Gray, Alexander
Hamlin, Dennis A.
Hart, Andrew
Hasen, Ralph L.
Hill, Ruben
Holmes, Henry H.
Hopkins, Albert B.
Howe, Silas
Hoxie, Edgar
Kellogg, John B.
LaClair, Evangelist
Lauber, Nelson
Lyon, Geo T.
Maher, Dennis J.
Martindale, James A.
Mason, Martha
Mason, William H.
McCollister, Sumner L.
McDonald, John
McDonald, Ursula M
Mills, Alexander
Minell, Luther R.
Moddix, Fred
Munson, Philo A.
Polo, Andrew
Preston, Daniel
Quinell, John
Quinell, Julius
Quinell, Moses
Richards, Cristia A.
Richards, Hiram B.
Sanford, Derwin E.
Sanford, Edwin D.
Sanford, Erasmus J.
Sanford, Rollen O.
Sanjule, Peter
Shales, John
Sherman, Rheuben
Sullivan, Andrew O
Tambling, Eli
Weston, Hariott J.
Weston, Newcomb J.
Williams, Alonzo
Wilsey, Abram L.
Wolcott, Wakter
Wolfe, Francis
Wood, Chanchy B.
Wood, Horace
Wood, Robert