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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Gouverneur, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are 3 separate enumeration districts for Gouverneur which you may view individually if you wish.

Gouverneur Village, Enumeration Dist 226 - part 1
Gouverneur Village, Enumeration Dist 226 - part 2
Gouverneur Village, Enumeration Dist 226 - part 3
Gouverneur, Enumeration Dist 227
Gouverneur, Enumeration Dist 228

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Abell, Charles C.
Ackerman, Silas A.
Adkins, William H.
Aldous, Stephen
Allen, Abram J.
Allen, Benjamin F.
Allen, Charles R.
Allen, Cordelia,
Anderson, Benjamin
Anderson, Rosanna
Austin, Chester B.
Ayers, Lucius J.
Ayers, Orville E.
Barkley, Amos
Barnes, Albert N.
Bassett, John
Beane, Peter
Bernnet, James A.
Bero, William
Bishop, Alonzo H.
Bishop, David Jr.
Bishop, George
Bishop, Julius C
Bishop, Margaret E.
Blair, John
Blanding, Otis H.
Boscoe, William
Boshaine, John
Boshine, James
Boshine, Joseph
Bronzo, Judson B
Brotherton, Nathan
Brown, Henry H.
Butman, Alpha
Butman, Lura A.
Call, Franklin W.
Carpenter, James D.
Chase, John W.
Chase, Sarah S.
Chevalley, Lewis
Clark, Charles
Clayton, William
Clifton, Joseph Jr.
Clifton, Joseph Sen
Colburn, Merritt A.
Coller, Ellen B.
Coller, John
Conger, Calvin
Conger, Garrit S.
Cooper, Aaron
Cousino, Adolphus
Craig, John
Crawford, Joseph W.
Crowder, James
Cunningham, Charles A.
Cunningham, Joseph H.
Cunningham, William W.
Cushman, Myron
Cushman, Susan
Cutting, Edgar W.
Dewey, Byran W.
Dimock, Louisa M.
Dimock, Matoon F.
Doran, David
Doran, Ellen
Downing, David E.
Drake, Edgar H.
Drake, Emiline
Dushane, John
Field, Charles
Forbes, Ephrem
Foster, Clarrisa M.
Fox, George W.
Fox, Hanibal S.
Fox, Sarah J.
Fuller, Lewis
Glazier, Ward
Gleason, George M.
Gray, Elmer W.
Green, Asa B.
Green, James
Griffis, Evan
Griffith, Enoch P.
Hazelton, William H.
Heselwood, Mary A.
Hodkin, Jay H.
Holmes, Joseph
Hustle, Thomas
Jackson, John
Jewett, Proctor
Johnson, George B.
Johnson, John B.
Keech, Milton
Kellison, James
Kenyon, Henry
Kinney, Charles
Kinney, Charles M.
Laberdee, Joseph
Lamb, William E.
Leach, Andrew M.
Leclare, Betsey J.
Leclare, Thomas
Legate, Edwin
Livingston, James R.
Loy, Hugh
Ludrick, Moses
Lynde, Elliott
Maddock, John H.
Maddock, John H.
Magaw, Samuel E.
Manery, Alexander
Manery, Nancy M.
Martin, William
Masters, Samuel
Maxim, Mahlon H.
Maximer, Julius A
Maximer, Ruth A.
Mayhew, James
McFalls, Dr. David
McFarran, James
McIntosh, David A.
McIntyre, William
McKean, William
McKene, Wallace
Miller, Benjamin M.
Miller, Sarah J.
Millette, Charles A.
Mosher, Evan
Murphy, James
Neil, Mary J.
Neil, William
Newell, Elliott
Newell, Mary A.
P*ttie, Thomas
Palmer, Albert D.
Palmer, Lucy A.
Parsons, George S.
Patterson, James
Payne, S. Wright
Peck, Daniel
Peck, Nelson
Penniman, Francis
Petrie, Edward A.
Phair, William
Phelps, Nelson B.
Pike, George
Pike, Hellenah O.
Preston, John B.
Proctor, Martha A.
Proctor, W. Kenfield
Quill, Michael
Quinn, Thomas
Radigan, Thomas J.
Reynolds, Jesse T.
Rickerson, Charles M.
Rivers, John H.
Rogers, Henry
Rowe, Catharine
Rowe, John
Rowley, George W.
Sanford, Emeline L.
Sanford, Henry H.
Sayers, Alfred
Sayers, James F.
Seamon, Albert H.
Seamon, Mary
Shaw, Charles D.
Shea, Patrick
Simmons, John P.
Skinner, Frederick B.
Smith, Brayton N.
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Daniel W.
Smith, Elias D.
Smith, Elizabeth E.
Smith, Jarvis J.
Smith, Lavina A.
Smith, Levi N.
Smith, Lorenzo
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Webster N.
Smith, William U.
Spencer, James M.
Steele, Fredrick D.
Stoddard, Martha A.
Stoddard, Romanzo
Stowell, Roda M.
Stowell, Willard
Sudd, William F.
Taitt, Geo. P.
Thayer, Benjamin
Thayer, Mariah
Thayer, Stephen M.
Thayer, William
Thomas, Jacob L.
VanAlistine, Catharine
VanNamee, Albert H.
VanOrnum, James E.
Wall, James H.
Wall, John
Watson, Owen
Webster, Daniel
Weed, Edwin
Welch, Osman
Whitney, Daniel J.
Whitney, William H.
Wilcox, Clara A.
Willard, Otis
William Miller
Wood, James
Woods, Sarah A
Woods, William
Woodward, Lorenzo
Yanier, James A.