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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of DeKalb (incl. Richville), Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are two separate enumeration districts for DeKalb (plus the village of Richville) which you may view individually if you wish.

DeKalb, Enumeration Dist 179
Richville, Enumeration Dist 180
DeKalb, Enumeration Dist 180

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

****wich, *
**ter, Jesse *
*, Charlotte
*, George
*, Lydia
*, Truman B.
Backus, Alta A.
Backus, Wm
Beard, James
Beebe, Albert
Bosworth, Albert
Bosworth, Clara A.
Breese, William
Bressette, Joseph
Bruce, James *.
Bush, George A.
Clark, Charles R.
Collins, Milo B.
Copland, Leroy K.
Cross, Abner
Cross, Perry
Daniels, Harvey
Daniels, James
Davis, Charles E.
Downing, Sprague C.
Ferguson, George
Garner, Clark *.
Gibson, Edwin M.
Gill, Fri*** L.
Godard, Abel
Goodison, John
Goodrich, Robert L.
Gore, Wm E.
Gorman, Mary
Gorman, William F.
Griffis, James
Haskins, Luke
Haven, John N.
Hills, Webster N.
Holland, David S.
Holland, Edwin P.
Hosburg, Jacob
Johnson, Ephram
Johnson, Wm A.
Kastner, George A.
Kearney, Stephen W.
Kick, Charles
Lachine, Isaac W.
LaChine, William
Landerville, Peter
Lawyer, Abraham D.
Liskum, William H.
Lobdell, John A.
Mair, Edward
Merithew, Gilbert T.
Miller, James
Miller, Samuel
Mitchel, Calvin
Mouthorp, John H.
Mouthorp, Lois A.
Mulholland, William
Murphy, Moses
Petrie, Charles
Phelps, Samuel W
Pooler, William R.
Poor, Charles
Porter, George
Porter, Jane P.
Racey, Joseph A.
Rebyor, Joseph
Rice, Charles D.
Rich, Edward A.
Rising, Moses
Ritchie, Thomas
Royer, Erasmus D.
Saraby, Robert
Scott, Henry M.
Scott, William
Seavey, Ta*** L.
Secor, Beecham
Sheldon, *tus T.
Spooner, Edwin G.
Stacy, Erastus W.
Stone, Newton
Streeter, George
Vanamee, Charles B.
VanSlyke, Charles A.
Walker, Edwin
Wall, Wm
Wallace, Robert
Washburn, Francis V.
Wells, Elizabeth
Wells, George C.
Wells, Thomas M.
Whipple, John E.
White, Isaac
Whiteford, James W.