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1890 Special Census (Civil War Vets) of Colton, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


There are two separate enumeration districts for Colton which you may view individually if you wish.

Colton, Enumeration Dist 177
Colton, Enumeration Dist 178

Or you may use the following index of individuals to go directy to the desired page:

Allen, Archie
Bartlitt, Charles H.
Bedal, Alvah
Benham, Solomon
Bicknall, George S.
Bixby, Lorenzo
Blanchard, Aaron
Blanchard, Elvira
Bowen, William C.
Brown, Elbert E.
Brown, George W.
Bruce, Edward
Bruce, J. W.
Carbary, James
Casey, Luke B.
Chaney, Melissa
Chapin, W. C.
Cline, Anna
Cline, Hugh
Coleman, Philander W.
Collins, Norman
Connell, J. O.
Cook, Hannah
Cook, James
Corbin, Sylvanus
Cunningham, Samuel
Dailey, Rolland H.
Enslow, Daniel M.
Felton, Jane E
Felton, L.
Foote, John J.
Frank, Almond Y.
Frasher, Mary
Gibbons, Elijah
Gipson, Samuel
Goodale, Rolla P.
Goodcourage, Edward
Green, Elias S.
Hare, Bridget
Haskins, Gideon
Hernie, ?
Hill, Robert
Hobart, Francis
Holmes, Lafayette
Irish, Perley M.
Irish, Scott L.
Irish, Wm H. I
Jackson, Jacob
Jewett, M. A.
Johnson, James
Lahiff, Dennis
Lindsay, William P.
Littlejohn, Silas
Long, Jefferson
McDonald, Nancy
Milsh, John R.
Murron, Martin
Nesbitt, Catharine A.
Palmer, John F.
Pelsue, Orson J.
Perkins, Catherine
Perry, Sherman C.
Phalings, Mary M.
Pierce, James
Plumley, Alexander
Potter, Edson
Powell, Charles H.
Powell, Edgar W.
Radwell, James
Robertson, Sarah J.
Salls, Samuel F.
Scovil, Winslow L.
Seaver, George L.
Sevey, Johnson J.
Shurtliff, Preston
Silbert, Henry
Smith, John
Snider, Cornelius
Southworth, Laura P.
Southworth, W. P.
Spinks, George
St. Germain, Moses
Stineson, Jane E.
Stone, Henry J.
Stuart, George W.
Taylor, Henry
Tenney, Darwin
Todd, * L.
Toomey, Eliza A.
Tupper, William
Wait, Martin Van Buren
Watson, Sylvester
Welch, John Jr
Welch, Wellington
Weller, Sewell
White, Michael
Wilson, George B.
Wommack, William
Wood, Emma A.
Wood, Marshall
Wood, Silas
Young, Elbridge F.