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1870 Census Rossie, of Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Frances Mullin Cady

There are 45 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

169A 169B 170A 170B 171A 171B 172A 172B 173A 173B 174A 174B 175A 175B 176A 176B 177A 177B 178A 178B 179A 179B 180A 180B 181A 181B 182A 182B 183A 183B 184A 184B 185A 185B 186A 186B 187A 187B 188A 188B 189A 189B 190A 190B 191A

Or you may access the pages via the following indices, organized in name order

Adams, Jane - Cushman, Foster
Dahorty, Andrew - Hutchinson, Orville
Ives, Byron - Northrup, Sarah J.
O'Brien, Catherine - Russell, Martin
Safford, Julia - Yerdon, Phidelia

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