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1870 Census of Potsdam, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M Cady


There are 195 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

71A 71B 72A 72B 73A 73B 74A 74B 75A 75B 76A 76B 77A 77B 78A 78B 79A 79B 80A 80B 81A 81B 82A 82B 83A 83B 84A 84B 85A 85B 86A 86B 87A 87B 88A 88B 89A 89B 90A 90B 91A 91B 92A 92B 93A 93B 94A 94B 95A 95B 96A 96B 97A 97B 98A 98B 99A 99B 100A 100B 101A 101B 102A 102B 103A 103B 104A 104B 105A 105B 106A 106B 107A 107B 108A 108B 109A 109B 110A 110B 111A 111B 112A 112B 113A 113B 114A 114B 115A 115B 116A 116B 117A 117B 118A 118B 119A 119B 120A 120B 121A 121B 122A 122B 123A 123B 124A 124B 125A 125B 126A 126B 127A 127B 128A 128B 129A 129B 130A 130B 131A 131B 132A 132B 133A 133B 134A 134B 135A 135B 136A 136B 137A 137B 138A 138B 139A 139B 140A 140B 141A 141B 142A 142B 143A 143B 144A 144B 145A 145B 146A 146B 147A 147B 148A 148B 149A 149B 150A 150B 151A 151B 152A 152B 153A 153B 154A 154B 155A 155B 156A 156B 157A 157B 158A 158B 159A 159B 160A 160B 161A 161B 162A 162B 163A 163B 164A 164B 165A 165B 166A 166B 167A 167B 168A

Or you may access the census via the name indices below.

*,* - Ayers, Rachel
Babcock, Eliza S. - Byman, Richard
Cahoon, Dexter - Cyler, Mary
Daby, Albert - Evans, Truworthy
Faggart, George - Guyette, William Jr.
Hackett, Jennie - Judd, Sada
Kahaley, Thomas - Lyttle, James
Ma*grine, Julia - Myres, Simon
Needham, Alice - Owin, Zelia A.
Page, Alfred - Quinn, William
R*core, Marsalene - Swift, Thomas
Tailor, Stephen - Zellar, Allice

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