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1870 Census of Pitcairn, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Frances Mullin Cady

There are 17 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Ackerman, Archie
Ackerman, Edward
Ackerman, Emily
Ackerman, Emma
Ackerman, Erwin
Ackerman, Eugena
Ackerman, Frederick
Ackerman, Jackson
Ackerman, Lester
Ackerman, Nelson
Ackerman, Priscilla
Ackerman, Seward
Ackerman, Stephen
Aldrich, Roxana
Allen, Caroline
Allen, Emma
Allen, Fred
Allen, Laura
Allen, Lorenzo
Allen, Myron
Allen, Oran
Allen, Warren
Askey, George
Askey, Rhoda A.
Bacon, Albert
Bacon, Angeline
Bacon, Casper
Bacon, Charles
Bacon, Cora
Bacon, Eliza
Bacon, Franklin
Bacon, George
Bacon, Lucy
Bacon, Olive
Bacon, Silas
Bacon, Sylvester
Bancroft, Anna
Bancroft, Asa
Bancroft, Cora
Beebe, Betsey
Beebe, Cora
Beebe, Elizabeth
Beebe, Emma
Beebe, Fredy
Beebe, John N.
Bigum, Hadley
Bond, Adelbert
Bond, Amelia
Bond, Bertha
Bond, Charles E.
Bowles, Charles
Bowles, Clarrissa
Bowles, Keziah
Brayton, Abby
Brayton, Orlie
Brayton, Warren
Brown, David
Brown, Emma
Brown, Nettie
Bryant, Edmund
Bryant, Edwin
Bryant, John
Bryant, Mary
Bryant, Mary L.
Bryant, Roseanna
Burdick, Adaline
Burdick, Charles
Burdick, Cora
Burdick, Eli
Burdick, Ella
Burdick, Frank
Burdick, George
Burdick, Phineas
Carlop, Adella
Carlop, Andrew
Carlop, Ardelia
Carlop, Byron
Carlop, Charles
Carlop, Cora
Carlop, Eliza
Carlop, Elizabeth
Carlop, George
Carlop, George H.
Carlop, Herbert
Carlop, James
Carlop, John
Carlop, Joseph
Carlop, Laura
Carlop, Mariah
Carlop, Mary
Carlop, Oliver
Carlop, Richard
Carlop, Sarah
Carter, Hannah
Carter, Lemuel
Carter, Mellissa
Carter, Nathan
Carter, Nathan
Carter, Volney
Chadwick, Elonner M.
Chadwick, Flora
Chadwick, Hiram E.
Chadwick, Ira O.
Chadwick, Perleyette
Chadwick, William
Chadwick, William
Collins, Emily G.
Cooper, Betsey
Cooper, Luthera
Cooper, Rachel
Cooper, Stilman
Cooper, Wealtha
Cory, Betsey
Cory, William
Crocker, Fredrick
Davis, Abram A.
Davis, Alice
Davis, Ann
Davis, Charles
Davis, Cornelius
Davis, Eddie
Davis, Horace
Davis, Ida
Davis, Percy
Davis, Rebecca
Davis, Sherman
Davis, Walter
Davis, Zettie
Deland, David
Deland, Susan
Dickinson, Emily
Dickinson, Justin
Durham, Almira
Durham, Amelia
Durham, Bradford
Durham, Diantha
Durham, Duane
Durham, Elizabeth
Durham, Elizabeth
Durham, Emma
Durham, Franklin
Durham, Ida
Durham, Isaac
Durham, Jane
Durham, Jeremiah
Durham, John
Durham, Lucinda
Durham, Malden E.
Durham, Martha
Durham, Sewell
Durham, William
Durham, William
Eager, Charles
Eager, Diana
Eager, William
Elliott, Loretta
Elliott, William
Ellsworth, Ardelia
Ellsworth, Cora
Ellsworth, Elmer
Ellsworth, Florence
Ellsworth, Fredrick
Ellsworth, Hattie
Ellsworth, Seth
Ensign, Christian
Ensign, Eliza J.
Ensign, Eulalia M.
Ensign, Olive C.
Fanning, Anna
Fanning, Chauncey
Fanning, Lyman
Fanning, Mary
Fay, William
Fenton, Alwilda
Fenton, Charles
Fenton, Hattie
Fenton, Josephine
Fenton, Marilla
Fie, Elbert H.
Fie, Fanny
Fie, George
Forney, Ambrose
Forney, Mary S.
Forney, Peter
Garrett, Albert
Garrett, Eunice
Garrett, Flora
Garrett, James
Garrett, Lidia
Gear, Abel N.
Gear, Angeline
Gear, Diantha
Gear, Francis
Gear, George
Gear, George A.
Gear, Irena
Gear, John
Gear, Lorenzo D.
Gear, Luella
Gear, Mahlon
Gear, Mathew M.
Gear, Nancy A.
Gear, Norman
Gear, Richiard S.
Gear, Sarah
Gear, William A.
Gill, Ada
Gill, Eliza
Gill, Hattie
Gleason, Adele
Gleason, Alice E.
Gleason, Alwin
Gleason, Charles
Gleason, Ephraim
Gleason, Mary J.
Graham, Alonzo
Graham, Henry
Graham, Janette
Graham, John
Hall, Charles
Hall, Eugene
Hall, Eva
Hall, Louisa
Hall, Mary
Harden, Martha G.
Harden, Nathan
Harder, Arlina
Harder, John
Harrington, Calvin
Harrington, Emogene
Harrington, Eugene
Harrington, Maranda
Harrington, Volney
Harris, Annette
Harris, Harriet
Harris, Hiram
Harris, John
Herrington, Isaac
Herrington, Lidia
Hitchman, Abby
Hitchman, Eliza
Hitchman, George
Hitchman, Isaac
Hitchman, Isabella
Hitchman, John
Hitchman, Margaret
Hitchman, Susan
Hitchman, Walter
Hitchman, William
Hocknell, Jane
Hooper, William
Hosmer, Aaron
Hosmer, Aaron
Hosmer, Aaron, 2nd
Hosmer, Albert
Hosmer, Almira
Hosmer, Alson
Hosmer, Amanda
Hosmer, Amelia M.
Hosmer, Asher
Hosmer, Carrie
Hosmer, Charles
Hosmer, Cora
Hosmer, Cynthia
Hosmer, Ella C.
Hosmer, Elsie O.
Hosmer, Eugene
Hosmer, Frank M.
Hosmer, Harriet E.
Hosmer, Irene L.
Hosmer, Martha
Hosmer, Norman G.
Hosmer, Rachel
Hosmer, Ralph L.
Hulbert, Elizabeth
Hulbert, Ira
Hulbert, John
Hulbert, Lemuel
Hulbert, Mary J.
Hungerford, Charles F.
Hungerford, Eliza
Hungerford, Hiram
Hungerford, Jeremiah
Hungerford, Polly M.
Hungerford, Sarah
Hungerford, Thomas
Jacksberg, Benj., 2nd
Jenny, Mary
Jenny, Thomkins
Jenny, Tolman
Johnson, Ada
Johnson, Adelbert
Johnson, Amorette
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Charlotte
Johnson, Fanny
Johnson, Harriet L.
Johnson, Horace
Johnson, John
Johnson, Lovina
Johnson, Milo
Johnson, Theodore
Johnson, Thomas P.
Jones, Caroline
Jones, Cynthia
Jones, Emiline
Jones, Gilman
Jones, Henry
Jones, Isaac
Jones, Jacob
Jones, John
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Lucy
Jones, Mary
Jones, Sterling
Jones, Susanna
Kennedy, Andrew
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Jane
Kennedy, Mary
Kennedy, Susanna
Kennedy, William
Kirkbride, Camelia
Kirkbride, Carlile R.
Kirkbride, Clarrie
Kirkbride, Cynthia
Kirkbride, James
Kirkbride, Julia
Kirkbride, Robert
Kunoutz, John F.
Kunoutz, Lois
Lafleur, Charles
Lafleur, Emma
Lafleur, George
Lafleur, Henry
Lafleur, John
Lafleur, Joseph
Lafleur, Margaret
Lafleur, Mary
Lafleur, Samuel
Laidlow, Altha
Laidlow, Francelia
Laidlow, John W.
Lamphear, Amanda
Lamphear, Caroline
Lamphear, E. A.
Lamphear, Edwin
Lamphear, Emma
Lamphear, Ernest
Lamphear, Lewis
Lamphear, Li***ett
Lamphear, Nancy
Lamphear, Nettie
Lamphear, Sherman
Lamphear, Vincent
Laplattney, Lucy
Laplattney, Mary
Laplattney, Neumah
Laplattney, Rachel
Laverance, Andrew
Lavwerance, Rachel
Lawerance, Prosper
Lawton, Charles
Lawton, Emily
Lawton, Emily
Lawton, Erwin
Lawton, Frank
Lawton, George
Lawton, Lucinda
Lawton, William
Lawton, William
Lawton, Zelora
Leonard, George
Leonard, George R.
Leonard, Isaac N.
Leonard, Lucilda G.
Leonard, Lucy D.
Leonard, Rebecca J.
Leonard, William
Luther, Caroline
Luther, Daniel
Luther, Elonnora
Luther, Isaac
Luther, Jerasha
Luther, John C.
Luther, Margaret
Luther, Martin
Luther, Martin, Jr.
Luther, Mary A.
Luther, Ruth
Luther, Sarah
Luther, Sissley
Luther, Solomon
Luther, William M.
Manchester, Daniel
Manchester, Dortha
Manchester, Enoch
Manchester, Esther
Manchester, Florilla
Manchester, Frank
Manchester, Franklin
Manchester, Isaac
Manchester, Josephine
Manchester, Leona
Manchester, Margaret
Manchester, Maribah
Manchester, Morse
Manchester, Nettie
Manchester, Nora
Manchester, Osra
Manchester, Rebecca
Manchester, Wilson
McAlister, Edna M.
McAlister, Elizabeth
McAlister, Frank
McAlister, Harriet
McAlister, Isaac
McAlister, Lewis
McAlister, William
McCoy, Augustus
McCoy, Cloe
McCoy, Martha
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Cornelia
McDonald, John B.
McDonald, Joseph W.
McDonald, Leon
McDonald, Luther
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary C.
McDonald, Seba
McPoland, Harvey
McPoland, Mary
Miller, Anna
Miller, George
Miller, Gertrude
Miller, Jane
Miller, John
Miller, John, Jr.
Miller, Josephine
Miller, Polly J.
Miller, William H.
Minnick, Alexander
Minnick, Altha
Minnick, Elonner
Minnick, Freddy
Minnick, Hannah
Minnick, Jacob
Minnick, John E.
Minnick, Lorenzo D.
Minnick, Sarah
Minnick, Silencia
Minnick, Viola E.
Morris, Brayton
Morris, Charles
Morris, Esther
Morris, Eveline
Morris, Nellie
Morris, Spencer
Myres, Adolphus
Myres, Emil
Myres, Matilda
Osborn, Clarra
Osborn, David
Osborn, Eliza
Osborn, Elizabeth
Osborn, Vester
Parish, Alvin
Parish, Ephraim
Parish, Franklin
Parish, Lucinda
Parish, Luna
Parish, Margaret
Parish, Russell
Parmelee, Baby
Parmelee, Frances
Parmelee, Herman
Parmelee, Lauraette
Parmelee, Roby
Peabody, Angeline
Peabody, Cora
Peabody, Cynthia M.
Peabody, Franklin
Peabody, Herbert
Peabody, Isaac B.
Peabody, Jasper
Peabody, John
Peabody, Joseph
Peabody, Laura
Peabody, Lorenzo P.
Peabody, Margaret
Peabody, Philena
Peabody, Philura
Peabody, Sally B.
Pearson, Andrew G.
Pearson, Henry
Pearson, James B.
Pearson, Lucy A.
Phelps, Elizabeth
Phelps, Ezra J.
Phelps, Fredy
Phelps, Nora
Phelps, Sarah M.
Ray, Charlotte
Roe, Anthony
Roe, Elizabeth
Rose, Eliza
Rose, Ezra
Rose, Martin
Rose, William
Royce, Anna
Royce, Hellen
Royce, Safford
Royce, Susan
Sawer, Daniel
Sawer, Irene
Sawer, Lidia
Sawer, Sylvia
Schoolcraft, Florence
Scoville, James
Seabury, Stephen
Shaver, Delilah
Shaver, Diana
Shaver, Frederick
Shaver, Harvey
Shaver, John
Shaver, John
Shaw, Elnathan
Shaw, Laura A.
Shipman, A. S.
Shipman, Bertrand
Shipman, Charles
Shipman, Dolla
Shipman, Ella
Shipman, Eva
Shipman, Hattie
Shipman, Jarvis F.
Shipman, Mary R.
Shipman, Nettie
Siver, Alice
Siver, Eliza H.
Siver, Elmer A.
Siver, Eva A.
Siver, George A.
Siver, George H.
Siver, Hiram H.
Siver, Ina B.
Siver, James A.
Siver, John H.
Siver, Julia
Siver, Lorenzo D.
Siver, Luella E.
Siver, Sarah E.
Siver, William
Smith, Almena
Smith, David
Smith, Ella
Snow, Ann
Snow, Eli
Snow, Francis L.
Snow, Isaac L.
Snow, Sophie
Southwell, Alfered
Southwell, Jane L.
Southwell, Mariah
Stephens, Charles J.
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Mary E.
Stephens, Phebe
Stephens, Theodore
Stephens, William H.
Stowell, Alexander P.
Stowell, Charles
Stowell, George
Stowell, Lana M.
Stowell, Rhoda
Stowell, Williard
Streeter, Abigail
Streeter, Adelice
Streeter, Amorilla
Streeter, Amos
Streeter, Bion
Streeter, Diantha
Streeter, Ellen
Streeter, Eugene
Streeter, Francis G.
Streeter, Henry
Streeter, James
Streeter, Lorenzo
Streeter, Lucinda
Streeter, Malvina
Streeter, Margaret
Streeter, Margaret
Streeter, Mary
Streeter, Orrin
Streeter, Rosamond
Streeter, Ruben
Streeter, Susan
Thomkins, Ansil
Thomkins, Charles E.
Thomkins, Mary A.
Thompson, James
Thompson, John H.
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Martha J.
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary B.
Thompson, Minerva
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Salona
Tiffany, Almira
Tiffany, Bradford
Tiffany, Eli
Tiffany, Laura
Tiffany, Levi
Toothacker, Ann
Toothacker, Charles
Toothacker, Elizabeth
Toothacker, John
Toothacker, Rhoda
Toothacker, Samuel
Toothacker, Sarah
VanPatten, Earl
VanPatten, Eliza
VanPatten, Everett
VanPatten, Simon
Vrooman, Agnes
Vrooman, Elihue S.
Vrooman, George
Vrooman, Gilbert
Vrooman, Harriet
Vrooman, Martha A.
Vrooman, Mary E.
Vrooman, Orrin
Wells, Carrie T.
Wells, Constant
Wells, Cornelius
Wells, Dexter
Wells, Dexter, 2nd
Wells, Eliza
Wells, Erwin D.
Wells, Frances
Wells, Jasper
Wells, Laura C.
Wells, Lolla
Wells, Mary
Wells, Mary
Wells, Olive
Wells, Rachel
Wells, Simeon
Wilcox, Ada
Wilcox, Betsey
Wilcox, Blanchia
Wilcox, Emma
Wilcox, George
Wilcox, Howard
Wilcox, Malinda
Wilcox, Melvin
Wilcox, Smith
Wood, Almedia
Wood, Elida
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Julia
Wood, Porter
Wood, Williard

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