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1870 Census of Oswegatchie, St Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady

Listings for names Ma*, Almira - McWilliam, Nancy L.

Ma*, Almira
Ma*, Eva Bell
Ma*, John
Ma*, Margaret C.
Mack, Andrew
Mack, Cara
Mack, Emma
Mack, George
Mack, Ida
Mack, James A.
Mack, Lizzie
Mack, Louisa H.
Mack, Margaret
Mack, Nancy J.
MacKeney, Katty
Mackey, James H.
Macon, Adeline
Macon, Catherine
Macon, Eliza
Macon, Joseph
Macon, Mary
Macon, Percilla
Macon, Peter
Macon, Peter
Macon, Zelia
Madin, Alonyon
Madin, Charles H.
Madin, Fred N.
Madlin, Alexander
Madlin, Elisabeth
Madlin, Emily
Madlin, George H.
Madlin, Henry
Madlin, Joseph
Madlin, Mag***lia
Madlin, Salina
Mage**ie, Ann
Maghs, Alphso*n
Maghs, Joseph
Maghs, Joseph
Maghs, Laura A.
Maghs, Maggie J.
Magill, Anna
Maginnis, Bridget
Maginnis, William
Magon, Louisa
Magon, Sarah
Magon, Sarah L.
Magone, Daniel Jr.
Magone, John
Magone, Mary
Magone, Mary
Magone, Minnie
Maguire, Alfred E.
Maguire, Anna L.
Maguire, Charlotte S.
Maguire, Frederick S.
Maguire, George
Maguire, Hannah
Maguire, Honora
Maguire, James
Maguire, James
Maguire, James M.
Maguire, Johanna
Maguire, Johanna
Maguire, John
Maguire, Katty
Maguire, Lola B.
Maguire, Maggie
Maguire, Mary
Maguire, Michael
Maguire, Minnie D.
Mahar, Isabella
Mahar, James
Mahar, John
Mahar, John
Mahar, John
Mahar, Maggie
Mahar, Margart
Mahar, Mary
Mahar, Michael
Mahar, Sarah J.
Mahar, Thomas
Mahoney, Mary
Mahoney, Peter
Maimon, Blaphsil J
Maimon, Blaspheil
Maimon, Carter
Maimon, Margaret
Mains, Emma
Makepeace, George W.
Makley, Alice
Makley, Ephrim
Makley, George
Makley, Henry
Makley, Henry
Makley, Susan
Malady, Bridget
Malady, James
Malady, John
Malady, Mary
Malady, Patrick
Malady, Peter
Malett, Adelaide
Malett, Ida
Malett, James
Malett, Oswell
Maley, Anna B.
Maley, James
Maley, Jane
Maley, Joseph
Maley, Margaret J.
Maley, Robert
Maley, Wm B.
Mallery, Margaret
Mallet, Julia
Mallet, Julia
Mallet, Kitty
Mallet, Thomas
Mallet, Thomas
Mallet, Willie
Mallon, Anna
Mallon, Catherine
Mallon, Catherine
Mallon, Josephine
Mallon, Julia A.
Mallon, Mary
Mallon, Michael
Mallon, Sophia
Malloney, Henry
Malloney, James
Malloney, John
Malloney, Margart
Malloney, Margart
Malloney, Mary
Malloney, Patrick
Malloney, Robert
Malloney, Thomas
Malloney, Thomas
Malloy, Frank
Malloy, George
Malloy, George
Malloy, Jennie
Malloy, Jessie
Malloy, John
Malloy, Mary
Malonney, Margart
Maloria, Sylvia
Maloy, Andrew
Maloy, Bridget
Maloy, Bridget
Maloy, Bridget
Maloy, Catherine
Maloy, Eliza
Maloy, Hatty
Maloy, Jane
Maloy, John
Maloy, Joseph
Maloy, Margaret
Maloy, Mary A.
Maloy, Mathew
Maloy, Mathew
Maloy, Patrick
Maltby, *ellie
Maltby, Charles
Maltby, Edward
Maltby, Ellen
Maltby, Esther
Maltby, Hesabeth
Maltby, John
Maltby, John A.
Maltby, Margaret
Maltby, William
Maltby, William G.
Malvoy, Alexander
Malvoy, James
Malvoy, Virginia
Man, Sarah
Manley, Anna C.
Manley, Emogene
Manley, Josephine
Manley, Mary J.
Mannel, Miles
Manor, Joseph
Manor, Joseph
Manor, Louisa
Manor, Louisa
Manor, Louisa
Manor, Mary
Mapian, Adolphus
Mapian, Anthony
Mapian, Victoria
Marceau, *rvil
Marceau, A*vil
Marceau, Amy
Marceau, Charles
Marceau, Charles
Marceau, Charlott
Marceau, Christopher
Marceau, Christopher
Marceau, Domilo
Marceau, Elisabath
Marceau, Emma
Marceau, Eugene
Marceau, Hannah
Marceau, Hattie L.
Marceau, Henry
Marceau, Joseph
Marceau, Julia
Marceau, Mary
Marceau, Matilda
Marceau, Phema
Marceau, Simon
Marceau, Sophia
Marceau, Sophia
Marclare, Andrew
Marclare, Josephine
Marclare, Julia
Marclare, Terressa
Marclare, Theodore
Marden, Catherine
Marden, James
Marden, James A.
Marden, Mary A.
Marden, Rose A.
Marden, Thomas
Marlon, Amelia
Marlon, George
Marlon, Mary
Marlon, Rosa
Marlon, Selino
Marlon, Selino
Marlon, William
Marlon, Willie
Marlow, Joseph
Marlow, Mary
Marney, Henry
Marny, Libby
Marny, mary
Marny, Milipa A.
Marry, Ada
Marry, Lewis
Marry, Nancy
Marry, Thimothy
Marshall, Abigail
Marshall, Amanda
Marshall, Edgar
Marshall, George
Marshall, Henera
Marshall, Maryetta
Marshall, Netta J.
Marshall, Robert H.
Marshall, William
Marshall, William
Marshaw, Frederick
Marshaw, Ida
Marshaw, John Jr.
Marshaw, Louisa
Martin, Adam
Martin, Alexander
Martin, Ann
Martin, Ann
Martin, Anna
Martin, Bella
Martin, Betsey
Martin, Billy
Martin, Charles
Martin, Chifman S.
Martin, Elisabeth
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Esther
Martin, Fannie M.
Martin, Frank
Martin, George
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Joseph J.
Martin, Kate A.
Martin, Kathy
Martin, Lizzie
Martin, Lyman C.
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary S.
Martin, Mary S.
Martin, Matilda
Martin, Michael
Martin, Paul
Martin, Phebe A.
Martin, Robert
Martin, William
Martin, Willie
Martine, Elisabeth
Martine, Frank
Martine, John
Martine, Joseph
Martine, Mary A.
Mary, Bridget
Masceaw, Alfred
Masceaw, Christiana
Masceaw, Emma
Mascow, Adelia
Mascow, Adelia
Mascow, Emily
Mascow, Frederick
Mascow, Joseph
Mascow, Josephine
MasCrow, John
MasCrow, Joseph
MasCrow, Louisa
MasCrow, Melissa
Maslon, Alexander
Maslon, Josett
Maslon, Oscar
Mason, Adeline
Mason, Edward
Mason, Esther
Mason, Isaac
Mason, Joseph
Mason, Margaret
Mason, Mary
Mason, Rhoda
Mason, Robert
Mason, Silas
Mason, Thomas
Mason, Thomas
Massa, Mariah
Massa, Mary
Massa, Michael H.
Massa, Peter
Massa, Samuel
Massa, Sarah J.
Masseau, Charles
Masseau, Henry
Masseaw, Cillema
Masseaw, John
Massia, Celinna
Massia, John
Massy, Elisabeth
Mastin, Mary
Mastin, Miles
Matheson, Alexander
Matheson, Eliza
Matheson, Fannie L.
Matheson, Georgiana W.
Matheson, Heunath G.
Matheson, Kenneth
Matheson, Mary E.
Matheson, Mary J.
Matheson, Nelli W.
Matias, Eliza
Matias, Georgeana
Matias, Harriet
Matias, James N.
Matias, Joseph
Matias, Louisa
Matias, Newell
Matt, Francis
Mattews, Cyrus
Mattews, Lucinda E.
Mattews, Nancy A.
Matthews, Betsey
Matthews, Ira
Maville, Adeline
Maville, Adeline
Maville, Alfo*ine
Maville, Antoine
Maville, Antoine
Maville, Caroline
Maville, Emma
Maville, Gilia
Maville, John
Maville, John
Maville, Julia
Maville, Louis
Maville, Mary
Maville, Mary L.
Maville, Stephen
Mavino, Agustus
Mavino, Agustus
Mavino, Albert
Mavino, Angeline
Mavino, Ellen
Mavino, Elnora
Mavino, Henry
Mavino, James
Mavino, Matilda
Maxwell, Bell
May, Lizzie
Mayhew, Anna H.
Mayhew, John H.
Mayhew, Rosa
Mayhew, Thomas
Mayhew, Thomas F.
Maylea, Andrew
Maylea, Charles
Maylea, Edward
Maylea, Edward
Maylea, Elisabeth
Maylea, George
Maylea, John H.
Maylea, Ma*ia*
Maylea, Mary
Maylea, Mary A.
Mayne, Alexander
Mayne, Catharine
Mayne, Deborah E**s
Mayne, Emma
Mayne, Frederick W.
Mayne, George
Mayne, George
Mayne, Hannah H.
Mayne, Harriet E.
Mayne, Henry E.
Mayne, Henry G.
Mayne, Hugh
Mayne, Infant
Mayne, Isabella
Mayne, Jennie
Mayne, John
Mayne, John Q.
Mayne, Margaret
Mayne, Mary
Mayne, Nancy
Mayne, Rhoda M.
Mayne, Sarah J.
Mayne, Silas W.
Mayne, Susan
Mayne, Thomas A.
Mayne, Veria M.
Mayne, William E.
Mc*ean, Edward D.
Mc*ean, James
Mc*ean, P. Jennett
Mc*oley, Catherine
Mc*oley, Catherine
Mc*oley, Patrick
Mc*oley, Sarah
McAlier, Ettie
McAllister, Thomas
McAndrew, Onc*ly
McArdle, Catherine
McArdle, Charles
McArdle, Francis
McArdle, James
McArdle, Jane
McArdle, John
McArdle, Mary
McArdle, Peter
McArthur, Albert S.
McArthur, Anna
McArthur, Christian
McArthur, Duncan
McArthur, Elisabeth
McArthur, Jane A.
McArthur, Mary
McArthur, Minnie J.
McArthur, Peter
McArthur, Theodosia
McAton, Ellen
McAuley, Elizabeth
McAuley, Henry
McAuley, Henry
McAuley, Robert M.
McAuley, William
McAvoy, Alice
McAvoy, Ann
McAvoy, Bridget
McAvoy, Edward
McAvoy, Francis
McAvoy, James
McAvoy, Jane
McAvoy, John
McAvoy, John
McAvoy, John
McAvoy, John
McAvoy, John F.
McAvoy, John Fr.
McAvoy, Joseph
McAvoy, Lizzie
McAvoy, Margaret
McAvoy, Mary A.
McAvoy, Mary E.
McBean, Elisabeth
McBean, Enos
McBean, John
McBean, Mary A.
McBean, Rachel E.
McBeane, Daniel
McBeane, Elisabeth
McBeane, Isabel
McBeane, John
McBoone, Edward
McBoone, John
McBoone, Salina
McBrian, Alex
McBrian, Dora
McBrian, Ella
McBrian, Gertrude
McBrian, Guy
McBrian, Lilly
McBride, John
McBride, John
McBride, Mary
McBroom, Daniel
McBroom, Elizabeth
McBroom, John
McBroom, John D.
McBroom, Lucy
McBroom, Sophy I.
McBroom, Walter H.
McCa*n, Catherine
McCa*n, Eliza
McCa*n, Ellen
McCa*n, Frank
McCa*n, John
McCa*n, John
McCaffary, Bell
McCaffary, Catherine
McCaffary, Condy
McCaffary, Francis
McCaffary, John
McCaffary, Patrick
McCaffrey, Anna
McCaffrey, Archabald
McCaffrey, Catharine
McCaffrey, Eliza A.
McCaffrey, Harry
McCaffrey, Hugh
McCaffrey, John
McCaffrey, Julia
McCaffrey, Margaret
McCaffrey, Mary
McCaffrey, Mary E.
McCaffrey, Michael
McCaffrey, Patrick
McCaffrey, Thomas
McCaffrey, Thomas
McCaffrey, Thomas H.
McCaffrey, Walter
McCall, Ann
McCall, Ann
McCall, Catherine
McCall, Catherine R.
McCall, Charles
McCall, Daniel
McCall, Eliza
McCall, Eliza Ann
McCall, Grace
McCall, Hugh
McCall, Isabell
McCall, James
McCall, John
McCall, John
McCall, Kitty
McCall, Mary
McCall, Mary E.
McCallicott, Kate
McCameron, Catherine
McCameron, Eliza
McCameron, Ella
McCameron, Frank
McCameron, John
McCameron, John
McCamp, Catherine
McCamp, Francis
McCann, Bridget
McCann, Mary
McCann, Mary
McCarger, Jane
McCarner, Hugh
McCarner, Mary
McCarrihan, Charles
McCarrihan, Charles
McCarrihan, James
McCarrihan, Lucy
McCarrihan, Rebecca
McCarroll, Sarah
McCarter, Charles
McCarter, Charles F.
McCarter, Harvey T.
McCarter, Henry
McCarter, Isabella
McCarter, Mary A.
McCarter, RIchard H.
McCarthy, Charlotte
McCarthy, Dennis
McCarthy, Johnson
McCarthy, Maggie A.
McCarthy, Sarah
McCarty, Catharine
McCarty, John
McCarty, Patrick
McCassan, Anna
McCassian, Mary
McCassiea, Ann
McCassiea, Daniel
McCassiea, Dennis
McCassiea, Edward
McCassiea, James
McCassiea, Jane
McCassiea, John
McCassiea, Patrick
McCasty, Jenny
McCasty, John G.
McCasty, Mary
McCate, Ann J.
McCate, Anna
McCate, Edward
McCate, James
McCate, John
McCate, John
McCate, Minna
McCauer, Margaret
McCauer, Mary A.
McCauley, Bridget
McCaw, Ann
McCaw, Kitty
McCharthy, Daniel
McCharthy, John
McCharthy, John Jr.
McCharthy, Lucy
McCharthy, Patrick
McCharthy, Patrick
McClaren, James
McClear, Charles
McCleggin, Anna
McClellan, Agnes
McClellan, Agnes
McClellan, Andrew
McClellan, Anna
McClellan, Anna
McClellan, Archie
McClellan, Daniel
McClellan, Donald
McClellan, Edward
McClellan, John
McClellan, Joseph
McClellan, Martin
McClellan, Mary
McClelland, *
McClelland, Agnes
McClelland, Alex
McClelland, Alice
McClelland, Charles
McClelland, Edward
McClelland, Elizabeth
McClelland, Emma J.
McClelland, Esther
McClelland, George
McClelland, James
McClelland, James A.
McClelland, Jane
McClelland, Jane
McClelland, Jennett
McClelland, Jennie
McClelland, John L.
McClelland, Laura A.
McClelland, Mary
McClelland, Mary A.
McClelland, Mary A.
McClelland, Rilla
McClelland, Robert
McClelland, Robert H.
McClelland, Samuel
McClelland, Sarah
McClelland, Susan
McClelland, William A.
McClelland, Willimina
McClery, Elizabeth
McClery, Hannah
McClery, Jennie
McClery, Katey
McClery, Sarah
McClery, William
McCleser, Mary J.
McClure, Anna
McClure, Infant
McClure, Matthew
McColl, Lucy A.
McCollier, Catherine
McCollier, Edward
McCollier, Margaret
McCollier, Margaret
McCollier, Michael
McCollier, Michael
McCollier, Morgan
McCollier, Richard
McCollier, William
McCollins, Jane E.
McCollins, Wm G.
McComias, Bridget
McComias, Dennis
McComias, John
McComias, Margaret
McComias, Margaret
McConkey, Eliza
McConkey, James
McConkey, James
McConkey, Mary
McConkey, Matilda
McConnell, Carrie
McConnell, Chas.
McConville, Edward
McConville, Joseph
McConville, Lucia
McConville, Mary
McConville, Rachel
McConville, Sarah
McConville, Wm
McCormac, Agnes
McCormac, Catherine
McCormac, Edward
McCormac, Eliza
McCormac, Fannie
McCormac, James
McCormac, John G.
McCormac, William
McCormic, Anna
McCormic, Catherine
McCormic, David
McCormic, Ellen
McCormic, Francis
McCormic, John
McCormic, Margaret
McCormic, Mary
McCormic, Timothy
McCormic, William
McCormick, Amanda
McCormick, Anna
McCormick, Archy
McCormick, Charles
McCormick, David J.
McCormick, Eliza
McCormick, Maggie
McCormick, Maggie
McCormick, Mary
McCormick, Michael
McCormick, Rosy
McCormick, Sarah
McCormick, Sarah A.
McCowille, Rachel
McCoy, Al***ce
McCoy, Albert
McCoy, Ann
McCoy, Arthur
McCoy, Barney
McCoy, Carlos
McCoy, Charles
McCoy, Christopher
McCoy, Elisabeth
McCoy, Elizabeth
McCoy, Francis
McCoy, George
McCoy, George W.
McCoy, Isabel
McCoy, Isabel
McCoy, James
McCoy, James
McCoy, James
McCoy, James R.
McCoy, Jane
McCoy, Jemima
McCoy, John
McCoy, John
McCoy, John
McCoy, John C.
McCoy, Maggie
McCoy, Maggie
McCoy, Malinda
McCoy, Margareta
McCoy, Mary
McCoy, Mary
McCoy, Mary
McCoy, Mary A.
McCoy, Michael
McCoy, Millie
McCoy, Minnie A.
McCoy, Roas
McCoy, Samuel
McCoy, Sarah C.
McCoy, Serena
McCoy, Taddy
McCoy, Thomas
McCrea, Daniel
McCrea, Elizabeth
McCrea, John J.
McCrea, John J. Jr.
McCrea, Lucy
McCrea, Thomas
McCuady, George
McCullough, Andrew
McCullough, Ann
McCullough, Ann P.
McCullough, Geo
McCullough, John
McCullough, John
McCullough, Mary J.
McCullough, Rachel
McCuny, Sarah
McCurdy, Addison
McCurdy, Anna M.
McCurdy, Carrie
McCurdy, Delos
McCurdy, Fred
McCurdy, Harriet
McCurdy, Holly
McCurdy, Jacob
McCurdy, Louisa
McDerment, Emiline
McDerment, Emma
McDerment, Essie
McDerment, James
McDerment, John
McDerment, Matilda
McDermont, Catherine
McDermont, Joseph
McDermot, Lucy
McDonald, Alex
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Alexander B.
McDonald, All*er
McDonald, Allen
McDonald, Angeline
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Ann
McDonald, Anna
McDonald, Anna
McDonald, Anna
McDonald, Annie
McDonald, Annie
McDonald, Archibald
McDonald, Archy
McDonald, Bell
McDonald, Bella
McDonald, Betsey
McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Charlott
McDonald, Chrestia
McDonald, Christie
McDonald, Dominick
McDonald, Edward
McDonald, Elexander
McDonald, Eliza
McDonald, Erwin
McDonald, Flora
McDonald, Flora
McDonald, Fred
McDonald, Gertrude
McDonald, Hanora
McDonald, Harriet
McDonald, Hester
McDonald, Isabella
McDonald, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, James A.
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, Jennett
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, Kate
McDonald, Kate
McDonald, Kate
McDonald, Katey
McDonald, Kathy
McDonald, Katty
McDonald, Kitty
McDonald, Kitty
McDonald, Leonard
McDonald, Lizzie
McDonald, Lucy
McDonald, Lucy
McDonald, Maggie
McDonald, Maggie
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Margart
McDonald, Margery
McDonald, Mariah
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Patrick
McDonald, Patrick
McDonald, Patrick
McDonald, Rachel
McDonald, Rachel
McDonald, Rodney
McDonald, Rodrick
McDonald, Thomas
McDonald, William
McDonald, William
McDongall, Angus
McDongall, Christine
McDongall, Malcolm
McDongall, Mary A.
McDongall, Robert A.
McDorman, Alfred
McDorman, Catherine
McDorman, Deaires
McDorman, Moses
McDougall, James
McDougall, Kate
McDowell, Joanna
McE*ny, Edward
McE*ny, Ellen
McE*ny, Mary
McE*ny, Robert
McElliot, *
McElliot, Charles
McElliot, James
McElliot, Patrick
McElliot, Rosa J.
McElliot, Rosanna
McElliott, Catherine
McElliott, Daniel
McElliott, Edward
McElliott, Joanna
McElliott, John
McElliott, Kate
McElliott, Margain
McElliott, Mary A.
McElliott, Michael
McElliott, Richard
McElroy, Albert
McElroy, Harriet
McElroy, Margaret
McElroy, Mary
McElroy, Willard
McEwen, James
McEwen, Martha
McEwen, Mary
McEwen, William
McEwen, William
McFadden, Ann
McFadden, Ezra
McFadden, George
McFadden, Ida
McFadden, Jane
McFadden, Tersie J.
McFarland, Ann
McFea, Anna
McFean, Catherine A.
McFean, Fred
McFean, John C.
McFean, Sarah E.
McFeane, Catherine C.
McG*, George
McG*, Jennette
McG*, Thomas
McG*, William
McGarrity, Catharine
McGarrity, Ellen
McGarrity, James
McGarrity, John
McGarrity, Mary A.
McGarrity, Patrick
McGarrity, Patrick
McGarrity, William
McGaughlin, Charles
McGaughlin, Eliza
McGaughlin, James
McGaughlin, John
McGaughlin, Mary
McGee, Mary A.
McGee, Richard
McGee, Richard
McGee, Sarah A.
McGery, Margaret
McGill, Bridget
McGill, Catherine
McGill, Eddie
McGill, Ellen
McGill, Minnie
McGillis, Mary
McGivern, Anna
McGivern, Bridget
McGivern, Catharine
McGivern, Ellen
McGivern, John
McGivern, Joseph
McGivern, Mary
McGivern, Patrick
McGivern, Patrick J.
McGivern, Peter
McGlaughlin, Mary A.
McGlaughlin, Thomas
McGlinnen, Catharine
McGlinnen, Christopher
McGlinnen, George
McGlinnen, Jane
McGlinnen, Jane
McGlinnen, Thomas
McGlinnen, William
McGlone, Bridget
McGlone, Johnanna
McGlone, Mary A.
McGoey, Catharine
McGoey, Charles
McGoey, James
McGoey, John
McGoey, Margaret
McGoey, Mary
McGoey, Mary
McGoff, Maggie
McGouer, Duncan
McGouer, Harriet M.
McGouer, John
McGoverin, Catherine
McGoverin, Catherine
McGoverin, James
McGoverin, John
McGoverin, Luke
McGoverin, Mary
McGoverin, Michael
McGoverin, Michael
McGoverin, Rosanna
McGoverin, Thomas
McGovern, James
McGovern, Mary
McGowan, Bridget
McGowan, Catherine
McGowan, Edward
McGowan, Ellen
McGowan, Farrah
McGowan, Mary
McGowan, Mary
McGowan, Susan
McGraw, Andrew
McGraw, Betsey
McGraw, Charlotte
McGraw, Elizabeth
McGraw, Jane
McGraw, John
McGraw, Wm A.
McGregor, Alex
McGregor, Alexander
McGregor, Caroline
McGregor, Carrie
McGregor, Charles H.
McGregor, Daniel
McGregor, Florence
McGregor, Gilbert P.
McGregor, Henrietta
McGregor, Lois
McGregor, Mary C.
McGregor, Nellie E.
McGregor, Palmer H.
McGregor, Robert
McGregor, Sarah
McGrey, Patrick
McGruer, Alex
McGuin, Anna
McGuin, Henry W.
McGuin, William
McHalper, Mary J.
McHugh, Bridget
McHugh, Catherine
McHugh, Eliza
McHugh, Francis
McHugh, James
McHugh, John
McHugh, Mary
McHugh, Nancy
McHugh, Patrick
McHugh, Patrick
McHugh, Samuel
McHugh, William
McIntosh, D. A.
McIntosh, David
McIntosh, George
McIntosh, John
McIntosh, Mary
McIntosh, Rachael
McIntyre, A.C.
McIntyre, Alex G.
McIntyre, Alice
McIntyre, Catharine
McIntyre, Christie
McIntyre, Eliza
McIntyre, George
McIntyre, Gordon O.
McIntyre, Isabella
McIntyre, Jane
McIntyre, Jane
McIntyre, John
McIntyre, John
McIntyre, Kitty
McIntyre, Kitty
McIntyre, Maggie
McIntyre, William H.
McKee, Mary J.
McKee, Samuel
McKee, Thomas
McKee, William
McKee, William J.
McKeever, Charles
McKeever, Elizabeth
McKeever, Emma
McKeever, Robert
McKeever, Samuel
McKenzie, maggie
McKinley, Anna
McKinley, Charles
McKinley, Chatherine
McKinley, James
McKinley, John
McKinley, Peter
McKinley, Thomas
McKinley, William J.
McLam, Kitty
McLane, Alexander
McLane, Alexander
McLane, Emma
McLane, Frank
McLane, George
McLane, John
McLane, Mary
McLane, Mary
McLane, Sarah
McLaren, Ellen R.
McLaren, Eva H.
McLaren, Frederick A.
McLaren, Jennie J.
McLaren, John
McLaren, John E.
McLaren, Lucy R.
McLaren, Orvilla
McLaren, Viola G.
McLaren, William D.
McLaughlin, Jane
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Laura
McLean, John
McLean, Margaret
McLoughlin, Sarah
McLue, Mary
McMannus, Catharine
McMannus, Charles
McMannus, James
McMannus, Mary
McMannus, Mary A.
McMannus, Michael
McMannus, Peter
McMannus, Peter
McMannus, Thos
McMaster, Elizabeth
McMaster, Harriet
McMaster, James
McMillan, Belle
McMonagle, Miles
McMonagle, Peter R.
McMonagle, Reid
McMullan, Anna
McMullen, Abbey
McMullin, Francis
McMurray, Elizabeth
McMurray, Hannah E.
McNalley, James
McNalley, Mary
McNally, James
McNally, John
McNally, Sarah
McNamara, Bridget
McNamara, Elisabeth
McNamara, Jas
McNamara, Jennie
McNamara, Lizzie
McNamara, Margaret
McNamara, Mary
McNaughlin, Joseph
McNaughton, Margaret
McNeilly, Catherine
McNeilly, James
McNeilly, John
McNeilly, John
McNeilly, Susan
McNiel, Albert
McNiel, Ann
McNiel, John Y.
McNiel, Robert
McNulty, Mary
McPhail, Catharine
McPhee, Jesse
McPhee, Maggie
McPhee, Mary
McPherson, Almira
McPherson, Bartlett
McPherson, Charles
McPherson, Eliza J.
McPherson, Hattie
McPherson, James
McPherson, John
McPherson, Mary
McPherson, Stephen H.
McPherson, William
McPherson, William
McPherson, Wm
McPhes, Sarah
McQuade, Joh
McQuade, John
McQuail, Catherine
McQuail, Julia A.
McQuail, Nellie
McQue, Elizabeth
McQuin, Henry
McQuin, Wm
McQuinlan, Edward
McQuinlan, Eliza J.
McQuinlan, Francis
McQuinlan, William
McQuinn, Francis
McQuinn, Henora
McQuinn, John
McQuinn, John
McQuinn, Maggie
McQuinn, Margaret
McRae, Catherine
McRastie, Charles
McRastie, Edward J.
McRastie, Jane B.
McRastie, Mary E.
McRastie, Sarah H.
McRobert, Bryce
McRobert, Charles
McRobert, Etta
McRobert, Fannie
McRobert, James
McRobert, Jennie
McRobert, John
McRobert, Maggie
McRobert, Margaret
McRobert, Mary
McRoberts, Catharine
McRoberts, Catharine
McRoberts, Ellen M.
McRoberts, Ely
McRoberts, Emma
McRoberts, Fannie
McRoberts, Frank
McRoberts, John
McRoberts, John
McRoberts, Mary
McRoberts, Mitchell
McTarish, Allen
McVoy, Bridget
McVoy, Michael
McVoy, Sarah J.
McWilliam, Elisabeth
McWilliam, James
McWilliam, Nancy L.