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1870 Census of Oswegatchie, St Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady

Listings for names Haby, Albert - Kubley, John J.

Haby, Albert
Haby, Ann
Haby, Barbara
Haby, Charles
Haby, George
Haby, Sarah
Hack, Abigail J.
Hack, Josephine
Hack, William
Hack, William H.
Hackett, Edward
Hackett, Hannah
Hackett, James
Hackett, James
Hackett, Joseph
Hackett, Willie
Hackket, Edmond J.
Hackket, Harriet A.
Hackket, James
Hackket, Julia
Hackket, Minnie
Hackket, Patrick
Hackket, William
Haggart, Elinora
Haggart, Mariah
Haggart, Robert
Haggart, Robert C.
Haggert, Daniel
Haggert, Duncan
Haggert, Jennet
Haggerty, Catherine
Haggerty, Patrick
Haggerty, Patrick
Haggerty, Sarah J.
Hagman, James
Hagman, Robert
Hagman, Sarah
Haig, Andrew
Haig, Jane A.
Haig, Jennett
Haig, John
Haig, Mark
Haig, William T.
Haistings, Oliver
Hall, Adeline
Hall, Alice M.
Hall, Catherine
Hall, Ellen
Hall, Emma
Hall, George
Hall, George W.
Hall, Harry H.
Hall, Henry
Hall, James
Hall, James
Hall, James
Hall, Jane
Hall, Jennie
Hall, Jessie
Hall, John
Hall, John
Hall, Martha
Hall, Massiah
Hall, Nellie
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Willie
Halladay, Edwin
Halladay, Ellen
Halladay, Hudson
Halladay, Sandord
Hallahan, Cornilus
Hallahan, Daniel
Hallahan, Ellen
Hallahan, Mary
Hallahan, Mary
Hallahan, Nora
Hallaway, Caroline
Hallaway, James
Hallaway, Kate
Hallaway, Marion
Hallaway, Rachael
Hallaway, S. Smith
Halligan, Jennett
Halligan, John
Halpin, Ann
Halpin, Ann
Halpin, Edward
Halpin, Margaret
Halpin, Mary E.
Halpin, Patrick
Halpin, Robert
Halpin, William
Halraughd, Daniel
Halraughd, Hiram B.
Halraughd, Mary
Halraughd, Nellie R.
Hamilton, Alice
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Elwin
Hamilton, Ida
Hamilton, J. Henry
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, Martinda
Hamilton, Viola
Hamilton, Walter
Hammill, Patrick
Hammond, Agnes
Hammond, Eathen
Hammond, Fannie
Hammond, Mary
Hand, Alexander P.
Hand, Andrew
Hand, Areline
Hand, Catharine
Hand, Catherine
Hand, Catherine
Hand, Elizabeth
Hand, Emma J.
Hand, Frederick A.
Hand, James
Hand, James
Hand, John
Hand, John 1st
Hand, Josephine
Hand, Lawrence C.
Hand, Louis F.
Hand, Mary E.
Hand, Minnie
Hand, Patrick
Hand, Patrick J.
Hand, Phillip
Hand, Rosanna C.
Hand, Sophia
Hand, Thomas E.
Hand, William
Hand, William
Hand, Willie
Haney, Sarah
Hanley, John
Hanlon, Anna
Hanlon, Bridget
Hanlon, John
Hanlon, Joseph
Hanlon, Mary
Hanlon, Michael
Hanlon, Teresa
Hanna, Agga A.
Hanna, Alice
Hanna, Augusta
Hanna, Beula
Hanna, David
Hanna, Elisabath
Hanna, Emma
Hanna, Fred
Hanna, Georgie
Hanna, Kity
Hanna, Lizzie
Hanna, Maggie
Hanna, Mary A.
Hanna, Samuel
Hannagan, Bridget
Hannah, Margaret
Haraland, Henry
Haraland, Jane
Haraland, John
Haraland, John
Haraland, Lizzie
Haraland, Mary A.
Haraland, Michael
Haraland, Rosa
Haraland, Willie
Harbinson, Janis
Harbinson, William
Harbison, Adam
Harbison, Anna M.
Harbison, Davis
Harbison, Emma W.
Harbison, Jenny
Harbison, Mary
Harbison, Sophia S.
Harbison, William J.
Harbison, Willie S.
Hard, Jackson
Hard, Mary J.
Harden, Ellen
Harden, Ellen
Harden, Francis
Harden, Frank
Harden, George
Harden, Lizzie
Harden, Minnie
Harden, Robert
Harden, Susan
Hardgen, M. C.
Hardin, Daniel
Hardin, Elvoy
Hardin, Herbert
Hardin, John
Hardin, Lilia
Hardin, Margaret
Hardin, Mary A.
Hardin, Mary A.
Hardin, Patrick
Hardy, George
Hargrove, Jerbith
Harkshaw, Eliza
Harper, Alfred
Harper, Elisabeth
Harper, James
Harper, James
Harper, Mark
Harrahan, Mary
Harrington, Susan
Harrington, Willaim
Harris, Charles
Harris, Charles
Harris, Clarissa
Harris, Cornelia
Harris, Delia
Harris, Emily H.
Harris, Fannie
Harris, Harriet
Harris, Henry
Harris, Henry
Harris, Hesse
Harris, John
Harris, Lydia
Harris, Mary
Harris, Nellie
Harris, Ormand
Harris, Peter
Harris, Sigmore
Harris, Willie
Harris, Willie
Harrison, Margaret
Harrow, David
Harry, Agnes
Hart, Agnes
Hart, Joseph
Hartson, Sophia
Hartter, Albert
Harvey, Adelbert
Harvey, Alexander D.
Harvey, Emma
Harvey, Fred k
Harvey, Isabella
Harvey, William
Harvey, William
Hasbrook, Alida A.
Hasbrook, Emma
Hasbrook, Louis J.
Hasbrouck, Bevin
Hasbrouck, Ctherine
Hasbrouck, Elizabeth
Hasbrouck, Ellen M.
Hasbrouck, Harriet
Hasbrouck, Jane
Hasbrouck, Laura
Hasbrouck, Levi
Hasbrouck, Louis
Haskin, Cynthia
Haskin, Lydia
Haskin, Nathaniel
Hasley, Anna
Hastings, Frances A.
Hastings, John W.
Hastings, Lucy S.
Hastings, Mary C.
Hastings, William B.
Hatfield, Catharine
Hatfield, Christopher
Hatfield, Daniel
Hatfield, Thomas
Hatfield, William J.
Hathaway, B. O.
Hathaway, Emma A.
Hathaway, Laura A.
Haunan, Bridget
Haunan, Bridget
Haunan, John
Haunan, Mary
Haunan, Patrick
Haunan, Richard
Haurahan, Noni
Haurgham, Kitty
Havens, Alonzo
Havens, Alonzo E.
Havens, Anna M.
Havens, Carrie A.
Havens, Charles A.
Havens, Curtis
Havens, Davis W.
Havens, Emma A.
Havens, George A.
Havens, George B.
Havens, Hattie L.
Havens, Horace
Havens, Horace L.
Havens, Hulda
Havens, Isabel L.
Havens, Jane A.
Havens, Lucena
Havens, Mariah
Havens, Martha E.
Havens, Mary J.
Havens, Mary L.
Havens, Nellie J.
Havens, Ralph A.
Havens, Samuel W.
Havens, Sarah
Havens, Sarah C.
Havens, Veloris
Havens, Welthy
Haveur, James
Havlin, Thomas
Haw, Mary
Hawkins, Mary
Hawkins, William
Hawks, Bridget
Hawks, Catherine
Hawks, Edward
Hawks, Henry
Hawks, James
Hawks, Maggie
Hawks, Margaret
Hawks, Mary
Hawks, Michael
Hawks, Patrick
Hawks, Sarah
Hawks, William
Hawkshaw, Ada L.
Hawkshaw, Eliza
Hawkshaw, Mary
Hawkshaw, William
Hawkshaw, Willie A.
Hawley, Charles A.
Hawley, George
Hawley, Mary
Hawley, Salona A.
Hay, Ann
Hay, Anna J.
Hay, Ellen
Hay, Hellen M.
Hay, John
Hay, John
Hayden, Charles L.
Hayden, James
Hayden, Margaret
Haydon, Benjamin L.
Haydon, Elizabeth M.
Haydon, George
Haydon, Jane
Haydon, Margaret
Haydon, Martin
Haydon, Mary
Haydon, Mary
Haydon, Michael
Haydon, Willie
Hayes, James
Hayley, Dizzie
Hays, Alexander
Hays, Ruth Ann
Hayward, H. H.
Hayward, H. H.
Hazelton, Esther
He*tt, Lucy
He*tt, Mary E.
He*tt, Michael
He*tt, Richard
He*tt, Simon
He*tt, Simon Jr.
Head, James
Head, John
Heagan, Mary
Healy, Allice *
Healy, Emma
Healy, Jane
Healy, John
Healy, Mary J.
Healy, Minna
Healy, Sarah
Heany, Gabella
Helaner, Adam
Helaner, Arvilla
Helaner, Catherine
Helaner, David
Helaner, George
Helaner, John
Helaner, Josephine
Helaner, Phebe
Helaner, Thomas
Heliner, Mary
Heliner, Mary D.
Heliner, William
Heliner, William
Helmer, Barney
Helmer, Delila
Helmer, Emma
Helmer, Lavina
Helmer, Lawrence
Helmer, Mary
Henderson, Agnes
Henderson, Catherine
Henderson, Daniel
Henderson, Daniel
Henderson, George E.
Henderson, Ida M.
Henderson, Isabella
Henderson, James
Henderson, John S.
Henderson, Margaret
Henderson, Mary A.
Henderson, Nora C.
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, Robert
Henry, Barbara
Henry, James
Henry, Kayah
Henry, Mary
Hepburn, A. C.
Hepburn, Rosa
Hepelgrave, Alona D.
Hepelgrave, Charles E.
Hepelgrave, Charlott
Hepelgrave, David H.
Hepelgrave, George L.
Hepelgrave, James
Hepelgrave, Polina
Hepelgrave, Thos P.
Herriman, Alrie
Herriman, Alrie
Herriman, Carlile R.
Herriman, Charles
Herriman, DeWitt
Herriman, Edith E.
Herriman, Elizabeth
Herriman, Ella D.
Herriman, Etta
Herriman, Frank
Herriman, Henry H.
Herriman, Louisa E.
Herriman, Mary
Herriman, Walter J.
Hertly, Margaret
Heslt, Leander
Heslt, Louisa
Heslt, Rolla
Hewitt, William
Hichcock, Eunie
Hichcock, Francis H.
Hichcock, Maryetta
Hichcock, Mayron
Hickey, Anna
Hickey, Bridget
Hickey, Catherine
Hickey, Eliza
Hickey, Ellen M.
Hickey, Francis
Hickey, Francis G.
Hickey, James
Hickey, John
Hickey, John
Hickey, John
Hickey, John
Hickey, Joseph
Hickey, Margaret
Hickey, Mary
Hickey, Mary J.
Hickey, Michael
Hickey, Sarah
Hickey, Thomas
Hickey, Timothy
Hickey, William
Hickey, William
Hickoch, Myrvill
Hickock, Laura E.
Hickock, Martha E.
Hickock, Miram
Hickock, Myron N.
Higbee, Charles
Higbee, Emma L.
Higbee, Harriet E.
Higbee, Heunetta J.
Higbee, John K.
Higbee, Sarah J.
Higbee, Stephen
Higbee, Stephen H.
Higgins, Adri*ah
Higgins, Horace
Higgins, John
Higgins, Margart
Higgins, Rebeca
Higgins, Ruben
Higgins, Samuel
Higgins, Susan E.
Higgins, William
Hill, Alice A.
Hill, Ann
Hill, Charles
Hill, Charles
Hill, Charles
Hill, Eliza
Hill, Ellen
Hill, George
Hill, Herbert
Hill, Jane
Hill, Mary J.
Hill, Mary L.
Hill, Susan
Hill, William
Hill, William S.
Hilldeth, Eliza
Hilldeth, Jane
Hilldeth, Willie
Hilligan, Anna
Hilligan, James
Hilligan, Mary E.
Hinnegan, Barbara
Hinnegan, Mary
Hitchcock, Frank
Hitchcock, Sophia E.
Hoard, Nancy M.
Hobbs, Dennis
Hobbs, Frank
Hobbs, Mary
Hodge, Alice
Hodge, Arnold
Hodge, James A.
Hodge, John H.
Hodge, Thomas T.
Hodgkins, William
Holbrook, Andrew J.
Holbrook, Arthur S. K.
Holbrook, Coralim G.
Holbrook, Edwin M.
Holbrook, Emma Z.
Holbrook, Solmon H.
Holbrook, Susan
Holbrook, Tina
Holcemb, Jennie
Holcemb, John S.
Holcemb, Lucinda
Holden, Rogers
Holine, Harry
Holland, Agnes
Holland, Ellen
Holland, William
Holmes, Alex
Holmes, Alex
Holmes, Ann
Holmes, Charles
Holmes, Edward
Holmes, Hattie
Holmes, Jacob
Holmes, John
Holmes, Louisa
Holmes, Martha
Holmes, Mary
Holmes, Mary
Holmes, Mary J.
Holmes, Mary Jane
Holmes, Peter
Holmes, Rose A.
Holmes, Sophia H.
Hood, Alexander O.
Hood, Benjamin
Hood, Catharine
Hood, John
Hood, John J.
Hood, Mary C.
Hood, Rose
Hood, Stephen
Hood, Vincent
Hopkins, Harriet
Hopkins, Jane
Hopkins, Jane
Hopkins, Polly
Horton, Infant
Horton, Jas E.
Horton, Jennett
Houghton, Ada
Houghton, Almira
Houghton, Belvidere
Houghton, Chandler W.
Houghton, Clarisia L.
Houghton, Henry A.
Houghton, J. Claude
Houghton, Jennie A.
Houghton, Jennie B.
Houghton, Joel
Houghton, Joel P.
Houghton, L. Wesley
Houghton, Mary D.
Houghton, Phebe
Houghton, Rebecca
Houghton, Warren W.
Houlehan, John
Houlehan, Joseph
Houlehan, Terresa
Houligan, Alice
Houligan, Francis
Houligan, Francis
Houligan, James
Houligan, Katty
Houligan, Maggie
Houligan, Mary
Houligan, Mary
Houligan, Robert
Houligan, Terressa
Houston, Amanda
Houston, Charlotte
Houston, Elizabeth
Houston, George R.
Houston, Hannah
Houston, Hattie J.
Houston, Henry
Houston, Henry
Houston, James
Houston, John L.
Houston, Joseph
Houston, Margaret
Houston, Robert H.
Houston, Sarah
Houston, Sarah A.
Houston, Smith S.
Houston, Thomas
Houston, William
Houston, Willis
How, Dora
Howard, Adeline
Howard, Adeline
Howard, Alice W.
Howard, Anna M.
Howard, Archibald
Howard, Carrie V.
Howard, Catherine J.
Howard, Catherine J.
Howard, Charles F.
Howard, Dustin R.
Howard, Elisabeth
Howard, Elisabeth
Howard, George F.
Howard, Grover J.
Howard, Growner
Howard, Henry
Howard, Henry B.
Howard, James H.
Howard, James L.
Howard, Jane
Howard, Jenny B.
Howard, Joel M.
Howard, John
Howard, John
Howard, John C.
Howard, Lavina M.
Howard, Leslie
Howard, Louisa
Howard, Margaret L.
Howard, Martha
Howard, Martha J.
Howard, Mary
Howard, Mary L.
Howard, Nancy
Howard, Nelson W.
Howard, Sophia A.
Howard, Susan
Howard, Susan
Howard, Viola F.
Howard, William
Howard, William
Howden, Anna
Howden, Kitty
Howe, Bell
Howe, Fredrick J.
Howe, Galen
Howe, James M.
Howe, Jesse
Howe, Margaret
Howe, Snidey
Howley, Eliza
Hoyle, Alice
Hoyle, Edwin C.
Hoyle, John
Hubbard, Charles
Hubbard, James
Hubbard, Mary
Hubbard, Mary
Hubbard, Mary E.
Hubbard, William
Hudson, Jane
Hudson, John
Hudson, Mary
Huggard, Abel
Huggard, Eliza
Huggard, James
Hughes, Mary
Hulett, (infant)
Hulett, Austin
Hulett, Edwin H.
Hulett, Emma C.
Hulett, Laurette
Huligan, Catharine
Huligan, Edward
Huligan, Ellen
Huligan, James
Huligan, Johanna
Huligan, John
Huligan, Maggie
Huligan, Patrick
Huligan, Patrick
Hull, Bennett V.
Hull, Charles D.
Hull, Fannie M.
Hull, Jane
Hull, Sarah C.
Hull, Sarah M.
Hull, Thomas F.
Hulott, Amos H.
Humble, Elizabeth
Hunt, Ann
Hunt, John
Hunt, John
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, Michael
Hunt, Robert
Hunter, Eliza
Hunter, Margaret
Huntington, *
Huntington, Alfred
Huntington, Amarilla
Huntington, Byron
Huntington, Charles W.
Huntington, Eleanor
Huntington, Losa* W.
Huntington, Ozias
Huntress, Harry W.
Huntress, Sohpia
Hurd, William H.
Hurlbert, Alice
Hurlbert, Geo
Hurlbut, Constantia
Hurlbut, Edward
Hurlbut, Edward A.
Hurlbut, Eliza J.
Hurlbut, George W.
Hurlbut, Hellen
Hurlbut, J. E.
Hurlbut, Steven
Hurnell, Adeline
Hurnell, Antoine
Hurnell, Fanny
Hurnell, George
Hurnell, John
Hurnell, Joseph
Hurnell, Joseph
Hurnell, Louis
Hurnell, Willie
Hurst, John
Hurst, Nancy
Hutchins, David
Hutchins, Eliza
Hutchins, Mary A.
Hutchins, Samuel B.
Hutchinson, Catherine
Hutchinson, Charles W.
Hutchinson, Chester
Hutchinson, Eliza A.
Hutchinson, Elizabeth
Hutchinson, Emma
Hutchinson, Ilberda
Hutchinson, James
Hutchinson, Joanna
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, Kathy
Hutchinson, Mabel F.
Hutchinson, Thomas
Hutchinson, Thomas
Hutchinson, William
Hutchinson, Wm B.
Hutchison, Adelbert
Hutchison, Catherine D.
Hutchison, Charles A.
Hutchison, David G.
Hutchison, Elizabeth
Hutchison, John
Hutchison, Joseph J.
Hutchison, Margaret
Hutchison, Margery
Hutchison, Mary J.
Hutchison, William
Hutchison, William H.
Hutton, Jane
Hutton, John
Hyde, Angeline
Hyde, Charles
Hyde, Charles
Hyde, Charles A.
Hyde, Edwin
Hyde, Ella W.
Hyde, Eugene
Hyde, Freeman
Hyde, Harriet
Hyde, Jane
Hyde, Jenny M.
Hyde, Lucy
Hyde, Nathaniel
Hyde, Nina P.
Hyde, Norman
Hyde, William H.
Hynes, Charles J.
Hynes, Lydia
Hynes, Mary E.
Idler, Alice
Idler, Ann
Idler, Anna E.
Idler, Carrie
Idler, Charles
Idler, E* W.
Idler, Gutleab
Idler, Jane
Idler, John
Idler, Matilda
Idler, Osgar
Inakel, Emma
Inakel, Francis
Inakel, John
Inakel, Margaret R.
Inakel, Phebe
Ingalls, Ellen J.
Ingalls, Frank
Ingalls, Freddy
Ingalls, George
Ingalls, Jane
Ingalls, Margaret
Ingalls, Mariah
Ingalls, Mary M.
Ingalls, Mary V.
Ingalls, Walter
Ingalls, Willard
Ingalls, Willard
Ingals, Mary
Ingram, Ellen
Ingram, Ellen
Ingram, James
Ingram, Jane
Ingram, John
Ingram, Mary A.
Ingram, William
Innstand, Henry
Innstand, James
Innstand, John
Innstand, Margaret
Innstand, Susan
Innstand, Thomas
Irving, Ellen
Irving, James
Irwin, Archie
Irwin, Catherine
Irwin, William
Isaac, William
Ives, Bell
Ives, Fred
Ives, James
Ives, Mary
Jackman, Maggie
Jackson, Alexander
Jackson, Ann
Jackson, Anna
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Cyons L.
Jackson, Janett
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, Magdalane
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Mary A.
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Robert A.
Jackson, Sarah
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, William
James, A*ziah B.
James, Alfred
James, Anna B.
James, Edward C.
James, Harriet
James, Henry
James, Henry R.
James, Lucia
James, Lucia R.
James, Mary
James, Mary
James, Sarah A.
James, Sarah W.
James, Thephilus
Jarvis, Adelaide
Jarvis, Alonza
Jarvis, Charles J.
Jarvis, Elisabeth
Jarvis, Harriet
Jarvis, Henry
Jarvis, John
Jarvis, Louis
Jarvis, Margareta
Jarvis, Mary
Jarvis, Mary E.
Jarvis, Robert
Jarvis, Robert D.
Jarvis, William J.
Jeanwoth, George
Jefour, Anna
Jefour, Antione
Jefour, Barney
Jefour, Caroline
Jefour, Flavia
Jefour, Hecter
Jefour, Joseph
Jefour, Josephine
Jefour, Napolen
Jefour, Victor
Jellie, Alexens
Jellie, Eleziana
Jellie, John
Jellie, Maxim
Jellie, Philena
Jellie, Victor
Jemeson, Eliza J.
Jemeson, Emma
Jemeson, George W.
Jemeson, Sophia
Jemeson, William
Jeni, Emily
Jeni, Felix
Jeni, Henry
Jeni, Philip
Jeni, Sarah
Jenie, Clara
Jenkins, Eliza
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, Jenny
Jenkins, Sophia
Jenn, Antoine
Jenn, Clara
Jenn, Damos
Jenn, Delia
Jenn, Delina
Jenn, Eliza
Jenn, Eliza
Jenn, Hattie
Jenn, Mary
Jenn, Mary D.
Jenn, Wilfred
Jenn, Willie
Jennis, Sarah J.
Jenniss, George
Jenniss, Rebecca
Jenniss, William
Jeno, Alma
Jens, Adelaide
Jens, B*nno
Jens, Charlott
Jens, Ferdine
Jens, Joseph
Jens, Joseph
Jens, Louisa
Jens, Mary
Jerlan, Agnes
Jerlan, John
Jerlan, William
Jerne, Clarissa
Jerue, Mary R.
Jervi, Ada
Jervi, Adele
Jervi, Ellen
Jervi, Ellen
Jervi, Emma
Jervi, George
Jervi, Joseph
Jervi, Josephine
Jervis, Amelia
Jervis, Amelia
Jervis, Clara
Jervis, Edgar
Jervis, Francis
Jervis, Gilbert
Jervis, Gilbert
Jervis, Laura
Jervis, Lelia
Jervis, Louis
Jesome, John
Jesome, Julia
Jillsen, Almaga
Jillsen, Jane
Jillsen, Jennie
Jillsen, Jesse B.
Jillsen, Jesse M.
Jillsen, Wm O.
Jillson, Lewis
Johnes, Frederick J.
Johnson, Abigail
Johnson, Adeline
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Bridget
Johnson, Catharine
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Christopher
Johnson, Elisabath
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Galman
Johnson, Greenberry
Johnson, Hattie
Johnson, Hattie
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James G.
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Julia A.
Johnson, Laura
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Marion
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Normand
Johnson, Orman
Johnson, Orvilla
Johnson, Polly
Johnson, Porter A.
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert J.
Johnson, Rose
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, William L.
Johnson, William P.
Johnson, Wm P.
Johnston, Ann E.
Johnston, Catherine
Johnston, Isabel
Johnston, Jemima
Johnston, Jennett
Johnston, John
Johnston, Joseph
Johnston, Joseph Jr.
Johnston, Margaret
Johnston, Mary Jane
Johnston, Sarah
Johnston, Sarah I. L.
Johnston, William
Johusen, Charles
Jolie, Josephine
Jollie, Adelaide
Jollie, Harriet
Jollie, Harriet
Jollie, Harriet
Jollie, John
Jollie, Joseph
Jollie, Joseph
Jollie, Lizzie
Jomes, Elisabath
Jomes, Fannie E.
Jomes, Jennie
Jomes, Luther
Jomes, William
Jones, Abram
Jones, Benjamin L.
Jones, Bridget
Jones, Ella D.
Jones, Fannie A.
Jones, Frank
Jones, Harvey L.
Jones, Infant
Jones, Jeremiah
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Rose
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Soloman
Jones, Walter
Jordan, Julia A.
Jordan, Julia C.
Jubeau, Joseph
Jubeau, Joseph
Jubeau, Zoe
Judson, Charles A.
Judson, Charles A. Jr
Judson, Daniel
Judson, Daniel W.
Judson, David C.
Judson, David C.
Judson, Edward
Judson, Elsie
Judson, Etta
Judson, Fanny
Judson, Frances
Judson, Frances G.
Judson, Francis H.
Judson, Frank R.
Judson, Fred W.
Judson, George
Judson, George A.
Judson, George S.
Judson, Grace A.
Judson, Harriet
Judson, Harriet
Judson, Harriet
Judson, Hatty
Judson, Jennie C.
Judson, John .
Judson, John D
Judson, Laura E.
Judson, Martha
Judson, Porcius
Judson, Sarah D.
Judson, Seymour D. V.
Judson, Susan
Judson, Willie H.
Juleson, David
Juleson, Julia A.
Juleson, Louisa
Juleson, Willie
Julius, Edward
Julius, Elvira
Jurue, Joseph
Jurue, Joseph
Jurue, Louisa
Jurue, Mary
Jurue, Mary
K*vil, John
K*vil, Mary
Ka*, E* M.
Kaih, Dinah
Kaih, Elisabath
Kaih, Fannie
Kaih, Louisa
Kaih, Robert
Kaih, Robert
Kaih, Susan
Kaley, Issac
Kallery, Sarah
Kane, Ella
Kane, Ellen
Kane, Henry
Kane, Louisa
Kane, Maggie
Kane, Margaret
Kane**gh, Cornelia
Kane**gh, Frank
Kanoff, Adam
Kanoff, Margaret
Kanoff, Mary J.
Kanoff, Minnie
Kanoff, Robert A.
Kanoff, William H.
Kate, Bell
Kate, Elizabeth
Kate, John
Kay, Ellen
Kay, James R.
Kay, John A.
Kay, Margaret
Kay, Robert
Kay, Robert H.
Kay, Urvilla
Kay, William
Keabing, Baynard
Keabing, Johanna
Keabing, Johanna
Keabing, Margaret
Keabing, Thomas
Kealey, Angeline
Kealey, Peter
Keanes, Alice
Keanes, Elizabeth
Keanes, Francis
Keanes, Francis
Keanes, Lucy C.
Keanes, Margaret
Keanes, Mary
Keanes, Mary A.
Keanes, Nellie
Kearns, John
Kearns, Julia
Keating, Alice
Keating, Joanna E.
Keating, John
Keating, William A.
Keef, David
Keegan, Bridget
Keegan, Catherine
Keegan, David C.
Keegan, Ellen
Keegan, Ellen M.
Keegan, John
Keegan, Kitty
Keegan, Michael
Keegan, Michael F.
Keegan, Patrick
Keegan, Patrick
Keegan, Peter
Keegan, Stephen
Keeler, Henry
Keeler, Mary
Keeler, Nathaniel
Keeley, Abbey C. S.
Keeley, Catherine
Keeley, Charles
Keeley, Elexander
Keeley, Eliza
Keeley, Fredrick
Keeley, George
Keeley, Henry
Keeley, James
Keeley, Jane
Keeley, John
Keeley, Mary
Keeley, Michael
Keeley, Robert
Keeley, William C.
Kehoe, Catharine
Kehoe, Eliza
Kehoe, Fred
Kehoe, James
Kehoe, Margaret
Kehoe, William
Keiff, Anna
Keiff, Charles
Keiff, David
Keiff, Gertrude
Keiff, Nora
Keiff, Patrick
Keiff, William J.
Kelley, Isabel
Kelley, John P.
Kellogg, Ada
Kellogg, Carrie
Kellogg, Eliza
Kellogg, Eugene
Kellogg, Fred
Kellogg, Horace
Kellogg, Hulda M.
Kellogg, Nettie
Kellogg, Sophia
Kellogg, Willie
Kelly, Abijah
Kelly, Ann
Kelly, Anna
Kelly, Anna
Kelly, Anna
Kelly, Catherine
Kelly, Catherine
Kelly, Dora
Kelly, Edward J.
Kelly, Ethibain
Kelly, Henry
Kelly, Henry
Kelly, Hugh
Kelly, James
Kelly, Jane
Kelly, John
Kelly, John
Kelly, John B.
Kelly, Joshua
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Maria
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mathew
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, O*semus
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Sylvester
Kemie, Ellen
Kennedy, Anna
Kennedy, Annie
Kennedy, Bridget
Kennedy, Catherine
Kennedy, Ellen
Kennedy, Jennie
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Louis
Kennedy, Maggie
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Martin
Kennedy, Martin Jr.
Kennedy, Mary
Kennedy, Matthew
Kennedy, Matthew
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Rosa
Kennedy, William
Kent, Albert
Kent, Martha
Kent, Melissa
Kenwood, Dack
Kenwood, Thomas
Kerf, Charles H.
Kerf, Ellen C.
Kerf, Francis
Kerf, John
Kerf, John
Kerf, Lizzie
Kerf, Mary
Kerf, Mary
Kerkes, Julia
Kerman, James
Kerman, Margaret
Kerman, Mary
Kerman, William
Kern, Richard
Keslo, Elisabeth
Kesser, John
Key, Robert
Keys, Ann
Keys, Christopher
Keys, Robert
Keys, Thomas
Ki*are, Mary A.
Kiah, Albert
Kiah, Alexander
Kiah, Alfreda
Kiah, Alinena
Kiah, Almena
Kiah, Anthony
Kiah, Antoine
Kiah, Catherine
Kiah, Christine
Kiah, David
Kiah, David
Kiah, Elisabeth
Kiah, Eliza
Kiah, Emily
Kiah, Frank
Kiah, Frank
Kiah, Frank
Kiah, Gilbert
Kiah, Gilbert
Kiah, Harriet
Kiah, Jerome G.
Kiah, John
Kiah, Joseph
Kiah, Josephine
Kiah, Kate
Kiah, Louisa
Kiah, Louisa
Kiah, Margaret A.
Kiah, Mary
Kiah, Mary L.
Kiah, Medose
Kiah, Michael
Kiah, Myron
Kiah, Peter
Kiah, Peter
Kiah, Phiberill
Kiah, Rhoda
Kiah, Susan
Kiah, Tavissen
Kiah, Wallace
Kiah, William
Kilbourn, Charles
Kilbourn, Marthia
Kilbreth, Catherine
Kilbreth, Charles
Kilbreth, Ellen
Kilbreth, Margaret
Killen, Lizzie
Kilpatrick, Catherine
Kilpatrick, Charles J.
Kilpatrick, Elizabeth
Kilpatrick, Elizabeth
Kilpatrick, William
Kilpatrick, William
King, A***mas
King, Alfos**
King, Amelia
King, Amelia
King, Delia
King, Delia
King, Elizabeth
King, Elizabeth
King, George
King, George
King, Harriet
King, Henry
King, Huldah
King, James
King, James
King, Jennie
King, John
King, John
King, Joseph
King, Joseph
King, Joseph
King, Julia
King, Les Cerio
King, Lotta
King, Mary
King, Mary
King, Minnie
King, Olive
King, Phebe D.
King, William
Kingdom, Frank
Kingdom, George
Kingdom, Joseph
Kingdom, Joseph
Kingdom, Josephine
Kingdom, Marselina
Kink, James
Kink, John
Kink, Mary A.
Kink, Peter J.
Kinney, Francis
Kinseller, Pamilla
Kinseller, Richard
Kirby, Mary
Kirk, Alexander
Kirk, Anna
Kirk, Catherine
Kirk, James
Kirk, James
Kirk, Jane
Kirk, John
Kirk, Josephine
Kirk, Mary
Kirk, Mary
Kirk, Peter
Kirk, Peter
Kirk, Sarah
Kirk, William
Kirkey, John
Kirkey, Joseph
Kirkey, Louis
Kirno, Flora
Kirno, John
Kirno, Rosa
Kirurn, Katy
Kis*, Mary
Kis*, Patrick
Kisdell, Christie
Kisley, Eliza
Kitchen, Agnes
Kitchen, Emma
Kitchen, Henry
Kitchen, Ida
Kitchen, Jennie
Kitchen, John
Kitchen, William
Kivby, James
Klinney, Caroline
Klinney, Daniel
Klinney, Duncan
Klinney, James
Klinney, Jane
Klinney, Jennette
Klinney, John
Klinney, Margaret
Klinney, Mary
Klinney, patrick
Klinney, R**in
Klinney, Walter
Klose, William
Knapman, Eleanor
Knapman, John S.
Knapman, William E.
Knapp, Mary
Knapp, Mary
Knapp, Silas
Knapp, Susan
Knauff, Caroline
Knauff, Henry
Knauff, John
Knauff, Margaret
Knowles, Augustin
Knowles, Catherine
Knox, George
Knox, Mary E.
Korn*, Ann
Korn*, James
Kosier, Peter
Krake, Allen
Krake, Charles
Krake, Esther
Krake, Frank
Krake, Halstine
Krake, Thadeus
Kring, Ann M.
Kring, Celia
Kring, Charles
Kring, Clinton
Kring, Cornelia
Kring, Delia
Kring, Eunice
Kring, Gordon
Kring, Harriet
Kring, Joseph
Kring, Joseph H.
Kring, Marietta
Kruger, Jane E.
Kruger, Louis H.
Kubley, Elizabeth
Kubley, John J.