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1870 Census of Saint Lawrence County, NY (Town of Macomb)
transcribed by Anne M. Cady

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479A 479B 480A 480B 481A 481B 482A 482B 483A 483B 484A 484B 485A 485B 486A 486B 487A 487B 488A 488B 489A 489B 490A 490B 491A 491B 492A 492B 493A 493B 494A 494B 495A 495B 496A 496B 497A 497B 498A 498B 499A 499B 500A 500B 501A

Acorn, Lewis
Acorn, Sarah
Adams, Alice
Adams, Almira
Adams, Alvah
Adams, Betsey
Adams, Calista
Adams, Charles L.
Adams, Emergene
Adams, James G.
Adams, Julia A.
Adams, Lois A.
Adams, Margaret
Adams, Martin
Adams, William
Adams, William
Adkins, Alberta
Adkins, Betsey
Adkins, Henry
Adkins, Johannah
Adkins, Lauriett
Adkins, T. S.
Adkins, Thank E.
Algire, Delilah
Allen, B. F.
Allen, Emma
Allen, James A.
Allen, James H.
Allen, Mary E.
Ames, Amber S.
Ames, Jeremiah A.
Ames, Joseph F.
Ames, Mary A.
Ames, Richard C.
Ames, Willie L.
Apple, Abram
Apple, Celinda
Apple, Dolly
Apple, Eve
Apple, Frederick
Apple, John
Apple, Libbie
Apple, Phebe
Bahan, Catherine
Bahan, Cyrus
Bahan, Elizabeth
Bahan, James
Bahan, Jennie
Balentine, Agnes
Balentine, Alice
Balentine, Archibald
Balentine, Elizabeth
Balentine, George
Balentine, John
Balentine, Margaret
Balentine, Mary
Balentine, Robert
Balentine, Walter
Barker, Catherine
Barker, Charles
Barker, Chesley C.
Barker, Daniel
Barker, Daniel Jr.
Barker, Eustatia
Barker, Frances M.
Barker, John
Barker, Mary A.
Barker, Mary C.
Barker, Ruby
Barker, Wm W
Barkley, J. W.
Barkley, Margaret
Barkley, Mary A.
Barkley, Samuel
Barkley, Thomas H.
Barley, Charles
Barley, Clark
Barley, Eliza
Barley, Fanny
Barley, Hester
Barley, Lilly A.
Barley, Louisa
Barley, Mary J.
Barley, Robert
Barley, William
Barney, Carlotta
Barney, Harriet
Barton, George
Bayne, Amanda M.
Bayne, Andrew C.
Bell, Archibald
Bell, Archibald Jr.
Bell, Catharine
Bellinger, A. Orin
Bellinger, Albyn
Bellinger, Braton
Bellinger, Charles
Bellinger, Charles E.
Bellinger, Charles R.
Bellinger, Elizabeth
Bellinger, Eve A.
Bellinger, George
Bellinger, George
Bellinger, Hannah
Bellinger, Kilburn M.
Bellinger, Lucy M.
Bellinger, Martha A.
Bellinger, Narcissa
Bellinger, Peter
Bellinger, Sarah
Bellinger, Sarah A.
Bellinger, Thomas
Berry, James
Bingham, Charles F. A.
Birch, Ella A.
Birch, Frank
Bishop, Almeda
Bishop, Aramey
Bishop, Franklin
Bishop, Frederick
Bishop, Hattie
Bishop, J. C.
Bishop, John
Bishop, John
Bishop, Maggie
Bishop, Marion W.
Bishop, Nancy
Block, Charles
Block, Jacob
Block, Susan
Bogardus, Adaline
Bogardus, Carrie
Bogardus, Charles
Bogardus, Eddie H.
Bogardus, Edward
Bogardus, Frederick
Bogardus, Harmonius
Bogardus, John E.
Bogardus, Luella
Bogardus, Rosa
Bogardus, Sarah L.
Bogardus, Susan
Brake, Diana
Brake, Jonas
Brake, Rosetta
Brazie, Amos
Brazie, Catherine
Brazie, Catherine E.
Brazie, Draper
Brazie, Elizabeth
Brazie, Emily
Brazie, Frances A.
Brazie, George
Brazie, Henry A.
Brazie, John
Brazie, William
Breakenridge, Addie
Breakenridge, Ann
Breakenridge, B. F.
Breakenridge, Daniel E.
Breakenridge, David W.
Breakenridge, Ellen
Breakenridge, Enna
Breakenridge, George
Breakenridge, Henrietta
Breakenridge, Henry
Breakenridge, Lillian
Breakenridge, Lyman
Breakenridge, Margaret
Breakenridge, Mary
Breakenridge, Mary D.
Breakenridge, Minerva
Breakenridge, Morgan
Breakenridge, P. Sheridan
Breakenridge, Wm
Bridges, Charles
Bridges, Clarrissa
Bridges, Margaret A.
Bridges, William H.
Briggs, Darius Wm
Brotherton, Ezra C.
Brotherton, Hiram
Brotherton, Hiram
Brotherton, Horace
Brotherton, Janett
Brotherton, Jerome
Brotherton, Jerusha
Brotherton, Nancy J.
Brotherton, Nathan E.
Brotherton, Rosella
Brown, Agnes
Brown, Betsey
Brown, Bridget
Brown, George
Brown, George W.
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Mary J.
Brown, Michael
Brown, Willet
Brozo, Adaline
Brozo, Cordelia
Brozo, Jade
Brozo, Jade Jr.
Brozo, Rose
Brozo, Wm H.
Bucher, Comfort
Bucher, Sabrina
Burch, Caroline
Burch, Jenett
Burch, Margaret
Burch, Nina
Burch, Rufus
Burch, Truman
Burnham, Elizabeth
Burnham, Geroge
Burnham, Guy C.
Burnham, Hiram
Burnham, Margaret
Burnham, Mary A.
Burnham, William
Byington, Abigail
Byington, Abram
Byington, Charles
Byington, Emma
Byington, Florence
Byington, Harriet
Byington, Mary
Byington, Nancy
Campbell, Amira
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Emma
Campbell, Franklin
Campbell, Geo A.
Campbell, Geo W.
Campbell, George E.
Campbell, Lewis
Campbell, Lucy A.
Carlyon, Catharine
Carlyon, Claudia A.
Carlyon, Samuel
Carlyon, Samuel
Carr, Margaret
Charter, Alice
Charter, Alice
Charter, Betsey
Charter, Betsey
Charter, Emma
Charter, Frederick
Charter, G. W.
Charter, Henriette
Charter, John
Charter, Martha
Charter, Nathan
Charter, Nelson
Charter, Nelson
Charter, Stephen
Charter, Stephen
Charter, Wilber
Charter, Willie
Church, Alonzo
Church, Amelia
Church, Edna
Church, Hosea
Church, Mary
Church, Solomon
Churchill, B. F.
Churchill, Emily
Churchill, Estella
Churchill, Hubbard
Churchill, Jennie
Churchill, John
Churchill, Sally
Churchill, Sarah
Churchill, Vanburen
Clark, Ella
Clark, Euphenia
Clark, John V.
Cleaveland, Ida
Cleaveland, Nettie
Cleaveland, Sarah L.
Cleaveland, W. D.
Clute, Alwin
Clute, Alwin
Clute, Catherine
Clute, James
Clute, Lyda
Clute, Richard
Colegrove, Esther
Combs, Hiram
Combs, Pamelia A.
Conger, Carrie A.
Conger, Charles A.
Conger, Colvin
Conger, Florence A.
Conger, Rosannah
Conger, Samantha
Conger, Squire C.
Conger, Warren
Conger, William L.
Cook, Electa
Cooper, A. B.
Countryman, Nathan
Couper, George
Couper, George
Couper, Hellen
Couper, James D.
Couper, Janett
Couper, Jessie
Courier, Catherine
Courier, Cora A.
Courier, Emma J.
Courier, Joseph
Courier, Joseph M.
Courier, Mary C.
Covell, Almira
Covell, Bernice G.
Covell, Burton S.
Covell, Calista M.
Covell, Charles
Covell, Emma J.
Covell, Frances E.
Covell, George M.
Covell, Millard F.
Cowin, Mary J.
Crary, John P.
Crary, John P. Jr.
Crary, Joseph
Crary, Margaret S.
Crary, Mary
Crawford, Adda M.
Crawford, Catherine
Crawford, George W.
Crawford, Harvey
Cross, Alpheus
Cummins, Nett
Cunningham, Charles
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John H.
Cunningham, Mary J.
Curtis, James
Dake, Charles
Dake, Electa
Dake, Laura
Dake, Mary J.
Dake, Sarah
Dake, Shadrach
Dake, Shadroch Jr.
Dart, Celinda A.
Dart, Emma L.
Dart, Lyman
Dart, Sarah R.
Davidson, Ann
Davidson, Emma J.
Davidson, John
Davidson, Julia
Davidson, Samuel
Davis, Abram
Davis, Lucinda
Day, Clarrissa
Day, Comfort
Day, David 2nd
Day, Lucinda
Day, Margaret
Day, Olive A.
Day, Rufus L.
Day, Viola
Dean, John
Decharme, Lewie
Dickinson, Roswell
Dickinson, Truman R.
Dickinson, Willie
Dillenback, Armina
Dillenback, Eugene
Dillenback, Mary C.
Dolon, Catharine
Dolon, Patrick
Dolon, Thomas
Doolittle, Addison G.
Doolittle, Adelia A.
Doolittle, Carrie
Doolittle, Frederick L.
Doolittle, Orrin Jr.
Doolittle, Orrin S.
Dorgan, William
Dudy, Frank
Dudy, Obadiah
Dunning, Abigail
Dunning, Frederick
Easton, A. C.
Easton, Margaret E.
Eaton, Clarrissa
Eaton, George W.
Eaton, Mariel
Edwards, Andrew
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Thomas
Eldridge, Alice
Eldridge, Augustus
Eldridge, Ethan A.
Eldridge, S. E.
Elsworth, John
Elsworth, Sophia
Farley, Andrew
Farley, Edward
Farley, Ellen
Farley, John
Farley, Mariah
Farr, Amber I.
Farr, Jonas
Farr, Mary M.
Farr, Willie B.
Faulkner, Augustus
Faulkner, Catherine
Faulkner, John
Fawcett, Ann
Fawcett, William
Fetterly, Altha A.
Fetterly, Alwin
Fetterly, Caroline
Fetterly, Edward
Fetterly, George
Fetterly, Jane M.
Fetterly, Rhoda A
Fike, Benj. S.
Fike, Caroline
Fike, Catherine E.
Fike, Clarrissa E.
Fike, Edward
Fike, Enos G.
Fike, Mary J.
Finley, Albert
Finley, Amena J.
Finley, Andrew
Finley, Andrew 2nd
Finley, D. Rozilla
Finley, Edgar
Finley, Elias
Finley, Enos J.
Finley, Estella M.
Finley, George
Finley, George L.
Finley, Hester A.
Finley, Isabel
Finley, Laura C
Finley, Laura P.
Finley, Mary
Finley, Mary
Finley, Mary
Finley, Mary J.
Finley, Minnie I.
Finley, P. Sheridan
Finley, Rachel
Finley, Robert
Finley, Robert Jr.
Finley, Rodney
Finley, Rodney 2nd
Finley, Seaman
Finley, Shirley E.
Finley, Xury L
Fishback, Adam
Fishback, Arathusa
Fishback, Charles F.
Fishback, Ellen
Fishback, Eph.
Fishback, Frances
Fishback, Margaret
Fishback, Simeon
Fleming, Amber D.
Fleming, Andrew
Fleming, Andrew
Fleming, Archibald
Fleming, Betsey
Fleming, Charles
Fleming, Ellen
Fleming, Ellen
Fleming, Hellen
Fleming, Henry
Fleming, James
Fleming, Jane
Fleming, Janett
Fleming, John
Fleming, Priscilla
Fleming, Robert
Fleming, Thomas
Fleming, Wallace
Fleming, Walter
Fleming, William
Forest, David
Forsyth, Frances
Forsyth, Joseph
Forsyth, Lorinda
Forsyth, Lucy E.
Forsyth, Mary Jane
Fox, Daniel
Fox, Esther
Fox, Esther
Fox, Francis
Fox, Lucy J.
Fox, Mary
Fox, Peter
Fox, Silas C.
Free, Elizabeth
Gage, George
Gallagher, Bridget
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, John T.
Gallagher, Margaret
Gallagher, Thomas
Gallagher, Thomas Jr.
Gilbert, Electa
Gilbert, Lucy R.
Gilbert, Lyman
Gilbert, Mary
Gilbert, Sally C.
Goings, Alvira
Goings, Amelia
Goings, William
Goings, William Jr.
Golden, Bridget
Golden, Henry
Gonia, Amelia
Gonia, Amelia A.
Gonia, Elizabeth
Gonia, James
Gonia, Johannah
Gonia, John
Gonia, Mary E.
Gonia, Moses
Gonia, Simon
Gonia, Thomas
Gonia, Thomas
Goodell, James
Goodell, Jane
Goodell, Joseph
Goodell, Orrin
Goodell, Orrin J.
Goodell, Theoda
Gordon, Hellen C.
Gordon, John
Gordon, Mary A.
Gore, Isabel
Graves, Daniel
Graves, Helen M.
Graves, John H.
Graves, Mabel
Graves, Patience
Graves, Perley A.
Graves, Robert
Graves, Sarah
Grear, Maggie
Grear, Susan
Grogan, Sarah J.
Hall, Agnes
Hall, Albert
Hall, Andrew
Hall, Emma
Hall, Jennie
Hall, John
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary
Hall, Ralph
Hall, Robert
Halpin, Eliza A.
Halpin, Ellen
Halpin, Michael
Hamel, Franklin
Hamel, Lucretia
Hand, Adella
Hand, Amanda
Hand, Chestinia
Hand, Clarissa
Hand, John
Hand, Stephen
Hand, William
Hard, Betsey
Harland, Electa
Harland, Elizabeth
Harland, Florence
Harland, Henry
Harland, John
Harland, Wilber
Harmer, Arabel
Harmer, Catharine
Harmer, Frances
Harmer, Harriet
Harmer, Hattie E.
Harmer, Sylvester
Harmer, Thomas
Harvey, George C.
Harvey, Laura I.
Harvey, Lorinda
Harvey, Warren W.
Harvey, William
Hastings, Ellen
Hastings, Frank
Hastings, Geo A.
Hastings, Mariah
Hastings, Oliver
Hastings, Warren
Hawley, Ann J.
Hawley, Florence M.
Hawley, Hugh
Hawley, Jane
Hawley, John A.
Hawley, Mary M.
Hawley, Sarah E.
Hawley, Wm H.
Hawley, Zina
Heridon, Byron
Heridon, Mary J.
Higgins, Jane S.
Higgins, Jesse
Hitchman, Ann
Hitchman, David
Hitchman, Densie
Hitchman, Freeman
Hitchman, Henry
Hitchman, Jacob
Hitchman, Jennie
Hitchman, John
Hitchman, Martha
Hitchman, Mary
Hitchman, Nelson
Hitchman, Nelson L.
Hitchman, Sarah
Hodge, Isaac
Hodge, Lettie
Hodge, William
Holmes, Alty
Holmes, Byron M.
Holmes, Jay
Holmes, Phebe
Holmes, Rebecca
Honeycomb, Elizabeth M.
Honeycomb, Helen J.
Honeycomb, Lillian M.
Honeycomb, Lucinda
Honeycomb, Samuel
Honeycomb, Sarah J.
Houghton, Annie L.
Houghton, Clarence W.
Houghton, George
Houghton, Jennie
Houghton, Sarepta
House, Alvira
House, Amanda
House, Chauncey
House, Clarrissa
House, Eliza
House, Elizabeth
House, Etta
House, Freeman
House, Isaac
House, John
House, Mary
House, Mary J.
House, Norman
House, Samuel E.
Howard, Charlotte
Howard, Edwin
Hull, Calista A.
Hull, John G.
Hull, Mary A.
Hull, Wm R.
Hurst, Erton
Hurst, Hannah L.
Hurst, James
Hurst, Patience
Hurst, Samuel R.
Hutchinson, Calton
Hutchinson, Charles
Hutchinson, Charles
Hutchinson, D. D.
Hutchinson, Daniel D.
Hutchinson, Emily
Hutchinson, Emily L.
Hutchinson, Fenas
Hutchinson, Frederick
Hutchinson, Helen
Hutchinson, Helly
Hutchinson, Joseph
Hutchinson, Lura
Hutchinson, Norman
Hutchinson, Sophronia
Hutchinson, W. S.
Hutton, Ann
Hutton, Benjamin
Hutton, Ellen
Hutton, Emma
Hutton, Estella
Hutton, Gilbert
Hutton, Henry
Hutton, James
Hutton, John
Hutton, Mary
Hutton, Mary A.
Hutton, Mary E.
Hutton, Torrence
Hutton, William
Hutton, Wm D.
Hyde, Alexander
Hyde, Catherine
Hyde, Dennis
Hyde, Franklin
Hyde, Jehial S.
Hyde, Laura
Hyde, Laura I.
Hyde, Philena
Hyde, Woolcott
Ingram, Alice
Ingram, Caleb
Ingram, Catherine
Ingram, Diana
Ingram, Elizabeth
Ingram, Emma
Ingram, George
Ingram, Hattie M
Ingram, Laura A.
Ingram, Lovina
Ingram, Michael
Ingram, Silas W.
Ingram, Vilas
Jackson, Eliza
Jackson, Nancy J.
Johnson, Aura
Johnson, Blanche
Johnson, Emeline
Johnson, Janett
Johnson, John
Johnson, John Jr.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Rosaltha
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, William
Jones, Clemence W.
Jones, George W.
Jones, George W.
Jones, Hattie E.
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Thomas W.
Kane, Ann
Kane, Catherine
Kane, Dennis
Kane, Jane
Kane, Mary
Kane, Sarah
Kane, Thomas
Kelly, Amerilla
Kelly, Cena
Kelly, Daniel
Kelly, Dinora
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, Frank
Kelly, Harvey
Kelly, Lydia
Kelly, Lyndon
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Margaret A.
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Myron
Kelly, William
Kenyon, Ann M.
Kenyon, Cranson
Kenyon, Mina E.
Kenyon, Nathan
Kenyon, Sarah
Kenyon, Susy O.
Knowlton, Clarence
Laidlow, Isabel
Laidlow, James D.
Laidlow, Margaret
Laidlow, Robert D.
Laidlow, William A.
Lake, A. Eloise
Lake, Charlie
Lake, Francis E.
Lake, James E.
Lake, John
Lake, Mariett
Lake, Phiranda
Lake, Winfield
Lake, Wm R.
Lammond, Catherine
Lammond, John
Lammond, Margaret J.
Lammond, Niel
Lammond, Sarah C.
Lashbrooks, Angelina
Lashbrooks, Charles
Lashbrooks, Elbridge
Lashbrooks, Joseph
Lashbrooks, Olga
Lashbrooks, Pill
Lashbrooks, William
Lashure, Amanda
Lashure, Oliver
Lawyer, Abram D.
Lawyer, Catharine
Lawyer, Catherine
Lawyer, Charles
Lawyer, Clark
Lawyer, Cyprian
Lawyer, David
Lawyer, Emerson P.
Lawyer, George
Lawyer, Gertrude
Lawyer, Jennie
Lawyer, Jessie
Lawyer, Lester P.
Lawyer, Marcius
Lawyer, Menzo D.
Lawyer, Nicholas
Lawyer, Phebe
Lawyer, Rebecca
Lawyer, Sally
Lawyer, Sarah
Lawyer, Washington
Lawyer, William
Leary, Anna
Leary, Catharine
Leary, Catharine
Leary, Elizabeth
Leary, Hattie
Leary, James
Leary, Johannah
Leary, Johannah
Leary, John
Leary, Margaret
Leary, Margaret
Leary, Martin *.
Leary, Mary
Leary, Mary
Leary, Thomas
Lee, A. Pamelia
Lee, Ella S.
Lee, Franklin D.
Lee, Lucinda
Lee, Morris
Lee, Morris Jr.
Lee, Nelson
Lee, Rhoda
Lee, Willard S.
Levia, John
Loan, Jane
Loan, John
Loan, Sarah
Loan, William
Love, Ann
Love, Cyrena
Love, David
Love, Edwin F.
Love, Elizabeth
Love, Elizabeth
Love, Frederic J.
Love, George
Love, George
Love, John
Love, Margaret
Love, Margaret
Love, Margaret
Love, Mary A.
Love, Richard
Love, Sarah B.
Love, William
Ludrick, Harriet
Ludrick, Louisa
Ludrick, Mary
Ludrick, Moses
Lynch, Bridget
Lynch, Mary A.
Lynch, Thomas
Lyons, John
Lyons, John Jr.
Lyons, Mary
Lyons, Nancy
Lyons, Rosa
Mackey, Amelia
Mandigo, Alice
Mandigo, Charles F.
Mandigo, Clarrissa
Mandigo, Diantha
Mandigo, Francis
Mandigo, Harriet
Mandigo, Harriet
Mandigo, John
Mandigo, Lucy J.
Manson, Alexander
Manson, Ann
Manson, David
Manson, Elizabeth
Manson, Elizabeth
Manson, Ellen
Manson, James
Manson, John
Manson, Margaret
Manson, Mary
Manson, William
Markwick, Albert H.
Markwick, James
Markwick, Patience S.
Markwick, Roby
Marshaw, Adolphus
Marshaw, Caroline
Marshaw, George W.
Marshaw, Harriet
Marshaw, Henry
Marshaw, John
Marshaw, John
Marshaw, Julia A.
Marshaw, Mattie
McClair, Blanch
McClair, Eddie
McClair, Ida
McClair, James
McClair, John
McClair, Letta
McClair, Lydia
McClair, Sally
McClair, Sarah
McFalls, Charles L.
McFalls, David J.
McFalls, George H.
McFalls, Isabel B.
McFalls, James
McFalls, John W.
McFalls, Nancy
McLellan, Alexander
McLellan, Franklin
McLellan, George
McLellan, Geroge
McLellan, Grace
McLellan, John
McLellan, Margaret
McLellan, Mary A.
McLellan, Thos.
McLellan, William
McLeod, Catherine
McLeod, John
McLeod, John
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Wm H.
McSwan, Ellen
McSwan, James
McSwan, Norman
Merton, Abigail
Merton, Effa
Merton, Elizabeth
Merton, Emma
Merton, George
Merton, Harriet
Merton, Henry
Merton, James
Merton, John
Merton, Lydia
Merton, Mary
Merton, Nettie
Merton, Orpha
Mills, Abigail
Mills, Addie
Mills, Alexander
Mills, Barbara
Mills, F. H.
Mills, George
Mills, John
Mills, Louisa M
Mills, Martin
Mills, Mary
Mills, Mary
Mills, R. Lucinda
Mills, Sally M.
Mills, Susan
Mills, Thomas C.
Mills, Thomas C. 2nd
Mills, William
Mills, Willie
Mitchell, Adelia
Mitchell, Alletta
Mitchell, Ellen
Mitchell, Eunice
Mitchell, Florence
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Hannah
Mitchell, Hiram
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Jane
Mitchell, Josiah
Mitchell, Mary
Mitchell, Sarah
Mitchell, William
Moore, Harrison
Moore, Henry
Moore, Margery
Moore, Martha
Morrow, Joseph Jr.
Morrow, Joseph Len
Morrow, Julia
Morrow, Julia 2nd
Mott, Adelia
Mullin, Catharine
Mullin, Ellen
Mullin, Ellen
Mullin, Grace
Mullin, John
Mullin, Mary
Murton, Alden
Murton, Elmer G.
Murton, Ernest
Murton, Martha
Murton, Mary J.
Murton, Persis
Murton, Thomas 3rd
Murton, Thomas Jr.
Murton, Wm H.
Myres, Alma
Myres, Mary
Newman, Ella
Newman, Frances
Newman, Gilbert
Newman, Hattie
Newman, Jessie L.
Newman, John
Newman, Margaret
Newman, Matilda
Newman, Willard
Nichols, Addie M.
Nichols, Hattie E.
Nichols, Laura A.
Nichols, O. F.
Northrup, Jennie C.
Norton, Delilah
Norton, Moses
Nott, Alonzo
Nott, Emily
Nott, George D.
Nott, Mary A.
Nott, Orange
O'Connell, Ann
O'Connell, Dennis
O'Connell, Timothy
O'Hara, Ambrose
O'Hara, Bernard
O'Hara, Elizabeth
O'Hara, James
O'Hara, Jane
O'Hara, John
O'Hara, Margaret
O'Hara, Martha
O'Hara, Mary
O'Hara, Mary A.
Odgers, Bennet
Odgers, Emeline
Olds, Philemon
Olds, Sarah
Ormsby, Nancy
Ormsby, Orlando
Overton, Albert
Overton, Anna P.
Overton, Charles L.
Overton, Orrin N.
Overton, Phebe C.
Parker, Betsey
Parker, John
Parker, Laura A.
Parker, Lydia
Parker, Lydia L.
Parker, N. H.
Parker, N. H. Jr.
Parker, Sarah
Parker, Sophronia
Parker, Willard
Parker, Wm L.
Parks, Charles
Parks, Deborah J.
Parks, Emma J.
Parks, George P.
Parks, George W.
Parks, Lorenzo D.
Parks, Marion
Partridge, Acenath
Partridge, Carl
Partridge, Catherine
Partridge, Charles W.
Partridge, Edwin
Partridge, Elkanah
Partridge, Emma
Partridge, Floyd
Partridge, Franklin H.
Partridge, George L.
Partridge, Hugh B.
Partridge, Ira E.
Partridge, Ira W.
Partridge, J. H.
Partridge, Jane
Partridge, Jennie
Partridge, Lola
Partridge, Lyman E.
Partridge, Maggie I.
Partridge, Maud
Partridge, Nancy
Partridge, Pauline
Partridge, Persis
Partridge, Rachel
Partridge, Rachel
Partridge, Sophronia
Partridge, Victor D.
Partridge, William
Patterson, Jane
Patterson, John
Patterson, William
Peck, Daniel
Peck, Edmund
Peck, James
Peck, Jane
Peck, Nelson
Perrin, Martha
Perry, Augusta S.
Perry, Edwin H.
Perry, Henry J.
Perry, Perley C.
Perry, Royal E.
Petrie, Charles T.
Petrie, Emma E.
Petrie, Frances A.
Petrie, Henry Jr.
Petrie, Joel
Petrie, John
Petrie, John H.
Petrie, Joseph
Petrie, Joseph Jr.
Petrie, Lucinda E.
Petrie, Mary
Petrie, Mary E.
Petrie, Morris S.
Petrie, Nancy M.
Petrie, Sarah
Petrie, Thomas
Phillips, Grove
Phillips, Ina
Phillips, John
Phillips, Levi
Phillips, Louisa
Phillips, Margaret
Pierce, David
Pierce, Densie
Pierce, Everett D.
Pierce, Jennie B.
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Mial H.
Pope, Jane
Pope, Jane M.
Pope, Lawrence E.
Pope, Timothy
Pope, Timothy J.
Potten, Mary
Powers, Alvira
Powers, Arlina
Powers, Henrietta
Powers, Henry
Powers, Jerome
Powers, Margaret
Powers, Ransom
Prestage, Adella
Prestage, Franklin
Prestage, Lucy
Prestage, Morris
Prestage, Nellie
Prestage, Rhoda
Prestage, Samuel
Prestage, William
Prestage, William Jr.
Prouse, Frederick
Prouse, Mary A.
Prouse, William
Putman, Eliza
Putman, Eunice H.
Putman, Gilbert H.
Putman, Jane
Putman, John
Putman, John S.
Putman, Lucy I.
Putman, Mary A.
Putman, Olive J.
Putman, Peter I.
Putman, Peter J.
Putman, Richard G.
Putman, Willard
Putman, Willie
Putman, Wm D.
Ralph, Joseph
Rasley, Catherine
Rasley, John
Raven, A. C.
Raven, Alfred
Raven, Amelia
Raven, Andrew
Raven, Charlie U.
Raven, Chelson L.
Raven, Clarinda
Raven, D. C.
Raven, David G.
Raven, Diana
Raven, Ella A.
Raven, Eunice
Raven, George
Raven, Helen M.
Raven, Henry C.
Raven, Horatio
Raven, Jacob G.
Raven, Joseph N.
Raven, Lillian
Raven, Mary
Raven, Nancy R.
Raven, Nancy S.
Raven, Peter G.
Raven, Philinda
Raven, Robert S.
Raven, Samuel C.
Raven, Susannah
Reed, Alice
Reed, Charles
Reed, Edwin
Reed, Eleanor
Reed, Sterling
Reed, Sylvester
Rexford, Arthem
Rexford, Clarrissa
Richardson, Elizabeth A.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Samuel H.
Richardson, Sarah A.
Ricket, Albert D.
Ricket, Alexander
Ricket, Calvin L.
Ricket, Jane A.
Ring, Carrie
Rlock, Aaron
Rlock, Bates
Rlock, Charles E.
Rlock, Lanah
Rlock, Luther
Rlock, Martha L.
Rlock, Sarepta
Rlock, Zilpha A.
Robinson, Catherine
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, George
Robinson, John
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, William
Robinson, William Jr.
Rounds, Andrew
Rounds, DeElbert S.
Rounds, Harriet A.
Rounds, Jennie A.
Rowe, Mary
Rowland, Frank
Rowland, Homer
Rowland, Margaret
Rutherford, Euphemia
Rutherford, Henry
Rutherford, Margaret A.
Rutherford, Margaret S.
Rutherford, Nancy
Rutherford, Thomas
Rutherford, Thomas E.
Salisbury, Charles
Salisbury, Eli
Salisbury, Etta
Salisbury, Frank
Salisbury, Henry
Salisbury, Henry
Salisbury, Louisa
Salisbury, Metta V.
Salisbury, Nancy
Salisbury, Virgil
Saulsbury, James
Sayer, Albert M.
Sayer, Alice
Sayer, Alice E.
Sayer, Annetta
Sayer, Clarence
Sayer, Edward
Sayer, Eliza A.
Sayer, Elizabeth
Sayer, Ellen
Sayer, Ellery
Sayer, Everett
Sayer, Fortunatus
Sayer, Fortunatus 2nd
Sayer, George W.
Sayer, Hattie
Sayer, James F.
Sayer, James S.
Sayer, Jane
Sayer, Louisa A.
Sayer, Mary
Sayer, Mary A.
Sayer, Matthew
Sayer, Minnie C.
Sayer, Samuel J.
Sayer, Willie
Scott, Annie
Scott, Catharine
Scott, George
Scott, George
Scott, James
Scott, Polly
Seary, Martin
Seavey, Austin
Seeker, Amanda
Seeker, Eliza D.
Seeker, Florence A.
Seeker, James
Seeker, L. K.
Seeker, Nancy
Seeker, Peter
Seymour, Ann
Seymour, George A.
Seymour, Hannah A.
Seymour, John
Seymour, Sally
Sigourney, A. L.
Sigourney, Charles W.
Sigourney, Daniel
Sigourney, Matilda
Sigourney, Minnie
Simpson, Charles E.
Simpson, David
Simpson, Emergene
Simpson, Emergene
Simpson, Josephine
Simpson, Otis A.
Simpson, Sarah A.
Simpson, William
Sisson, Almerin
Sisson, Aramintha
Sisson, Esther M.
Sisson, Orman
Sisson, William
Sitts, Charles
Sitts, Jacob
Sitts, John
Sitts, Mary A.
Sitts, Peter
Smith, Caroline
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Eli W.
Smith, Elma L.
Smith, Emily
Smith, Henry M.
Smith, Joel
Smith, Martha A.
Smith, Martin
Smith, Mary
Smith, Orlando
Smith, William E.
Snyder, Charles
Snyder, Conrad
Snyder, Cyrena
Snyder, Eliza
Snyder, George
Snyder, Jacob
Snyder, Jacob
Snyder, John S.
Snyder, Louisa
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Nora
Snyder, Robert
Snyder, Rosellen
Snyder, Sabrina
Snyder, Sally
Snyder, Sarah J.
Snyder, Susannah
Snyder, William
Sparks, Betsey
Sparks, Esther
Sparks, Isaiah
Sparks, Robert
Spratt, Katy
Stacy, Elmer A.
Stacy, Isaac W.
Stacy, John
Stacy, Mary G.
Stacy, Sarah
Stacy, Sarah A.
Stacy, Willie P.
Stanton, Almira
Stanton, Wm A.
Starks, Andrew
Starks, Annetta
Starks, Chandler
Starks, Chauncey
Starks, Eliza
Starks, Elva
Starks, Harriet
Starks, James
Starks, Julius C.
Sterling, Charles
Sterling, Ella
Sterling, Frederick
Sterling, John
Sterling, Mary
Stevens, Betsey
Stevens, Cordelia
Stevens, Emma
Stevens, George
Stevens, Georgia E.
Stevens, Henry S.
Stevens, Hiram
Stevens, Philinda
Stevens, Willard E.
Storie, Arthur
Storie, Charles
Storie, Clarrissa
Storie, David
Storie, Frederick
Storie, George
Storie, James
Storie, James A.
Storie, Jennie
Storie, Jennie
Storie, Juliette
Storie, Louisa
Storie, Nellie
Storie, Orra E.
Storie, Theodore
Storie, Willie
Swinning, Hattie
Swinning, John H.
Swinning, Lydia
Swinning, Nancy
Swinning, Truman Jr.
Swinnng, Truman
Sypher, Alvin J.
Sypher, Ernest W.
Sypher, George F.
Sypher, Hosea B.
Sypher, Polly
Taite, Martha
Tann, Annetta
Tann, George
Tanner, John
Tanner, Mary E.
Thomas, Addison
Thomas, Jacob S.
Thomas, Margaret
Thompson, Charlotta E.
Thompson, Cora J.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Sarah M.
Thorton, Lillian A.
Thraves, Fanny
Thraves, George
Thraves, John
Thraves, John
Thraves, Lois
Thraves, Sophronia
Tomkins, Eliza J.
Tomkins, Elizabeth
Tomkins, George
Tomkins, George
Tomkins, Margaret
Tomkins, Mary A.
Tomkins, Samuel
Treglown, Elizabeth
Treglown, Martha
Treglown, William
Truax, Amy
Truax, Burton H.
Truax, Cora A.
Truax, Daniel Frank
Truax, Eliza
Truax, Emma A.
Truax, Eveline
Truax, Frederick
Truax, Helen J.
Truax, James
Truax, Melvin J.
Truax, Milton
Truax, Nina M.
Trumbull, Almeda
Trumbull, Betsey
Trumbull, George
Trumbull, Peter
Trumbull, Thomas
Trumbull, William
Tully, James
Tully, Richard
Tully, Sarah
Tully, Sarah J.
Tully, Thomas J.
Tully, William
Turner, Alice
Turner, Bismarck
Turner, Cyrus
Turner, Dido
Turner, E. R. Jr.
Turner, Franklin R.
Turner, Harriet A.
Turner, Hellen M.
Turner, Hosea B.
Turner, Marcia J.
Turner, Martha
Turner, Martha R.
Turner, Scott
Turner, William
Walrath, Amos
Walrath, Andrew
Walrath, Harriet E.
Walrath, Milo
Walrath, Sarah
Ward, Almira
Ward, Alonzo
Ward, Annis
Ward, Augustus
Ward, Calesta
Ward, Emily C.
Ward, Eunice
Ward, Francis
Ward, Frank
Ward, Henry
Ward, Isadora
Ward, Jane
Ward, Jane
Ward, John
Ward, John
Ward, Lanah
Ward, Martha
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary A.
Ward, McClellan
Ward, Nancy
Ward, Nancy H.
Ward, Nathan
Ward, Nathan
Ward, Willard
Ward, William
Ward, Wm R.
Warner, Almiras
Washburn, Alonzo
Washburn, Alvin
Washburn, Calista J.
Washburn, Cynthia
Washburn, Emma V.
Washburn, Estella
Washburn, George E.
Washburn, Harriet M.
Washburn, Hattie
Washburn, Herbert
Washburn, James
Washburn, Jane
Washburn, Jena
Washburn, John
Washburn, Joseph
Washburn, Kilmer
Washburn, Lucinda
Washburn, Lucy M.
Washburn, Martha
Washburn, Nehemiah
Washburn, Perry
Washburn, Persa
Washburn, Polly
Washburn, Roxana
Washburn, Rufus
Washburn, Simon
Washburn, Sylvester
Washburn, Sylvia
Washburn, William
Webster, Abbie
Webster, Charlie
Webster, Cora
Webster, Daniel W.
Webster, Emma L.
Webster, Lottie
Webster, Mary
Weston, Carrie
Whalen, Catherine A.
Whalen, Elizabeth
Whalen, Frederick
Whalen, James
Whalen, James Jr.
Whalen, Margaret
Whalen, Mary A.
Whalen, Michael
Whalen, Patrick
Whalen, Philip
Whalen, Rose
Whalen, William
Whitney, Asa
Whitney, Bedoria
Whitney, Eveline
Williams, Alice J.
Williams, Ann
Williams, Caroline E.
Williams, James H.
Williams, John T.
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Julietta
Williams, Mary J.
Williams, Nancy M.
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Ann M.
Wilson, Edith
Wilson, Edwin
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elsie J.
Wilson, Elsie M.
Wilson, Francis A.
Wilson, Harry M.
Wilson, Helen
Wilson, Hellen E.
Wilson, Jennie
Wilson, John
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, John R.
Wilson, Libbie
Wilson, Lucretia
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Rollin H.
Wilson, Thomas P.
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, William Jr.
Woodward, Caroline
Woodward, Charles M.
Woodward, Hellen M.
Woodward, Jane
Woodward, Lucy
Woodward, Richard
Woodworth, Adelaide A.
Woodworth, Betsey A.
Woodworth, C. Ashley
Woodworth, Colin M.
Woodworth, D. B.
Woodworth, David B. 2nd
Woodworth, Emerson B.
Woodworth, Eudocia
Woodworth, H. L.
Woodworth, Harriet C.
Woodworth, J. C. Fremont
Woodworth, M. P.
Woodworth, Nora A.
Woodworth, S. Abigail
Woodworth, S. L.
Woodworth, Victor E.
Woodworth, Wm S.
Wright, James
Wright, Mary
Wright, Nancy
Wright, Samuel
Young , Alvin
Young, Diadama
Young, Hiram
Young , Isabel
Young , James
Young , John
Young, Martin
Young, Mary
Young , William
Young, William S.
Young , Wm S.
Youngs, Betsey O.
Youngs, Elizabeth
Youngs, Elma A.
Youngs, Fanny D.
Youngs, Lafayette
Youngs, Merrit A.
Youngs, Wesley
Youngs, William

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