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1870 Census of Lisbon, St Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady

There are 113 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

394A 394B 395A 395B 396A 396B 397A 397B 398A 398B 399A 399B 400A 400B 401A 401B 402A 402B 403A 403B 404A 404B 405A 405B 406A 406B 407A 407B 408A 408B 409A 409B 410A 410B 411A 411B 412A 412B 413A 413B 414A 414B 415A 415B 416A 416B 417A 417B 418A 418B 419A 419B 420A 420B 421A 421B 422A 422B 423A 423B 424A 424B 425A 425B 426A 426B 427A 427B 428A 428B 429A 429B 430A 430B 431A 431B 432A 432B 433A 433B 434A 434B 435A 435B 436A 436B 437A 437B 438A 438B 439A 439B 440A 440B 441A 441B 442A 442B 443A 443B 444A 444B 445A 445B 446A 446B 447A 447B 448A 448B 449A 449B 450A

Or you may use the indexed list of names to access the census records.

*yerhart, Catherine I - Butler, Margaret
Cady, Charles S - Dunn, Patrick
Eagan, Andrew - Gutterson, Thomas
Haig, Agness - Kinney, Thomas
L*, J* - McUrt**, Warren
Meghan, Eliza J. - Putney, Sarah
Qua, Calvin W. - Slone, Eveline S
Smith, Agness - Yates, Samuel D.

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