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1870 Census of Clifton, Saint Lawrence County, NY
transcribed by Anne M. Cady


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Bates, Francis
Bates, George
Bates, John
Bates, John
Bates, Margaret
Bates, Mary
Bates, Richard
Bates, Sarah
Billinger, Elizabeth
Billinger, Eunice
Billinger, John
Billinger, John E.
Billinger, Richard
Bishop, Eliza J.
Bishop, Hortentia
Bishop, Wm B.
Bosford, Abigail
Bosford, Ann
Bosford, Jane Ann
Bosford, Lilian
Bosford, Mary L.
Bosford, Ralph
Brundage, C.R.
Brundage, Louisa M
Brundage, Louisa M.
Brundage, Noble O.
Brundage, William K.
Burns, Juliette
Carlile, Alice M.
Carlile, Joseph H.
Carlile, Mary
Clahasey, Catharine
Clahasey, Edward
Clahasey, Martin
Clahasey, Sarah Ann
Coan, A.E.
Coan, Alice
Coan, Betsey
Coan, Minnie
Dart, Daniel
Dart, Delia
Dart, Delia
Dauphan, Catharine
Dauphan, Daniel
Dauphan, Finton
Dauphan, Julia
Dauphan, Mary
De La Lancette, Charles A.
De La Lancette, Clara Ann
De La Lancette, Harriet E.
De La Lancette, Henry W.
De La Lancette, J.
De La Lancette, J.
De La Lancette, James T.
De La Lancette, Jane
De La Lancette, Joseph
De La Lancette, Julia
De La Lancette, Margaret E.
De La Lancette, Rebecca
De La Lancette, Susannah W.
Dodge, Ann
Dodge, George
Dodge, Gilbert
Dodge, Willie
Dougherty, Betsey
Dougherty, Nancy
Dougherty, Wm
Ellwood, Susanna
Fadden, Dennis
Fadden, Elizabeth
Fadden, Ellen
Fadden, Peter
Ferry, Delilas
Fish, James
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, L.
Fitzgerald, Lawrence
Fitzgerald, Margaret
Fitzgerald, Michael
Fitzgerald, William
Gollaher, Agnes
Gollaher, Ann
Gollaher, Catharine
Gollaher, Edward
Gollaher, Emma
Gollaher, John
Gollaher, Margaret
Gollaher, Peter
Gollaher, Rosa
Gordon, Bertha
Gordon, Caroline
Gordon, Caroline
Gordon, Effie May
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Emily
Gordon, Hugh
Gordon, Ida Jane
Gordon, Mary Ann
Gordon, William J.
Guthrie, George E.
Guthrie, Hannah E.
Guthrie, Michael
Guthrie, Rhoda
Guthrie, Susan
Harris, Leah M.
Ingram, Ann
Ingram, Enias
Ingram, Florence
Ingram, Symoure
Kennedy, P.H.
Leary, Bridget
Leary, Elizabeth
Leary, John
Leary, Martin
Leary, Mary Jane
Leary, Patrick
Leary, William
Maholland, Ann
Maholland, Catharine
Maholland, Margaret
Maholland, P.
Maholland, Rosa
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Ellen
Martin, James
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, Mary
Martin, Susan
McDonald, A.E.
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Catharine
McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary L.
McDonald, R.
McDonald, Sandy
McDougal, And*
McDougal, Anna
McDougal, Margarie
McErvin, Ettie R.
McErvin, George L.
McErvin, Mar* L.
McErvin, Nelson
McErvin, Oscar W.
McGran* , J.
Morr*, William
Morrils, Alexand
Morrils, George A.
Morrils, Mary Jane
Morrils, Mary Jane
Morrils, William
Mosher, Archibald J.
Mosher, Jenette A.
Mosher, L.E.
Mosher, Victoria
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Rose
Murphy, Sarah
Murphy, Thomas
Notell, Ida Jane
Notell, Joseph
Notell, Lucy
Rays, Sarah
Richey, Matilda
Rickey, Thomas
Rinard, H.
Robb, Ellen M.
Robb, Mary G.
Robb, Walter
Robb, Walter B.
Rogers, Edward
Sampson, Adele
Sampson, Clara
Sampson, Frank
Sampson, Lucilia
Sampson, Mandana
Sampson, Orion
Sawyer, Christie
Sawyer, Edwin
Sawyer, John
Sawyer, John
Sawyer, Lydia
Sawyer, Melinda
Sawyer, Sarah Ann
Sheridan, James
Sheridan, Rosanna
Simpson, Stephen
Steward, Bridget
Steward, Donald
Steward, Donald
Steward, Mary Jane
Thomas, Alice A.
Thomas, Clemintia
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph
Thompson, L.R.
Tracy, Edwin
Tracy, Frank
Tracy, Lucy
Tracy, Martha
Tracy, U.R.
Wait, Josiah
Westley, James
Whitmarsh, Charles M.
Whitmarsh, Cora M.
Whitmarsh, David
Whitmarsh, Elizabeth
Whitmarsh, Erastus G.
Whitmarsh, Stella G.

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