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Biographies from “History of the North Country

By Harry Landon, 1932




The following “sketches” were contained in the 3-volume “History of the North County”, written by Harry Landon in 1932.  As time permits I’ll be transcribing more of them and putting them online.  Along with discussing the person named, the biography generally also covers a brief history of the next generation back as well.  There are hundreds of these in the three volumes so I hope to be adding more from time to time.


Arthur H. Abbott of Gouverneur


Gilbert A. Ball of Morristown

Mark J. Balmat of Hermon

William James Baldwin, M.D. of Potsdam

Theodore Swift Barnett, M.D. of Potsdam

A. D. Burr, M.D. of Gouverneur


Samuel W. Close, M.D. of Gouverneur

E. Harold Cole of Potsdam

Elmer D. Craig of Hammond

Leon G. Crary of Canton

James Grover Crawford of Morristown


Lewis D. Dewey of Potsdam

Frederic F. Drury, M.D. of Gouverneur


Ernest A. Fay of Waddington

Thomas J. Fay of Massena

Welby W. Haile of Canton


Frederick M. Hopson of Massena

Edwin Lee Hulett of Canton


Harry M. Ingram of Potsdam


Arthur T. Johnson of Gouverneur


Millard L. Knox of Hermon


James E. Lenney of Potsdam


Edson A. Martin of Canton

Frederic H. Martin of Waddington

David M. Mills, M.D. of Gouverneur

Harry Lloyd Mills, M.D. of Gouverneur

Frank L. Murphy of Waddington

Leonard Murphy of Waddington


Rollin A. Newton of Massena


William M. O’Brien of Potsdam

Nettie (Earl) Olmstead of Canton


Napoleon E. Santamour of Massena

Stanley W. Sayer, M.D. of Gouverneur

Ralph S. Seguare of Massena

Lee R. Smith of Hammond

LeRoy J. Stiles of Hammond

William T. Stiles of Hammond

Leslie Sutton of Massena

Frederick T. Swan of Potsdam

Fred A. Sweet of Waddington

Richard Eddy Sykes, B.S., M.S., D.D. of Canton


Hazel I. (Gray) VanNamee. of DeKalb


Frank T. Walker of Massena